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A comprehensive guide to help teachers use EnglishCentral

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teachers guide 1 introduction 2 general overview 3 registration login 4 getting started 5 creating a class 6 set goals 7 assign curriculum 8 enroll students 9 view reports 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 11 13 10 manage your school 11 purchase premium seats 12 the class page 13 the my english page 14 the profile page 15 the video player 16 vocabulary study 17 pronunciation 18 getting help 15 17 19 20 21 22 24 25 26 dive into an ocean of video


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englishcentral makes teaching english fun and effective by turning popular web videos into powerful language learning experiences englishcentral allows teachers to sign up students select video curriculum assign goals and track student progress perfect for any blended learning approach and the 21st century digital classroom top 10 reasons to use englishcentral


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on englishcentral students learn through our unique immersive approach of we use patented speech recognition technology to assess student speaking and motivate learners students study vocabulary in the context of the video lesson and a process of spaced ­ time repetition in order to make significant progress and increase test scores we recommend that each week students teachers have free access to our learning management system teacher tools where classes can be set up students invited and enrolled video lessons and curriculum assigned and progress tracked we track student progress across a wide variety of data making assessment simple come join in the video teaching revolution and dive into an ocean of video content!


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teachers teachers register through our academic use page http www.englishcentral.com/academic simply type in a school name don t worry you can delete it later and make a new official school and basic personal information use your account page to change any of this information or settings visit our academic use area and find out more about the academic quality of the englishcentral platform read research reports and case studies on how other teachers are using englishcentral around the world all newly registered teachers get a full trial invite your students and upgrade them to premium ­ a $1,500 value we provide to all our valued teachers.


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students students can register in several ways 1 regular log in and sign up through our main page 2 teacher invite and enrollment in the class through the class page url 3 prepaid access cards bought directly from the school or the school bookstore students enter the access code on their account page or when prompted from the class page students should use their account page to edit registration information and personal settings.


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to get started teachers have to do 3 things teachers can watch a brief video tutorial showing them around our learning management system or they can dive in and start creating a class all teachers will have a teach tab available so they can get to the teacher tools please confirm this 1 create your class select add class simply type in the name of your class and a class page with a unique url will be created you are now all set to personalize the class page and get it ready for students to study on 2 create your curriculum teachers design curriculum for the class page in 2 steps 1 set watch learn speak goals for students to achieve either weekly or monthly 2 select the video lessons or courses for the class page which students will study teachers don t have to select video lessons courses but can let students do this 3 enroll students send students to your class page where they enroll and start studying click enroll students and either copy/share the class page url or enter student email addresses and invite them using our emailing system.


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the first thing that teachers have to do after registration is create a class select the add button and add a class also use the add button at the top of the teacher tools to add additional schools classes groups or even students.


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there are 2 basic things teachers need to do to make curriculum for student study set goals choose video lessons and courses 1 set goals goals are a great way to keep your students motivated and helpful in assessing student achievement simply do the following 3 things to set goals 1 enter the number of videos you want your students to watch learn speak 2 decide if the goals will be achieved only by what you assign to study or by any videos or courses students study on englishcentral 3 decide if you will set weekly goals and the due day or monthly goals all goal deadlines are 11:59pm gmt we ll show students the local time on the class page the goals you set will appear at the top of the class page so students will know exactly what they have to achieve and the due date as students study we ll show them how close they are getting to achieving their goals students can hold their cursor over a goal pie and get their progress history.


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we ve made it very easy for teachers to select the video lessons and courses they want students to study there are 3 options for teachers when deciding on the class video curriculum 1 teacher selects a course teachers simply go to our video course catalog browse try and select the course they d like students to study select add this course and select the class to add the course to students can start studying it right away 2 teacher selects video lessons teachers can select individual video lessons and create their own course on the class page simply select the icon that appears on any video and select the class to add the video lesson 3 student selects it can be very motivating to allow students to browse our whole catalog and let them select the video lessons and courses they d like to study all students have individual interests and we make it easy for teachers to differentiate and personalize the class curriculum to meet individual student needs.


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englishcentral has a library of over 10,000 video lessons and 50 courses that teachers can select as their class curriculum we ve organized our video lesson and course catalog so you can select by topic and difficulty/level visit our browse page to view both video lessons and courses our pronunciation and vocabulary courses will help your students succeed in these two challenging areas we have full video courses from many of the leading elt publishers ­ please take a look at our 2013 course catalog.


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the most important thing to know about enrollment is that students should enroll on the class page each class page has a unique url which teachers share with students http www.englishcentral.com/class/classname you will be provided with a longer version but this shorter version will work also it is on this page that your students will arrive and enroll into your class teachers have several options to provide this url to students 1 directly share the url with students select enroll students and view the class url copy paste print and handout to students or write the url on the board and have students go directly there 2 share the url by email invitation englishcentral allows you to easily share your class page url with students by email simply type in or copy student email addresses and send an invite message students just click on the link and go to the class page to enroll and start studying if students are already registered on englishcentral and you don t want to have them get an email ­ you can check the box to not send them email in all cases students will immediately appear on your student list.


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here is what a class list looks like after students have been enrolled when students go to the class page they will be asked to select get started and then if not registered to complete a simple user id password sign up then they will be set to study.


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there are nine different reports available from the report tab each report gives clear data about student achievement and can be filtered by student achievement or alphabetically each report may be printed out for reference all reporting data may also be exported in a handy excel file teachers need to be sure to verify that the correct goal filter and calendar settings are applied here is a typical report showing students who have met the weekly goal and those who have not our pronunciation reports show student weaknesses in each phoneme of english red weak yellow average green strong


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listen in one of the unique reporting features englishcentral offers is the listen in report we give teachers the ability to listen in to their students recordings teachers can see the grades of their students the feedback that our speech engine gave the students and also listen to the students audio recording it is like a time machine here is what the listen in library for a student looks like simply click on a video they ve recorded and listen in access the listen in report through the speaking points report or by selecting the listen in icon both the pronunciation and listen in reports require that students be premium members teacher tips scroll over a student s name on the report class list and get a snapshot of recent activity drill down and see more in depth activity by clicking the report icon beside a student s name can t remember who is who in your class edit student names to something you are familiar with using the manage ­ student tab class list.


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besides making curriculum and tracking students you can manage students and invite fellow teachers to join you and teach on englishcentral this is all done through the manage tab on the teacher tools teachers can also add/delete schools classes groups teachers students when in manage ­ select the school class or group you wish to manage from the top left drop down list you will be able to 1 invite fellow teachers to your school class as a teacher co-teacher 2 join and become a student in your own class 3 add delete schools classes groups 4 group students in levels and assign specific videos for them 5 add remove students from the school or classes groups 6 edit student names and give them an alias 7 upgrade students assign seats that you have purchased to give your students premium access the teacher that originally created the school is an administrator other teachers may be made administrators of a school and be able to manage the teachers students in the school roster administration status can also be removed administrators access school classes by selecting teachers and selecting the class they wish to administrate please be careful when deleting your school classes or groups you ll get a confirmation message when deleting a school or class but please be careful!



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