Information, Communication and Learning Technology: A Guide for Primary Schools


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This book gives a rough outline of how ICT is organised and implemented in my school. it doesn't claim to be a 'know it all' guide, more an account of what works for me.

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information communication and learning technology a guide for primary schools by chris mcwilliam


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contents ii 3 6 13 17 34 41 43 44 51 57 61 64 68 ixxii introduction chapter 1 preparing for the new curriculum chapter 2 technology in early years chapter 3 end of year expectations chapter 4 exemplar long term planning chapter 5 assessing ict and level overviews chapter 6 policies chapter 7 appendices appendix 1 example ict policy appendix 2 example e-safety policy appendix 3 example acceptable usage policy appendix 4 example social networking policy appendix 5 software toolkits appendix 6 digital leader qualifications bibliography i


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introduction i have been an ict coordinator since graduating in 2004 working at 3 different primary schools with differing levels of ict resources and provision i am a firm believer that ict if used correctly can greatly enhance the teaching and learning experience for all at school i also believe however that a good teacher without ict is far greater than a poor teacher with ict technology is not a substitute for poor pedagogy technology must not take away from learning instead it must supplement it enhancing the experience for all ict provides doorways in life we as educators must equip pupils with the skills to open the door and the confidence to walk through this guide is an overview of how ict is structured managed and incorporated into the curriculum at my school i do not intend to provide a guide that will be strictly adhered to as my own practice and approaches are constantly changing and developing my intention is to share what has worked for me after years of trial error study networking and hard work if it helps great have i missed anything do you do things differently that work for you please let me know chris mcwilliam @mr_macmac on twitter ii


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1 preparing for the new curriculum


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what you can introduce to your school google apps for education handheld devices e.g ipads programming software e.g scratch kodu apply technology throughout the entire curriculum increase electronic communication and collaboration introduce a digital leader scheme get your pupils blogging preparing for the new curriculum with the upcoming changes to the curriculum with the increased emphasis on computer science and digital literacy it is vital that your school s curriculum meets these needs long gone are the `6 weeks of word 6 weeks of excel days ict must be interwoven through the school s entire curriculum and with the introduction of handheld devices this has never been more possible to achieve effectively i have studied discussed and debated the effectiveness of introducing handheld devices in our case ipads in schools and find arguments against hard to accept put simply this is the technology that the generation we teach will use in the real world we have a duty to educate them allowing them to utilise technology effectively and creatively collaboration is also key online platforms such as google apps for education allow effective real time collaboration software such as evernote allows for quick and easy sharing and tagging i have successfully introduced google apps for education in my school and it s impact has been great ·file sharing is quick secure and easy allowing us to save paper ·collaboration has increased within lessons ·pupils have been effectively taught about email and esafety linking to their intra school email account this platform along with many free online learning sites manga high zondle go animate sploder isle of tune have enabled us to provide safe online learning experiences for our pupils at minimal cost computer science and programming will feature in the new curriculum it is well worth checking out scratch and kodu as a starting point blippit is a good app creator i have also introduced a digital leader scheme at my school pupils in year 5 will have the opportunity to apply to become a digital leader a pupil that has demonstrated a sound level of competence and understanding when using technology in school digital leaders should be responsible for numerous ict maintenance tasks such as troubleshooting problems and monitoring appropriate use of ipads in addition they should also act as peer teachers supporting other classes in lessons and even training staff keeping abreast of changes and networking is now significantly easier than ever social networking especially twitter allows you to tap into the thoughts and ideas of thousands of colleagues from all over the world many of these educators have excellent blogs providing innovative ideas and provoking critical thinking twitter alone does not count as cpd but it can help blogging is becoming more popular in schools as a showcase for pupils writing it is a huge motivator for children s writing and is proven to have a huge impact on boys writing visit for more information about effective blogging 4


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based on simon haughton s structure of ict http 5


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2 technology in early years


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ict throughout early years ict in early years is to be taught via a gamified approach i.e through play and exploration ict will be utilised by class teachers and key members of staff when recording evidence and creating profiles using the 2simple eyfs foundation stage profile builder children will have the chance to explore and develop the following 7


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3 end of year expectations y1-6


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end of year expectations use the following criteria as a guide year 1 · utilise an image or word bank · create a simple word processed document · collect information in a chart i.e pictogram · answer questions on simple charts · capture and download images from a device with a camera · record and playback sound · use left and right to control a device · navigate websites by clicking on hyperlinks and using forward and back · use the internet safely · create simple presentations · create simple ebooks year 2 create digital images input data into spreadsheets and tables create digital storyboards · film short scenes · control devices and predict outcomes · create instructions to control a turtle · answer questions using web sources · email as a whole class · create and narrate presentations · save to a personal folder 14



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