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published every even week during school terms posted to school families the wider community on the web and emailed by request copy and casual advertising for #04 published wed 27 march closes thu 21 march 2013 wednesday 13 march 2013 term 1 week 06 volume 153 number 03 quote the fact is that given the challenges we face education doesn t need to be reformed it needs to be transformed the key to this transformation is not to standardise education but to personalise it to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions the element how finding your passion changes everything ken robinson calendar tue 12 mar wed 13 mar thu 14 mar sat 16 mar mon 18 mar mon 25 mar wed 27 mar thu 28 mar fri 29 mar http www.havelock.school.nz/index.php/calendar1 1 accessible via top menu of website event info and its status can be found by clicking on the item itself make a shortcut for your browser on your desktop or smartphone denotes further information elsewhere in the newsletter asb financial literacy workshops library stocktake maud island overnighter y7 8 havelock mussel festival scholastic book fair board of trustees meeting 19:00 pelorus school field trip to whites bay y7/8 at marlborough technology centre good friday mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 1


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johnston associates south chartered accountants masterminding brighter tomorrows annual financial accounting accounting services evaluation and implementation business advisory corporate advisory dean steele ca b.mgmt hons xero and the cloud training development and structure 021 249 1191 dsteele@jacal.co.nz debt structure and management due diligence management reporting/interim reporting new company setup strategic and business planning succession planning taxation tax compliance and advice trans-tasman accounting cash flows budgets projections 021 249 1195 bdouglas@jacal.co.nz ca b.com dip grad ben douglas brad mcneill 021 0206 7526 bmcneill@jacal.co.nz ca bca bsc mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 2


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ukulele lessons we need a minimum of ten people for a group lesson possible lesson times are thursdays at lunchtime please phone sarah to register your interest on 972 0577 some ukuleles available to borrow triennial trustee elections the school s returning officer will soon be seeking nominations to fill three of the five parent representative trustee positions the three triennial seats currently filled by jason clark gary brown and james donald will become vacant the remaining two mid-term seats filled by louella perkin and vaughan warburton will fall due in october 2014 the board has adopted the following timetable should you be interested in supporting the school as a trustee and want further information please make contact with a trustee or visit the nz schools trustees website http www.trustee-election.co.nz to find out more [this statement corrects errors in printed versions of newsletters 153 nos 2 3 two names were out of sequence date call for nominations by nominations close voting papers sent by election day count votes board takes office action 2 may 16 may 21 may 30 may 5 june 6 june mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 3


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info at your fingertips free if you re connected and needing some information about school transport expectations or term dates then go to http www.havelock.school.nz/index.php/info-central and use the index links to access the information if there is a piece of information missing then use the link to let us know and we ll add it in the school now has a mini internet café set up in the foyer where those that are unconnected as yet can access the www check their web mail access their banking and even do a little surfing pelorus area health trust february update kia ora and welcome to the new year one month has already flown past and we have a number of exciting projects to complete this year we would like to thank all our volunteers who manned the shop over the holiday period this is the busiest time for everyone so we appreciate them giving up their time it is also when the shop is flat out as well the shop provides us with the opportunity to become self-funding so we can pay all associated expenses of running the trust as well as fund our projects congratulations to the first four recipients of our pelorus area health trust education grants this will be an annual process which will be available to people over 18 in the pelorus district information is on our website with applications open from 1 31 december education grant recipients 1 rebecca russ canvastown nelson marlborough institute of technology 3rd year of bachelor of nursing 2 thomas currie rai valley otago university 5th year bachelor of medicine bachelor of surgery 3 kerry ellis canvastown cadence health australia-via absolute health nz certificate of diet and nutrition 4 jo-ann douglas havelock whitirea new zealand bachelor of health science paramedic havelock st johns at right jo-anne douglas and paht chairperson sharyn smith outside treasure chest shop mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 4


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st john s supporter scheme the trust is supporting and promoting the st john s supporter scheme by becoming a supporter you will help maintain st john services in your community and make it possible for them to develop more services there are two membership options · individuals who pay $40 per year · households paying $55 per year which covering every person in the household the scheme will cover any part charges incurred for emergency ambulance transport instead of you having to pay for them please call 0800 785 646 for further information medical aids for the pelorus district the trust is seeking donations of medical aids wheelchairs and walkers etc to be loaned out to people in need in the pelorus area this project is led by our trustee hazel booth who is compiling a list of aids suitable for the purpose the aids will be kept at the treasure chest and will be signed out when needed to cover the cost of purchasing aids not donated we will be having a massive garage sale on 16 17 march mussel festival week-end at the mussel barn next to our shop from 9am ­ 5pm on both days donations of good household contents clothing plants etc can be dropped at the shop or contact sharyn 574 2117 lesley 574 2254 or hazel 574 2772 reading awards christian perkin and elisha godsiff first to 25 nights for 2013 a $5 book voucher for each of you tino pai thank you the graham veterinary club of marlborough inc has kindly donated the book marlborough celebrating 100 years to havelock school not a book for reading in bed but the content is fascinating comprehensive and worth the effort of borrowing it from the library thanks graham veterinary club mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 5


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marlborough mud is best ever wanted to wallow around in your local estuary ever wanted to take it out on the boss ever wanted to modify/mudify your mate here s the ideal opportunity right in your own backyard well estuary are you up for the challenge sport tasman in conjunction with marlborough district council and more fm are giving every citizen the opportunity to have a heap of fun in the mud 1:45pm mud run briefing 2:00pm mud run start time on the mole ­ off the end of rangitane drive $10 per person must be in teams of at least 2 people $20 per family 2 adults 2 kids register online www.sporttasman.org.nz/havelock_mud check in on the day from 12:00 noon until 1:30pm the slippery slide tug `o mud fire brigade washdown spot prizes open to all abilities and ages ­ but 5 10 year-olds must have an adult as their buddy compulsory aspects having fun getting muddy getting your buddy even muddier wearing shoes advisable aspects fancy dress bring tape to tape your shoes on bring a change of clothes and a towel lap options 1 2 or 3 lap 1 muddy good fun ­ just getting a taste of the mud lap 2 the pig out ­ a therapeutic mud experience lap 3 mudaholics ­ wallowing in it and who cares mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 6


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help needed asap this year s mussel festival happens this weekend 16 march we are looking for just a few more volunteers to come on board to help with the running of the school s fast food seafood stall this is a great fundraiser for both the school and community if you can help in any way before the day on the day or even part of the day please contact the office asap on 574 2106 lou would like the help of a couple of strong folk to help with setting up the stall on the friday night before the festival it you have a spare hour please phone lou on 574 2747 also if you have spare lemons they would be greatly appreciated please drop them into the office in the next 48 hours havelock cuppa and craft group the next meeting of this group will be friday 22 march this new date has been set to avoid meeting on good friday we meet in the boat club room from 10:00 a.m all welcome mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 7


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havelock museum notes the volunteers of the havelock museum left home last saturday to join other community groups at bunnings for their community day we displayed photos of historic havelock plans of the proposed improvements to our displays and the time-line of important dates in havelock`s history we also had a guess the number of jelly beans for light relief amazingly the young lady who won the competition was only six jelly beans out we were pleased with the interest shown in our display if you missed it we will have a re-run at the mussel festival so please come over to site 16 and pay us a visit you might even win the easter egg raffle not to mention a jar of those large jelly beans that everyone seems to like better than the small ones the month has been one of small improvements around the museum have you noticed the refurbished wooden havelock museum sign we are very grateful to robin the wood guy who donated his time and materials to sharpen it up we think it looks pretty special now apart from that a team of community workers from blenheim spent a few hours with us touching up painted rails and doing other jobs to make sure the museum looks its best for the festival there is just some minor earth work to be done the finishing of the exit ramp and the underside of the new roof sealed and painted before we can carry out our much anticipated task of shifting the outside exhibits into their new home we were surprised that visitor numbers for january/february were the lowest for the past three years last year an average of 71 people visited each day over the two-month period compared with an average of 58 this year perhaps the splendid summer we have had has something to do with it a reminder to join us on saturday 23 march for the combined flea market and sausage sizzle weather permitting the murder in the pelorus part three you may remember that a museum member pauleen wilkinson nee wells has sent us this story which we are serialising in these notes it is the story of william grant who lived near havelock and was found dead on his property pauleen is transcribing the murder in the pelorus valley from the nelson examiner 17th may 1863 her great great grandfather thomas wells was on the jury and his wife jane and one of their sons david were called as witmauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 8


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nesses along with other prominent members of the village at the time in the last episode members of the jury were putting their questions to sidney brooks who discovered the body in this episode other witnesses give their evidence to the coroner s court william corkill being sworn said on sunday 17th of may during the evening messrs d and wm wells and brooks came to havelock they were met on the beach by mr smith who came to my house and told me that mr grant was dead but it being late we determined to go to mr grant s the following morning on monday morning messrs w and d wells c yarker brooks and i went to mr grant s bay i examined the body and exclaimed to my companions this man has been murdered the house appeared to have been disturbed a gun and a watch were in the house on examining the ground i found the mark of a bare foot in one direction the toes pointing towards the body we left everything as they were till the arrival of the proper authorities c yarker s brooks and i then returned to havelock by the jury when did you last see mr grant alive ­ i saw him on the 10th instant at his own place sidney brooks was with me did you identify the body as that of the late mr grant ­ yes did you see any weapons lying about ­ yes an axe and a spade i examined the axe lifting it partly from the ground there appeared to be blood on the side of the handle nearest the ground on the blade of the axe there was a crust which was blood to the best of my belief from the appearance of the wound should you suppose it had been made by an axe ­ yes a cap was under one of the arms we did not move the body did the ground appear disturbed as if in a struggle ­ yes was there any blood on the ground ­ no did the wound appear as if recently made ­ it appeared as if two or three days old james kilgour m.d being sworn said upon proceeding to examine the body which has been identified as that of the late mr grant i found two deep wounds in the head either of which was sufficient to cause death the first cut off about three inches of the skull and penetrated deeply into the brain the second cut through the lower jaw a portion of the ear and severed the skull from the spinal column these wounds were on the right side of the body they appeared to have been inflicted by an axe such as that exhibited to the jury no further injury appears to have been done to the body by the jury is that human hair on the axe ­ yes i should say so decidedly the blows appear to have been struck from behind right-handed the first while the deceased was standing or mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 9


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stooping forward the second was probably given while on the ground the jury returned a verdict of wilful murder by some person or persons unknown the forman then in the name of the jury desired earnestly to impress upon the authorities the necessity for immediate and efficient measures being taken for the discovery and apprehension of the perpetrator or perpetrators of the deed and would also call the attention of the authorities to the want of a constable resident in the district that concludes the hearing before the coroner in part four we read the magisterial investigation volunteers needed for here s a chance hot on the heels of the mussel festival to put your hand up and help with this new event on havelock s calendar you ve read the ads earlier in the newsletter and thought nope this is not for me even one lap but wait you might get some vicarious fun from watching others getting more than their footwear muddy if you can support this fun event with a couple of hours on sunday 24 march marshalling car parking or helping run a fundraising bbq supplying much-needed victuals to the hungry and grubby hoards and their supporters then please contact susan at vision 2020 574 2555 or susan@havelock.co.nz all up about fifteen volunteers are needed plus the chefs mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 10


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marlborough basketball assoc junior competition packs for term i ii basketball will be delivered to schools on tuesday/wednesday this week please let the school know if your child would like to play in this year s competition as soon as possible for those schools that may not have enough players to make up a particular grade the school can contact the basketball office for help in finding a team for their players tickets for the nelson giants vs wellington saints on sat 13 april go on sale today demand is expected to be high so purchase tickets early tickets available from the basketball office mitchell sport or stadium 2000 contact the basketball office marlboroughbasketball@gmail.com with any queries a return ticket for two to tsb bank arena wellington to attend the nelson giants vs saints nbl game on fri 28 jun to be won at half-time courtesy sounds air and wellington saints mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 11


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kiwi ranch ­ curious cove holiday camp enrolments are now open for our april junior camp 8 ­ 10 yrs mon 22nd ­ fri 26th april cost is $180 with an early bird price of $160 if paid in full by 22nd mar see www.curiouscove.org for more details and enrolment form garage sale weekend 16 17 march this garage sale is raising funds for medical aids for the pelorus area and runs from 9:00am through to 5:00pm the sale will take place at the mussel barn next to the treasure chest shop main road havelock contact sharyn on 574 2117 or 027 530 5600 or the shop if you want to donate goods for the garage sale household furniture goods books toys clothing linen curtains dvds records tools plants mussels floats for gardens haere mai naumai this week we welcome halym peters who joins the team in pelorus we wish you a fruitful and enjoyable time with all of us maud island overnighter ten of our senior students will be heading to maud island overnight on thursday to experience the unique environment that has been created in this special conservancy for new zealand s native flora and fauna kiwisport funding helps make this possible a great trip underlining a clear message that will last a lifetime and prompt some reflection about values and wider environmental issues enjoy this experience exclusive to pupils from the pelorus cluster junior rugby sign-up saturday morning jab junior rugby in marlborough begins 13 april we have grades available for 5 and 6 year olds rippa rugby right through to 16 year olds there are 8 clubs across the region keen to welcome new players parents and supporters all clubs offer quality coaching and regular practices to help turn our small blacks into the next generation of all blacks visit www.smallblacks.com to see what s going on in new zealand rugby for contact information on a club near you call tasman rugby union on 578 4070 mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 12


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reap courses reap s aim is to give the rural community support the opportunity to partake in activities in their area and to provide a tutor for the activities chosen by those interested these courses are being organised by havelock community education service with reap support courses in the pipeline photoshop introduction to digital photography pasta making day skipper s course other requests have been first aid introduction to playing the guitar mosaics paper tole bread making felting tufa pots a great number of tutors are available for a range of courses so if you are interested in any of the above or have an interest in any other courses which could be arranged please contact rita jacobson 574 2176 email ritacollet@clear.net.nz for further information pelorus netball junior muster wednesday 20 march 3:30pm havelock netball courts existing and new players most welcome for more information please contact ruth 572 7472 community law centre ­ easy access to legal advice a reminder that havelock and linkwater residents do not need to travel into blenheim to speak to an experienced para-legal case worker at the community law centre they can speak to the case worker via skype from the offices of pelorus projects between eyes on nature and the havelock hall all you need to do is to ring pelorus projects 574 2555 to make an appointment and then turn up with your documents at the appointment time the interview is confidential the types of matters which the case workers can deal with are employment contract family consumer immigration problems however they do not deal with commercial or conveyance matters the next appointment times are 26 march 9 april 23 april mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 13


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family planning clinic family planning is running another clinic for your sexual health and family planning by appointment tuesday 19 march 2013 2 pm 5 pm for appointments and inquiries ring the havelock medical centre monday thursday on 574 2233 services include cervical smears sti testing contraceptive pill contraception pregnancy testing and condoms charges non-resident charges · nz resident 22yrs over $23 · standard consultation · com card holders $5 · short consultation · under 22yrs old no charge · long consultation payment cash/cheque at time of appointment no eftpos facility available tuesday or emergency $46 $36 $67 did you know it s important for parents to start brushing their baby s teeth as soon as the teeth come through the gum and to supervise older children until 8 or 9 years old most children find it fun to take turns and share the brushing duties or to brush their teeth at the same time as parents and see who keeps brushing for the recommended 2 minutes regular updates from the nelson marlborough community oral health service nelson/tasman 03 5395329 or marlborough 03 5209922 hui te kura o te hoiere although originally intended for local parents of mori students the invitation was extended to the wider te hoiere area and was attended by a dozen folk from rai valley canvastown ngati kuia and havelock this was a forum for korero about issues facing schools snippets from the government mori education strategy 2008 2012 ka hikitia managing for success were shared as were local mori national standards data from 2011 and 2012 a very positive picture emerging opportunity was taken to talk about aspirations and meeting local needs a further hui is planned in six months on te hora marae adventure playground a very comprehensive report from blenheim s the recreation company was presented at the last board meeting and it would be fair to say that our decision to give this area of the school s assets a make-over is very timely if you would like to be involved with this special project group then please make contact with the office the scoping and overall design is the next step and as you are aware the substantial funding required is already underway mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 14


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senior writing seniors have been making cubes and then writing about the process from the paper/cube s point of view good writers have empathy and the exercise allows students to project human characteristics into an inanimate subject some students were very capable of projecting humour into their cube and making their very brief narrative very readable and entertaining we have pasted zoe s here just to give you a taste the rest are on the wall for all to enjoy marlborough football offers programmes for players from 3 ½ years through to 17 years as part of their junior competition on a saturday morning winter football competitions start on 13th april you will need to register with a club asap to play this season for further information go to www.marlboroughfootball.co.nz mrs wood resigns we reluctantly accepted the resignation last week of gwen who has been our teacher aide since 2009 working in a variety of situations with numerous children over the years the illhealth of her husband bob makes the commitment over two days of the week untenable we wish them our very best and thank gwen for her dedication hard work and patience also the goodies that arrived quietly to sweeten the day noho ora mai r arohanui teacher aide vacancy this is a limited tenure position for 25 hours a week starting as soon as practicable should you wish to investigate further please contact our principal we look forward to hearing from you this would suit a local with experience mrs mandy mcquarrie is taking over the hours left vacant by mrs wood mauri ora na akoranga learning for life since 1861 page 15



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