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My Final major project game environment brief 'The Cemetery'

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the cemetery fmp brief ­ arron manchester concept art by arron manchester the cemetery `an interactive exploration of a supernatural story


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the cemetery fmp brief ­ arron manchester the brief concept and create a detailed cemetery environment with some small interiors with an interactive story particle effects and a day to night cycle essentials the project should aim to meet a hyper-realistic style target a youth and adult audience with interest in the supernatural and science fiction/fantasy genres target all current-gen platforms inc pc microsoft xbox 360 and sony playstation 3 be completed by june 3rd 2013


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the cemetery fmp brief ­ arron manchester concept art by unknown skills the project aims to demonstrate the following skillsets artistic concepting modelling texturing and placement of all environment assets efficient detailing of all assets good scene composition effective lighting and atmosphere realistic particle effects good clean texture maps strongly reference highgate cemetery/real cemeteries


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the cemetery fmp brief ­ arron manchester technical material set up in engine with correct shaders advanced vegetation set up good performance optimisation track view and flowgraph usage for interactive elements high to low poly baking techniques interactivity strong emphasis on story key events and cutscenes player interactivity puzzles/clues object manipulation changelog [since pitch document realising the post processing and advanced vegetation placement techniques of crytek s cryengine sdk i have abandoned the use of unreal development kit for this project i have also decided to prioritise one landmark at a time starting with `the circle of lebanon [see fig 2 and grow the environment outwards accordingly this way sections will be completed at a time to ensure my ambitions do not hinder the final result.


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the cemetery fmp brief ­ arron manchester figure 1 performance visual and interactivity goals the finished game level should aim to achieve at least 30-35fps on all platforms texel density of at least 256 pixels [according to cryengine texel scale modularity where possible multiple assets sharing textures sheets minimal drawcalls by using spec in diffuse alpha gradual and smooth time of day change


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the cemetery fmp brief ­ arron manchester environment vibrant and colourful autumnal atmosphere during daytime moody and spooky atmosphere at night highly detailed and realistic texturing subsurface scattering techniques for foliage vertex painted vegetation for wind effects lighting to lead player during night time skybox featuring custom clouds and moon texture concept art by frank hong the story [the priority of this project is to produce a detailed environment first and foremost but for extended scope the following interactive story elements will be considered]


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the cemetery fmp brief ­ arron manchester the player character is named bishop the bishop is tasked at finding the source of a recent vampire contagion in london emanating from the cemetery grounds he must locate the head vampire using visual clues the player will work his/her way from the main gates through the environment and via structural landmarks [egyptian alley ­ the plaque pillars see fig.1 to the circle of lebanon where a huge cedar tree grows atop a series of tombs inside one of these tombs resides the head vampire the player must explore the environment for interactive elements and clues which will allow access to the vampire s tomb an end cut scene shall be triggered when the head vampire is found for more information on the aims of this project please see `highgate cemetery fmp pitch by arron manchester document



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