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special camping edition march/april 2013 o east texas magazine pick me up i m free fishing tips from professional angler gary klein camping east texas outdoors magazine state parks east texas special ops outdoors for the soul national wild turkey association fishers of men at h&w marine east texas outdoor expo big nasty hog contest hunting expert larry weishuhn pg 1 t te e o irs f ty le f r


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axis deer red stag fallow deer blackbuck antelope barasingha deer gemsbock scimitar oryx nestled among rolling hills and lush green pastures near henderson texas is the beautiful mt ranch owned and operated by matt turner this ranch is a wonderful example of conservation and stewardship of nature s resources welcome to the ultimate deer hunting experience 903.657.1700 www.mattsoutpost.com pg 2 etoutdoors.com


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contents 58 60 62 63 66 69 70 72 76 82 special section camping for the soul 37 big nasty hog contest springtime sight fishing by mark allen 2013 youth marksmanship camp teaching kids to shoot by luke clayton special ops outdoors expedition texas by bob mauldin paddling strokes by michael banks east texas beat by terry miller words from the warden by chris green redneck ramblins by jerry doc watson 26 12 14 16 18 22 24 26 30 37 48 51 54 pg 6 what s new in camping camping has changed by luke clayton fishers of men banquet first tee of greater tyler company profile ­ motor trike east texas outdoor expo take to the skies by chris knight becoming a better angler by gary klien camping for the soul truck campers by jerry dolezal not quite east texas by larry weishuhn neal mccoy s pick ­ the challenge at oak forest 40 etoutdoors.com


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vol 3 issue 2 staff o east texas magazine pasha ross watson angie dolezal luke clayton jerry doc watson autumn watson managing editor account executive creative director editor at large senior field rep web designer sales representative gary klein chris knight bob mauldin terry miller jerry doc watson larry weishuhn 54 contributing writers content mark allen michael banks luke clayton jerry dolezal chris green robbie gunn contributing photography 30 51 east texas outdoors magazine mark allen michael banks luke clayton robbie gunn chris knight bob mauldin terry miller larry weishuhn east texas outdoors magazine published by circle j.p enterprises llc p.o box 605 frankston tx 75763 903.539.9567 www.etoutdoors.com advertising questions can be sent via email to info@etoutdoors.com subscription available at etoutdoors.com the opinions expressed in east texas outdoors magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the editor publishers or their agents the publisher is not responsible for any intentional or unintentional misuse of another author s work all materials received and used in this magazine are considered original and submitted by it s original owner all materials in this magazine are under copyright to each individual author and may not be republished without permission from that author the information contained herein has been compiled from sources deemed reliable and it is accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief however east texas outdoors magazine cannot guarantee as to its accuracy completeness and validity and cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions pg 7


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editor s letter is time again to do what east texan s do best get outdoors as mark twain said it s spring fever that is what the name of it is and when you ve got it you want oh you don t quite know what it is you do want but it just fairly makes your heart ache you want it so not that cold weather really slows people around here down too much but spring brings excitement and anticipation for what is to come nature beckons us to come outside and play in previous issues we covered varying types of camping opportunities in east texas though we provide options for your camping destination we also offer options for the kids to take advantage of in this issue there are many available in our area and finding one to participate in can create lasting friendships and memories if you are looking for additional camping ideas all prior issues of east texas outdoors magazine are available online to serve as a resource for planning your next outdoor adventure we strongly believe in supporting our east texas companies and organizations please help us bring awareness and backing to these businesses and programs making our community a better stronger place to live the more we support each other the greater the opportunities we will have to benefit causes we are passionate about and jobs that impact our area what you do and how you spend your money does make a difference be sure to pick up the next issue as we get out on the water from fishing to boating and water sports we will explore the ways to keep cool as things start heating up please send us your feedback and suggestions we always love hearing from our readers see you outdoors it walter schovanec 1927-2013 walter schovanec an avid hunter and fisherman passed away this february after an unfortunate accident walter was also a decorated veteran of wwii and the korean wars we at east texas outdoors magazine would like to extend our sympathy to our good friend mike schovanec and the rest of their family pg 8 etoutdoors.com


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breezester egg hunt 5th annual bergfeld park in tyler ten and fun day saturday march 30th benefits children s charities everyone is welcome and is free for all the egg hunt is 2:00 pm park opens at 11:00 am date 2013 may 25 6th annual east texas outdoors magazine save presents pg 9


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on the tournament trail h&w marine team trail red river 2/23/13 1st ray white clayton frye 2nd jarred williams ryan wiggins 3rd kenny goudeau ted pate bassmasters weekend series lake palestine 2/16/13 1st drew sloan 2nd jerry dolezal 3rd pete lewis budlight trail lake fork 1/13/13 1st chuck turner mark huffman 2nd greg christian bill wilcox 3rd cory maples carl vessel pg 10 etoutdoors.com


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fishers of men lake tyler 2/16/13 1st doug rochelle kenneth mcmellon 2nd robert chambers jeff hood 3rd tom ward dave cahal budlight trail lake o the pines 2/9/13 1st chad silvertooth lance silvertooth 2nd blake whatley brad whatley 3rd john turner dereck bartley create your own custom lures where fishing pro gary klein goes www fishboss .com www.fishboss.com


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emersontm cordless rechargeable bug zapper emersontm cordless rechargeable bug zapper is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use the ultraviolet light attracts mosquitoes flies and gnats away from you and zaps them upon contact the cordless bug zapper comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that will last up to 10,000 hours and then easily plugs it into the wall to recharge the wavebox© the wavebox© is the world s first portable microwave oven and can be powered by standard ac direct to a 12-volt battery or any vehicle power socket rated at 20 amps or higher this product offers an easy-grip handle and a compact sleek design it is as easy to tote as a small picnic cooler coleman© pvc double wash basin clean up after meals in the outdoors with the coleman pvc double wash basin with its double-sided design this coleman wash basin lets you wash and rinse it measures in at 10 x 20 with two 10 x 10 compartments equipped with four handles the wash basin is easy to pick up and transport and folds up when you re done coleman® cool zephyrtm conquer the outdoors in comfort and convenience with help from a coleman® cool zephyrtm ceiling fan with light set the magnetic side on the ceiling where you want it and then attach the steel plate from the outside the fan offers high and low settings and the bright light switches to a nightlight for young campers the soft foam blades are safe for use around children the fan and light is powered by four d-cell batteries pg 12 etoutdoors.com


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coleman® hot water on demandtm you ll always have hot water when you need it wherever you are with a coleman® hot water on demandtm water heater the propane-powered heater ignites with just the push of a button and the battery-powered pump charges from both a wall outlet or a vehicle dash the each 16.4oz cylinder heats up to 40 gallons of water with 30,000 btus of energy it s perfect for washing hands cleaning dishes and brewing hot drinks at camp or during an emergency series ii expedition tent series ii expedition tent adds shelters riders motorbikes and gear in comfort out of the elements and under one roof the spacious garage bay designed for sheltering motorbikes has evolved far beyond the original vision the bay serves as a sheltered utility area for cooking and sitting area for down-time as well as a storage area workshop or dressing room with enough height to stand up and change gear easy reel spooler the easy reel spooler is the latest innovative product from mor/ryde the rv industry suspension experts the easy reel utilizes an ingenious design to allow for quick simple and easy spooling of your 50 amp power cord the easy reel fits inside most baggage areas and stores the power cord in a 7 ½ footprint it can be mounted for either left hand or right hand operation and features rugged steel construction and high quality powder coat finish dirt devil® cv1500 for rvs take central vacuum cleaning convenience on the road with the dirt devil® cv1500 for rvs this central vacuum system is the perfect versatile cleaning solution vacuumed dirt and debris are captured in a remotely located dirt canister and the maxumizer tool kit provides accessories for every cleaning job in your rv always there when you need it the dirt devil® cv1500 is the ultimate built-in companion for your next rv trip 12 travel r/eclipse add-a-room ltd.tm turn your awning into a spacious private room roll the privacy panels up for fresh air or roll them down for complete privacy making it great for relaxing dining or extra storage the room is completely reversible so the privacy panels can be on the inside for convenience or outside for rain protection expandable side panels fit awnings with longer extensions includes 35 tall skirting with a sliding eyelet system for attaching the room to the rv where you want it attached includes storage bag east texas outdoors magazine pg 13


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y first camping experiences back in the late fifties and early sixties left lasting impressions i was raised on a poultry farm in northern red river county in northeast texas every eight weeks when the chickens were sold we would load up our 1950 red international pickup and head to lost lake situated a few miles from idabel oklahoma this little lake was not big and it was relatively shallow but back in those days it was chock full of channel catfish weighing between 1.5 and 5 pounds our goal was to get camp set up late on a friday afternoon in time to get the trot lines set and a `mess of catfish caught in time for dinner old red was the nickname my family hung on the pickup my dad had an innovative mind when it comes to tinkering and designing things old red was adorned with all sorts of tables overhead hoops to hang a canvas tarp to keep things and us dry when it rained he even had a rack designed with poles that fastened in the top of the trucks bed and into the ground to create an overhead awning the truck could best be described as a then modern day chuck wagon with an engine and rubber tires the tables were carried in the back of the truck and attached to the top of the bed with hinges once we arrived at our campground in no time a plywood food box cutting board and cook stove shelves folded down and red was transformed into our home away from home unless it was raining we slept on cots underneath the canvas awning i remember on occasion retreating to the cab of old red during torrential downpours those were good old days but looking back pretty darned rustic i could only imagine someone pulling up to a modern day rv space at a state park in a rig like that the local campers in their rolling fifth wheels with four or five slide outs would surely think they were seeing a reincarnation of the grapes of wrath camping and products that make spending a few in the outdoors more comfortable has come a long long way since those early days i spent with my family headquartered in the back of an old pickup truck the great thing about camping today is that the right equipment exists to stay dry and comfortable regardless whether your home away from home is a tent or a 38 foot rv with all the comforts of home take tent camping for instance twenty years ago most tents could be expected to leak regardless the amount of silicon spray applied to the roof and they all required a degree in mechanical engineering skills in order to read the instructions and set them up i would paint the ends of the support poles different colors but then forget how `simple the set up procedure was suppose to be between camping trips i swore off tent camping back then vowing i would never spend another miserable wet night in a tent well things have changed for the better there are many excellent tents on the market today that are dry and very easy to set even the way we make coffee in the outdoors is changing with natures coffee kettle gourmet coffee can easily be made anyplace anytime avid camper phil zimmerman is enjoying a freshly brewed cup m tents photos by luke clayton pg 14 etoutdoors.com


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up the past couple years i ve called my coleman instant tent home for three weeks while guiding elk hunts up north of steamboat springs colorado it takes no more than 10 minutes to set the tent up get it pegged down and be ready to move in rain is common in the rockies and we had our share both years i stayed dry and warm in my tent during some pretty rough weather and so did a couple of other guys who i have converted to instant tent users our elk hunters stay in a comfortable cabin on the ranch but the cook and guides would not trade their individual tents for a spot in the `big house there is something very comforting about snuggling down into a sleeping bag in a tent and listening to bull elk bugle up on the mountainside many folks prefer to pull their home away from home behind their truck recreational vehicles are available in many styles and sizes today everything from very nice `pop up campers that can be towed with most mid size sedans to much larger units with several `pull outs that make them almost as large as a small apartment campers have many options today and thanks to a plethora of innovative products to make spending time in the outdoors more comfortable camping is no longer the spartan experience it was several decades ago depending upon one s desires and budget a camping trip can be a pack in adventure into the wilds using a small tent as headquarters to a couple nights spent in a state park in a 38 foot rv that comes complete with flat screen tv and surround sound remain a big part of camping but the type of camp one sets up dictates the gear used my smokin tex electric smoker accompanies me on many camping trips where i have electricity i ve even used it with my portable generator in camps without electricity these portable smokers are very useful in preparing a wide variety of meals while at camp the neat thing about using an electric smoker is simply adding the wood pieces to the firebox setting the thermostat and letting the smoker do the cooking while you are occupied with `fun stuff like fishing hiking or just taking in the sights i have my cast iron dutch kettle and a skillet with a lid that is multi-functional i use these cooking implements for everything from making cobbler over the campfire to baking roasts and vegetables what tastes better than a strong cup of rich coffee in the great outdoors i have a stainless steel large capacity percolator from bass pro shops that we ve used on many many camping trips and i m sure the old pot is good for another decade or two of use but thanks to an innovative method of brewing coffee anywhere in the outdoors that i ve discovered i ll probably be leaving the old percolator in the storage building more often natures coffee kettle www.naturescoffeekettle.com is a quick simple system of brewing gourmet coffee anywhere anytime that is revolutionizing the way we enjoy coffee in the outdoors this system consists of a heavy plastic container which becomes the coffee pot a screw on cap that the coffee is poured from and a very porous filter at the top of the bag containing really freshly ground coffee in a variety of flavors to make coffee simply open the top of the bag pot and pour hot water over the enclosed filter re-seal the bag and allow it to steep a couple minutes and you have some of the best tasting coffee imaginable tomato soup hot apple cider and hot chocolate are also available with these products you simply add hot water yes camping has come a long long way from those long ago trips with my family back in the late fifties and early sixties when we used an old international pickup as headquarters today with the busy life styles many folks are forced to live camping is just as much fun as ever and thanks to all the innovative products available today a whole lot more comfortable ice coolers have come a long way in the past few years luke says his brute cooler from brute outdoors is the best he s used it s great for camping trips whether they be with the family or extended hunting excursions campside cooking preparing meals at camp has always been and will surely has changed for the better by luke clayton east texas outdoors magazine pg 15



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