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The premier magazine of the Independent Sacramental Movement. Convergent Streams brings together clergy of various Independent Sacramental Churches to present relevant articles on faith, spirituality and the movement as a whole. Inside this edition:

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volume 1 number 2 second quarter 2013 unraveling our unity byte by byte the wanderer opportunities and barriers to unity among catholics do not equate solo mass with solitary worship bishop carlos duarte costa the saint of brazil the case for exorcism more articles calendars puzzles and recipes all inside this edition!


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inside this issue unraveling our unity byte by byte page 4 from the editor page 5 how can you be for labor when it s flat on its back page 6 a dominican s dithyramb page 7 the wanderer page 9 opportunities and barriers to unity among catholics page 10 secular religious callings share much page 11 do not equate solo mass with solitary worship page 12 bishop carlos duarte costa the saint of brazil page 14 the promise and pitfalls of pentecost page 15 katholic kitchens page 16 you ve got a friend page 19 seeking god s will during the days of lent page 20 prayer and silence an answer to actual change page 21 the case for exorcism page 23 blue print for working and praying together page 27 ism calendar april 2013 page 35 ism calendar may 2013 page 36 ism calendar june 2013 page 37 saints word search page 38 catholic crossword page 39 franciscan crown also known as seven joys of mary page 42 convergent streams vol 1 no 2 this publication is an outreach ministry serving the entire independent sacramental movement operated by the old catholic apostolic church of north america s publishing office the office of communications and media relations copyright 2013 all rights reserved executive editor the right rev gregory godsey managing editor the very rev david s jennings editor-at-large the right rev a edmund n cass contributing editors the very rev prior michael beckett mrs brenda eckels burrows the very rev philip gerboc guest writers dom anselm the rt rev w edward crabtree the rev mother meredydd jane harper reverend mr joshua hatten mr philip lowe jr the right rev william quinlan rev mrs dollie wilkinson rev fr brian wolf if you would like to submit an article or if you have a comment or complaint you may send them to in microsoft © word format or adobe © pdf format you may also mail submissions query letters or comments to bishop gregory godsey 118 frances drive north augusta sc 29841 usa all submissions will be considered but no guarantee or promise is made that said submission will be published the editorial staff of convergent streams reserves the right to publish refuse to publish or hold for publishing at a later date any submission without explanation if you require materials returned please enclose sase advertising space can be purchased for ads that are considered relevant to members of the old catholic church or independent sacramental movement please contact bishop godsey at for more information 3


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friar s fancy the right rev aaron edmund n cass unraveling our unity byte by byte radical thought maybe but one that will build bonds of love and trust that cannot be shaken by unconditionally i mean without demanding they become part of you or your jurisdiction or you a part of theirs no strings attached we are here to build up the body of christ to whom we belong and to stand firm against all that opposes the kingdom of god division suspicion patronizing and defamation are not part of our mission in christ rather unity affirmation support and uplifting are part of our mission h a candid look at facebook etiquette and the independent sacramental movement ave you ever notice the nasty sniping you see in ism facebook pages and groups have you been party to it either by participation or as a victim oh come now you know you have i admit my bad behavior and ask forgiveness i also have been the victim of this cowardly abuse and so has my church i offer the following to us all for my part and that of the our only standard by which old catholic apostolic church we shall be judged by almighty god and by which we should measure ourselves personally our only standard and as jurisdictions is how we by which we shall be love god and each other and how we effectively make present the judged by almighty kingdom of god as transmitted god and by which to us by the apostles and the we should measure fathers and mothers of the holy church ourselves personally our validity comes from the witness of the holy spirit to our now the question is do we works performed in the name of want to be taken seriously by the christ to the glory of god our mainstream christian community love for each other and the least or hold on to our hurt anger lost and forgotten bear witness to bitterness and rage and kick at our love of god and our neighbor the goad like spoiled children and that proclaims our being one trying to get daddy s attention by with christ acting out we who shall be known by i have encountered so many the fruit we bear let us strive folks who use the roman to bear the fruit of repentance catholic church as the golden by performing acts of kindness standard by which they measure compassion mercy and love others and themselves seen forgiving each other and criticisms run wild based on supporting each other thus misunderstandings of that false making present the kingdom of standard and then witness god horrible fights erupt that ended jurisdiction after jurisdiction rather than looking with and all for what do you think suspicion at a brother or sister the roman catholic church is who may have questionable lines watching expectantly to see what of apostolic succession why not we are doing offer to repair any inconsistency or question by offering to lay dear brothers and sisters of hands on your brother or sister the independent sacramental unconditionally transferring movement at the risk of to them the precious gift that sounding presumptuous may jesus christ has given to you a 4 and as jurisdictions is how we love god and each other and how we effectively make present the kingdom of god as transmitted to us by the apostles and the fathers and mothers of the holy church of north america our pledge is to put these suggestions into practice starting today i ask you my brothers and sisters to do likewise i m here to be your simon of cyrene to help you carry your cross and i hope you will help me carry mine so that after the horror of the crucifixion we may walk together in the power of the resurrection!


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from the editor the right rev gregory w godsey to ask the question what do we do now that most churches are gay friendly i t is wonderful and amazing that this quarter s convergent streams is about unity we did not plan it that way but rather the holy spirit seemed to lead many of our writers to address that issue from various perspectives this is very poignant considering the resignation of pope benedict xvi throughout the history of the independent sacramental movement and its various branches we have tried to proclaim our separation and independence from rome and roman practices however many in our movement continue to judge each other as well as themselves by what rome thinks of us or by what rome says we should be doing this has led to the discussions among various ism clergy concerning whether or not bishops of the ism should be nominated for the role of roman pope i have even heard of a few clergy and bishops who have claimed to have written various cardinals stating their vote for who should be pope while this may be considered a form of unity i believe it is a form of hubris rather than chase rome and use rome as the yardstick by which we measure our worth we as a movement should embrace our unique and separate identity if people want to be roman then there is a church for them but if they are looking for something different while still somewhat familiar then we are here to fill that void we have the opportunity to reach out to those who have been abandoned by rome but only if we are willing to leave rome behind as well one of the hopes i have had with writing the column on old if we want to remain relevant for the future we must stop trying to fit into a niche rather catholic founders has been to we should be churches we introduce and educate people on should be welcoming to all the founders of our movement who come to us we should these men and women have focus on all social justice worked very hard many of them issues we should fight for all until the day they died to show who are homeless poor and themselves to be worthy yet disenfranchised only by being separate they lived and worked a church can we remain vibrant under the premise that outside and growing in the future the roman church there exist a otherwise we will find ourselves catholic and apostolic church that holding on to a niche that has also held the truth of the gospels long disappeared and the sacraments many of these men and women today are those are my thoughts on considered saints by many of the unity and the future of the ism churches in the movement they are not unique and they do not necessarily apply to your church rather they are general thoughts based on my 14 years even the in the ism metropolitan community churches one of the largest gay churches in the world has begun to ask the question what do we do now that most churches are gay friendly i hope you will enjoy this edition and i want to thank all our writers and guest writers for their submissions without you this edition would not be possible and i hope to see many more submissions as the year moves on while we are on the subject one other thing we must confront in an effort to form unity and to remain relevant for the future is the issues of niche churches there was a day and time when a gay church or female only church white only church or blacks only church might have been something unique or inviting for people however those days are gone with more and more churches integrated accepting affirming multi-racial and multi-gendered the day of the niche churches are over even the metropolitan community churches one of the largest gay churches in the world has begun 5


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the monsignor s message the very rev friar philip gerboc request my personal lesson faith and commitment it is not good enough to preach the fruits of labor but we must also respect those fruits as well labor is not to be taken lightly it is the work of faith it is the promise of the gospels it is a right of all people everywhere to a dwelling food free will health care freedom of worship assembly and political thought it is true in my backyard and yours we are all laborers are we in the garden of christ or flat on our back my garden of christ includes my backyard as well as yours and i don t mind helping to prune yours however beware i may plant some seeds of my own and tom geoghagan if you would work with the workers you say you represent as an attorney you would know which side are you on friar philip gerboc is located in madison wisc and has been active in union organizing for decades he is the director of the office of social justice for ocacna how can you be for labor when it s flat on its back i have heard the question posed in the title for the past 51 years of my life when i was on the cbs sunday morning show along with tom geoghegan a supposed labor attorney i was asked such a question it was quite early in my labor career and i responded point blank because i m not flat on my back i was working for the then amalgamated clothing and textile workers union actwu and had organizing victories throughout the south which is right to work country i was outraged when geoghegan said people just want to feel part of something bigger as if that s why people form and join unions on behalf of the u.s catholic conference of bishops as an organizer the more beautiful the words the harder the fight to organize becomes while i have called on the church to offer assistance in organizing efforts with mixed results i learned a hard-fought lesson about faith and labor monsignor jack egan once told me stay out of churches back yards the actwu won a victory on behalf of the cemetery workers for the diocese of los angeles the church filed charges with the national labor relations board nlrb and proceeded to drag their feet in negotiations in fact they refused to meet with the union altogether this was untrue then and it the archbishop then filed to remains untrue now organizing decertify the union because a union at your place of work is it didn t have a contract one the hardest thing i have ever year from the original date of experienced the labor laws were an election to certify a union written by corporate america the archbishop drove around designed to stop rampant work the catholic cemeteries in the stoppages and strikes only once archdiocese and told illegals in history has it been amended and legals alike that they would to once again support business be excommunicated if they interests voted for a union once again so apparently one s faith and most christian denominations commitment were united on have made glowing and this point and this point alone phenomenal statements on the the archbishop and i agree the rights of workers to organize union lost the second election a prime example of this lies in and most of the illegals were archbishop mahoney s statement deported at the archbishop s 6 did you know that convergent streams is on the web too you can visit us on the web at http www.convergentstreams org you can find our advertising information as well as our submission guideline why not visit us today!


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a dominican s dithyramb the very rev prior michael beckett was through the work of saint dominic that the friars the laity and the nuns came into being at roughly the same time the dominican order of the old catholic apostolic church any priest to preach ­ only the of north america known as pope and bishops were permitted the order of preachers old ur order is a part to do so through his preaching catholic is a continuation of st of the worldwide dominic attracted many men and dominic s order and we strive to followers of st dominic otherwise known as the women to him the lay people bring dominic s unique charism dominican order in some areas that followed dominic were at into the world today through especially in europe dominicans first known as the militia of the four pillars of our charism christ and would soon be given community truth and study are also known as the black a rule and became known as friars because of the black ministry and prayer the order of penitents this cappa cape and cappuce that the friars and religious wore and was the beginning of the third community is of key order or more commonly known importance to all dominicans wear for travel during services today as the dominican laity and during lent in france for the members of the order of which is now the largest branch dominicans were known as preachers old catholic it means of the order as time went by jacobins because their convent a group of men and women dominic realized that it was not in paris was next to st jacque s leading a common life according or sanctus jacobus in latin we just southern france that needed to a rule it can be difficult the preaching of the truth but are also known as the hounds when personalities clash even of god because of a play on our rather the entire world with the minorirritations and frustrations approval of the pope he began name in latin domini canus in can create friction and tension to put together the order of latin means just what it says human failings and individualities the dogs of god can cause hurt disappointments and heartaches on the other the dominican order was hand a community can also founded in 1203 when st provide an immense source of dominic of guzman was sent strength living in community with his bishop to arrange a demands sacrifice the ability marriage between the son of the to ignore one s own personal king of castile and the daughter desires concessions to others of the lord of the marches maintaining quiet and calm when while travelling through one desires emoting but there southern france dominic was are rewards the inspiration appalled at the major inroads a provided by one s brothers heresy known as albigensianism and sisters in st dominic was making in that part of the companionship help and concern world so named because it and most of all love greatly originated in the town of albi outweigh the disadvantages albigensianism taught that all matter was evil and all spirit was our dispersed order is a very friars preachers and dedicate good and that the good god real community we are members it to this work of preaching and created the spirit realm while a of the same family brothers and winning souls for christ through demon god created and reigned sisters in st dominic as well as over the physical world meaning reason in christ and we have a common that all material things and goal purpose and mission the at the same time as st pleasures were evil and had to be order is our community the dominic was gathering a group rejected place to which we have been of men around him to form called to be members his order he also founded a as soon as his mission monastery of cloistered nuns was completed and with the in a very real sense we are in prouille near toulouse most permission of his superiors st similar to the early christian of these were women who had dominic returned to southern communities to whom st paul france and worked to counteract been albigensians and who had wrote his letters they did not returned to the church and the albigensian heresy by live under the same roof either preaching the truth at this point wanted to continue to serve god continued on page 8 in history it was not common for in some kind of religious life it o 7


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all should be quick to forgive it is the kind of community that requires concessions the giving up of personal likes and dislikes it might be helpful to recall having no axes to grind and some of his exhortations to those hanging in when things do not go communities and apply them to as the individual would like the ourselves great reward is that it is a school of love to the romans he wrote love one another in mutual st dominic placed great affection anticipate one another emphasis on study then as in showing honor do not grow now education provides a slack in zeal be fervent in spirit preacher with the foundation serve the lord rejoice in hope needed to fulfill a calling endure in affliction persevere in prayer contribute to the our members are required to needs of the holy ones exercise set aside time regularly for study hospitality rom 12 10 13 so that they may become more he told the galatians bear one another s burdens and so you will fulfill the law of christ gal 6 2 he urged the philippians complete my joy by being of the same mind with the same love united in heart thinking one thing do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory rather humbly regard others as more important than yourselves each looking out not for his own interests but also everyone for those of others phil 2 2 3 one of the more beautiful passages is to be found in the letter to the colossians put on then as god s chosen ones holy and beloved heartfelt compassion kindness humility gentleness and patience bearing with one another and forgiving one another if one has a grievance against another as the lord has forgiven you so must you also do and over all these put on love which binds the rest together and makes them perfect col 3 12-14 when we analyze these passages we can see that love should be the hallmark of a christian community a love which expresses itself in affection giving honor humility compassion kindness gentleness and patience if conflicts arise effective ministers of the gospel when many think of ministry especially when discussing dominicans they immediately they met occasionally ­ once a week as rule for the eucharist when conditions permitted ­ ordo praedicatores meaning those who are engaged in praedicatio if you look in a latin dictionary you will find that praedicatio means making known or proclamation this has a much broader much wider meaning than mere pulpit oratory it would include writing and teaching areas in which dominicans in all walks of life have always excelled in this sense of proclamation or making known dominicans have a far broader range of activities available to fulfill their vocation than do the clerical friars and sisters it would most certainly include the sharing of our faith in our daily lives by all that we do union with god is the goal of the spiritual life this union with god will in turn enrich and perfect our active life preaching teaching giving alms writing witnessing etc thereby making it more effective and enabling it to bear more fruit that is why contemplative prayer and meditation is essential in the life of a dominican the 4th pillar of dominican life is that of prayer our active life is really a sharing of the fruits of our study meditating and contemplative life the active life or outward life flows from the fullness of the study and prayer life or inward life for this reason dominicans spend much time in prayer daily if you are interested in learning more about the order of preachers oc you may contact fr michael beckett opoc at the dominican order of the old catholic apostolic church of north america known as the order of preachers old catholic is a continuation of st dominic s order and we strive to bring dominic s unique charism into the world today through the four pillars of our charism community truth and study ministry and prayer think of preaching it is true that in the roman catholic tradition the dominicans are known as the order of preachers and true that in english preaching means pulpit oratory but st dominic did not name his order in english but in latin 8


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guest writer the rev deacon dollie wilkinson i the wanderer you turning around you see no one and begin to wonder if you have gone crazy or are possibly just in some weird dream but again you hear a small whisper and as you stop to listen such a feeling of knowing of peace begins to curl around your heart magine one day you wake up to find yourself in a new place yes the scenery is familiar but something is different and you sit to ponder this ah ha you got it you are different not your outside mask that you always wear when greeting the public but your inner self your soul or inner being so as you ponder this shift in your inner self you realize something is different on the outside you no longer are carrying some heavy burdens that you could never seem to shake now you notice you are dressed differently as well and carrying some sort of ruck sack perusing your new clothes which seems to suggest that you are going on a long journey you reach in to your new ruck sack and find quite a collection of items hmm let s see what we have a journal well that makes sense since all quest seekers want to document their travels ok not sure how this will help but its here so it must be important you mutter as you pull out a bible i remember this book from years spent in sunday school in my youth but how can it help on my journey something to think on as you begin walking not sure where you are going when it hits you wait i have no map don t all wanderers need a map information you need on this quest now as to what is not included in your bag a map you have no need of because i will be your guide trust in me and you will never fear getting lost again and as for provisions well those i will provide you as you need them on your journey as you travel you will meet people who can also assist you on your quest and who may provide provisions as needed now do you have any questions dear heart yes i ask why me i am not strong i am not an adventurer i will fail like i have in the past that fatherly voice once again whispers because i believe in you you are my child and i want this for you just trust in me and know i will guide you every step on your journey and if you falter or wander a bit off the path i will be there to lead you back i am with you always have faith wanderer and you will never get lost so the journey begins as the wanderer picks up her rucksack and prepares to take her first steps in to a new life sister wilkinson is a member of the order of preachers old catholic in wv the wanderer above the sea of fog by caspar david friedrich and your mind becomes calm not caring who is doing the speaking you listen and are encouraged and comforted by the words my daughter my creation i am with you because i have chosen you for a quest a journey as you begin to explore your new world you will need a few items which i put in your dumping the contents of your bag your journal to record all bag on the ground you find no your thoughts dreams worries map and also realize you have and questions the bible well no provisions for your journey what will i eat or drink what if i that is your guidebook let my need medical care putting what words and the writings of past fathers and mothers provide few items back in your bag you you with all the inspiration and hear someone whisper behind 9 north american martyrs


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guest writer brenda eckels burrows amgc opportunities and barriers to unity among catholics essay one introduction graphical analysis king of isreal or doesn t care why should he he already has a queen to govern his world what he has found his pearl of great price is someone to govern his soul paul famously spends almost no time and very few words talking about jesus life and ministry for him the most important thing is not the nativity but the cross a follower of paul prior to luke s writing could easily come to believe that all that was important about jesus was that he was the christ who died was risen and would come again loaves and fishes water to wine and blind men given sight would be optional folklore side stories the rule of faith as recorded by irenaeus this faith in one god the father almighty who made the of israel heaven and the earth and the acts 8:36-37 and as they euteronomy 6:4 hear seas and all the things that are went along the road they came o israel the lord is in them and in one christ jesus to some water and the eunuch our god the lord the son of god who was made said see here is water what is flesh for our salvation and in alone to prevent my being baptized the holy spirit who made known and philip said if you believe in a single sentence a through the prophets the plan of with all your heart you may creed was made how many of salvation and the coming and and he replied i believe that us today in 2013 can stand the birth from a virgin and the jesus christ is the son of god alongside the ancient jews who passion and the resurrection 1 cor 15:3-7 for i delivered devotedly prayed this same from the dead and the bodily to you as of first importance prayer the number would be ascension into heaven of the staggering as it not only includes what i also received that christ beloved christ jesus our lord died for our sins in accordance the entire history and present and his future appearing from with the scriptures that he was reality of every jew and every heaven in the glory of the father buried that he was raised on the to sum up all things and to christian but also of every third day in accordance with the muslim and every non-religious raise anew all flesh of the whole scriptures and that he appeared human race member of aa who believes in to cephas then to the twelve a higher power that is the one it is sometime between 177 then he appeared to more than and only it would encompass and 200 and jesus life and five hundred brethren at one all those agnostics who believe ministry has birthed an unknown time most of whom are still in the watchmaker image of number of groups in gaul alive though some have fallen god that creates and then just modern day france irenaeus watches it would include people asleep then he appeared to and other area bishops are james then to all the apostles who have run screaming away constantly trying to keep the from institutions temples and people the laity they serve with nathanael the unnamed churches who still believe that them instead of seeing them ethiopian and paul create three there is one that this one is wander off and join another of more creeds this time each worthy of worship and that this the groups most especially the stating something different one has a unique relationship groups led by simon magnus now the simple creed of with us there is unity in this his against heresies becomes deuteronomy has changed not world and in eternity with this famous for the venom he directs everyone who is experiencing creed at these christians who he calls god in jesus is coming away gnostics and what he feels are with the same set of beliefs the the errors lies bad morals and john 1:49 nathanael ethiopian either does not know answered him rabbi you are the son of god you are the king that nathanael named jesus as continued on page 28 d 10


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guest writer the rev deacon joshua hatten secular religious callings share much i must admit the calling to serve god in a most profound way has always been in my heart and on my mind for nearly 10 years i served families who were in their darkest hour for whom it seemed as if the world had stopped turning i was a funeral director some people are shocked when i say that i truly loved my job it certainly was a ministry like i said for the families enduring the death of a loved one for them it really does seem like their world has come to a standstill and as a funeral director you must treat them as though it has while encouraging and tending to their needs to start the rotation again i prayed with many families friends co-workers and caregivers of the deceased i was entrusted to care for i know that for some this was a great comfort and was much appreciated i still receive christmas cards and thank-you notes from a few of the families i served however after almost 10 years of this ministry i was met with a moral crisis caused by the very man i had worked for and whom had been my mentor without going into unnecessary and unpleasant details i left the funeral industry it had been my life what i really felt i was called to do by god himself after much reflection prayer and consideration i decided to volunteer with a local hospice in my area i had come to know most of the staff while working for the funeral home and i knew that i had nothing to worry about regarding their character and moral upstanding now i know that this is truly the ministry i am meant for what we are is god s gift to us what we become is our gift to god not that the funeral industry had made me crass or uncaring but after so many years it had its moments where all of the patients i ve been privileged to care for are aware that they are dying most of them have accepted the fact as best they can some happily so and other stay defiant to their last breath but from each and every one of the dear souls i ve met i have learned a great deal i ve learned that the future starts today not tomorrow i ve learned that life isn t measured in the years we live but in the lives we touch i ve learned that no matter how soon or far off my death may come that it is only the beginning one lovely patient an 85 year old woman with whom i was graced to be with on three occasions the last of which she left this life told me death doesn t scare me one bit i m looking forward to seeing the lord face to face i can t wait to see my husband who s been gone for 24 years and this isn t the end young man just think about it like this imagine a pearl the size of the earth and let s say that every 1,000 years a bird flies past the pearl and the bird s wing brushes against it by the time the brushing of that bird s wing has worn the pearl down to the size of a marble ­ that is just the beginning of eternity don t you waste a second of your life here scared or hurt or unhappy tell your folks and friends you love them and one day you and i will meet again in glory needless to say i cried more than she did another patient a young man of 32 years was in his final stage of aids he never seemed to warm up it was just a job ­ and not one to me seemed very upset that you d want to take home with he was dying and certainly did you my work as a patient not see death as the beginning volunteer at the hospice has been ­ or so i thought i would sit more of an eye opener when it with him for hours and we d play comes to working through grief cards or talk about music or `the and has truly deepened my ladies ­ as was his want and spirituality and refreshed my then on the last visit i had with relationship with the lord continued on page 12 cole thomas angels ministering to christ in the wilderness 11


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him he asked if i d read some scriptures to him at this point he d lost most of his eyesight i gladly obliged after he died i attending his funeral his mother upon seeing me there ran up to me hugged me and said thank you i told her it was my privilege to spend the time i could with her son then she said no you don t understand my son hadn t been to church in years wouldn t even pick up a bible ­ and said he didn t believe in god `cause how could god let this happen to him but after you left that night you read the bible to him he called me into his room and said `momma it s gonna be fine ­ i m gonna be with the lord he passed 2 days later i was truly humbled and grateful for god placing this patient in my life and for placing me in his guest writer the rev father bryan wolf do not equate solo mass with solitar y worship s a priest of a very small and new parish i have struggled with the concept of celebrating eucharistic mass when no one else is present in catholic in short we need to always terms this is referred to as remember we are not guaranteed sine populo latin for without tomorrow nor are any of our anyone present but the priest friends family or co-workers those we love or those we feel like we can do without ever clamping eyes on again so please take the time each and every day you have the opportunity to let your fellow man your neighbors know that they are loved know that they matter know that they are important it is our duty and our privilege to love `because god first loved us i john 4:19 the rev deacon hatten is a member of the order of preachers old catholic in the old catholic apostolic church of north america he lives in pearl ms with his wife and two children a alone in our thirst for christ we are energized to evangelize i also knew that when i did pray alone i placed myself open before god yet somehow i felt i was cheating god by not devoting my time to him to go to church i rationalized this that as a police officer for most of my life it was a challenge to try to keep a schedule to worship i enjoyed and resolved to keep god in prayer in my quiet reflective moments when i began in earnest my pursuit and studies toward ordination i thought to myself this is going to be a wonderful and spiritual experience as now i will have all the time i need to worship god most of my studies revealed that catholic dogma looked down upon ordo missae sine populo a mass without people the 1970 general instruction of the mass classifies such a we are told in scripture by our lord jesus christ for where mass as extremely rare if not two or more gather in my name unwarranted for just cause it seemed as if the church needed there am i also matthew the pomp and circumstance 18:20 this was always to me the trappings and the traditions the very foundation upon which of the mass for it to be the church and her worship is considered legitimate built you gather with fellow believers and from that spirit of a sense of despair dare i say fellowship receive the blessing even failure and sadness set of the holy spirit invigorated by the beauty and majesty of the upon me there i waasordained in holy orders and empowered service the happiness shared to celebrate such a mass but by being with others to hear found it difficult to assemble the word and the comfort and such numbers as i thought to companionship that we are not 12


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make a mass meaningful i did not want to strong arm family and friends i have heard of shotgun weddings but somehow having a shotgun mass did not sound very christlike lol kinds of prayers and requests for with this in mind be alert and always keep praying for the lord s people ephesians 6:18 devote yourself always to prayer colossians 4:2 i thought upon this and considered a mass sine populo but who is to benefit where is the church served i love the mass the majesty of it the beauty of it the mystery of itthe goal of it but i wondered aloud am i just satisfying a selfish need to perform a mass am i just `play acting are able to help the souls in purgatory the church suffering by offering prayers in suffrage for them especially in eucharistic sacrifice the rev john zuhlsdorf catholic scholar and theologian who serves the dean of the college of cardinals roman catholic by interpretatinof canon law and frequent ewtn commentator endorses and supports priests who may say a mass sine populo canon law normally dissuades a priest from celebrating mass alone except for a just and reasonable cause for the priest then the motive to seek piety the mere love of the mass is construed by canon law to be a good reason celebrating mass solus esse cum deo to be alone with god father john elaborates if there is a choice as to whether to celebrate mass sine populo or to have no mass at allthe choice is obvious celebrate the mass father john finishes his thought on the subject with a beautiful reflection a priest conducting a mass alone and simply for intentions and prayer is a magnificent work of mercy therefore now rejoice if you find your parish a little short of parishioners celebrate your mass sine populo move to embrace god in his love that is shared in the intimacy of the mass bring to him intentions intercessions and prayers and set them at the foot of his cross celebrate god in glory and thanksgiving wrap yourself in his love and mercy you are a priest it is in the eucharistic mass that we are refreshed renewed repaired and restored for we truly do not say mass alone for where there is one for where there is youthere is god but as is part and parcel of who we are as dominicans we study and learn as one of my dominican lecturers brother james dominic tells students you cannot preach well if you are not prepared so i studied earnestly on this personal dilemma and found myself rescued by both scripture and even here however saint paul scholar i take liberty to share my findings with you as you too may has answered by concerns from centuries ago for paul himself struggle with concept of a mass considered these things did sine populo some preach god for selfish first and foremost and in reasons personal ambition and almost those exact words st even envy and rivalry to be a paul tells timothy how to conduct greater teacher of the gospel his ministry i urge then first then he paul responds but of all that petitions prayers what does this matter the intercession and thanksgiving be important thing is that in every made for all 1 timothy 2:7 way whether from false motives for do we not when we enter or true christ is preached a state of prayer evangelize for and because of this i rejoice god and if we be by ourselves philippians 1:18 contemporary theologians liberate me as well from my doubt as our father general michael beckett opr once commented we are never alone in our mass christ is with us this very thought is echoed by the rev edward mcnamara professor of liturgy at the regina apostolorum universita in rome we never truly celebrate alone the church triumphant souls in heaven and the church suffering souls in purgatory are always present in a mass the roman catholic church tends to overemphasize the functional presence of the church militant we christians here on earth today praying alone do we not evangelize ourselves to god st paul reminds us again as he writes from prison on how we should behave as christians in his absence and pray in the spirit on all occasions with all the contemporary catechism of the roman catholic church section 21 tenders another father wolf is a priest in the relief because of the old catholic apostolic church of communion of saints the faithful north america who are still pilgrims on earth 13


p. 14

old catholic founders the right rev gregory w godsey occurred on december 8 1924 at the metropolitan cathedral of rio de janeiro presided over by cardinal sebastian leme da silveira cintra bishop duarte costa became deeply involved in the social and political changes taking place in brazil in the 1930 s brazil s economy had collapsed in 1929 as a result of the great depression and a populist military regime had taken over the government in 1930 led by getúlio vargas the new government had an erratic policy record in its early years sometimes anti-clerical and anti-aristocratic sometimes swinging the opposite direction in 1932 bishop duarte costa became a leading spokesman for the catholic electoral league a catholic organization whose main goal was to lobby for government acts and laws based on christian principles in 1932 he played an active role in the constitutionalist revolution a failed attempt to restore constitutional government to brazil bishop duarte costa formed a battalion of the bishop to fight on the side of the constitutionalist troops and helped finance the rebellion by selling off most of the diocese s assets along with his own personal possessions his support for the constitutionalist revolution earned him the animosity of president vargas this would prove to be the beginning of a difficult period in bishop duarte costas life in 1936 bishop duarte costa made his second ad limina visit to rome meeting with pope pius xi in the vatican he presented the pope with a list of quite radical requests for the clergy and people of his diocese including · celebration of the mass and administration of the continued on page 17 t bishop carlos duarte costa the saint of brazil after returning to brazil he worked once again with his uncle dom eduardo duarte da silve in uberaba as secretary of the diocese bishop duarte costa was awarded the title of monsignor for his publication of a catechism for children and was later named protonotary he right rev carlos duarte costa was born in rio de janeiro on july 21 1888 at the residence of his uncle eduardo duarte de silva who would be made a bishop himself later in life the son of joão matta francisco costa and maria carlota duarte da silva costa he received a devout catholic upbringing at age of nine he received his first communion in the cathedral of uberaba from the hands of his uncle dom eduardo duarte da silva who was now a bishop that same year he travelled with his uncle to rome to study at the pontificio collegio pio latino americano a jesuit-run minor seminary in 1905 due to health reasons he returned to brazil and entered an augustinian seminary in uberaba where he completed his philosophical and theological studies after his ordination as a deacon bishop duarte costa served under his uncle dom eduardo de silva in the cathedral church of uberaba on april 1 1911 at the age of 22 bishop duarte costa was ordained to the priesthood at the cathedral são sebastião do rio de janeiro in brazil he then returned to rome to further his education and obtained a doctorate in theology from the pontifical gregorian university bishop carlos duarte costa apostolic and general secretary of the archdiocese of rio de janeiro serving in this capacity until 1923 on july 4 1924 pope pius xi appointed bishop duarte costa as bishop of botucatu his episcopal consecration 14


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the clerical curmudgeon the very rev david s jennings after the date was over we were driving back home he was describing to me in breathless detail how his day had ended she french kissed me he said eyes wide at the recollection terrific i thought to myself not only does she speak in tongues she kisses in them as well i couldn t wait to tell a friend about the bizarre worship service i had seen i was certain that in the last days god says structure religion was part of his baptist heritage would leave i will pour out my spirit on all the curriculum him as skeptical of speaking in people your sons and daughters tongues as i was instead he will prophesy your young men in such a setting it was turned to me and said what s will see visions your old men fairly easy to grasp many of so strange about that i do that will dream dreams even on my the concepts being discussed all the time then he named a servants both men and women god the father no problem i will pour out my spirit in those everybody i knew had a dad as half dozen other friends who also days and they will prophesy i far as jesus was concerned there practiced glossolalia including an episcopal priest will show wonders in the heavens were plenty of men in northern above and signs on the earth new jersey in the late 1960s at that point he could have below blood and fire and billows who bore more than a passing told me that he d been beamed of smoke the sun will be turned resemblance to god s only son down from the mother ship and to darkness and the moon to i wouldn t have been any more blood before the coming of the but when it came to the holy great and glorious day of the ghost as many of the older nuns concerned lord acts 2 17-20 still referred to the third person it has sometimes occurred to of the trinity my only points of reference were the spirits from a me that the more easily visible hen the apostle manifestations of the holy christmas carol and casper peter said spirit are not as common today by the time i had committed those words as they once were because of to christ several years later i he invoked the prophet joel on lowered expectations in the had come to a point where i that very first pentecost he was considered exercising the gift s roman catholic church the holy reminding his listeners that spirit becomes manifest in the of the holy spirit could be right despite the chaos and confusion up there with handling snakes as lives of believers during the rite of the proceedings the day was of confirmation i sometimes conduct i wanted to do during actually cause for celebration wonder how theologians the church service not only did the day mark the came to the conclusion that a fulfillment of old testament deeply personal experience like on one occasion i found prophecy it was the first visitation of the holy spirit could myself serving as a companion manifestation of the helper jesus chaperone for a teenager on an be invoked on an assembly-line had promised his followers basis alleged double date naturally two thousand years later the i found myself being the third holy spirit still has the ability to wheel as his date took us to her to be sure even the more astonish and bewilder christians pentecostal church for a service modest empowerment of the near the end of the service holy spirit can be very helpful i used to be one of them members gathered around a to believers it is the holy spirit growing up in a nominally member to pray for the recovery after all that stirs the still christian household of his hearing i looked at what small voice within us to act there was no particular was going on and concluded as a moral compass but the church that we failed to attend well the fact that this member very ubiquity of that holy spirit every sunday left me illis at least 85 years old might experience appears in the eyes prepared to deal with a transfer have something to do with his of some believers to be weak tea from public schools to a roman difficulty hearing catholic parochial school in a continued on page 41 search for greater academic the promise and pitfalls of pentecost w 15



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