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r anger r eview girls soccer team wins district championship vol xxxiii no 2 winter 2012-2013 f orest h ills the 2012 forest hills girls soccer team had a remarkable season the team posted a mark of 19-0-1 before ending the season with a loss to moon township in the first round of piaa state playoffs the team had back-to-back undefeated seasons and for the 2nd consecutive year captured the laurel highlands athletic conference title the team also claimed the district vi aa championship after having come up short the last two years they are pictured here celebrating after their victory over juniata to claim the district vi aa championship casey gallaher and briana kostan each scored over 100 goals for their career casey finished her career with 120 goals and briana kostan scored 103 goals they are the first two players in school history to achieve this milestone casey also had 100 assists for her high school career setting the school record goalie megan ross recorded 46 shut outs for her career also a school record the defense was anchored by ashley rok caitlyn gallaher kayla walls and goalie megan ross the teams midfielders were led by casey gallaher ashley lucas marlee zubek kim boyd and alyssa peretin the forwards consisted of briannah baxter briana kostan and brooke novotny the season would not have been a success without the determination leadership and dedication of the senior class including briannah baxter casey gallaher briana kostan ashley lucas megan ross and marlee zubek the senior class over the past four years was instrumental in leading the forest hills girls soccer program to amazing success the girls have a saying to play hard play smart and play together and the girls did just that the team s ultimate goal was a successful season they achieved it!


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s uperintendent s m essage greetings and happy new year another year has come and gone my first order of business is to express my heartfelt appreciation to the forest hills community for their continued support and my sincere thanks to the school board members staff and students for making my last year and a half as your superintendent a positive experience my wish to everyone living in our community and surrounding communities is that the 2013 new year brings an abundance of joy prosperity and good health i am excited to announce that the forest hills school district has once again made adequate yearly progress ayp i commend our administration professional staff parents and students for the efforts they put forth in this testing endeavor we will continue to strive to be the very best in all we do in the new year in an effort to meet no child left behind testing requirements each year the staff works diligently preparing students to perform successfully on the pssa tests this year the pennsylvania department of education has introduced a new secondary student evaluation procedure called the keystone exams which are end-of-course assessments designed to evaluate proficiency in academic content beginning with the class of 2017 current 8th grade students must demonstrate proficiency on the algebra 1 literature and biology keystone exams in order to graduate students will be offered multiple opportunities to take the keystone exams throughout their high school career at forest hills it is my pleasure as your superintendent to announce that the district is going through a major educational metamorphosis as the district enters the second semester of the 2012-2013 school year we will continue the transformation that began early in the fall prior to the start of this school year the district entered a cooperative venture with in-shore technology and completed a migration from novell to microsoft outlook this transition enhanced the district s existing technology by providing the administration and teaching staff unlimited wireless capabilities these capabilities provide versatility to our classroom instructors who will be able to utilize wireless devices such as ipads laptops and smart phones and will promote off-campus connectivity the district installed state-of-the-art equipment at the middle school and elementary school that will permit building-wide connectivity this new piece of equipment is mobile and can be used if the district proceeds with the construction of a new middle school/high school i am pleased to announce that effective november 2012 for the first time in school history the forest hills school district has complete wireless capabilities in all three buildings the district will continue to promote its health and wellness initiatives as well as its halt bullying program to assist students in meeting their social emotional and health needs high school assistant principal mr larry celmer serves as the school district s safety coordinator he works cooperatively with all building level administrators to review and modify existing security procedures and protocols as a direct result of this cooperation the district is in the process of implementing new morning security procedures at all buildings to further enhance the safety and security practices that are already in place rest assured that the district will work with all local county and state agencies to ensure that the safety and welfare of all students remains our top priority major curriculum changes were implemented this year to enhance academic student performance and achievement administrators at the middle school and high school developed and implemented an intricate 9-period day master schedule which replaces the traditional block schedule which was utilized previously at the high school level this initiative will provide continuity between the buildings increase instruction time and permit students to seamlessly transition from the middle school to the high school additionally this curriculum modification will be instrumental and serve as a key component as we prepare our students in two years to possibly move into a new state-of-the-art middle school/high school the elementary school administration has worked diligently to expand the fhoss response to instruction and intervention program into grades 4 and 5 at the elementary school this expansion will permit staff members to work collaboratively to identify individual student strengths and weaknesses staff members will be able to create individual instructional interventions to assist students in areas of deficiencies these instructional initiatives will be instrumental in preparing all students to meet the challenges associated with the new testing mandates and more importantly provide them with essential academic tools to succeed in future educational endeavors finally last year at this time i stated that the forest hills school district embarked on an adventurous endeavor this undertaking will culminate 10 years of strategic planning by previous administrators the process was very labor-intensive and was based on a number of existing factors including a district-wide decline in student enrollment the need to replace antiquated infrastructure and consolidation of existing facilities with the goal of possibly constructing a state-of-the-art building to address the educational needs of our students in the future the administration and school board are systematically and logistically proceeding with the construction project in the spring of 2012 the board of directors interviewed 2 see superintendent on page 3


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superintendent continued from page 2 candidates and selected the hf lenz company as the district s owner representative for the project hf lenz will serve as a watchdog making sure all aspects of the project are completed according to specifications and in a timely manner the school board in cooperation with a representative of hf lenz initiated the search for an architect after a very extensive interview process that began with approximately 14 architectural firms lasting almost 4 months and culminating in tours of 10 school districts located across the state over 3 consecutive days an architectural firm was hired by the school board eckles architecture and engineering a firm that designed and renovated educational facilities including moon township hs new castle ms/hs and the new grove city hs not to mention our own field house will serve as the architectural firm for the project the eckles group will bring a wealth of architectural and engineering experience that they will utilize to design a state-ofthe-art ms/hs complex early last summer i began to prepare specific documentation that was essential in completing the first phase of the plancon construction process with the assistance of eckles architecture and engineering representatives and fhsd director of education mrs vanessa sral the district submitted plancon parts a and b into the pa department of education construction pipeline the submission was hand-delivered to the pde department of school facilities in september 2012 prior to the governor s october 1 2012 moratorium hopefully ensuring the district will receive it s entitled reimbursement on the building project as you can see the forest hills school district staff and board of directors continue to work positively and strive to create in each student an adequate working knowledge of the educational process and in doing so stimulate pride and a desire to learn we have taken a holistic approach and incorporated philosophies into the classroom to instill honesty and citizenship in all our students as your superintendent my goal remains to open doors of opportunity for all students as they realize a bright future of success and grow to be quality productive citizens who reach their potential throughout their years at forest hills and beyond it is an exciting time to be a part of the forest hills school district family and community final test moratorium the grading committee reconvened during the 2012-2013 school year to wrestle with some key concerns regarding the new keystone exams and the required participation of all current juniors sophomores and freshman to determine ayp adequate yearly progress and ultimately to fulfill state graduation requirements after examining the keystone exams schedule the ap/chs final exam schedules and the course final exam schedule the grading committee has a deep concern regarding test burnout for our students the committee discussed at length the pros and cons of course final exams one distinct disadvantage to continuing course final exams is the instruction time needed to both prepare students for the keystone exams and also for the course final exam because of the required keystone exam testing by the pennsylvania department of education the grading committee recommended a one year moratorium on all course mid-term and final exams for all courses in the middle school and high school the added anxiety felt by most students from the algebra i literature and biology keystone exams along with course mid-term and final exams will be alleviated with the suspension of course midterm and final exams gpa and class rank will not be compromised and the final course grade will be calculated using quality points from the four quarters please contact the building principals if you have any questions new cycle of comprehensive planning begins success means having the courage determination and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be george sheehan 3 comprehensive planning is a continuous process used to ensure that all students are achieving at high levels innovative exemplary and research-based programs coupled with staff development focused and aligned resources and public participation in planning are critical factors that demonstrate continuous growth the forest hills school district recently began a new cycle of comprehensive planning as required by the pennsylvania department of education a committee of educators administrators parents students and community members gathered on december 12 2012 in the elementary school library to review the district s current mission statement current vision statements and current shared value statements a lively discussion followed outlining possible changes to be made to these statements in light of current research current events and future education needs of the forest hills school district future meetings will finalize a mission statement et al and develop future district and school priorities to ensure student academic and social growth if anyone is interested in serving on the comprehensive planning committee please contact mrs vanessa sral director of education at 814487-7613 ext 3249.


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e lementary s chool and the votes are in principal s corner mr james lashinsky one of the many outstanding programs at forest hills elementary school that i would like to highlight at this time is the physical education program over the past ten years physical education teacher mr denon carpenter has completely overhauled and modernized the phys ed program always looking for new and exciting activities and equipment that would motivate and energize the students mr carpenter has successfully written competitive grants that have gained over $60,000 in innovative equipment and services for the elementary school after the completion of the renovation project in 2002 mr carpenter s goal was to build a program that would do justice to the beautiful new gymnasium and create activities that would have the students anxious for gym class most importantly however the program had to help build strong healthy students both physically and mentally he has certainly succeeded some of the equipment added include hoist exercise machines electronic sport walls exercise bikes dance dance revolution mats a climbing rockwall rowing machines an x-box kinect exercise lab archery equipment snowshoes and an array of more traditional physical education equipment in addition mr carpenter instituted after school programs that emphasizes cardiovascular coordination strength training and fun my goal mr carpenter stated is to be able to have each child exposed to as many different types of physical activities and equipment as possible throughout their elementary years they will not be able to use all of the equipment each year but will experience it during their years here ms pelesky my new co-teacher and i are developing a curriculum that will strive to reach that goal through regular gym classes and extra intramural sessions i want the kids to be as physically fit as possible while realizing that they can still have a lot of fun as they achieve good health and fitness as the 2012 presidential election progressed in the fall mrs faith s third graders pictured below were extremely excited to learn election lingo they researched the candidates and learned about the political parties the students compared and contrasted the parties by making a venn diagram they concluded with a grade level presentation and mock election held in their classroom where they explained the voting process along with the rules and rights of each united states citizen mrs stiffler s pre-k classes also took part in voting for the next president of the united states the classes discussed the important jobs of the president and vice president talked about who was running and then voted the children anxiously waited to see if their results matched the nation and they almost did the am group voted 8 to 7 in favor of mitt romney the pm group voted 8 to 6 in favor of barack obama the children were very excited to come to school the next day to see who would become the new president gresh hershberger artwork 4 forest hills graduates suzanne gresh and krista tedjeske hershberger shared their artistic talents with the students at the elementary school ms gresh an artist and art therapist is a recent graduate of seton hill college she displayed her paintings sculptures and pottery in the commons art gallery during september and october suzanne gave an artist s talk and gallery walk the students were intrigued by her artwork and her explanation of art therapy pictured here is kutztown university grad krista tedjeske hershberger who is an artist and art teacher with a love for weaving her display of paintings prints weavings and pottery brightened the art gallery during november december and january during her artist s talk and demonstration mrs hershberger gave the students an in depth explanation of weaving and etching.


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alice in wonderland the elementary school drama department under the direction of mrs kelly myers and mrs kim mayes performed alice in wonderland during the first week of november the cast of 50 actors and actresses included students from grades 2 through 6 the 60 member chorus for alice in wonderland was under the direction of mr kevin balog special performances were held for pre-k through grade 2 november 1 and 2 countless hours of preparation and practice by the cast chorus directors parents custodians and student helpers made this broadway junior production a huge success the young actors actresses and chorus were outstanding in their performances career awareness day the information was great the handouts and demonstrations were excellent the presenters actively involved the students this exceeded our expectations those were some of the comments the fifth and sixth grade teachers made regarding career awareness day which was held on december 14th at the elementary school forty-three presenters came to the school each representing a different career and six presenters used skyping capabilities to share important information about their professions and life successes with the students the project was a culminating event coordinated by mrs nicole crowell during her internship in the elementary guidance office students selected and prioritized their career presentation choices from a list of 49 careers each student was able to view four or five presentations and it was arranged so that each student also got to see their number one request speakers for the program included a navy seal an fbi agent a professional baseball player a cosmetologist a sheriff a police officer with a trained dog a banker an art therapist a counselor a soldier a theatre and arts professional a paramedic a company president a pilot a scientist a physical therapist an occupational therapist a veterinarian technician a computer programmer a veterinarian a chef a government contractor a retail salesperson a lawyer a biologist an interior designer a dentist a farmer a preschool/childcare provider a building contractor a nurse a firefighter an architect video gamers a physician s assistant a park ranger a mechanic a gymnast a chiropractor a game warden an admissions counselor a massage therapist an engineer a pharmacist a forester a small business owner and a retired teacher some students had a unique opportunity to skype with artrell hawkins a retired football player who now is the current co-host of fox sports radio s fox sports daybreak show during all of the presentations the students were attentive and asked wonderful and pertinent questions that were relevant to the real world of work blankets for homeless third grade students recently created 31 fleece blankets that were donated for use in area homeless shelters in august andrea sheesley of pennsylvania s education for children and youth experiencing homelessness program educated the faculty about what defines a homeless person she mentioned that some school students had made blankets to help the shelters after the presentation elementary art teachers mrs krestar and mr burda and librarian mrs miller brainstormed an idea to help with the effort mrs miller read a story to the third grade classes that brought the concept of homelessness to light the story helped create an awareness of the plight homeless children and adults face and formed empathy for the cause mrs krestar and mr burda supervised while all of the third grade art classes created the fleece blankets which measured approximately 4 x 6 over the course of several class periods the students working in small groups learned how to cut and tie fringes around two rectangular layers of fabric the fabric was provided by ms sheesley but the enthusiasm and craftsmanship came from the students ms sheesley returned to the school on november 28th where she was presented with the blankets she spoke to the students about homelessness and presented each student with a water bottle as a thank you for their effort rockin rangers sing for seniors as part of a school community service activity the grade 6 rockin ranger choral ensemble visited four local personal care homes and the forest hills senior center in south fork on december 6th and 13th the students sang christmas and holiday selections for the residents the students also presented the residents with greeting cards made by the elementary art students the performances were videotaped by mr jay elias and were broadcast in late december on the comcast community outreach channel 182 special thanks to rose of sharon personal care home for providing cookies and hot chocolate for the students 5


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4th grade book club during the month of december mrs yahner s and mrs gulnac s reading classes formed book clubs and read phineas l macguire gets slimed a novel about a 4th grade boy who is obsessed with mold mac and his friends help each other through many serious and comical situations throughout the story each student created and designed his or her own book club folder the book club members read the book independently in groups and as a class after reading each chapter they analyzed characters and vocabulary identified main ideas and supporting details identified facts and opinions discussed points of view and mood made connections between problems and solutions formed predictions and conclusions and dissected many other parts of the story each book club also created its very own mold terrarium students watched mold grow and completed mold observations in their book club folders throughout the month the students had fun reading about mac s adventures and learned about mold and slime along the way santa exercises too on december 17th forest hills graduate and author colleen becker driscoll presented her new book piper the elf trains santa to elementary students ms driscoll who currently resides in west virginia with her husband paul and four children was the valedictorian of the forest hills high school class of 1985 ms driscoll presented four educational and inspirational programs for pre-k to grade 3 students about healthy lifestyle habits through associating the daily activities of santa claus to their own ms driscoll read to the students from her new book she asked the students questions and answered questions from the audience at the end of her presentation she explained the importance of good eating habits and exercise all the students did stretches and exercised along with the author autographed copies of ms driscoll s book were made available in advance for students to purchase clifford s birthday party clifford the big red dog is 50 years old kindergarten thanksgiving on november 21st the kindergarten teachers continued their annual tradition of celebrating the thanksgiving holiday with an activity day each of the seven teachers planned and prepared a thanksgiving related activity for all classes this gave each student the opportunity to meet all of the kindergarten teachers and have a special visit in their classrooms parents were also asked to volunteer and travel around the pod with their children and help out the teachers with their activities activities this year included games making butter and several thanksgiving crafts several of mr kulback s students are pictured here 6 brady ambrose and emily myers are pictured here at clifford s birthday party author and creator norman bridwell has written 120 clifford books over the years and at the age of 85 he still continues to write new adventures for this beloved character to celebrate this great milestone all of the first graders participated in clifford s birthday party webcast live from new york city the students met mr bridwell and he answered many of their questions they learned that the idea for clifford came from mr bridwell s childhood desire to have a dog big enough to ride clifford became a bright red dog because that was the color of paint that mr bridwell just happened to have on his desk the students read clifford books all week and learned lessons that clifford teaches in each story the celebration ended with a hot dog party for the class.


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m iddle s chool fhms/penn state collaborate principal s corner mr edward alexander greetings and happy new year as the second semester of the school year begins forest hills middle school reaffirms our goal to better prepare our students for high school our delivery system and curricular modifications provide the best opportunities for our students to succeed as they begin the transition to high school we will remain consistent with that goal in mind as we continue to develop and connect our curriculum to the pa common core standards all subjects will follow the common core standards by the end of this school year i want to thank you parents and guardians for your continued support of your children without your involvement success of our mission would be difficult there are many ways to stay involved with our middle school power school school website emails phone calls and meetings can enhance the home/school connection we encourage frequent communication with our staff and welcome you at the middle school any time our staff and students are extremely talented and our success is measured in many ways we are looking forward to a great second semester pictured are left to right kylie bridge zoe roush hannah sivi cassandra smith during the fall dr motter s art classes collaborated with dr keifer-boyd s penn state visual culture educational technologies course the college students who are future art educators developed webquests for dr motter s middle school students to experience webquests provides students with an opportunity to develop creativity innovation critical thinking problem solving communication and collaboration that will benefit them in higher education and the future workforce the students engaged in projects that encouraged artistic exploration and expression projects were related to architecture art exhibition art history contemporary art cartography global cultures and celebrations graphic design stop motion animated videos and street art enabling students to use contemporary technology effectively students posted photographs of their projects at fhms art blogs to see students projects and penn state students feedback visit the grade 7 art blog at http www grade 8 art blog at http and grade 9 art i blog at http 8th grade field trip the students in mrs dibuono s 8th grade class toured the our town newspaper in november students were excited to learn the history of the newspaper as well information concerning how newspapers are run the manager craig springer taught students how articles are developed how photographs are chosen and how the newspaper is designed each week students shadowed a page designer spoke with the editor and had questions answered about advertisements design and circulation of a weekly newspaper the middle school students also toured the wjactv news station in westmont they were eager to learn about the weather sports and daily news cast weatherman jim burton gave students a tour of the building and allowed them to spend time on the set while students enjoyed standing in front of the green screen sitting at the anchor desk and taking photographs with the news anchors their favorite part was watching the noon news live students are now working hard to create their own classroom newspaper filled with knowledge gained from their recent trip to see professionals in action mrs dibuono s class is pictured on the wjac-tv set 7 front left to right barry miller jason graffius nathan corson carl mcfarland and james kleinman back ­ jaythan dimond jeremy dimond dervin claycomb griffin jennings payton edwards and emily jones


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suicide prevention program did you know that teens who appear to be happy can be screaming silently in the deepest emotional pain the yellow ribbon suicide prevention program gives students an outlet to discuss teen suicide issues and how to ask for help this awareness program was held at the middle school on october 23rd for all 7th grade students the program is locally coordinated by the cambria county coroner s office the premise of the program is to teach students what to do if they know someone is contemplating suicide students are taught to stay with the person listen to them and get help immediately each student receives an ask for help card that explains the skill instructs the person receiving the card what to do and helps youth when they are faced with life threatening situations the lists below include risk factors and warning signs to be aware of in individuals that contemplate suicide risk factors include problems with school or the law depression low self-esteem break-up of a romance stressful family life loss of security stress due to new situations failing in school or failing to pass an important test major loss of a loved one a relationship a home or divorce in the family and sexual orientation and/or identity warning signs to look for in students who may be contemplating suicide are abrupt changes in personality giving away possessions previous suicide attempt use of drugs and/or alcohol withdrawal from people especially close friends family and/or favorite activities change in eating and sleeping patterns chronic pain and restlessness/inability to concentrate please call the school counselor s office if you have any questions about the yellow ribbon program more information about the yellow ribbon program can be found through the forest hills middle school guidance counseling webpage or by going directly to information in this article was provided by the cambria county yellow ribbon program brochure through the cambria county coroners office gifted classes gifted support classes at the middle school were treated to two unique extended learning opportunities in november and december on november 16th gifted program alumnus ian shirt addressed the grades 7 8 and 9 classes on his research toward a master s degree at tulane university s graduate school of public health and tropical medicine mr shirt addressed cambria county s current public health crisis of obesity and diabetes students viewed a presentation of mr shirt s research analyzed data and then brainstormed ideas to stop the current crisis on december 18th lt michael tremel pictured below spoke to the 7th 8th and 9th grade gifted classes and mr satka s 9th grade social studies classes lt tremel is a united states navy strike fighter tactics instructor more popularly known as a top gun instructor currently stationed at naval air station fallon in nevada lt tremel a graduate of the united states naval academy gave first person insight into a military academy education flying combat missions over afghanistan in an f-18 super hornet and being a top gun fighter pilot students were treated to an open and active question and answer session following lt tremel s presentation nasa class fieldtrips the middle school nasa class pictured here studied environmental variables and society s technological impact on our local ecosystems by venturing on several field trips one trip utilized canoes in order to study water quality wetlands and watersheds the class used chemical physical and biological tests to assess water quality at shawnee state park another trip included access to the seldom seen coal mine where the students witnessed older mining methods and came to develop an appreciation for the hardships many of their grand and great-grand parents endured the class also toured the d.e.p greenhouse a building constructed to blend into the environment be energy efficient and prioritize conservation 8


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principal s corner mr curt vasas h igh s chool ms hs band happenings greetings i hope everyone has had a great start to 2013 the past several months have seen several changes at forest hills high school we have successfully implemented a new instructional delivery system moving from a modified block schedule to a more traditional 9-period day any new system needs evaluated and adjusted as it moves forward although modifications are certain to be necessary we feel the new system will provide our students with increased instructional time and opportunities to meet the demands of a more competitive global society we have also entered into the era of state-mandated graduation exams these keystone exams will measure students proficiency in algebra i literature and biology the graduating class of 2017 will be required to pass these exams in order to graduate students currently enrolled in grades 9 -11 will need to score proficient to ensure the high school meets ayp for each school year additional information concerning the new bell schedules at the high school keystone exams and my monthly principal s newsletter can be found on the forest hills school district web site at county band the forest hills middle school and high school bands sent 21 students to county band held at northern cambria at the beginning of december and 7 to district band held at central cambria high school in january these students who auditioned in hopes of advancing to region band are alexis edwards angie morgart teresa yuhas jenni fox katie roxby megan kostan and renae kakabar in addition jazz band is proud to be sending two students todd harteis and nathan madison to district jazz band to be held at richland high school in february the marching rangers delivered another extremely successful year the band celebrated its 2nd annual alumni night in conjunction with homecoming this year s ensemble had 65 members in grades 8 through 12 the marching rangers presented an outstanding halftime show featuring the songs dynamite party rock anthem and edge of glory the music departments proudly presented its 2nd annual fall concert featuring 7th through 12th graders the concert was very well received by parents and community members the first ever alumni art exhibit was held along with the fall music concert approximately 25 art pieces created by 18 forest hills alumni and former teachers were on display the event was a huge success humanitarian club projects the 2012-2013 humanitarian club held two very successful projects this fall on october 6 over twenty members participated in the light the night walk that was hosted at the university of pittsburgh at johnstown campus the club raised over $700 to benefit the leukemia lymphoma society and had a great time attending the activities and walking the club members thank those who donated money and sponsored the walkers through the help of many the leukemia lymphoma society is one step closer to finding a cure the second project the humanitarian club participated in was a collection drive for new and gently used stuffed animals the club collected the stuffed animals to donate to local nursing homes and hospitals with the help of the club members along with the forest hills student body and faculty the club collected hundreds of stuffed animals a special thanks to everyone who helped and donated to the fundraiser back row left to right maggie long shelbie o hara megan kostan tiffany glass and tori dibble front row kate bedont maddy docherty jenna weis cari kestermont and kara hritz 9


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footloose to be presented this winter the forest hills high school drama club is proud to present the hit broadway musical footloose inspired by the 1980 s movie of the same name footloose has the classic songs we ve all come to know by heart come listen as our cast sings let s hear it for the boy holding out for a hero i m free and many others over 40 high school students are currently preparing for opening night some are practicing vocals and dance routines while others are constructing and painting the set a wide array of students comprise the musical cast this year and they are excited to present this fun show in their own way as the excitement builds we hope you join us on one of those cold winter nights shows will be performed the evenings of february 21 22 23 and 24 there will also be a matinee on saturday february 23 2013 tickets are on sale now and cost $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for high school students and younger reserve your tickets now by calling 4877613 ext 7500 don t miss your chance to cut loose parents care committee by now everyone s heard of the forest hills afterprom party but do you wonder who is responsible for this amazing annual event the after prom party is held by the forest hills parent care committee the party which runs from 11:00 pm until 5:00 am the night of the prom is for high school juniors and seniors and focuses on giving kids a fun and safe environment the after prom party has turned into one of the biggest events of the school year the forest hills parent care committee volunteers go all out to transform the school into a fun filled environment based on a theme this year s theme is animation fascination although prom is several months away the forest hills parent care committee is already at work to ensure that this year s party is a success the committee is comprised of community members both those with and without children in school who have an interest in seeing our students have a fun night after prom without the influence of alcohol or drugs on the first wednesday of every month the committee meets at the high school in the classroom across from the office at 7:00 pm on friday evenings and saturday mornings committee members work at the high school constructing items that will bring the high school hallways to life all community members are invited to attend the meetings and help out on the weekends additionally chaperons are needed for the night of the after prom may 18th and 19th anyone interested in helping with clean up starting at 4:30 am on may 19th is also encouraged to sign-up for more information you may email one of the parent care committee officers president carol peretin at vice president jodi stiffler at secretary patti donoughe at and treasurer eric myers at remember no help is too little boys state last summer before their senior year cory fessler ethan gabany and jacob smith pictured below attended the american legion s 2012 session of boys state at shippensburg university boys state is a one week all-expenses-paid learning experience for junior boys across pennsylvania through intensive study participants learned about the policies and procedures of local state and federal government during the week the 204 participants engaged in a political simulation of a state government and ran for various offices cory fessler was nominated as town councilman and jake smith won his bid for house minority leader ethan gabany who served as senate majority leader was elected to state office as a supreme court justice and was awarded the samsung scholarship a $1,000 merit award yuhas new school nurse mrs claudine yuhas was hired as the new high school nurse starting in october 2012 mrs yuhas is a graduate of greater johnstown high school she received her bachelor of science degree in nursing through the university of pittsburgh prior to her full-time appointment at forest hills mrs yuhas served for several years as a substitute nurse at both portage and forest hills school districts mrs yuhas and her family are are residents of the forest hills school district 10


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fbla regional winners ms/hs library apps etc did you know that the middle and high school library collection can be searched by an app on your ios or android device the destiny quest app free download can be configured to search our school library catalog click on destiny-online library catalog from the respective library homepages for instructions on how to download and configure the app additionally the librarians have started using ipads and a library management app to supplement book check in/check out capacity during high volume library usage times such as activity periods this has doubled circulation capacity and allows the librarians to respond to student book and information requests from all areas of the library we can search for and check out a book from within the book shelves essentially a scaled response to the educational demands of our students the libraries are proud to announce a major update of the library webpages the goal of the update is to make the library webpages a dynamic part of the student learning experience students can search destiny the library s online library catalog search the reading counts program to see if a book has a test obtain specific information on the rules procedures for the reading counts program and use the powerlibrary database to conduct research from home or at school powerlibrary requires a public library card for home access high school teachers and students can use the elibrary database to conduct research from home or school e-library provides access to 2,500 full-text magazines newspapers books and transcripts plus thousands of maps pictures educator-approved websites from homework central and top-quality multimedia files students and teachers should obtain a password from the librarians for home access to this database in addition specific assignment-related guidance and research information is provided for ongoing class research assignments future plans include a collection of quality categorized links that support the informational needs of the forest hills community the middle and high school library webpages are found by clicking on a button located on the lower right hand side of the school homepage look for fhms library or fhhs library forest hills fbla region 5 is pleased to announce the following winners at the regional competition held at the pasquerilla conference center in johnstown accounting i hayden fyock 3rd place banking and financial systems team logan mccall lakin stiffler justin hogan 2nd place business calculations jacob smith -1st place client service ethan gabany 1st place computer problem solving tyler shima 4th place economics ryan wilson 4th place emerging business issues team jacob lowstetter bryan miller thomas smith 1st place entrepreneurship team emily goldyn kayla makin sara kakabar 2nd place global business team derek dumm kacie erb dustin ohler 1st place health care administration jessica penatzer 3rd place introduction to business communications makayla hornbake 3rd place management decision making team olivia faiad chelsea wess brenna wright 3rd place management information systems team jon cepak brielle corrente nicole richards 1st place marketing team jack scott treigh slifko ryan wysocki 2nd place networking concepts brennan smay 2nd place personal finance kevin wilson 3rd place sports management colin smay 3rd place you never know what s around the corner it could be everything or it could be nothing you keep putting one foot in front of the other and then one day you look back and you ve climbed a mountain tom hiddleston 11


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s ports cross country highlights kacie erb 4-time state qualifier senior kacie erb became only the fourth female ranger cross country runner to qualify for the state cross country meet all 4 years of her participation kacie joins leanna nastase 1999­2002 sarah strayer 2004­ 2007 and leahanne wirfel 2007­ 2010 as the only ranger runners to have accomplished this feat kacie placed 3rd at the district 6 meet which qualified her for the state meet in hershey on november 3rd she finished 52nd out of 239 runners at the state meet kacie was named the team s outstanding runner named to the laurel highlands all conference team and the central western all area team she helped lead the girls team to a 5 2012 varsity cross country team and 5 record during the regular season a 5th place in the laurel highlands conference and a 4th place finish at the district 6 meet the team s top 5 runners were kacie erb chelsea chizmar calli smith kaitlyn kline and murphy cononie senior chelsea chizmar was the team s number four runner and winner of the team s coach s award sophomore calli smith was the team s number 3 runner and was the team s most improved runner freshman kaitlyn kline was the team s number 2 runner and was the team s best new runner other members of the team were alexis swanson alexis kline taylor delusa tiffany glass kerri kestermont becca michuk and teresa yuhas the boys varsity team enjoyed a very successful season they finished with a record of 8 wins and 3 losses they finished 3rd in the laurel highlands conference and 5th at the district 6 meet the boys were led by seniors conor dimond derek dumm and tim kestermont conor was the winner of the team s outstanding runner award he was named to the laurel highlands all conference team and the central western all area team derek and tim were the team s number 3 and 4 runners sophomore jacob lowstetter was the team s number 2 runner and winner of the team s best new runner award sophomore anthony maticic was the team s number five runner and winner of the team s coach s award sophomore eben blaisdell was the team s most improved runner other team members were devin dumm and brady smith the middle school girls team finished with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss the team was led by tricia varner cassi smith and kelsy valko all three girls won individual honors at every invitational cassi set a new home course record with a time of 9:38 tricia and cassi were named the team s outstanding runners josie smith was named the team s most improved runner shelby hostetler courtney cecere and josie smith also won individual honors at an invitational other team members were caitlin glass madison leventry hannah sivi and alyssa wicks the middle school boys team finished with 2 wins and 1 loss the team was led by luke helsel luke set a new home course record of 9:02 won the uniontown invitational and was named the team s outstanding runner kyle molnar won individual honors at every invitational and was named the teams most improved runner other team members were tristan corrente dempsey barkley and ryan barkley 2012 middle school cross country team 12


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varsity boys soccer the forest hills varsity boys soccer team finished the 2012 season with a regular season record of 6-12 4-4 within their section of the laurel highlands athletic conference this was a rebuilding year for a team dominated by a large and talented junior class plagued by untimely injuries as always the senior class provided leadership from their positions in the team s traditional 4-4-2 alignment seniors andy buchkovich and derek dumm played forward and provided timely scoring while trevor sculthorpe and jared bunn anchored the corners on defense the midfield was owned by a shifting cast of juniors patrick gaydos rylan nadonley jesse erb jesse wehner tyler mangus jon cepek caleb pavlovsky and garrett horner juniors jon hersh todd harteis jeff leach and ben buchkovich provided the center of the defensive contingent versatile junior ryan units played everywhere on the field while mark bambino made his debut at forward and matt sculthorpe alternated between front and back lines a special contribution was made by german exchange student leon klei who introduced some european flair to the team the squad opened with tough september competition for coaches keith pesto and tony bambino with losses to perennial district vi contenders somerset and bedford and narrow defeats by cambria heights and north star before the team rebounded to defeat bishop guilfoyle and bishop carroll behind the strong efforts of derek dumm and jeff leach october saw the varsity defeat cambria heights and guilfoyle to finish the season at .500 in the lhac north section the addition of non-conference powerhouses hollidaysburg and conemaugh township to the boys schedule gave the squad needed exposure to a faster and more physical style of play the younger members of the team have already served notice that they are ready to take their places on the varsity team next year the sophomore class featured speedsters dominic eppley jake keiper and tanner mccall along with nathan penrod and goalkeeper thomas smith the freshmen field players dalton faith jonas wissinger and ian slifko and alex hook handled the ball with skill well beyond their years while dominick panick handled keeper duties for the season with agility and growing confidence the team has grown in size and experience every year for the past four years we can look forward to that trend producing good results in 2013 jh girls soccer girls tennis success the 2012 girls junior high soccer team demonstrated great teamwork and dedication to the sport the goals of the team were to learn more about soccer improve on skills and work together as a team the girls achieved these goals plus established a foundation that can be built upon on the varsity level playing junior high soccer allows the varsity team to have more experience and knowledge at a younger age thus having more success the team s lead scorer for the year was kourtney walls the rookie goalie was alyssa murphy who did a fabulous job at defending the goal the captains for the 2012 season were grace bromley and jordan mcintosh all of the girls are looking forward to the 2013 soccer season the 2012 girls varsity tennis team powered their way to a 13 win 5 loss record that included a schedule ending stretch of 7 wins in a row the team also participated in the district team tennis championship match where we eventually lost we also made it to the semi-finals at the district doubles tennis championships forest hills was very competitive in the laurel highlands athletic conference as well as the district vi aa championships the girls are anxiously looking forward to next year 13


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varsity rangers reach district vi aa finals jh lhac champs the 2012 forest hills rangers football team reached the district vi aa finals for an unprecedented 16th time the rangers thought to be in a rebuilding year and after a 2 and 3 start rebounded to win seven straight games to set up the title match with undefeated richland unfortunately for the rangers the rams prevailed by a 27 ­ 0 score leading the team were seniors jared shope shawn dell doltyn snedden zack pinkas tyler price hayden fyock and spencer ivock other senior starters included ryan wysocki brandon penatzer austin danel and derek weaver rounding out the senior class were derek dumm tyler hughes kris knotts matt marra and dennis richardson junior starters were tony gibson jared krug dustin ohler tyler shima and brennan smay tenth graders who started at least one game or more for the rangers were shareef blough joe donoughe steven kish paul lauffer ian shugars logan madison and garrett varner in addition ian wieczorek a freshman was a starting defensive tackle and fullback statistically seniors jared shope and doltyn snedden led the receiving corps with 63 and 46 catches for 807 and 722 yards respectively shawn dell led all rushers with 137 carries for 918 yards and 8 touchdowns joe donoughe with 128 carries for 397 yards and 8 td s was the second leading rusher jared krug with 224 yards and ian wieczorek with 155 yards rounded out the rushing game sophomore quarterback joe donoughe led the team in passing throwing for 1,738 yards completing 128 of 203 passes and 10 touchdowns to go with his 8 rushing touchdowns jared shope completed 22 of 42 passes for 338 yards and 3 td s defensively the rangers were led by senior linebacker zack pinkas junior linebacker dustin ohler senior safety jared shope junior safety tyler shima senior corner doltyn snedden senior tackle spencer ivock senior tackle hayden fyock and freshman tackle ian wieczorek dustin ohler with 130 tackles tyler shima with 123 and zack pinkas with 110 led the team in tackles other tackling leaders were spencer ivock 76 jared shope 74 doltyn snedden 71 shawn dell 67 and tyler price 62 leading interceptors were doltyn snedden with 6 and jared shope with 5 spencer ivock racked up 6 sacks during the season to lead the team the kicking game consisted of derek dumm who kicked extra-points and joe donoughe who punted and kicked off shareef blough returned 6 kicks for 207 yards and one touchdown punt returns were handled by tyler shima and jared shope the team and coaches are now looking forward to next season with several returning starters and a strong freshman class moving to the high school squad the junior high football team experienced another very successful year going undefeated and winning the laurel highlands athletic conference in the final year of the conference s existence the team consisted of a very hardworking and selfless group of young men the freshmen teams at forest hills have now won 12 laurel highlands championships and have finished the season undefeated 10 times in the last 20 years this remarkable success at the junior high level provides the football players motivation to continue the excellence and tradition established at forest hills congratulations boys 14


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fh golf fields first ever girls team the forest hills golf team was highlighted by the play of its female members for the first time ever forest hills fielded a girls team comprised of junior nicole richards sophomore abbey richards and two freshman megan fessler and christiauna miller they competed in a tri-match with hollidaysburg and bishop mccort and emerged with a win and a tie as a result the team qualified for the district vi championships in state college where they finished second to bishop mccort the girls played with courage and enthusiasm for the two day event and are very eager to return next year the co-ed golf team finished the year on a positive note as they improved on their 2011-12 finishes at district vi sectionals and laurel highlands championships senior cory fessler and junior nicole richards were selected to the lhac all conference team girls volleyball making great strides the varsity girls volleyball team made great strides in their quest to establish a successful program the girls won key games this season against tough lhac competitors including richland bishop mccort central cambria and johnstown their hard work and determination earned them a first place finish in the bronze division of the saint francis tournament the lady rangers were led by senior starters and co-captains maggie madison led team in serve receive receptions and brenna wright led team in kills wright was named to the lhac all-conference team and was selected to play in the cambria county all-star game strong performances by junior starters keri ondrejik led team in blocks lakin stiffler led team in assists and samantha hook led team in service points and aces will pave the way for a bright future sophomore starter bethany leer led team in digs did an excellent job in her first varsity season and was a key contributor both offensively and defensively the jv squad finished with an impressive 13-5 record and will be an important part of next year s team the lady rangers are coached by nicole pelesky and cassie layman the forest hills school district board of education held its annual reorganization meeting on wednesday december 5 2012 all board officers from 2012 were retained for an additional year they are president mr fred russell 1st vice-president mrs tracy helsel and 2nd vice-president mrs deborah petrunak other officers are secretary mr john bopp treasurer mr robert mactavish and assistant secretary/treasurer mr rick daniels the board will meet at 6:00 pm prevailing time on the second wednesday of each month left to right mr fred russell mr rick daniels mr gilbert caroff mr jared in the district office board room except when a national holiday falls on the schedcronauer mr galen george mrs deborah petrunak mrs tracy helsel uled date the combination committee meetmr john bopp mr robert mactavish dr tim ondrejik and 2012-13 ings will begin at 6:00 pm followed by the student board representatives brielle corrente and cory fessler regular monthly board meeting the board retained attorney gilbert caroff as district solicitor and mrs tracy helsel was reappointed psba liaison mr john bopp mr robert mactavish mr galen george dr tim ondrejik and mrs tracy helsel will serve on the greater johnstown career and technology center joint operating committee 15 school board reorganizes for 2013



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