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englishcentral q frequently asked questions students tells me that they can t log in a ask them to reset their password through forgot your password on the login box if they still can t log into their account ask them to send a message through contact us q how do students see their weekly progress a they can check 1 class total 2 total this week and 3 all time since registration on my class page you can check how it looks by clicking on view class page q students progress is not reflected to my class page a on teacher tool set to any course or video on apply class goals to and see if their progress is correctly shown on my class the students progress is only counted on the videos or courses you have selected if you choose only the courses or videos i select q any way to send messages to students a 1 you can send a message when you enroll students in your class 2 you can have your announcements displayed on my class page from class announcement q if i have an excel sheet of student names and email addresses is it possible to do a group upload instead of entering each one individually a yes all you have to do is to send your sheet to us at teachers@englishcentral.com and let us know which class you would like it added to and we will do the rest.



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