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find your perfect first date features page 6 booster volume 86 issue 5 the · scottsburg high school · · january 25 2013 haley beckwith opinion editor winter guard sees stars in future this year s show is called starry night over t h e rhone it is ins p i re d by the 1888 vinc e n t van gogh painting the show is set to the song yellow by coldplay but peformed by jem the goal of this year s performance is to bring the painting to life and uncover the inspiration behind the painting all though the show s finishing touches are still in progress color guard members have been preparing strenuously for their first competition tomorrow at new palestine high school in new palestine indiana in each circuit there are five shows after the season s first competition on jan 26 they will compete feb 2 at john harden tristate circuit feb 9 at danville ihscga feb 16 at conner tristate circuit feb 23 for wgi indianapolis power regional prelims at warren central and ihscga at brandenburg feb 24 for wgi indianapolis power regional finals at warren central many people do not know what color guard is and we would love some student support said everitt zaxby s the classy kfc a&e page 8 news brief mania with logan trowbridge new teacher ms jessica bolduc is the newest addition to the scottsburg high school staff majoring in secondary education in language arts she graduated from indiana university southeast with a bachelors degree she has joined shs for her first year of teaching and has taken on multiple classes she currently teaches american studies speech and english after winning a state title last year the scottsburg high school winter guard is back for its 2013 season this year because of their strong season last year they have now been promoted to the next class up after coming off of a record breaking season we are very humbled but excited all of the girls from last year have returned and they are very passionate i feel like it s looking like a good season explained dustin everitt the shs color guard department director scottsburg high school winter guard will be competing in three different circuits ihscga indiana high school color guard association wgi winter guard international and tristate circuit ihscga is between 120 indiana high school wgi is an international non-profit organization for winter guard and percussion ensembles and tristate circuit which is between indiana ohio and kentucky hannah collins 10 is working on perfecting her place in the 2013 show photo by haley beckwith percussionists drum toward a win aubrey tennyson staff writer winter percussion is the newest activity at scottsburg high school said mr jeff goodwin the director of the winter percussion band they even have middle school students involved their first competition is in indianapolis at franklin central high school on feb 16 it is regional and they will be competing against other percussion groups from indiana ohio michigan illinois and kentucky we have brought in two percus sion teachers from kentucky and tennessee to help prepare our students for the competition we call them clinicians or our special teachers we ve had three 8-hour long percussion camps that have been available to the students said goodwin the program is definitely growing because they have two groups this year instead of one because of so many people auditioning goodwin added we have put a music challenge in front of the group that s much more difficult than last year s the music is more complex after franklin central the rest of the competitions are all in kentucky the first competition is in a circuit called winter guard international it s an international organization that hosts percussion groups from around the world the rest of the competitions after that are in a local circuit from indiana kentucky and ohio mickey hall 10 said it is definitely a big challenge i am in both groups of winter percussion memorizing two 5-minute shows at the same time is turning out to be really hard but it is turning me into a better player feb 1&2 solo and ensemble band competition feb 5 6 8 9 girls sectional at meyer gym feb 7 great american shake out earthquake drill feb 15 sunshine kids night 6 p.m feb 16 free medical clinic at mcclain hall feb 17 sunshine church visit first baptist church feb 18 presidents day no school prospective snow makeup day feb 23 warrior rumble hunter steinkamp business manager district steps up school safety and security in the wake of a national school safety scare scsd2 officials have begun evaluating the safety of the shs campus of course there is no way to make the campus completely safe but assistant superintendent dr marc slaton said the district is trying to make the campus as safe as we can slaton said two of the biggest things being looked at are access control meaning entrance to the building and lockdown procedures according to shs principal ric manns shs is looking at a buzzer system to gain entrance into the office area another thing is the plan to enclose a breezeway between the two lower buildings said manns some of the designs of the buildings make it tougher said slaton one change that has already taken we need to make a lot of changes principal ric manns place was the locking of the doors on the north end of the main building another change starting next year will concern backpacks we re probably looking at book bags being confined to lockers informed manns he feels this will not be a problem since by next year all students will have computers slaton did state that in the event of an evacuation students and staff would go to the scottsburg united methodist church across the field in the back even with all of these plans we need to make a lot of changes said manns one thing he would like to do is eventually make new tech part of the main building cutting down on the outdoor traffic although this would be costly manns said having the entire school under one roof would be the long term fix he believes if the community wants a safe school it will see a need for the cost continued on page 4


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2 opinion when is the best time to say `i love you 1.25.13 they said abby tennyson staff writer said brad clem multi-media director he she said megan lykins staff writer when is the best time to drop the `l bomb valentine s day charlie robinson 9 we all know that one couple that has gotten into a relationship and days later found themselves madly in love they cannot be separated they toss the l word around like hot potato they say it in person and they post it all over social media multiple times a day above all the thing that gets me the most is the overuse of the word love so the question is when is it okay to say `i love you i believe it is okay to say it when you truly know what you mean when you say it love is a greatly underestimated word we use it all the time to describe our relationships between our parents friends significant others clothing items foods animals deities sports and many other things we give the word such a vague area of use but we never stop to think of what it means if you use the same word to describe your lover and cake you have to stop and ask yourself what you are actually saying in the ancient greek language there are four different words for love there is philia storge agape and éros philia is used when talking about friendship storge is used to describe affection between a parent and child or to describe how much someone loves something like a noun or a verb agápe is a word i believe is very important not to confuse with other forms of love it is used to describe the unconditional love from a deity and is unreachable by humans it can only be achieved by a god or supernatural being the last is éros Éros is the romantic love between two humans and is the love people think they are using when they aren t people say they love one another but they don t even know the difference between éros and storge that s why when i see or hear someone saying they love their significant other i cringe when people say i love you they are usually really saying i love being around you i love how you make me feel i love having sex with you or i love how you affect the way people think of me next time you verbally express your love think about what you mean and when you find that out then is the right time you tell them you love them say it too early and you look desperate it makes you look like you throw it around and makes it meaningless although your significant other will probably return the sentiment there is a good chance they do not actually mean it either but what if they do not respond that will make things awkward then again what if you say it too late you run the risk of looking standoffish your significant other may believe that they love you and be hurt you don t feel the same way what to do the answer to this puzzling problem is simple never say it at all at least in high school think about it logically high school is generally four years long if your high school career lasts longer than that then you need to be reading a column about how not to be a super senior the average life expectancy is around 78 while these four years may be the most fun of your life they aren t the last four years of your life you have many years ahead of you so why try to rush things why not do what you want in high school and save serious relationships for later high school doesn t mean you have to find a significant other while you re here you hopefully have a few years to do that why do people feel the need to drop the l word all the time anyway what does that prove i would much rather have a significant other who showed affection to me and respected me than someone who said i love you every 10 minutes the problem today is that too many people have used this sentiment thus it has been diluted and it means next to nothing anymore i know how you feel that you are meant for this person and you truly love them do you even know what that means defines love as a profoundly tender passionate affection for another person do you honestly feel that toward your significant other or do you have no other way to show your affection it may be just me but i firmly believe that you should not say i love you in high school it s diluted it means nothing and you would be much better off to show your significant other that you care for them rather than using an empty sentiment to show your affection go with the mature option and save i love you for later two months a.j hunger 10 when you truly know a person taylor barrett 11 when you feel the time is right shanda bowers 12 booster staff january 25 2013 volume 86 issue 5 scottsburg high school 500 s gardner scottsburg in 47170 812 752-8927 our credentials awards sispa newspaper of the year 1998-2011 hoosier star award winner 2002 2003 2008 2009 2011 co-editors in chief hayley love stephanie valencia news editor hyeree ellis opinion page designers haley beckwith arts entertainment editor logan trowbridge features editor hayley love sports editor stephanie valencia photo editor ryan heil artist brad clem business manager hunter steinkamp staff writers courtney jones michael killey megan lykins zach roberts abby tennyson aubrey tennyson multi-media director brad clem advisor susan jerrell the booster is published as a forum by the newspaper students at scottsburg high school 1000 copies are distributed monthly the booster is a member of quill and scroll indiana student press association and national scholastic press association letters to the editor must be signed names will be withheld upon request the staff reserves the right to edit letters due to length libel privacy or copyright laws as long as the meaning remains unchanged editorials and reviews are staff opinions and are not the opinions of the faculty administration or school.


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1.25.13 staff editorial opinion 2 to the ladies who partake in this activity do you know how you look it doesn t make you look like you re sexy appealing or sophisticated it makes you look desperate for attention it won t appeal to the guys you want to be with it also won t make you friends when everyone sees pda in the hallway they point and talk about how disgusting it is do you want to be seen as disgusting and to the guys go you you think that you re the big shot on campus because you just stuck your tongue down a girl s throat in reality it exposes you for being insecure and young a secure guy wouldn t feel the need to objectify his girlfriend and girls that you should want to attract don t want to be with a guy who openly objectifies his girlfriend the shs student handbook states that students should not under any circumstances while on school grounds or anywhere in the building or at school functions show overt affection to one another in a manner which creates a scene and draws undue attention to them public displays of affection should be limited to holding hands failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action that s the running joke though there is still an abnormal amount of pda the suggestion to staff is to make the punishment for pda more severe so severe those students will wait till they leave to show just how thirsty they really are 3 pda private display of affection ha[y]ley you re walking down the hallway you re thirsty so you go to the nearest soda machine then you see them there is a couple groping each other and making out directly in front of the soda machine they are clinging to each other like in the next fifty-four minutes something terrible will happen that will separate them forever you go to class and thirst rather than trying to get between your hormones driven fellow classmen when we say pda we aren t talking about the peck before you go to class we re talking about the groping the furious make outs and the sexual activity that we all know goes on we don t want to see a porn film stop it hayley love co-editor-in-chief stand up and respect over christmas break i went to san antonio texas to watch my boyfriend graduate from air force basic training it was an amazing experience i got to see inexperienced trainees airmen who just graduated and airmen who have been in the air force for years i was really nervous at first to see my boyfriend i was anxious to see what he looked like i was scared that he no longer had his sense of humor that i have learned to love when i saw him it took everything in me not to cry because i was so happy he looked exactly the same except that he was nearly hairless he started joking around almost as soon as i talked to him after a couple of minutes though i started to see one huge change in him he was completely selfless he was so polite kind and generous this was how all the airmen acted they were all opening doors for each other and finishing sentences off with sir and ma am i was amazed by this incredible transition that my boyfriend underwent this trip made me realize how selfish we all can be i am not talking about opening doors for each other i am talking about respect there is little if any respect for each other in this school i see the disrespect everydaytowards teachers classmates friends and most of all towards our troops we walk through the hallways and hear individuals cussing another out over something stupid we sit at lunch and listen to our friends talk about other friends behind their backs and we don t even do anything about it every morning we are asked to spare a few minutes to partake in a moment of silence and recite the pledge of allegiance nearly half of us have to be told to be quiet during the moment of silence and even then some of us continue talking and more than half of us slouch and feebly place hands over hearts and recite not one word during the pledge yet here we are living in a country where we have freedoms that other countries could only dream of having and we cannot do the simple task of just respecting each other and those who risk their lives and make sacrifices for us each and every day what is wrong with this picture we are going to be asked to make sacrifices that we will want to reject but those sacrifices that we are asked to make should and better be completed because there are individuals out there that are risking everything they have for us the only difference is that they were not asked to make those sacrifices they volunteered photo by haley beckwith stand tall and salute our traditions staff editorial what do you think of when you raise your hand over your heart do you even once think of your country or the people who have given their lives so you could walk in freedom the pledge of allegiance means nothing to most of the students here at shs it has become a meaningless tradition that is just expected of you to do every morning you re most likely mumbling through the words or yawning your way through the end of it while you stand there like someone is putting a gun to your head of course you are not exactly the one to be blamed no one has truly taught us what the pledge of allegiance means and why we should do it the pledge was formed for a reason it is an oath that each student takes across the united states in every school it is a sign of loyalty and should be taken seriously it is a reminder of how each day we are free because we fought for what we deserved many people have risked their lives or are risking their lives now so we don t have to experience life without freedom there are many other countries who would kill for even a chance at freedom yet we take it for granted we take it for granted so much that most of us refuse to even say the words of the pledge and you probably can t even give a reason why besides you think it s a waste of your time if you can t even give up a minute of your time to appreciate your country then how do you expect a soldier to spend their lives fighting for it patriotism has lost its meaning and it s up to us to keep it alive you wouldn t even be able to choose whether you said the pledge or not if we didn t live in a free country during the pledge at least think of how lucky you are and what the people in the past have done so you could be standing here today if that isn t enough look to your right at the boy who is actually saying the pledge with pride that boy may have a grandfather who lost his leg fighting for each person s freedom look to your left that girl s father may be fighting in afghanistan and each day she wonders when he is coming home look in front of you that student s brother may have died in war and they had to spend christmas without their brother you have no idea it s a disgrace to your country and to them if you think the pledge is a waste of your time and you refuse to participate next time you stand up for the pledge of allegiance just remember who died so you could take their place and what it truly means to be an american arm teachers with knowledge not guns staff editorial is the answer to a bad guy with a gun in a school a good guy with a gun in a school should teachers be armed should principals be armed these are all popular questions right now fueled by the media the nra the government et cetera as of right now teachers in indiana can carry weapons if their school districts allocate them the permission but our school district has not done so there as with anything are strongfeeling people on both sides of the debate with varying ideas the booster has held a staff forum ,and the majority opinion is that there should not be guns in schools for several reasons the staff has several concerns about whether this would increase or decrease the safety of schools as well as the effectiveness of the idea one major concern is what the actions of teachers could be assuming that our teachers can be trusted there are still other complications for instance what happens if armed teachers have to leave their class to address an issue what happens if law enforcement mistakes an armed teacher as a bad guy not a good guy also teachers can be easily overpowered by students and they do not have formal gun training another concern is could students possibly come across a gun that was put into an insecure location if this were to happen the results could be catastrophic as we all know the debates will continue and eventually make their way to lawmakers maybe there will come a decision which allows teachers to carry a gun maybe not if so we hope that only teachers who want a gun will do so and that no one is forced the booster also would like to see the safest storage possible for these potential firearms the debates will continue and the booster thanks our superiors for considering the options with our best interest in mind and hope that the right decision is made.


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4 hunter steinkamp business manager news red is in air logan trowbridge a&e editor abby yount guest writer 1.25.13 new politicians mike pence new republican governor of indiana stance reduce regulations of business decrease cost of college in indiana supporter of right-to-work improve math and reading skills of students joe donnelly new democratic senator from indiana stance blue-dog democrat more conservative use energy resources we already have oil coal etc cut taxes for job creators address the debt crisis make sure we have a plan to pay for things glenda ritz new state superintendant of public instruction stance feel standardized tests do not capture true ability backed by indiana state teachers association against expansion of school vouchers wants to dismantle school evaluation system ron moore new scsd2 board of school trustees member bio former shs business teacher wants to return vocational courses to middle and high schools believes school should be a fun experience said the focus must be on learning and teaching christy roberts new scsd2 board of school trustees member bio appointed in march elected in november iu graduate works in accounting josh mays new scsd2 board of school trustees member bio elected in november shs graduate maintenance manager at genpak red was in the air and around the court guys tied their red shoelaces cheerleaders put red bows in their hair and the crowd was dressed in red on january 11 the scottsburg high school raised money and awareness for heart disease key club organized a red out boys basketball game in order to collect money for the american heart association the game was different from the other types of games because unlike the pink out game the red out focuses on both sexes whereas the pink out game primarily focused on the females who had breast cancer prior to the game key club sold red shirts to be worn at the game for $10 and put up posters around the school to advertise cheerleaders participated in the red out by wearing key club s t-shirts for the american heart association the shirts featured a print saying rock the beat photo by caitlin crumes students came to the game wearing red in order to raise awareness for the cause collection buckets were set up at the entrance allowing students to give money throughout the game members of key club and other volun teers walked around the crowd giving students another opportunity to give we raised around $650 said abby walsh key club president the participation was great it felt awesome raising so much money for charity stephanie valencia co-editor-in-chief grad opportunities create possibilities with the school year halfway done many students have chosen the option of graduating midterm or only attending school half days in order for students to be able to choose from these options however they must first write a letter to principal ric manns explaining their reasons for doing so and provide a valid excuse as to why they need to do that the process is really not that difficulty the student has to write me a letter and i must approve it then they meet with their counselor in order to modify their schedule and make sure that is a possibility said manns some of the reasons manns said students gave were because they were already attending college in the afternoons or financial reasons such as hav we will work with students if they need that option principal ric manns ing to work when i leave early it gives me more time to go to work or i can catch up on homework before i go to work later said cassidy howard 12 although for some students these options are very beneficial it was not created for students to simply leave early because they don t want to be at school we will work with students if they need that option but we aren t going to place 42 students in a first period economics class they need just because they want to leave early said manns with these options students will be able to utilize their extra time for other purposes such as working to fund their college education or furthering their education by beginning to attend college hyeree ellis news editor hit me with your best shot increase in skills and members are evident in scottsburg high school s archery club established for the first time ever last year scottsburg s archery club has been slowly recruiting members totaling to around 20 the members competed in their first match on dec 15 against madison jr high school the members went on to win their match and are now preparing for state by practicing twice a week we practice twice a week and try to set up matches against other schools said first year member amaris bunyard 11 like bunyard the majority of the team are first year members and are hoping to improve throughout the year although the team intends to improve as a whole members also seek individual ways to improve their personal scores archery makes you take a step back and breathe in order to release and hit the target where it counts you have to focus and clear your mind this process tends to transfer to my work said bunyard the team coached by debra hendricks hopes of one day possibly competing in the national archery in the schools program nasp photo by hyeree ellis n hunter steinkamp business manager utty ews archer kyle simpkins 10 practices during the two-a-week practices in hopes to improve for their state competition continued from page 1 safety and security changes to come to shs slaton did add that there are other projects being discussed that have not been made public due to security concerns but deal with safety we are exploring a program called i love you guys said teacher and safety committee member jason bagwell he went on to say that this is a list of strategies designed to prevent and deal with violence in school the most important time for us is the eight minutes informed bagwell he was referring to the typical eight minutes it would take law enforcement to arrive and the time-frame when the most damage is done bagwell also said that the committee was looking at redoing unsafe doors and lock on the campus when it comes to the ideas of arming teachers or school officials slaton said i m not a big fan of that though he does entertain the idea of having armed guards in the school and all of the district s six schools if they can give us six guards bring them on he said i think if we had metal detectors and an armed guard then the school would be as safe as possible said kris shunnara 11 he likes the fact that they have been trained he said another thing slaton is adamant about is bullying prevention naturally for the normal reasons and because that too can be violence prevention he stated that if we intervene on bullying then we will have two wins an oregon woman found herself between a rock and a hard place after being stuck between two buildings after hearing screams authorities responded where they had to cut a hole in one of the walls and lather the woman with soap to free her she was so embedded into the walls she was stuck source http usnews.nbcnews com/news/2013/01/16/16545955


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6 don t base your college decision on hayley love co-editor-in-chief features stephanie valencia co-editor-in-chief 2.22.13 as well the old friends you had will be in a different location and you will most likely not see them as often also momma s home cooked meals will be dearly missed the usual steaming plate of fried chicken and mashed potatoes will only come on special occasions when you decide to visit home if these pros outweigh the cons then maybe you will choose to stay close to home and commute however this scenario too has its positives and drawbacks staying close to home will offer the comfort of being near people you know this could be beneficial because you will still have your parents around to help you with cooking your meals doing laundry etc the loss of community in choosing to attend college far away will not be as prominent because you will have the opportunity to see your friends and family more often since you will see these individuals more often the feeling of needing to make new friends will not be as strong staying close to home for college will hinder the opportunities of meeting new people and getting plugged into organizations on campus it will also lack teaching you independence because you will have many individuals around you to rely on choosing where to attend college can be a difficult and daunting process taking these factors into consideration could help make that task a little easier pros/cons away collegex it s that time of year again for the seniors colleges are sending out housing applications reminders of enrollment deposits due and financial aid information to be filled out but what if you re still undecided as to which college you will attend for some individuals that decision is based on whether they want to live at home or attend a college a couple of hours away for those that want to go away for college there is an equal balance of pros and cons one of the major pros is having a new beginning attending a college where you most likely won t know anyone gives you the opportunity to meet new people while this may sound nerve wracking it allows you to build relationships with people from all over the state and maybe even from different states not only does it allow you to build new friendships you are also at a new place which allows room for adventure exploring the new city or area will allow you to get to know other places and maybe even get a different perspective on certain issues overall all of these experiences will allow you to become a more independent person although these pros sound inviting going away also comes with cons while building relationships is a great thing loss of community will be experienced boys or girls don t go wherever your crush or significant other is going if you are meant to be with each other then you both can make it through four years of college within different walls alcohol/drugs/partying yeah college is supposed to be fun you are supposed to meet new people and explore your options don t however attend a college because of its partying curriculum friends don t go to a college just because your friends are attending because just because the college is fitting for your friend doesn t mean it s fitting for you school status don t allow anyone to talk you out of attending a college that is of great interest to you because they may not even attend the school and you may have a completely different opinion parents/siblings if you want to attend so-and-so then attend soand-so don t just attend la-la-la because that s where your parents went and expects you to go fashion dont sx courtney jones staff writer people struggle a lot when it comes to what looks good on them and what doesn t but with a few key tips on how to not dress you will figure out what to match up together and what not to pants white jeans and a dull shirt white jeans are a hit right now they have made their comeback but the comeback didn t include wearing them with the wrong shirt wearing white jeans with a light pink or light blue shirt for a example is not flattering i don t wear light colored shirts with white jeans because the shirts make you look drained out said jayla helton 9 it drains the color away from your outfit and it makes people look more pale then they actually are pairing the white jeans with a vibrant upbeat colorful shirt will make the outfit more playful and enjoyable to look at shirt/jacket blue jean jacket with different shade of pants people think that since they are wearing jeans they can just throw on a jean jacket over their shirt and be set to go that s not the case to pull off a jean jacket the same or close shade of jeans should be worn for example a light colored jean jacket would not look good with a dark denim pair of jeans when the shades of jeans don t match then it just looks like a blue jean mess shoes tucking sweat pants into boots last but not least the thing that is seen most around scottsburg high school is people tucking their sweat pants into their boots we all have those lazy mornings and just wanna throw on a pair of sweats but don t pair them with boots they make your sweats look like pajama pants i don t tuck my sweats into my boots because they are way cuter tucked out said abby yount 10 so when in doubt tuck out make sure to put good measure and balance into your outfit always get a second opinion from someone other than yourself then you are sure to find that perfect outfit each and every day howto stephanie valencia co-editor-in-chief make cupcake ice cream preheat oven to 350f mix cake mix following directions on box if using white cake mix separate into four different bowls and add different food coloring fill cones about ½ to ¾ of the way full and place in cut out pan bake 15-20 minutes or until completely done let cupcake ice cream cones cool completely in rack frost and sprinkle as desired then enjoy refrigerate if not eaten immediately cupcake ice cream cones are an excellent treat to be made for birthday parties as a gift or even as a snack they are also a great dessert to get little siblings involved in the kitchen 1 2 things you will need 1 box of your favorite cake mix 24 ice cream cones water oil and eggs for cake mix 1 container of frosting sprinkles if desired makes 18 to 24 cupcakes 3 how to argue effectivelyxxxxxx abby tennyson staff writer whether you re arguing in a relationship or with a parent you always have the same goal to win there s a certain way to go about an argument if you really want to get your point across be prepared before you even begin the argument take some time to prepare a sort of checklist create a list of points that will help back up your argument play fair listen attentively to the other person and try to understand their side if they see you showing respect when they talk by not interrupting them and listening until they finish they will most likely do the same for you stay focused discuss each topic one by one and take your time when that topic is done being discussed move on to your next point also do not let the other person try and change the subject get out every detail on the subject you can stop thinking about what you are going to say next you won t always be able to predict what the other person is going to say so stay on topic christein lawson 10 said never let the other person change the subject don t give any time to other topics keep your emotions in check stay calm and don t get angry or upset this makes you seem weak your points will become less effective because the other person will think you let your emotions get the best of you you will also become more susceptible to giving up or saying things that are untrue which will make you less convincing be willing to compromise and know when to walk away if necessary don t always argue to win as long as you get your point across you ve done your


p. 7

1.25.13 arts entertainment 7 michael s media mania a bad break michael killey staff writer iceland sports complex is located in louisville kentucky and offers a variety of winter activities such as ice skating lessons ice hockey and open rink skating photo courtesy of skating on thin ice indoor vs outdoor hyeree ellis news editor a popular recreational activity during the cold months is ice skating ice skating however can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors the main difference of course is the environment outdoor ice skating particularly requires the weather to be observed after all someone probably doesn t want to skate on ice while it is raining while the weather plays a key role in outdoor ice skating it also has its perks ice skating outside during a sunny january day is worth the preweather planning on a warm winter day outdoor ice skating provides the warmth of the sun the beautiful environment and a cool breeze if you build up a sweat also outdoor ice skating is pretty much limited to the winter months indoor ice skating on the other hand can be enjoyed during any weather since the skater is under a roof rain or shine skating is possible but since it is indoors most indoor ice skating rinks don t provide the outside feel or the feeling of the sun warming your skin on the contrary indoor skating can be experienced any time of the year another differentiating factor in outdoor ice skating would be unless you re at an actual ice skating facility skates are probably personally mandatory and not provided unlike having to come up with your own skates indoor ice skating facilities more than likely provide rental skates for example iceland in louisville ky is an indoor ice skating rink that allows you to borrow skates for a small fee iceland also provides more than one rink guaranteeing your access to a rink if you plan on ice skating in the near future consider these differences while both experiences may be the same small factors could determine whether or not you enjoy your experience since after all you probably don t want to be skating outside during a thunderstorm do not cry for mama now megan lykins staff writer louisville plays abby tennyson staff writer there are always those people who have a fascination with horror movies that s me if you share a fascination with horror or you just like to be scared you should definitely check out the newest movie mama it s one of the more original horror movies i ve seen in awhile and is worth seeing the plot of this movie is pretty much in the preview if you haven t seen it you don t watch enough tv the story is basically about two young girls who are abandoned in the forest then helped by an entity the entity is mama and she protects the girls after the girls are found they are sent to live with their uncle and his girlfriend mama visits them regularly and starts attacking their new guardians there are those horror movies that deeply affect you and give you nightmares a week after you watch the movie you are still peeling kerstin beswick staff writer back the shower curtain in fear of a murderer mama is not that type of movie while it s scary in the theater and provides jumpy entertainment in the moment it doesn t stay with you horror isn t the genre that teaches you anything but if i had to define a moral in mama it would be that you should never have offspring if you are lucky enough not to have kids of your own don t adopt especially if the kids don t wear shoes and talk to walls with every horror movie there are obvious details that aren t logical such as an insane asylum that is conveniently placed right by a high cliff or the fact that two children survived on nothing but wild cherries for five years mama was an original idea and had an awesome score the music was spot on i would rate it a three out of five stars mostly due to the illogicality of the plot and the fact that it wasn t as scary as it could be if you want a night of cheap horror be sure to check it out at the nearest theater actors theatre of louisville the whipping man jan 8 feb 2 girlfriend jan 29 feb 17 derby dinner playhouse killjoy jan 8 feb 16 university of louisville theater once on this island jan 30feb 3 for more information go to conquer high school three apps at a time khan academy khan academy is the perfect application for wanting to learn something new or wanting to brush up on some old lessons and subjects that you ve forgotten you can learn a number of different topics including k-12 math biology chemistry physics and even the humanities with playlists on finance and history brainscape brainscape is an app all about the personalization of your study patterns it spaces the repetition of each concept based on exactly the right interval for your brain all you have to do is rate how well you know each subject on a scale of one to five there are two ways you can learn create your own flash cards or you can study brainscape s content lumosity brain trainer this app is designed to enhance your memory processing ability attention flexibility and problem solving it has 10 different games you can play playing this fun brain game just a few minutes a day will give you the best results it has 35 different sessions you can play and you ll be able to track your progress along the way you ve been watching your favorite series almost religiously you ve watched suspense of the plot line build for the last eight episodes the script is at its height and the actors are giving some of their best performances then suddenly you re presented with the credits a little while ago you d just have to grit your teeth and wait to find out what happens the next week but now networks are really testing the faithfulness of their devout fans by using a mid season finale reasoning for the mid-season finale changes per series some of them do it to give their actors a break which is reasonable if not a little pesky to fans other series do it specifically to build up suspense but one thing is for sure they have to be very sure that the content they have planned is enough to make people want to wait the extra advertisement that comes with a mid-season finale makes sure that people who didn t know about the show will definitely know it s almost like there are two finales and so the producers have a reason to advertise twice as much as the saying goes big risks can have big rewards record numbers of people tune in to watch the mid season finale and even more will come back after the mid season premiere because of the extended advertisement of course as with everything knowing when to hold `em and when to fold `em is important shows without action or suspense should avoid all forms of a mid season finale unless they are looking to terminate their fan base it s just embarrassing to watch a mid season finale that doesn t give a reason for the viewer to return shows like supernatural and the walking dead tend to be much better suited for a mid season finale they are filled with action drama and horror it s easy to find a good cliffhanger that ll make people want to come back for more especially if they have a dedicated fan base since they have such intense plots anyway building up for a mid season finale is easy and will still make people want to watch fans that are in for the long haul will be disappointed if they not only have to wait months between seasons but they also have to wait an extra month within the season just to see how it ends even though fans may hate the time period they have to wait to finish their favorite show there is no doubt that when used right mid-season finales can be effective even if it s irritating for the fans.


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arts entertainment page to film classy kfc 8 michael killey staff writer megan lykins staff writer 1.25.13 the casual vacancy by j k rowling the death of barry fair brother resonates throughout the city of pagford following the lives of the people affected the book gives drama suspense and sudden shocking events making this into a movie would be challenging considering so many actors would be involved but it would keep with the tradition of bringing the writings of rowling to cinematic form marked by p.c and kristin cast thrown into the world of vampires recently marked teenager zoey redbird is forced to join a new world dealing with all the angst of being a teenager the added troubles of being a vampire brings drama that other vampire novels can t touch the book keeps with drama action suspense and danger that will make an amazing movie are you craving a big juicy hamburger what about sausagedogs or pork chops if so then zaxby s probably isn t the place for you if what you re craving is friendly service and a pleasantly decorated chicken place then zaxby s is probably your best bet zaxby s just opened off of charleston road across from khols it is cute and definitely should be something you try out the menu is mostly comprised of chicken there is no red meat on the menu whatsoever if you re craving a healthier meal that is only slightly overpriced head to zaxby s zaxby s is almost like kfc s classier cousin the store obviously took some decorating tips from a mccallisters or cracker barrel with signs and cute displays covering the walls one of the most interesting things about zaxby s is its soda machine while you re probably wondering why a soda machine matters the soda machine at zaxby s is probably the best thing about it it s high tech yet photo by logan trowbridge looks vintage zaxby s is a chain restaurant from georgia founded by zach mcleroy and tony townley this new restaurant focuses on guests and their happiness the company s key values include being guest-focused developing the talents of its employees operating with excellence and continuously improving zaxby s is different and it s obvious that they operate according to their values zaxby s also has incredibly friendly service while i ate my lunch an older employee asked me twice if there was anything i needed keep in mind that this is a fast food style restaurant and he was not my waiter i felt very at home and cared about as a customer although the service was better than the actual food i know that i will be returning to zaxby s `spin time making more than memories courtney jones staff writer maximum ride the angel experiment by james patterson six children and teenagers who are the results of genetics testing are on the run until one of them is kidnapped the book is filled with amazing action for anything written transferring this to the big screen will bring action suspense and a wonderful comedic relief need a hobby look no further than pottery pottery is a hobby that people can express themselves with by making family and friends gifts and surprises pottery has gotten more popular within the past few years and there are a few places in indiana to try it out always pottery always pottery was opened in 2002 and it s located in madison indiana this establishment allows people to paint already made vases and bowls in their style with over 60 different colors of paint and 40 glazes the cost ranges from 4 to $10 also the workers can help and give zach roberts sports columnist ideas on how your magnificent piece should look walk ins are welcome but a party of six or more needs to make reservations earth and fire earth and fire is located in new albany indiana and they have deals every other day january 22th sure they have a discount that day earth and fire is very seasonal and bases people s pieces of pottery on the season that is coming up or the season they are currently in they also host birthday parties for children and adults a 50 percent studio fee will be charged though if you aren t sure how to do pottery or where to even start earth and fire has full directions in their store and on their website you are the potter at you are the potter all ages are encouraged to try pottery with them supplying the materials needed to do pottery and a friendly staff on help the experience is meant to be fun first people are allowed to pick their piece that they want to personalize then a design is supposed to be picked along with the colors of their choice at you are the potter everything is based on the customer located in greenwood indiana east from the greenwood park mall all ages are invited to join in on the pottery fun if you could make a movie what would it be about it would be a movie with romance taylor means 9 action packed b.j coker 10 if i could make a movie it would be about world culture in the view of a gypsy sami voyles 11 i would make a movie about comedy jacob wilson 12 free pregnancy testing kids place in scottsburg mon wed thurs 2:30-4:30 tues 9-11 a.m or by appt 754-1500 lunch bu ffe t 1 :3 11 0 m o n a t s wor kin h ar d to be your hometow n pizz a place fu ll se r v ic e d in ing in the eve n ing totally confidential call 812-752-4892 text 812-595-8732 8 s firs t s tre e t 3 east sid e o f th e sq u ar e de live ry to aust in sc o tts b ur g


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1.25.13 sports 9 aubrey tennyson staff writer mark your calendar girls basketball 2/4 varsity/jv vs multiple opponents 6 p.m boys basketball 1/25 varsity/jv vs jennings co 6 p.m baseball conditioning is every monday tuesday thursday and friday afternoon coach al rabe softball conditioning is every monday tuesday wednesday and thursday 4:30 p.m coach carla zellers track conditioning is every tuesday wednesday thursday and friday boys coach ken bracey girls coach leslie carter photo by kim collins the girls swim team celebrates with the trophy after their fifth consecutive mid-southern conference championship title the team was seated to lose by ten points but pulled through and won by 7.5 points girls win fifth consecutive title aubrey tennyson hayley love staff writer editor-in-chief co-ed swimming for away varsity listings go to roadhouse usa restaurant the warriorettes brought home the title jan 17 after doing their best at the mid-southern conference there were a total of 30 times girls on the team swam that night and out of those swims 28 of them were personal or season bests girls swim coach jason carter said i knew the girls had the ability to take home the seniors fourth msc title this year was under different circumstances though north harrison has a strong program this year and it was going to take the best of our best to hold on for the program s fifth title in a row and our sixth in seven years in the week heading into conference carter cut the girls pool work load from five to six miles a day down to one to three miles otherwise known as tapering they were letting their bodies rest and save energy for the meet carter added our mental focus and toughness is getting stronger we started the year off great with tough workouts and have progressed into yardage workouts that these girls have never swam i think that it is really starting to show in the drive the girls are giving at meets the season is drawing to a close the biggest thing we can improve on is our commitment to the off season summer and fall workouts will be the key if the returning girls want to go for six said carter along with the girls the boys have also had to work harder during practices these past couple of weeks during christmas break coach carter gave the team longer and harder workouts to try and boost the boys performances in conference coach makes us swim harder and longer sets on shorter-than-usual time intervals one practice he made us sprint with buckets strapped to us said martin bacala 12 although the boys have had to endure strenuous workouts they are making their way to the important meets in great shape we will be headed into conference swimming the best we have all year most of the boys have been cutting personal best times in all events almost every race they have swam since we came back from break said carter the boys competed in the conference meet last night at salem scores were not available at press time although the warriors have been hoping to take home the conference title sectionals is a different matter the boys just hope to do the best of their abilities and break personal records girls basketball zach roberts sports columnist player joins the 1,000 i65 hwy 56 scottsburg in 812 752-9272 open 11 am 11 pm 6 days a week closed mondays major credit cards accepted steaks ribs seafood chicken pasta sandwiches soups salads fine food and spirits full service t.v lounge photo by aubrey tennyson katie wampler 12 shoots a free throw in the home varsity game against the salem lions wampler joined the 1,000 point club at this game with their season halfway over the warriorettes hold a 9-3 record and continue to show improvement the warriorettes have clearly shown that their record isn t a fluke they ve proved they can face the toughest team most notably the 2nd ranked team in the state the bedford north lawrence stars the team was down by 20 points at one point in the game but came back and cut the lead down to two they ultimately lost by five the warriorettes will be facing tough teams as their season comes to an end we play madison jeffersonville seymour brownstown silver creek and eastern we have a top schedule no cupcakes said cheatham for one of the players on the team a lifelong goal was completed it s wonderful i have always wanted to be in the 1,000 point club since elementary now that i have done it it is really hard to believe it said katie wampler 12 wampler accomplished her goal of 1,000 points in the game against the salem lions there are some things that the team needs to work on self-confidence and confidence in each other said cheatham bailey west 10 thinks differently we probably need to improve on spreading out on the court overall the warriorettes look to improve on self-confidence confidence in each other and just talking more out on the court.


p. 10

10 sports combines both boxing and standing pilates this class will improve cardio core strength balance flexibility and overall strength piloxing is offered on every first and third monday nights of every month r.i.p.p.e.d resistance intervals power plyometrics endurance diet is one of the newest classes offered this is a 45 minute class mixed with weight training this class offered every second and fourth monday night as well as on wednesday and friday nights boot camp with a beat is not the traditional boot camp class most would take squats pushups and plyometric exercises are done to upbeat music to keep you motivated throughout the class boot camp with a beat is offered on tuesday and thursday nights indoor cycling is just what it sounds like cycling indoors with motivation from an instructor and heart-pounding music will provide a workout like no other this class is offered on tuesday and thursday afternoons for those that prefer taking classes in water zumba aerobics and deep water aerobics are also offered these classes allow you to get in shape without as much strain allowing your body to be better protected from injury these classes are offered monday-thursday nights and also on saturday mornings whether or not you have ever taken exercises classes the ymca offers several options for people of all ages and fitness levels 1.25.13 change it up at the ymca stephanie valencia co-editor-in-chief while looking for a place to work out this winter season the local ymca is one of the most popular options however instead of choosing the common path of exercising on the equipment they provide you might choose to participate in one of the several classes they offer zumba is one of the more popular classes offered this class is a combination of latin rhythms and easy to follow dance moves for people of all ages this dynamic program creates an opportunity for people to get in shape while having fun this class is offered on monday and wednesday nights as well as on saturday mornings it is a really good cardio workout you don t realize you re working so many muscles because you are just dancing said alesha fiore 12 ellen hawk 12 also commented that it was fun but i m not a very good dancer another class offered comparable to zumba would be fusion a variety of music styles and dances are combined with handheld weights to provide a total body workout this class will help you accomplish your fitness goals this class is offered tuesday thursday and friday nights pilates is also offered on wednesday nights this class is designed to improve balance and coordination while improving strength and flexibility similarly piloxing photo by stephanie valencia kailee lynn 11 participates in one of the various classes offered at the local ymca lynn is pictured dancing in the zumba class offered every tuesday thursday and friday nights places for snow activities sledding elk creek fish and wildlife area hardy lake state recreation area snow tubing paoli peaks paoli perfect north slopes lawrenceburg skiing/snowboarding paoli peaks paoli perfect north slopes lawrenceburg note warm gloves and waterproof clothing is necessary rental clothing is available take advantage of snow sports hunter steinkamp business manager in the winter people do not profit from barricading themselves by the fireplace nearly as much as hitting the snow sometimes literally scott county has multiple sledding hills around there are two hills in particular that are on public land and can be a lot of fun the first of the two is the dam of hardy matthew jerrell 10 slides down a hill at his grandparents house in hardinsburg indiana over christmas break photo by susan jerrell lake located in hardy lake state recreation area this dam off of a major reservoir offers a fun fast ride second of the two and offering two hill options is elk creek fish and wildlife area better known as elk creek lake located in washington county and about a mile off of highway 56 there is the dam of the lake which is steep fast and often puts riders in the cornfield at the bottom a positive the other hill is just off of the parking lot and it offers several bumps to thrill the sledder snow tubing takes sledding to the next level snow tubing is available at paoli peaks paoli and perfect north slopes lawrenceburg these snow tubing locations have man-made snow all winter long since they are operated by ski areas and are also designed for sheer fun both snow tubing parks feature races to the bottom and multiple humps in the middle another advantage to snow tubing is that there is a moving walkway that will transport you to the top of the hill so you do not have to walk snow tubing can cost anywhere from $25 to $50 depending on how long and where you go if snow tubing and sledding are not enough for you it might be a good idea to try taking a ski or snowboard lesson at one of the resorts as an addition to both of these disciplines being seriously athletic many people find them to be a blast do not let yourself become a winter-hating person who sits by the fire for this entire season but have some fun in the snow.


p. 11

1.25.13 wrestling sports hunter steinkamp business manager 11 winter safety some snow sports are just a serious as any other sport and some are just light fun however all can be dangerous without the proper precautions here are a few safety tips for winter sports numbers dwindle due to illness brad clem multi-media director it has been a long and rough season for the warriors they started off with a large team and big expectations so far the numbers have dropped greatly multiple wrestlers quit and others were lost due to injuries injuries along with sickness have also taken their toll on the guys that are still wrestling some wrestlers are just now recovering and starting to get back into the game along with the small numbers the team is also pretty young an overwhelming majority of the team are sophomores the sophomores are awesome several have great technique and skill but need to work on attendance to practice said isaac hunefeld 11 the team has a couple juniors and only one senior justin wright coach mendez has high expectations for wright who so far has a record of 265 although the team is very small and don t win often they stay very competitive they all keep their heads in the game and they don t let losing get them down sledding scan the area make sure there is stopping room at the bottom wear clothes that cover skin check for obstacles covered by snow be cautious of other sledders photo by abby tennyson isaac hunefeld 11 attempts to pin a teammate during practice hunefeld hopes to advance to regionals this season snow tubing listen to employees stay in your lane our numbers effect our ability to win team matches but individually we have a pretty good team said zach adams 10 the team has been training hard all season and they are most recently getting ready for sectionals i plan to try my hardest at sectionals although i m pretty sure i won t go that far said eli hunefeld 9 according to coach mendez it will be difficult to get guys out of regionals as a team the warriors have been doing weight lifting for months they have been focusing on weights a lot this season and plan to focus on them even more next season their coach has seen noticeable improvement from lifting and he wants to put more muscle on them next year skiing/snowboarding take a lesson if you are new learn the skier s responsibility code always stay in control rent buy or borrow a helmet use goggles boys basketball zach roberts sports columnist teamwork needs improvement the warriors are halfway through their season and know they are capable of much more than what has been seen the first half of it the season has been somewhat disappointing i feel we are more talented than our record shows said jv coach mark bridgewater head coach jacob johanningsmeier had a different response it has been a very good learning experience for myself and our guys we are learning that team chemistry will dictate a lot of what goes on during a game braxton soloe 10 said it hasn t been horrible but not as good as what i hoped for the team has some areas that need to be improved on for the second half of the season such as playing consistent defense and rebounding other improvements also need to be made two major weaknesses that i see is lack of motivation and competitiveness i think the need to improve teamwork will be our biggest challenge though said bridgewater even with important tasks for the warriors to improve on some areas have already been improved on we have got better at doing coach s system for offense and trying to play the style he wants us to said a.j hunger 10 i really believe that you will see much improved effort and communication the second half of our season we are starting to see it in practice now we have to carry that over to our games said bridgewater the warriors have played some pretty competitive games this year the varsity played a very hard fought game at floyd central but came up short they led for most of the game but the highlanders took over in the 4th quarter and never looked back the warriors defense wasn t able to stop the highlanders offense even with a struggling season for the warriors they have shown what teamwork is all about in some games especially in the game against the seymour owls the guys shared the ball well and communicated very well said johanningsmeier the warriors beat the owls by more than 30 points with a large amount of the season gone many moments have been made memorable the best moment by far is when i start to see our kids start to figure out things on the floor said johanningsmeier photo by haley beckwith seth helton 11 attempts to block the ball from an opponent player from new albany the varsity team went on to lose with a score of 36-69 drug store and soda fountain 120 w mcclain ave scottsburg in 47170 812 752-2021 known for our gentle touch dr.woolbright jr dds dental care for life 812 752-5555


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12 h sports 1.25.13 ershey s ighlights hershel zach roberts sports columnist take with the two saltine challenge abby aubrey tennyson staff writers tennysons moving on up over christmas break i stumbled across a very inspirational story this story literally tells how a person defies all odds and shows how he never gave up this man had gone from a $5.50 an hour job at a grocery store to a two time nfl mvp that man is kurt warner kurtis eugene kurt warner graduated from northern iowa and was not drafted in the 1994 nfl draft he was invited by the green bay packers to training camp but was cut towards the end of camp warner had been told from one of the assistants that he had talent and potential but he just wasn t cut out to be an nfl quarterback at that time warner had been stocking shelves at a hy-vee grocery story for $5.50 an hour he would also return to his alma mater while still working at the grocery store to become a graduate assistant coach with the football team while he was still hoping to get an nfl contract with no nfl teams wanting to give him a chance kurt turned to the afl american football league and signed with the iowa barnstormers warner would make the afl s first team all arena in 1996 and 1997 warner s performance in the afl was so impressive that he was named twelfth out of the 20 best arena football players of all time on august 12 2011 warner was named to the afl hall of fame in 1998 the saint louis rams took a chance by signing warner to a contract he started out as the third string quarterback and would work his way up to second string quarterback by the start of the 1999 season after a season ending injury to the rams starting qb trent green in a preseason game warner got his chance to show the rams that they didn t make a mistake signing him warner would throw for over 4,000 yards and 41 touchdowns with a completion rate of 65.1 percent he also threw for three touchdowns in each of his first three nfl starts he is the only quarterback to accomplish that feat at the end of the season warner was named the mvp of the nfl from then on kurt warner wasn t known as one of those guys who nobody knew or didn t want to know kurt warner became a somebody who realized when the going gets tough you don t quit you keep pushing until you realize that you have given it everything that you could warner would earn over 20 awards in his career including the nfl and afl he also has 26 records in the nfl record books not bad for a guy who used to stock groceries sure you ve probably heard of the cinnamon challenge by now where people try and swallow a spoonful of pure cinnamon but have you ever heard of the saltine challenge you have to eat six saltine crackers in one minute the trick however is that you can t drink any water or any other liquid you probably think this is a piece of cake but it certainly isn t as easy as it sounds we saw this challenge by looking through youtube videos it s actually pretty popular and a lot of people have tried it just like the cinnamon challenge so we decided to try it ourselves to see how hard it really is to our surprise neither of us won the challenge abby could only eat three crackers in 60 seconds however aubrey could only eat four crackers it actually is harder than it seems photo by aubrey tennyson being timed abby tennyson 10 quickly tries to eat as many saltine crackers as she can in the end she was only able to eat three crackers whereas aubrey tennyson was able to eat four there are many more challenges similar to the saltine challenge such as the milk challenge the bread challenge the gummy bear challenge and so forth basically they re all just challenges where you have to consume some sort of food in a certain amount of time it s fun if you are hanging out with your friends and you need a good laugh i guarantee someone will chuckle at the sight of their friend shoving as many crackers or gummy bears in their mouth as fast as they can just make sure you don t choke ock j alk t q encouraged them a moment with the athletes adam flamion,12 stephanie valencia co-editor-in-chief as a senior what have you tried to do differently this year have tried to set a iup for the younger the example andasstepped team members well as q how have you improved over the years a physically i ve gotten strong and my technique has gotten better mentally i know how to push myself and what my strengths and weaknesses are photo by stephanie valencia adam flamion 12 has been swimming for seven years since the sixth grade miss michelle owens was who first encouraged flamion to swim when the middle school first started a team flamion s greatest accomplishment was when he made consolation last year in sectionals and receiving the heart award he enjoys swimming because it is a great workout and is a challenging sport he believes he has become a stronger person and athlete because of swim flamion s best memory from swim was when the team won mid-southern conference his freshman year his goal for this season is to place in the finals at sectionals ashley elliott 11 ashley elliott 11 has been playing basketball since kindergarten including pre school biddy ball watching games on tv and attending high school basketball games is what motivated her to one day play this sport elliott also plays on an aau travel team called indiana flight playing with flight is an awesome experience because you get to travel around the midwest and play against people from as far away as florida and canada you also get to play in front of college coaches and build relationships with teammates from surrounding schools her best memory and greatest accomplishment was when the team won sectionals last year at charlestown elliott s goal for this season is for the team to win conference again and to make it to at q what have you gained from playing basketball basketball has done a lot for me in my life not only did it introduce me to some amazing coaches role models and teammates it has also helped me build character over the years a q why do you enjoy playing a i enjoy basketball because every photo by aubrey tennyson day every practice every game there is always a new challenge to face there is always room for improvement and a higher goal to reach for i also enjoy being able to bond and hang out with my awesome teammates.



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