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jan ­ apr 2013 vol 1 no 1 god s battle axe ministries online magazine inspiring you to a higher level features about inspiration marriage corner prayer corner praise and worship corner women `s corner youth corner children corner leadership corner


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dr choice nwachuku ph.d executive director/editor-in-chief welcome to inspiration magazine a quarterly online publication of god s battle axe ministries inspiration has within the riches of its pages a wealth of information in different sections called corners that is set to minister to your body soul and spirit it has the marriage leadership praise and worship youth children and women s corners each corner focuses on the subject matter except odette s corner which is not focused on a particular subject although the goal of inspiration is to minister to your body soul and spirit we want to emphasize that of these three the ministration to the spirit man is more important because when the spirit man is ministered to from god s word it enables the soul and body to function right and thus prosper in inspiration various interesting and useful information will be featured as the lord leads us to write it is important to note that whatever subject matter featured in inspiration is not given to replace criticize or condemn any medical financial or any other advice received from your professional personnel the purpose of inspiration is to provide a different avenue of perspectives to the information already received or will be received from a professional in that subject matter in order to inspire you to try another method of approach to that situation if applicable we encourage you to follow us quarterly on inspiration and broaden your perspective on different issues as we bring them to you within the comforts of your home office or even in the field we are just a click away online we pray that as you read this magazine every part of your life will be impacted and you will never remain the same again in jesus name amen inspiration is part of the media outreach ministries of god s battle axe ministries a 501c 3 corporation visit us on for information about our other ministries prophetess choice nwachuku is an anointed teacher of the word of god she holds a masters and doctor of philosophy degrees in microbiology and biology from howard university washington d.c she is an author an entrepreneur an ordained and licensed minister and the steward of god s battle axe ministries she is married to george nwachuku the president and c.e.o of chuks insurance inc.


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team inspiration choice nwachuku ph.d george nwachuku m.b.a odette alvarez belinda abrianna brown-darko kevin emah m.hsc m.b.a oluchi nwanajuobi pharm.d scholastica wilson chmc anita erhabor kathleen chinenye ibeh b.a executive director/editor in chief director/coordinator marriage corner general coordinator editor/coordinator children s corner coordinator praise and worship corner coordinator prayer corner coordinator leadership corner coordinator women s corner coordinator youth corner


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ge ia r ar ner m r co george nwachuku m.b.a he who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the lord proverbs 18:22 i wonder why this is so knowing that for a marriage to be successful takes working at it and knowing that many have been frustrated in this process the high percentage rate of divorce underscores this although divorce rates are high both in the church which by prayer can be changed and outside it does not undermine the truth that many marriages are successful in the coming months we may discuss in other issues of this magazine divorce rates and how to make the marriage successful but in this issue let us look at what the biblical verse above teaches us especially the men on marriage a wife is a good thing good thing every married man if truthful will admit that there are times when their wives have been troublesome and some men have their wives troublesome all the time but i thought a wife is a good thing good things should be good all the time that means without any trace of trouble the question then becomes how does troublesome and good fit into the same woman that has become a wife found by a man her husband the answer is simple she is an instrument of god unto compliance for god s will in that man s life to be fulfilled god wants to be the lord of our lives but man s thinking disposition and action sometimes gets in the way of this happening so god uses the wife as a unique instrument to get inside of the man s husband s recesses that beyond the physical the soul the wife has the ability to dig deep beyond the flesh as god uses her to draw the husband unto compliance how does she accomplish this she hurts your pride while challenging or even insulting your intelligence all at the same time it may seem that she is driving you crazy but in the process you have become less of all these selfish self-consumed arrogant and prideful and have become more patient the first point to note is that the verse says a woman needs to be found by her man and the second point is that a wife is a good thing the third and most important point is that he obtains favor from the lord wow favor from the lord that alone ought to make every man desire to be married but what i am concentrating on in this writing is the second point that says a good thing why is the wife a


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compassionate considerate and loving in one word you have become more like god as we know god is loving patient and long suffering when it concerns us so when the wife is being troublesome no matter the reason it should be seen by the husband as a school to help the flesh take an inferiority position to the spirit man because man was created to be the head of the family he sometimes forget that though god has given him authority over his family and the responsibility to care and protect them he is not god and must be subject to the authority of god also because man has become so knowledgeable and inventive he sometimes think he is same as god or just one step away from being god in times like this when pride and human intelligence is running rampant here comes the instrument of compliance the wife to help set the husband straight yes the wife may come out as troublesome but the actions of the husband in these times denote the rate of maturity of that man in the things of god he has to see beyond the trouble the longer the marriage the better it should be increases why will there still be troublesome moments in the marriage any the answer is because of individual personalities the husband and wife both have their individual self though they are one in marriage so that individuality will come up sometimes no matter how many years in marriage and this result in differences which sometimes causes friction but god allows this for a reason again to bring the husband to compliance so the next time your wife gets under your skin remember compliance which in this sense makes the wife a good thing always have you wondered why father abraham did not loose his composure when told by his wife sarah that he needs to send hagar away with his son ishmael knowing they will likely die sarah s request may seem selfish outwardly but inwardly it was god s plan to that end god instructed abraham to enforce sarah s plan before this incident hagar had become disrespectful to sarah because she had conceived and i believe that sarah blamed abraham for it it is quite interesting to see how he reassured her that hagar s status was not going to change because she was pregnant for she was sarah s maid before she became pregnant and was still her maid thereafter abraham told sarah to do unto hagar as she pleases having become very patient and considerate and in love with sarah abraham demonstrated what it means to be responsible and compliant to god s plan so in evaluating this situation though the advice from sarah looked bad it was really good because it was god s plan it therefore means that the longer the marriage the better it should be because the unique tool of compliance `the wife is always there to remind the husband s flesh that it needs the spirit of god to be in control in like manner the wife also becomes more spirit minded and less troublesome as she sees her husband respond in love to her defiance lack of respect or any other action that might have provoked an angry response from her husband the question might be asked if they both become more like god as the marriage years


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having discussed good let us look at obtaining favor from god in finding a wife to obtain favor in this context we have to be obedient it begins with the willingness on the man s part to take a wife this opens the door for god s plan on marriage which depicts god s relationship with the church to be fulfilled if all men decide not to marry then that purpose of marriage would not have been fulfilled the man in becoming a husband choses responsibility to care and provide for his wife just as god does for us and suffers if need be for his wife just as god sent his son to do for us in doing this he behaves like his father god in that god is responsible for his people the husband becomes the under shepherd who is responsible for his family wife and children therefore he that finds a wife obtains favor with god because he endeavored to act like god this book defines marriage as oneness as ordained by god and also studies its oneness exists in other religion george nwachuku who has an apostolic calling is an author the president and c.e.o of chuks insurance inc he holds a masters in business administration m.b.a and is currently a doctoral candidate for biblical studies from one of the major universities in the usa he is married to dr choice nwachuku .9 $10 plu ss 9 9 $2 9 &h product abl0001 to place an order please call 301 899.6999 or visit our website at


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pr basic principles of receiving answered prayers dr oluchi nwanajuobi a r ye r e prayer is such an integral component in the lives of believers jesus christ our lord and savior clearly exemplified the necessity and seriousness of prayers the purpose of this article is to introduce or reintroduce us to the simplicity of prayer and how we as god s children can get our prayers answered by the help of the holy spirit what is prayer prayer basically is communication with the lord it is a two-way communication that is you talk to the lord and he talks back to you what are some of the basic principles of prayer you may ask they include asking believing that you have received what you asked and giving thanks to the lord before we receive anything from the lord we have to ask him matthew 7:7-8 says ask and it shall be given you seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you for every one that asketh receiveth and he that seeketh findeth and to him that knocketh it shall be opened this very important point of asking and receiving is also seen in matthew 21 22 and james 1 5 now that we know we can ask the next important question is how do i ask first you ask the father according to his will or word when jesus taught his disciples to pray in luke 11 he taught them to say to the father thy kingdom come and thy will be done so we have to first of all seek to know the father s will concerning what we are asking for 1 john 5 14-15 says and this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask any thing according to his will he heareth us and if we know that he hears us whatsoever we ask we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him john 15 7 and 1 john 3 22 also emphasizes this point secondly you ask in the name of jesus john 14:13 -14 and whatsoever you shall ask in my name that will i do that the father may be glorified in the son if ye shall ask anything in my name i will do it also in john 16 2325 jesus admonishes us to ask the father in his name so always remember that it is only in the name of jesus that we can receive from god thirdly we are to ask with the right motives and intentions james 4 1-3 tells us that some ask and do not receive because they as for selfish reasons after we have asked according to god s will and in the name of jesus we have to believe that we have received matthew 21 22 and all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer believing ye shall receive believing that you have received entails working in faith faith is the currency of receiving from the lord hebrews 11 1-6 helps us understand what faith is and in verse 6 the bible says that without faith it is impossible to receive from the lord if we feel that we do not have enough faith for what we desire from the lord we can ask him to increase our faith luke 17 5 and he will having asked and believed that we have received we need to begin to thank the lord thanksgiving should be a standard of living in the lives of believers we are told to give thanks to the lord in every situation whether good or bad 1 thessalonians 5 18 note that we are not giving thanks that something bad happened rather that despite the bad that happened god saw us through in giving thanks when we ask god for something it is important to thank the lord even before we see the physical manifestations of what we had asked for the prayer of thanksgiving takes our eyes from the situation and places them on the lord as well as helping our faith to increase it also increases and strengthens our expectations in the lord philippians 4 6 tells us not to be careful for anything but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving we are to make our request known to god so let us begin to thank the lord more and more each day these principles are some basic ways we can receive answered prayers from the lord i hope and pray that we can practice these principles and trust completely in the promises of the lord even if or when it seems like what you asked for is delaying it its manifestations be assured that as long as it is in god s will and you believe it it will come to pass we should allow god to move mightily in our lives always in jesus name amen dr oluchi nwanajuobi is a pharmacist by profession she holds a pharm.d degree from howard university in washington d.c and works in a hospital in baltimore she currently resides in bowie md co r n


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s n re d er il ch orn c children are a gift from god belinda abrianna brown-darko them some crayons and paper to color or they probably would have simply turned the television on for them how often do we do the same thing to children put on them the back bench as though they do not matter or count for anything every child is born with a calling/gift no one is useless no one is hopeless every single child is unique it doesn t matter the color of their skin it does not matter where they were born it does not matter which family they were born into it does not matter if they were born into a rich family or not it does not matter how tall or short they are it does not matter what the color of their eyes are it does not matter what the color of their hairs are no child is either superior or inferior to another it does not matter if they have some disabilities or not every single one of them is precious no two people are alike and this is very important for parents grandparents teachers or whoever is in the place of authority over children to know because more often than not we hear statements like why can t you be more like your brother john hello he is peter ­ he cannot be like john any more than john be like peter pray for your children your grandchildren nephews nieces and for children everywhere lay your hands on them pronounce a blessing over them speak positive words over them do not speak negative words over them do not call them dumb do not say things like you will never amount to anything in life especially if you are that child s parent or teacher the bible says that death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof proverbs 18:21 in other words you will get what you keep saying the bible says to call those things that be not as though they were romans 4:17 so if you see traits in them that you do not like do not be discouraged speak the word of god over them as i was writing this i turned the tv to daystar and i heard the most awesome testimony about this guy who has one leg this gentleman has one leg and yet he is a champion in wrestling he wrote a poem and though i cannot remember all of it at the end he said i am unstoppable another little boy came on the show and he was in a wheelchair this is the scripture he quoted i am fearfully and wonderfully made out of the mouths of babes i do not know what difficulties you may be facing with your disabled child i do not know what challenges you may be facing with your child for that matter but one thing i do know is that he or she can lead an unstoppable life in jesus name amen how you may ask by simply trusting god with that precious gift reward god blessed you with jeremiah1:5 before i formed you in the womb i knew you this is what god said to jeremiah stop and think about it god actually knows every child even before they are born before they are conceived in their mother s wombs indeed before their parents come together psalms 127:3-5 says lo children are an heritage of the lord and the fruit of the womb is his reward as arrows are in the hand of a mighty man so are children of the youth happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them they shall not be ashamed but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate since children are rewards from the almighty god the one who alone is the giver of life no child is here by accident i can just hear people saying i beg to differ i was the product of a rape how can you say that this child i had out of wedlock is not an accident i am not advocating that children be born out of wedlock how can you say this child with down syndrome is not an accident how can you say that this child who cannot even do anything for him/herself is not an accident how can you say that this child who is autistic is not an accident how can you say this child how can you say that how you can say that well i did not god was the one who said it yes the way they were conceived may not have been the godordained way or they may have some issues but they are definitely not mistakes and for every child that has been called an accident or unplanned ­ i want you to know that you are loved by almighty god himself he has you tattooed in the palm of his hands isaiah 49:16 amp psalm 139:13-15 for thou hast possessed my reins thou hast covered me in my mother s womb i will praise thee for i am fearfully and wonderfully made marvellous are thy works and that my soul knoweth right well my substance was not hid from thee when i was made in secret and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth it is very important that we do not say or portray to any of our children that they are accidents or unplanned children are very sensitive and although they may not say so in so many words they can pick up on things jesus loves children so much that in luke when some mothers i would assume brought their children to jesus and the disciples rebuked them jesus asked them to bring them the children over to him luke 18:15-16 and they brought unto him also infants that he would touch them but when his disciples saw it they rebuked them but jesus called them unto him and said suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of god they probably thought jesus was only interested in the adults if they had a room they probably would have put them in there and given belinda abrianna brown-darko is called to the children s ministry and is a graduate of penn foster she holds a diploma in child day care management and currently works as a co-teacher at a prestigious daycare center in laurel maryland she is married to pastor daniel darko


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yo ut h co rn er kathleen ibeh hey everyone amusement parks cookouts pool parties and no homework ahhhh the joys of holidays as a young adult i honestly can say i miss those days and wish they would come back sigh i wish to announce that it is a new year of course you know that so take inventory of all the mistakes of last year not to repeat them this year especially in school and in everything else laughing on a serious note as this year 2013 creeps up and you are preparing to face the challenges that it brings take some time to reflect over your previous year what were your strengths and weaknesses what are some changes you need to make what areas of your life did you struggle with one area that i constantly struggled with in high school and still struggle with as an adult is friendships whether you believe it or not the company you keep has a major impact on your academic performance and just life in general during your teen years most of the decisions you make are actually influenced by your peers if you have positive friends who influence you in a positive manner chances are higher that you will make better choices unfortunately the reverse is the case when you have negative friends i know some of you may argue that you make your own choices regardless if you have bad friends or not however in 1corinthians 15:33 it states do not be misled bad company corrupts good character you must be very mindful of the company you keep good friends would want you to always do well and look out for your best interests a great example of a good friendship is in the case of david and jonathan in the 18th chapter of 1 samuel the bible describes their relationship as an immediate bond because of their great love for one another they made a pact that saved the life of jonathan s son later down the road 1st samuel 20:14 even when saul jonathan s father hated david and planned to kill him it was jonathan s kind words about his friend david that made saul change his mind 1 samuel 19 1-7 in the next chapter when it was evident that saul wanted david dead jonathan put his own life in danger by warning david and formulating a plan to help him escape i don t know about you but that sounds like a great friendship to me however bad friendships existed in the bible too when king david s son absalom wanted to revolt against him david s former advisor and friend ahithophel turned his back on him and began to give absalom evil advice 2 samuel 15:31 can you imagine how hurt and upset david felt have you ever been in a similar situation i know i have some friends are actually enemies who come in to either distract you from your goals or have other evil interior motives in ezra 4 1-4 god instructed for his temple to be rebuilt after their return from exile it states that when the enemies of judah and benjamin heard that they were rebuilding they approached zerubbabel and the other leaders saying let us build with you for we worship your god thankfully god gave the leaders in israel wisdom to refuse their help and in fact insisted to build alone later in the chapter these enemies tried every possible way to frustrate the work of god and failed every time bottom line not all who claim to be your friend are 1 truly your friends and 2 have genuine and good intentions for your life sometimes it is imperative to cut some friends from your life and build alone if you know they will be a distraction or hindrance to your goals so for this upcoming school year ask god to send you jonathans as friends and to make you a jonathan to someone else as well these friends should genuinely care about you and want to see you do well in the same token ask god to remove every ahithophel from your path when someone offers advice that goes contrary to what you know in your heart is wrong and is contrary to the word of god put on your sneakers and run if you are still in confusion talk to your youth pastor parent or trusted adult and most importantly god he will never steer you wrong as he is the best friend anyone can ever have kathleen c ibeh is a graduate from the university of maryland college park with a b.a in criminal justice currently she serves as co-director for standup4kids a non-profit organization that provides awareness and advocacy to youth homelessness.


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products the anointing what is the anointing who has the anointing what is the purpose of the anointing this anointed message will bring understanding to these questions and will challenge you not just to desire the anointing but to use it product gbam0001 product type cd $7.00 the glory cloud-carrying god s glory are you a carrier of god s glory does god want us to carry or reflect his glory we carry his glory then what listening to this message will propel you by his grace to be a carrier of his glory product gbam0002 product type cd $7.00 living a balanced life being a woman sometimes means we have to balance so many things because we wear so many hats if we are not careful we can begin to live an unbalanced life while in service to the lord this message will help redirect your perspective on god s perspective on a balanced life product gbam0003 product type cd $7.00 understanding revival the people need revival the country needs revival and the church needs a revival these are words that we hear a lot in the body of christ what exactly is revival and who ochestrates it this message will teach you your role in this great move of god product gbam0004 product type cd $7.00


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products the holy spirit this message emphasis the importance of praying in the holy ghost tongues it also brings understanding to the different types of tongues that can be experienced in prayer product gbam0005 product type cd $7.00 his resurrection power dwells in you after listening to this message from his throne room you will not allow the devil or anything that contends for your peace or joy win again you will have a revelation or be reminded of who you are in christ jesus and how powerful that is product gbam0006 product type cd $7.00 be hungry for god this message will waken your appetite for the things of god if it had gone cold and it will give you an appetite if there was none god is seeking for those who are hungry for him so that he can use them for his work how do you become hungry for god find out in this message product gbam0007 product type cd $7.00 for more information please call 301.899.6999 or visit our website at product price includes shipping and handling.


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pr d an e p ais shi w or the benefit of praise kevin emah co rn er f irst let me say that everyone and everything exists for a purpose praise and worship are no exceptions time and time again we have read heard and have been instructed by our worship and church leaders to praise god praise him in the good and bad times praise him through the ups and downs praise him at all times it is true and in fact a command from the lord god almighty himself that we should praise him the question is why what s the essence what s the purpose does he really need the praise imagine yourself for a moment whenever you are acknowledged and praised for a good job you did privately or openly it is special to you what may not be so special is when you demand an acknowledgement for a job well done or when you are required to give one in the scripture god commands us to praise him he demands it why the interesting truth is this god does not need for us to praise him god does not need our praises in order words whether or not we praise the lord does not change or affect who he is we do not make him more god because we praise him as a matter of truth nothing changes god he is the same yesterday today and forever the word god is literally translated to mean self existing one if the god you worship is a self-existing one and he existed before you or angels existed ­ he did so needing nothing not needing praise so praise does everything to us it is for our benefit god does not need to be praised rather we are the ones who need to praise him the ultimate reason and purpose of praise is to exercise our privilege of hosting the manifested presence of god so god s purpose for praise and worship is his presence his manifested presence in our daily lives not the songs not the music not the harmony not the voices not the skills all of which are great ways to show our praise to him but the most important factor of praise and worship is the manifest presence of jehovah god here is what the scripture says in psalms 76:1 in judah god is known his name is great in israel if you substitute the word praise for the word judah that scripture would read like this wow here s our access to having god s presence constantly in our lives it is practically impossible to have access to the manifested presence of god any other way praise is the access so when the scripture commands us to praise god it is not because god needs the praise it is in fact because we need his manifested presence when the bible says you know god in judah you can also understand that you cannot truly say you know god out of judah being out of judah or living a life short of praise to god reveals just how much of god you do not know in that same scripture the word known speaks of discovering the truth with all certainty it also speaks of revelation to the point of deep conviction only true praise can get you to the place where you know god for yourself with all certainty conviction and revelation so who does praise really benefit the real benefit of praise is to the praise-r you and the benefit is the holy manifested presence of god it allows the praise -r you an opportunity to experience god with deep conviction and revelation in a way that nothing else can make possible the next time you think of giving god praise in a song a dance or a shout remember you are in for the greatest benefit of your life ­ the very holy and manifested presence of the lord and when you think about just what his presence can make possible you will go on and on and on go give the lord your best praise and get some benefit kevin emah is a praise and worship leader he is a medical laboratory scientist by profession he also holds dual masters degrees in health sciences and business administration he manages a reference laboratory in maryland where he resides with his beautiful wife joy and son praise.



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