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Serikbol, Sebastian and Matthew

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by serikbol sebastian and matthew


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peasants cooked stews soups bacon and beef in a cauldron the peasants put pudding in a bag that was in a cauldron and grew apples pears and cherry trees the nobles ate cheese wafers for dessert soups and stews were peasant s food they cooked in a cauldron a cauldron is another version of an oven not much food nobles get their food from slaves they prefer food like roasted boars that had apples in their mouths they would drink wine wine


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popular food was food they could grow or catch like apples pears cherry trees and geese boiling meat peasants cooked food in a cauldron nobles get more expensive fire ovens cooking chicken hanging rats and skunks in the middle ages they would hang geese pigeons and rabbits hanging geese


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people in the castle ate sert we don t eat cheese peasants cooked soup for they could eat whatever ants also put a bag with some drink in a cauldron cheese wafers for dewafers for desert now the king and queen and they wanted peaspudding and beef and desert the most popular food in the castle is strong spicy food with apples and pears cooks make food for big feasts there was a lot of work to do can you imagine how much work this is?


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peasants were keeping their food at home and they even hide the food at their home so nobody can find it peasants hanged the food under the castle to keep the food cool and they hang the food in a special room so that rats do not eat it up.


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cheese wafers are good desserts holidays and other occasions presents ate leftovers and grow vegetables the most popular food is strong spicy food nobles ate fish parse soups lamb chicken and duck.


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you need a caldron to cook



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