Embed Audio on SchooWires and Use QR Codes


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audio to qr codes download audiomemos free from the app store


p. 2

recording audio


p. 3

audiomemos free 1 create a recording in audiomemo a nt n ude st me 2 name the file the student s name or event you are recording 3 email this to yourself em ai l


p. 4

audiomemos free 4 tap email ta pe ma il 5 type in your email in the to line and tap send 6 download the file to your computer from your email


p. 5

audiomemos free 7 log into your schoolwires web site 8 click on site manager 9 click on tools and then files and folders


p. 6

audiomemos free 10 click on new folder 11 type in audio and click ok


p. 7

audiomemos free 10 click on audio folder 11 click on batch upload


p. 8

audiomemos free 10 click on add files 11 browse for files select all the files you want the audio you got from your email 12 click upload files then finish when done


p. 9

audiomemos free 10 open audio 11 click url you will do this for each file but 1 at a time 12 copy the full url cop y lu ful rl


p. 10

qr codes


p. 11

qr codes 1 create a qr code for your web link at this site http qrcode.kaywa.com 2 paste the copied url in box te pas h url ere


p. 12

qr codes 2 copy right click save image as the picture of the qr code to your computer name of the student or link name cop y im this age


p. 13

qr codes 3 print this qr code either as an image or put them all into a word document to print together and use a scanner on the ipad to have kids visit the site audio video or link.


p. 14

time questions?


p. 15

done this presentation is available on the tech coach site www.tinyurl.com/gltechcoach



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