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Issue 1 Year 2013 of the Birmingham Foundation Academy Student Magazine

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editorial by vicky coss pathway our bfa magazine is called `the key and we hope it will open doors for old and news students on the foundation year so how did we do it first all the students who were interested in creating the magazine had a meeting the group consisted of volunteer students from the bfa we decided to separate our magazine into five main areas which are lifestyle science and technology arts and culture sports and features next we nominated chief editors to be in charge of the different topics the editors were people who were interested in a specific topic and willing to be the leader of group with 5-8 people as leaders of a group they had the responsibility to arrange everyone s jobs and collect articles from other students on time we also chose subeditors who provided help students could choose their favourite things to write about and worked together as a team the articles which would be published on the magazine were all written by students from the bfa who were interested in various topics and had some experience and their own opinions about these topics we had weekly meetings every monday afternoon for the whole magazine group in order to arrange and improve work or to report what work we had done until then jane a teacher on the english module of the bfa and the organizer of our magazine group provided a wonderful meeting place with her own home-make cakes and beverages which made our job more positive jane brownies after collecting all of our articles the chief editors started to sort them and design the type settings with lovely pictures frames and so on then the students in the design group designed the cover page for the whole magazine finally jane put everything together with a final check and then made it into a digital magazine there are also some copies printed out that you will find in the common room 3


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eating and drinking on campus from our lifestyle editors pok ki wu eps lei ji eps xiaoxiao wen coss to enjoy life in the university of birmingham one of the most important things for students is finding out where the best is place to eat and drink the university center building r23 is the most suitable place and it provides a variety of food for breakfast and lunch first of all there are different restaurants including gales avanti the food court there is also a fresh fruit and veg stall outside every day which are café go and café spice café go offers coffees paninis hot rolls salads soup jacket potato bar sandwiches snacks and drinks which should be a good idea for breakfast or a light lunch café spice offers noodles rice pasta curry burritos nachos and wraps it usually opens from 10:30 am to 16:30pm except in the holidays for people who like coffee you can find costa and starbucks in our campus as well costa is at the bramall music building and starbucks is in muirhead tower foyer meal plan cards are accepted in all of these cafeterias if you are a muslim student you don t have to worry avanti and café go also offer halal food options both provide a range of halal chicken dishes such as chicken legs chicken joe s avanti special fried chicken and chicken wings on the ground floor of university center two new food outlets have been created 5


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there is also a costa coffee in the guild of students building along with several bars and a small supermarket if you like sandwiches you can also find subway rios is a different kind of restaurant in the hub which is a top floor building with glass walls you can go there for your afternoon tea while enjoying the beautiful views of the lake like fusion rios also holds weekly club nights for the students most bfa student accommodation is in mason hall and if you live here it is important to be familiar with the restaurants around you two of the main restaurants are in the hub which are fusion and rios fusion is quite a big restaurant which can hold 1000 students serving breakfast and dinner it can also be a wonderful place for large banquets and gatherings what makes us like these restaurants so much is not only can we enjoy the yummy food here but we can hang out with our friends so eating on campus is really a great chance for international students to meet and get to know different people from the campus 6


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be careful silent killers by justin uwiringiyimana les student are we aware of the food we eat everyone has his/her own answer i am going to mention some foods and drinks that damage our body i will focus on foods that contain monosodium glutamate msg sugar foods and drinks and alcoholic drinks these are normally tasty however they are not good for our body as they can result in some serious diseases like diabetes heart attack and cancer it is possible to avoid msg in our meals but i think it is difficult to avoid sugar because it is present in many drinks and fruit we eat every day starting from msg it is a food additive that enhances food flavour it is added to most processed food and is present in most soup and in salad dressings that we find in supermarkets this was firstly used in japan and was introduced in the usa after world war ii it was labelled as generally safe food additive by the us food and drug administration so how did it become dangerous it was confirmed to be unsafe after the appearance of a disease known as chinese restaurant syndrome in medical science where they described negative effects of eating food containing msg for example numbness and heart palpitations msg is an excitotoxin that contains glutamate ions and it is known that glutamic acid is a neurotransmitter this means that as you eat food with msg the neurotransmitter glutamic acid will interact with glutamate ions which results in brain damage or disorders msg has damaging effects even greater than nicotine and alcohol it can also cause obesity eye damage and depression among others some symptoms are burning sensation nausea headache and rapid heartbeat the chemical formula of msg please be aware 7


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sugar a substance known to everyone is a silent killer it is present in almost all the food we eat every day and so it is very difficult to avoid its consumption the only possibility is to minimise the amount we consume per day eating a huge amount of sugar can result in obesity as we consume a higher amount of energy than we use the intake of high concentrations of sugar can also cause high blood pressure so be aware of the sugar you eat and do some jogging or sport to reduce its side effects danger of sugars so much for msg and sugar the following product is familiar and popular it is alcohol alcohol has many negative effects for human beings there are biological financial and societal effects that arise from alcohol for our body it leads to fat depositions in blood vessels causing a disease known as atherosclerosis which in turn leads to high blood pressure as a result someone with high blood pressure can suffer from a heart attack financially you can spend a lot of money paying for alcohol and if you get drunk you can do illegal things that may result in fines alcohol dangers the main diseases that are increasing nowadays are obesity and circulatory diseases and these are the result of taking food and drinks containing the compounds above so be careful with the things that are contained in foods and drinks you consume every day try to control them to avoid negative impacts on your body 8


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trip to the houses of parliament by heryandi tresna coss pathway 1 prize winning article of the `magazine article competition st all of birmingham foundation academy bfa students who study social policy went to the houses of parliament in london on tuesday 29 january 2013 we used a bus to get there the coach departed at 7.30am from birmingham there are many things that we did when we were on the way to london some bfa students were talking listening to the music sleeping doing something on their smartphone and some of us looked very excited luckily all of us passed the inspections and we entered the houses of parliament at around 10.45am we were inside the building but before we explored further we had 15 minutes to have a short break while waiting for our the guides who would show us the most important places after our short break our guides arrived the teachers decided that the students should be divided into two groups so each group has one guide here we go at 11.00am we started exploring this historical building first we went to the place where the queen of the united kingdom usually sits and stays that place is the most important part of this building because it is usually used for welcoming formal guests for example when the president or the prime minister of another country comes to the united kingdom to have a discussion he or she will be welcomed in this impressive area and do several things such as having a conversation or lunch together with the queen my body was motionless when i saw this special place oh my goodness i have no words how to describe it i was speechless this is because that place is decorated with so many historical paintings which show us the history of the united kingdom unfortunately we couldn t take pictures in this area because of the rules of this building however i did remember one painting that describes the war between this country and france from that picture i could feel the atmosphere when they were at war all people carried guns and attacked each other and the picture showed so many people in the battlefield injured with blood on their body and the death of them in this war we arrived in houses of parliament about 10.30am the weather was not really good in london at that time it was raining plus heavy wind but no matter what the weather was like the trip must go on after getting off from the bus we walked around 5 minutes to get to the houses of parliament i couldn t wait to get there and i decided to walk faster than the others i was in front of the entrance already and i saw so many security guards at first i thought it was easy to enter this building but it was completely wrong there were at least three inspections before we could get in just to make sure whether all of us were safe and in the correct condition 12


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the second place that we visited was to see another painting and i remember when the guide showed us king henry viii shown below we spent around one and half hour talking to him about housing education and the benefit of studying in the uk he answered more than 10 questions that we gave to him below is a picture of him when discussing with us henry was born on 28 june 1491 in greenwich he was king of england from 1509-1547 and the second tudor monarch he broke with the papacy in rome and established the church of england initiating the english reformation the insane thing about him is that he had more than 5 wives and he killed some of them by chopping off their heads oow it was scary but it was also mad the third place that we went to is the place called the house of lords this place is used when the lords share the task of making and shaping the laws after that we continued to meet and have a discussion with ian austin who is a british labour party politician he was parliamentary under secretary-of-state at department for communities and local government from 2009 to 2010 finally the last part of our trip was to watch an exclusive debate in a place which usually is used to discuss government policy to propose new laws and debate current issues it is called the house of commons most of us start getting tired after spending about 3 hours exploring the houses of parliament it was soon time to go back to birmingham it was around 4.00 when we left london if i have to say which part was most interesting during the trip i would say the first tour was the best 13


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