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filmutah 3 2013 6 editor john corser contents email saints and soldiers 10 breaking pointe website 14 the lone ranger 21 president publisher john corser 435 200 3460 contributing writers andrea ramsey david cummins kenyon virchow bryan kessinger shauntel forte kathy jarvis nancy van valkenberg chance thomas deb markham ryan starks 25 to your production 24 after earth 32 the spiritual home of speed simianweb design eric dawes production credits cover disney pictures ® 2013 saints and soldiers and saints soldiers airbourne creed courtesy of go films breaking point courtesy of the cw ®2012 the cw network llc all rights reserved the lone ranger courtesy of disney pictures ® 2013 after earth photos from sony pictures digital ® 2012 bonneville salt flats ldw ranch kenyon virchow the rush to heber valley courtesy of eric fisher the rush to heber valley photo courtesy of pamela ann berry 44 utah s independents 58 digital utah filmutah


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filmutah 4 letter from the editor 2013 it has always been a goal of filmutah to be a direct supporter of the utah film commission s efforts to introduce filmmakers to the advantages and benefits of shooting in utah during the 2012 sundance film festival we worked side by side at the hub to that very end and we re doing it again this year it was an exceptional 7 day hospitality suite at 751 main street in park city since the festival filmutah has been reorganizing and fundraising to make a greater impact on the international film community s awareness of the resources in utah first we launched the filmutah app in the itunes newsstand a significant number of the downloads are international primarily china russia and brazil china has surpassed the us in downloads in the first month but now the us is coming back strong hopefully this is a good sign of future work coming to utah second we have created a revised organization chart and structure of filmutah to streamline fundraising operations and editorial and have a goal of creating and announcing a board of directors in december 2013 finally in the interest of embracing the advantages of post production in the state we have created this entity will mirror but highlight the technology of motion media and the utah digital cluster initiatives for digital production post production animation and gaming you can see we increased the page count of the magazine to dedicate more editorial content to technology and digital resources available in utah the efforts of filmutah supporters and friends has been exceptional in particular i d like to publicly thank kameleon productions jill and kami for your outstanding work filmutah needs you for those who would like to get involved or have suggestions we re actively looking for volunteers in the following areas fund raising feature writing photography web content creation research marketing social media and community outreach if you have interest or know somebody who does please send information requests or money to i look forward to a very profitable 2013 for all of us john corser publisher filmutah 2013 location snowbird top of the tram


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if you think we re good with film festivals you should see us with film crews just 35 minutes from salt lake international airport you ll find great facilities professional crews historic main street modern locations restored homes shops and olympic venues visit or call 800.453.1360 28490-film commission ad_2.indd 1 1/4/12 2:04 p our readers are more than a target audience they re a captive audience.


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filmutah 6 saints and soldiers the title of the franchise produced by adam abel and directed by ryan little describes the subjects in the film but it could also describe the filmmakers who made it abel and little called on the resources of their utah crew and the generosity of their funders against all odds to overcome the barriers that face budget challenged films on shoestring budgets abel and little made highly successful movies which boasts investor interest for a third in the franchise saints and soldiers 2003 the first saints and soldiers was shot during 2003 in a variety of locations throughout utah set during world war ii it tells the story of a small group of american soldiers trapped after the malmedy massacre behind enemy lines the four survivors sergeant gunderson peter holden kendrick lawrence bagby gould alexander niver and deacon corbin allred meet a british operative who has vital intelligence about nefarious german plans and only they can deliver them a budget challenged labor of love for director little and producer abel saints and soldiers gained considerable traction with both critics and audiences alike reviewers praised the strong acting powerful plot lines and the ability of its filmmakers to put together a stunning film out of seemingly modest resources saints and soldiers airborne creed 2012 because of the worldwide success of the original saints soldiers we decided to build on the established brand by calling the film saints soldiers airborne creed airborne creed shares many of the same themes and emotions of its predecessor said abel saints soldiers airborne creed it tells the story of ordinary men faced with an impossible situation and how they risked everything to answer the call of duty the second is based on actual events of world war ii s operation dragoon on august 15 1944 and the 517th parachute regimental combat team prct inspired by the book letters home a paratrooper s story by lory curtis airborne creed focuses on three paratroopers rossi corbin allred jones david nibley and curtis jasen wade and their efforts to rescue a group of captured french resistance fighters after a heavy firefight three paratroopers find themselves isolated from their unit in order to survive and save the french resistance group in dire straits they must band together against all odds 2013


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filmutah 7 the utah filming experience utah was an exceptional location choice not just because the producers lived here but also because locations can be found to double almost any part of the globe for budget challenged independent films location can make or break a project after the plentiful writer meetings fundraising efforts by producers re-writes changes to accommodate financial backers and finally budgetary guidelines it can be a location which takes the most time for producers to decide the locale must fit into the producer s criteria incentive or rebate crew availability appropriate and diverse scenery and often times proximity to la utah fit these criteria perfectly for abel filmmakers can come and shoot scenes that double for almost anywhere in the world states abel and despite a smaller crew base than la or new york utah s experienced crew base top equipment rental houses and other resources essential to a production are really some of the best in the world what makes filming in utah so special for adam it s a logistical decision as well a monetary one to work in utah he can save money on film production work with crews he knows and respects and create a boon to the state in the process many out-of-state producers tend to think that they will be bringing more talent with them than exists in utah laments abel while the crews are smaller in number there is true depth within the local utah film production industry from a creative perspective i have to say that wherever i ve been in the world the crews here are just more collaborative there s a creative benefit to the overall endeavor when there are people on the project that want to be there because they like what they do here and are out for more than just a paycheck we even used a utah based distribution company koan inc says abel they are honest and efficient and a joy to work with what makes them different from other companies we ve dealt with is their integrity that s another great trait of utah abel believes with the increase of film production more production jobs and a deeper crew base is being created according to a recent deseret news making movies incentives provide boost to utah s film industry article lauding utah s film incentive program during 2012 there have been almost 1,300 crew jobs created and since 2005 there have been more than 5,800 jobs created during this year alone crews have logged nearly 1,000 production days it s just going to get better in utah.


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film authentic accesible affordable authentic ­ we re a mountain metro community ogden o ers the historic vibe of an old railroad town beautifully international airport a local municipal airport is 5 minutes from downtown accessible ­ ogden is located 40 minutes from salt lake city restored historic buildings and homes and amazing art deco architecture all served up at the base of some of the most stunning mountains you ll ever experience making ogden an outdoor recreation mecca professional local talent and crew base you ll nd it all here in ogden email affordable from accommodations to locations to a 866-867-8824 film


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filmutah 9 the sound of one hand clapping getting a film to market can be like answering this classic zen koan but like the zen saying filmmaking is both the object being sought and the relentless seeking itself thus aptly named koan inc helps filmmakers like a zen master navigate the struggles of distribution and we ve been very good with our projections but it comes down to a set of criteria genre elements of cast and production value that has to respond to a market if you have a film with no market for it is it good asks aglaure you may have made something beautiful or an important documentary subject no one will argue that bell interjects those are very valid reasons to make a film our valuation when we say a film is `good does not mean its quality or its reason for being is not `good for us as distributors a `good film makes money period we re here to help the producer make profitable a film so the producer needs to ask the question `why is he making a film is he making a film because he wants to make money or is he making a film to tell a particular story some stories are only for a few people but it s very important that they be told you can make a film but if there is no one to buy it it won t be seen advises aglaure as a distribution company we re looking for films that can sell according to koan there s a delicate balancing act between the elements of the package that determines the value of the project the cast genre budget production value special effects etc all have an equilibrium that produces market value if one element is out of balance with another something will have to equalize the difference for example if you re an unknown producer or director your budget may be lower unless a high value cast member offsets the inexperience each element can be offset but the more extreme the counterbalance the riskier the project looks this is where the distribution company can really make a difference aglaure says when the producer has a product and has fallen in love with a particular story often he has not thought about the market it s up to the distribution company to evaluate and assist the producer in finding a balance where he can achieve his story vision and achieve the market need as well koan inc is internationally known as being a different type of distribution company founded in 1993 and based in park city utah koan is known for being an integral partner with the filmmakers not a distant contact that manages the film s revenues over the past 20 years koan has built a solid reputation for outstanding productions and business ethics with producers and buyers the world over originally a distributor of documentaries koan has gone on to establish a strong presence in family entertainment and award winning feature films koan was among the first companies to realize the power of the family market and remains one of the world s most trusted providers the koan catalog includes over 100 films and hundreds of hours of documentary and animated programming we value each of the producers we work with and in order to maintain close relationships we offer honest feedback from the very beginning states gil aglaure president of koan inc sometimes that puts off a filmmaker who is too close to his material but we want them to get their film to an audience and make a profit not just make it obviously if we re interested in a project we ll help the filmmaker get the best out of their story their choice of talent and assure it has a market before they spend a dime of the investor s dollars assures aglaure we ll often put up our own funds as well we re honest and direct about what we think the market is for a project comments tamara bell vp of acquisitions 2013


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filmutah 10 deb markham 2013


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filmutah 11 salt lake city home to ballet west has taken a starring role in the cw docu-series breaking pointe the show focuses on the physicality and art of ballet while highlighting the social interactions and drama that often accompany a tightly knit group of dancers because of it s intense drama and fascinating characters the bbc worldwide production of breaking pointe has been picked up for a second season the idea for breaking pointe had been brewing for a couple of years recounts izzie pick ashcroft i had always wanted to do a program about the world of ballet ashcroft is no stranger to dancing she was heavily involved in the start of up strictly come dancing in the uk and dancing with the stars in the us i wanted to look take a look at the world of ballet and to see whether there was anything that would make good tv the more research that was done the more clear it became for ashcroft that ballet was a perfect world there was an incredible inbuilt element perfect for the television show says ashcroft by the very nature of the dancers and the fact that every company has the different levels the dancers are all competing for whether its for the corp de ballet the demi soloist or the soloist every dancer is competing for a role but it s not just on the stage where we see the drama breaking pointe follows the trials and tribulations of the company in the attempt to balance their personal lives with their professional lives then there is the whole story about why we choose ballet over every other dance genre it s an incredibly difficult subject because it s not something that middle america goes to as regularly as any other form of dance says ashcroft the world of ballet is fascinating and incredibly difficult they are both athletes and performers and that the dedication and commitment that comes across when you start getting into the world the process of choosing a ballet company was quite intense izzie and her team decided on their own initiative to start researching different ballet companies in america they wanted ballet companies of a really high standard they reached out to those companies who they felt met the criteria they travelled around america and met with a number of ballet companies in different parts of america ballet west for us was just a no brainer ashcroft beams within ballet west we could absolutely see that director adam sklute was a strong character he s very focused ultimately though he s very forward thinking tv is a very frightening thing for everybody but he could see the benefit of the ballet being out there in the more contemporary world adam didn t need convincing the program could really be beneficial adam was such a great character and he plays such an integral role in the show the dancers also work brilliantly well because adam has a particular style and he has always wanted the most beautiful the tallest the most graceful dancers he goes for a certain look and type of dancer at ballet west not only are they great dancers but great characters once ballet west was chosen the first series was made in super quick time its the fastest show i ve ever made and that was quite challenging said ashcroft we made the show incredibly quickly for a number of reasons once the network made the decision and signed off to to do the show in salt lake city with ballet west we did the presentation in february on march 5 we got the green light on the series and we started filming 5 days later we were editing as we went and were on air by may that was the fastest tv for anyone to do fortunately for the second series things are not moving at the same rate and the cast and crew actually have time to prepare themselves the decision to base the show on ballet west had the added benefit of salt lake city the city is a character itself it s the perfect backdrop for locations and the story says ashcroft the added utah incentive was the icing on the cake when preparing for the first series the crew from bbc worldwide included as many locals on the team as possible we had a chunk of the team that came from la because they had been developing the show for so long said ashcroft but we wanted to use locals from salt lake was because in the first instance they were there and secondly we d be crazy not to utilize their expertise and knowledge the schedule was moving so quickly that local expertise was essential the success of the tv series the fact that a second season has been commissioned is such an exciting prospect said ashcroft thank you ballet west they 2013


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filmutah 12 have been so accommodating giving up their lives and jumping off the cliff with us which was really brave and really bold it is actually something to admire on every level i m a huge fan of adam and can t speak highly enough about him and admire the way he seized the opportunity and leapt with us a lot of people wouldn t have done that we ve learned what works and what doesn t work it s a wonderful position to be in we re really excited and we just want to make it absolutely brilliant salt lake city and ballet west will continue to be featured for season two izzie pick ashcroft senior vice president unscripted programming bbc worldwide productions since joining bbc worldwide productions ashcroft has developed and produced various titles including lovetown usa for own oprah winfrey network prior to joining the company in 2008 ashcroft was co-executive producer on bbc worldwide productions hit realitycompetition series dancing with the stars and part of the team that launched the show in the u.s which has since become the world s largest entertainment format ashcroft began her television production career in the u.k where she produced a plethora of hit entertainment and reality shows including strictly come dancing big brother and celebrity big brother she resides in los angeles with her husband and daughter 2013


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filmutah 13 the utah film commission is pleased to continue our partnership with film utah since 1924 some of the most recognizable films have taken advantage of utah s diverse scenery pirates of the caribbean at world s end independence day forrest gump thelma and louise the sandlot dumb and dumber galaxy quest and high school musical 1,2,3 along with network television series touched by an angel and everwood have helped to make utah an ongoing premier film destination from clint eastwood in the outlaw josey wales and robert redford as the sundance kid combined with the most recently filmed in the state productions of the lone ranger after earth the mistle-tones nightlight and haunt utah has served as the backdrop for nearly 1000 films other films and television shows that were recently shot in utah include k-9 christmas and the aquabats supershow these productions along with episodes of the american ride combined with commercials from jeep exxon chrysler and audi have helped utah remain a very competitive destination for film and television production in addition to the diversity of locations there are nearly 1600 experienced film professionals available to assist you with all your production needs and an extensive selection of high quality equipment available through the many support services that exist in the state utah s motion picture incentive fund has been used to attract over 100 productions to the state since 2005 the state of utah currently offers a 15 25 refundable tax credit or cash rebate based on a minimum in-state spend of $200,000 the following are some notable productions that used the available motion picture incentive program the lone ranger filmed on location in moab and monument valley utah after earth moab the mistletones abc family granite flats pbs series begins airing episodes in april 2013 127 hours fox searchlight 6 academy award nominations including best picture congratulations to all the filmmakers cast and crew that contributed to the success of these productions that were all made in the state of utah the utah film commission is committed to providing quality service to all types of filmmakers and we would be pleased to assist with all of your production needs our staff is here to assist you from the initial scouts and throughout principal photography and post-production you can follow us on twitter facebook youtube and at to stay educated and up to date on the latest industry information we hope you continue to enjoy film utah magazine see you on the set marshall moore director utah film commission 2013


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filmutah 14 the lone ranger 2013 andrea ramsey


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filmutah 15 though the character is masked there is no disguising that the lone ranger slated to open may 2013 was shot in the epic landscape of utah along with his native american sidekick tonto disney pictures brings back to the big screen the masked cowboy originally made famous in the 1933 radio show eighty years after its debut the popular radio show which later became an equally popular tv show that aired from 1949-1957 and also spawned comic books and movies is now a blockbuster movie from the director who brought the world pirates of the caribbean gore verbinski and producer 2013



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