Using Your GL Apps Account


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signing in to your gl 1 go to the district home page 2 click on links 3 click on gull lake google apps account 4 sign in with your gl apps account information.


p. 2

5 click on drive and docs 6 click on drive for your documents or shared with me for documents others created and are sharing with you.


p. 3

creating new documents in 1 click on the orange create button 2 choose the type of file you want to make · document like ms word · presentation like ms powerpoint · spreadsheet like ms excel · form collect data from others in a form · drawing create shared drawings/illustrations · folder create a folder to store docs in your drive


p. 4

3 click on the document title untitled document 4 rename the document then click ok


p. 5

5 click the blue share button on the top right 6 enter email address 1 or more in the box that you wish to share with.


p. 6

7 or click the change link picture above and select access anyone no sign-in required make sure they can edit click save 8 copy link at top of page and click share and save send this copied link to others in an email to have access to the shared document.



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