iPad/MacAir Cart Proceedures


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technology reservation procedures ryan has a total of 5 ipad carts 30 devices per cart and 4 macbook air carts 30 devices per cart to increase availability sign out the cart for whole class activities but only sign out individual devices when needed also plan enough time for returning cart to storage location location name 3rd grade 2pad english 6pad english 3macair english 4th grade 1pad howe 4pad fuehr 4macair fuehr 5th grade 5pad klok 1macair klok 2macair klok to make reservations 1 open gl apps calendar on your ipad make sure to make the correct tech calendar visable a tech 3rd ipad 2,6 air 3 b tech 4th ipad 1,4 air 4 c tech 3rd ipad 5 air 1,2 2 tap on the sign on the bottom right corner 3 in the title box type the cart number your name and the number of devices needed pad3 badiner 26 4 edit the start and end time you need the cart please plan on time to have all devices plugged back in and cart locked 5 on the calendar line please select the correct calendar tech 3rd ipad 2,6 air 3 pick-up return procedures 1 pick up the signed out cart you can choose 2 leader students to send to get cart 2 plug in cart in classroom 3 devices are numbered have students take their assigned number off cart 4 when finished students replace assigned device on cart in correct spot and make sure device is properly plugged in to charge 5 lock cart 6 have 2 leader students return cart to assigned location.



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