Student Created Definitions for Content Vocabulary


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migoogle student created vocabulary instructions follow these steps to set up your student created vocab doc in google docs 1 log into your google account personal or google apps both work 2 in another tab go to http 3 go back to your drive tab and click on drive and docs 4 find migoogle vocabulary spreadsheet in your document list may be in the recent tab on left link if it is missing http


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5 click on file then make a copy 6 rename your unit/story vocabulary and make sure the check box for also copy document collaborators is checked a copy must be made or you will just be editing my document and you will not have one to use of your own!


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7 now copy the link in the address bar and share it with your students i would suggest shortening it with a web shortening site like https or http to make it easier to type and remember also put the link in a student only site like moodle can help keep others out here are my basic steps for the students/class to follow i have the spreadsheet visible on the lcd while they work so all can see the work as it occurs 1 working in pairs one student does a google search define term in the google search bar to find online definitions for a term the pair then agrees on a student friendly definition and the other student types the new definition into the vocabulary spreadsheet link or link form moodle 2 continue to another unfinished term for the story/unit until none are left blank 3 when all terms have definitions go over each term and definition as a class and have students edit spelling corrections or fix-its to make them agreeable with the whole class 4 use these definitions for any future activities or assessments i make it a rule that there is no more editing allowed you could un-shared the document if you have concerns jeremy badiner



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