3-5 Fall PD Session


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ryan intermediate tech training fall 2012 ipad apps &


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tech reservations calendars


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review tech reservations 1 2 3 4 open your browser on your ipad go to this address www.google.com/calendar/iphoneselect make sure you are logged into your gl.k12.mi.us account check the boxes for 3 tech calendars rs nda e tech 3rd cal ch e ck t che tech 4th tech 5th 5 tap save


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review tech reservations to make reservations on ipad 1 2 3 4 tap on the sign on the bottom right corner in the title box type the cart number and type you desire followed by your last name ex ipad-4 badiner 27 or macair-4 badiner 27 edit the start and end time you need the cart on the calendar line please select the correct calendar tech 3rd ipad 2,6 air 3 tech 4th ipad 1,4 air 4 tech 5th ipad 5,6 air 1,2 ma ke su re yo uc everything else is just like before please make sure the calendar is set to the correct tech calendar you are checking the cart from ho os et he co rre ct c ale nd ar this is actually easy to do in your google apps account!


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email setup email apps


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review email accounts add gull lake google apps email account to ipad settings mail contacts calendars accounts add account gmail @gl.k12.mi.us you can also add other email accounts tap mail icon available mailboxes listed


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groupwise email app groupwise app in self service url to groupwise webaccess https email.gulllakecs.org/gw/webacc


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updating apps app store self service


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updating apps app store updates in app store are fine recommended bottom tab updates app store select featured to search for apps using search box at top to download up da te he re !


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pushed apps self service self service only download do not update apps ne ve r up da t e he r e!


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gull lake google apps


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access gull lake google apps gl website links gull lake google apps g p ap l s desktop vs mobile version if using ipad can also go directly to google and sign in google chrome is best browser to use for google apps desktop and mobile alternative is mozilla firefox


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creating google documents in drive click on create click untitled document type in new name click ok ch oo se do c ne a wn me


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sharing google documents click share add an email address as many as you need in the add people box set either can edit or can view click share save click ok click done


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google apps on the ipad go to app store and install these apps 1 google drive can edit documents with this app but only view spreadsheets presentations 2 google chrome google s web browser alternative to safari can t add shortcut to home screen using chrome works better than safari for using pinnacle



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