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SURGE: The Zone's Teen Literary Magazine is a publication produced by the Mount Sinai Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department where teenagers in the Mount Sinai health care family and those in our communities come together by publishing their orig

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surge winter 2013 winter 2013 the zone s teen literary magazine


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surge contents 2 3 4 5 7 9 11 12 13 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 33 34 the zone s teen literary magazine of the mount sinai kravis children s hospital winter 2013 volume 3 issue 1 surge staff thomas dooley editor-in-chief diane rode executive editor angie koeneker contributing editor russell mindich founding editor susanne bifano art editor sabrina getrajdman teen editor founding editor s note editor-in-chief s note life by kimberly liriano art by renee smith crystal s theory of evolution by crystal knight art by christy jourdain interview dr francine yudkowitz by sabrina getrajdman get through by kyla graham a distracted mind by andres echavarria art by sydney hard my room by genacy moody art by cordelia foster nobody s perfect by christy jourdain a journey by arifa lipi loneliness by frajon benjamin sitting in the kitchen by shaquana mack art by ariana mills art by cordelia foster hurricane stomach by chelsea ceus art by yajaira ortiz-velazquez dance moms by christy jourdain my story by ashley morency art by renee smith life by cinthya diaz la cuidad de la eterna primavera by andes echavarria art by margot byrne art by julia sokoloft unspoken words by ariel padilla australia by kayla singh art by roxanne borges art by ariana mills give me a chance by cheick traore cover art by the artists of the zone v thanks to russell mindich and family the school for international studies riverdale country school and the staff of the child life and creative arts therapy department of the mount sinai kravis children s hospital to view this issue online the child life and creative arts therapy department 1 gustave l levy place box 1153 new york ny 10029 212-241-6797 1 surge


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happy new year readers i m writing this on a warm january afternoon ­ shouldn t it be cold outside but everything still feels fresh and new and i haven t even broken my new years resolutions yet the theme of this issue is life journeys that could mean an inner journey or an outer one my inner journey has been learning to deal with life as a freshman in high school and accepting more responsibility such as harder homework earning more trust from my parents that kind of thing i took a real journey though just a few weeks ago when my family traveled to thailand we went to bangkok chang mai and phuket we saw monks chanting elephants eating everything in sight and even learned how to make thai purple flower dumplings in thai cooking school the trip opened my eyes to new cultures i know that sounds corny but it was really true this was the farthest i d ever been away from home and the most exotic place i d ever been i even made a new friend her name was elena she was not petite but a lot of fun see photo i hope 2013 takes you all on some wonderful journeys be they in your armchair or out there in the world russell surge 2


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dear readers in this fifth issue of surge we encounter poems and art that depict personal journeys as writers and artists we can use our own lives the lessons we have learned the hurt we have endured and the triumphs we ve won as source material for our creative expressions the mission of surge is to bring together teenage writers and artists from within the mount sinai family and our community high schools if you are a teenager and would like to submit your original creative writing or artwork to surge please send your work to thanks for reading thomas thomas dooley editor-in-chief creative writing specialist the child life and creative arts therapy department the mount sinai kravis children s hospital 3 surge


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life i am like a hard book i hide my sadness with a smile i never cry for anything i always fight the tears i feel like i have a lot on my shoulders weights i want to throw off i want to give up but i say who is going to fight my battles life is like a war and i m fighting for my life kimberly liriano brooklyn ny painting by renee smith surge 4


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crystal s theory of evolution i ve heard of darwin s theory of the survival of the fittest i was a caveman not the brightest bulb in the box i was always hunched over i wouldn t brush my hair it was knotty and curly i always stared at the ground and looked like i was bored no smile cavemen hunt they cook they eat then they go to sleep that was basically my routine i wouldn t do much i never let my personality show i was so depressed that shining light from the bulb i wouldn t let out 5 surge


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now i always smile i m laughing my friends ask how can you be this happy as centuries passed we got smarter less hairy i evolved from doing without thinking to now i do what i know to be right it s true darwin was really talking about me they say you feel with your heart and think with your brain but i think with my heart i guess i kind of turned on the light and it s not going to burn out crystal knight astoria ny painting by christy jourdain surge 6


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doctor on a mission an interview with dr francine yudkowitz working at mount sinai for twenty-seven years she is the third member of her family to enter the field of medicine dr yudkowitz had known since high school that she wanted to be a doctor but struggled to decide what specialty to enter from a young age she was sure that she would be a pediatrician but her mom tried to convince her to be an anesthesiologist little did she know that this would ultimately be her daughter s fate dr yudkowitz went to medical school at umdnj and did her pediatric residency at long island jewish unhappy with her choice to go into pediatrics she consulted with her chairman who persuaded her to enter the field in which she would be the happiest eventually dr yudkowitz found pediatric anesthesiology and has been happily practicing ever since as dr yudkowitz describes anesthesiology is all about making patients feel comfortable what attracts dr yudkowitz most to her field is the sense of instant gratification and the fact that she gets to help children feel better each and every day dr yudkowitz discovered throughout her years of studying and practice that she enjoys seeing an immediate change in a patient after a procedure thus anesthesiology was the perfect field for her because she can instantly see an effect on the patient dr yudkowitz enjoys working with children for many reasons she loves to form relationships with them 7 surge dr francine yudkowitz is a pediatric anesthesiologist who has been


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and see them grow up and mature she has worked with one patient since she was two years old and has seen and helped her evolve from a frightened child to an empowered teenager clearly dr yudkowitz is a doctor who greatly influences the lives of her patients dr yudkowitz explains that a very rewarding part of her job is getting to partake in medical missions through an organization called children of china pediatric foundation dr yudkowitz joins other doctors and residents to travel to china to perform procedures on patients who ordinarily would not be able to undergo important often life-saving surgeries dr yudkowitz has participated in missions to china africa bolivia ecuador and most recently the dominican republic dr yudkowitz finds medical missions to be professionally and personally rewarding and has even served as an organizer dr yudkowitz has many hobbies and interests outside of medicine she has two portuguese water dogs whom she adores she likes to play tennis and is an avid reader of mysteries and medical fiction this love of suspense extends to her taste in television shows dr yudkowitz loves shows in the genre of mystery specifically bones law and order and csi dr yudkowitz also likes games shows such as jeopardy where she can use her knowledge to help figure out solutions to certain problems she also enjoys working on crossword puzzles dr yudkowitz is a dedicated caring and experienced doctor who is passionate about her job she truly is interested in the well-being of her patients and will do anything to make them feel more comfortable her love for medicine is obvious and the happiness it brings her is infectious sabrina getrajdman new york ny surge 8


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get through there s something i can t really get through black like darkness deep down at the bottom of my heart is white a purity peace my guilt is a storm on the ocean and then i feel gray like when it rains i feel comfortable and relaxed sometimes though rain is anger i would have sent him rain lightning the whole storm sandy herself but now he is clear a hologram i can see right through him but i still have to deal with him he s a shadow you see him and he disappears he s like my eyesight he comes in and out kyla graham new york ny 9 surge


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painting by the artists of the zone surge 10


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a distracted mind to see how my mind creates a story i looked out my window into the branches of a tree and saw faces and figures moving i once imagined a tiger he was going to catch a meal i was trying to keep the image of the tiger in my head and at the same time i was trying to create his meal the meal was a meerkat crouched down looking for insects it came to life the meerkat the tiger staring at him then an eagle came to help the meerkat i questioned myself how can the eagle help the meerkat when the eagle hunts the meerkat the eagle bothered the tiger instead of stealing the meal from the tiger the eagle helped the meerkat get away then i started laughing a weird story i made up in my head a tree gave me a story andres echavarria jackson heights ny 11 surge


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illustration by sydney hard surge 12


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my room it s cluttered like my head i spend a lot of time up here where strings of particles are moving energy moving across the threads a jumble like a box of wires a tangle you need to go in there for one thing and pull out the whole ball i have trouble speaking sometimes i say a bunch of words and try to string them into a coherent sentence like shorthand makes sense to the person but to others it looks like a mess like gibberish 13 surge


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i tend to accumulate stuff bags of silverware shoeboxes of nothing scraps of paper i m very particular about my pencils when i select a pencil i use it until it breaks some people have junk drawers i have junk boxes my room is my own space when i close the door it s a sealed environment quiet and calm familiar and comfortable and purple genacy moody staten island ny illustration by cordelia foster surge 14



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