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scientec ibérica scientec ibérica newsletter n°4 news best price per nanometer new infinitefocus optical metrology tool even for 360º in research and production easy fast measurement new alicona real 3d nano-observer flexible powerful afm page 2 resiscope ii afm electrical characterization page 2 page 11 overview atomic force microscopy page 2/3 afm probes page 4 nanoindentation fe-sem page 5 page 5 interferometry page 6 digital holography microscopy mechanical profilometry thin film measurements optical profilometry scientec ibérica page 7 page 8 page 9 page 10/11 page 1


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afm interferometry profilometry holography thin film measurements magnetometry atomic force microscopy · nano-observer afm the nano-observer is a flexible and powerful afm microscope designed with the ultimate technologies it combines performance and easy to use the usb controller offers a real integrated lock-in for better measurement capability phase detection piezo-response mode a low-noise laser and a pre-alignment system provide simplicity and high resolution on a compact afm head its intuitive software simplifies all afm settings to allow quick and safe afm acquisitions new applications material characterization polymer science biology electrical characterization semiconducteur multiple modes contact/friction oscillating mode/phase mfm efm conductive afm resiscope pfm piezo-response a b c features benefits best cost effective solution up to 100 µm scan 8µm in z low noise laser and electronics to achieve high resolution sensitive phase contrast optical top and side view for tip/sample positioning resiscope ii compatibility nanotubes «network» deposited between two electrodes positive and negative bias efm mode topography 65µm x 65µm a phase signals 65µm x65µm b and 15µm x 15µm c non contact contact friction cafm resi scope mfm efm force modulation pfm · resiscope ii electrical characterization the resiscope ii is a unique system able to measure resistance over 10 decades with a high sensitivity and resolution the measurement is made by applying a dc bias between the sample and a conductive afm probe tip at virtual ground the tip is scanning in contact mode using the laser deflection for the afm feedback as an independent measurement the resiscope ii measures the sample resistance through the high performance amplifier hpa local oxydation nanolithography lon patterns obtained on a 10nm thick titanium layer deposited onto alumina substrate courtesy of a perez ­ icmab csic ­ barcelona spain what is a resiscope a dual measurement system resistance measurement current measurement iv spectroscopy compatible with oscillating mode tapping ac mode compatible with efm/mfm or single-pass kfm resistance 1012 ohms to 1012 ohms 10 decades dynamic output information r log r current i/v spectroscopy applications photovoltaic semiconductor oxide characterization all conductive characterization scientec ibérica page 2


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afm -nanoindentation fesem intereferometry profilometry holography thin film measurements magnetometry atomic force microscopy · 5600 ls afm the agilent 5600ls largestage afm is ready to deliver atomic-resolution results the versatile 5600ls is the world s only commercially available afm that allows imaging of both large samples in air and small samples in air or in liquid under temperature control with a 9 micron scanner afm measurement of normal alkanes on graphite obtained in aac mode features benefits fully addressable and programmable 200 mm x 200 mm stage atomic-resolution imaging of a small sample area using afm or stm scanners allows simple point-and-shoot afm imaging based on optical view low-noise afm design guarantees single atomic steps motorized optical focus provides excellent ease of use accurate location mapping 0.5 m precision ensures reproducibility applications semiconductors data storage cd dvd hard drive biological arrays polymers materials science · scanning microwave microscopy smm mode agilent technologies unique scanning microwave microscopy smm mode combines the comprehensive electrical measurement capabilities of a vector network analyzer vna with the outstanding spatial resolution of an atomic force microscope afm sram topography and dc/dv signal scanning microwave microscopy features and benefits provides exceptionally high spatial and electrical resolution offers highest sensitivity and dynamic range in the industry enables complex impedance resistance and reactance calibrated capacitance calibrated dopant density and topography measurements works on all semiconductors si ge iii-v e.g gaas inas gan and ii-vi e.g cdte znse operates at multiple frequencies variable up to 6 ghz does not require an oxide layer applications semiconductors glasses polymers ceramics and metals ferroelectric dielectric and pzt materials organic fi lms membranes and biological samples characterization of interfacial properties and contrast from molecular vibrational modes · mac mode iii kfm/efm agilent s patented mac mode iii is a gentle nondestructive technique for atomic force microscopy afm that has been designed for imaging extremely delicate samples mac mode iii is particularly useful in areas that require high resolution and force sensitivity such as biology polymers and surface science features and benefits allows one-pass multi-channel detection for efm kfm three configurable lock-in amplifiers afford superb versatility multi-frequency range­up to 6 mhz allowing higher harmonic modes built-in q-control further enhances the resonance peak includes acoustic ac aac mode option patented technique optimized for high-resolution afm imaging in fluids si and pt lines topography and surface potential images of si and pt lines on a si substrate courtesy of dr r.berger germany applications semiconductors metals molecular self-assemblies biology photovoltaic scientec ibérica page 3


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afm interferometry profilometry holography thin film measurements magnetometry afm probes appnano probes are compatible with most commercially avaible spms these probes are nano-fabricated using highly doped single crystal silicon with unparalleled reproductibility robustness and sharpness for consistent high resolution imaging capabilities many models are available standard contact tapping mode probe standard electric force mode probe force modulation standard probe mode standard mode non-contact/tapping probes · access series contact non-contact appnano access probes are used in contact and non-contact and allow a direct optical view they compensate the deflection angle for dimensional measurements these probes are nanofabricated using highly doped single crystal silicon with unparalleled reproducibility robustness and sharpness for consistent high resolution imaging · fort act series non-contact fort probes are medium frequency silicon probes designed for tapping non-contact mode applications these probes have a medium spring constant that make them ideally suited for force modulation microscopy act probes are silicon probes designed for tapping non-contact mode applications these probes feature a short cantilever · magt series mfm magt probes are silicon probes specially designed for magnetic force microscopy mfm applications both reflex and tip sides have a layer of magnetic coating our magt probes vary in coercitivity and moment to match different mfm requirements · anscm series efm kfm cafm /resiscope anscm probes are silicon probes with a thin layer of pt/ir coating on both reflex and tip sides of the probes these probes are ideal for electrical force microscopy efm and kelvin force microscopy kfm applications and are available for use in cafm mode · hydra-all series contact hydra-all series probes are designed primarily for imaging soft samples in contact or for force-distance applications but can also be used for imaging samples in noncontact tapping mode in liquid hydra-all probes have 4 v-shaped cantilevers on one chip with differents spring constant · doped diamond series cafm resiscope appnano doped diamond probes offer a unique combination of hardness and conducting tip they are specially designed for electrical measurements based on contact mode the tip side of these probes is coated with polycrystalline diamond the diamond film is in-situ doped with boron to make it highly conducting the reflex side of the cantilever is coated with aluminum these probes are nanofabricated using highly doped single crystal silicon with unparalleled reproducibility and robustness scientec ibérica page 4


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afm -nanoindentation fesem intereferometry profilometry holography thin film measurements magnetometry nanoindentation · g200 nanoindenter the culmination of decades of research and development the agilent nano indenter g200 is the world s most accurate flexible and userfriendly instrument for nanoscale mechanical testing electromagnetic actuation allows the nano indenter g200 to achieve unparalleled dynamic range in force and displacement the nano indenter g200 enables users to measure young s modulus and hardness in compliance with iso 14577 the g200 also enables measurement of deformation over six orders of magnitude from nanometers to millimeters furthermore a variety of options can be added to accommodate applications testing needs the capabilities of the g200 can be extended to facilitate frequency-specific testing quantitative scratch and wear testing integrated probe-based imaging high-temperature testing expanded load capacity up to 10n and customizable test protocols applications semiconductors thin films mems hard coatings dlc fi lms composite materials fibers polymers metals ceramics biomaterials biology features benefits access to the entire sample tray excellent positional accuracy easy viewing of sample position and sample work area simplicity in sample height adjustment speeds test throughput modern electronics interface extends system life and optimizes upgrades iso 14577 conformance ensures data integrity optimized lateral footprint conserves lab space fe-sem · 8500 fe-sem the new agilent 8500 fe-sem offers researchers a field emission scanning electron microscope fe-sem right in their own laboratory this compact innovative system has been optimized for low-voltage imaging extremely high surface contrast and resolution typically found only in much larger and more expensive field emission microscopes the 8500 is easy to install and use no dedicated facilities are required only an ac power outlet about the size of a laser printer the scientific grade system provides capabilities to researchers in ordinary labs that previously were only available with conventional fe-sems installed in centralized facilities the 8500 has been engineered to deliver consistent reproducible performance and the industry s lowest total cost of ownership for a fe-sem applications polymers thin films biomaterials nonconductive samples energy-sensitive materials glass substrates features benefits resolution and imaging equal to that of conventional fe-sems variable low voltage eliminates charging and the need for sample coating programmable x y z stage allows user to set precise coordinates scan and save information miniature electrostatic lens design ensures repeatable performance without constant re-tuning compact size enables easy installation in any research laboratory and does not require special facilities scientec ibérica page 5


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afm interferometry profilometry holography thin film measurements magnetometry interferometry · microxam 100 low cost 3d optical profilometer the microxam-100 3d surface profiler and optical interferometer complement our optical surface profilometer portfolio by combining white light and phase-shifting optical interferometry for precise non-destructive 3d surface profilometer that are internally and permanently referenced to a standard wavelength of light the 3d surface profilers and optical inteferometer system provide precise high-resolution non-contact 3d surface profiles of both smooth and rough surfaces the intuitive windows user interface allows simple and reproducible program navigation applications surface texture precision step height surface form thin film stress biological mems 3d imaging materials specifications 250 m closed loop vertical range psi phase and vsi mode vertical 100mm x 100mm manual sample positioning stage optional 100mm x 100mm motorized stage solid state light source optional stitching and auto alignment of images features benefits easy sample navigation full 3d rendering ability with profil extraction meets calculations for roughness wavines step height geometry laser scribe line on glass · microxam 1200 3d non-contact profilometer the microxam 1200 is an optical surface profiler that supports a wide range of surface topography applications the system enables measurement of step heights for complex mems structures quantification of surface texture of biomedical devices and control of laser texture bump profiles on hard drive disk media proprietary software allows stitching of multiple images for macro-analysis and calculation of 2d and 3d surface parameters such as volume and area differences specifications calibrated accuracy better than 0.1 objectives range from 2.5x to 50x rms repeatability 0.7Å lateral surface sampling 0.11 to 8.8 mm field-of-view 10mm to 60µm digitized resolution 1000x1000 pixels repeatable measurements of step heights from a nanometer 001 micron or 10 Å up to 10.3 millimeters applications fibre-optic coupler face bio-medical stents implants mems packaging ­ film paper dental hard disks micro-lenses tribology volume analysis features benefits can measure rough or smooth surfaces large dynamic range with high resolution generally insensitive to changes in the material index can also be used to create images that are in focus over the entire field advanced automated stitching capability scientec ibérica page 6


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afm interferometry profilometry holography thin film measurements magnetometry digital holographic microscopy · dhm 1000 family 3d high resolution dhm 1000 family are new generations of patented microscopes for 3d real-time optical topography the ultimate solution in high precision microscopy combining simultaneously 3d high resolution real-time imaging robust stable and easy to use digital holographic microscopy dhm generates in real-time high resolution 3d digital images of a sample using the principle of holography holograms are generated by combining a coherent reference wave with the wave received from a specimen they are recorded by a video camera and transmitted to a computer for real-time numerical reconstruction applications cellular biology bio chips bio sensors mems moems micro optics micro technology semi conductor nano technology features benefits non-contact non-invasive powerful software for analysis real-time imaging very fast screening of your sample dynamic measurements robust stable and easy to use for demanding r&d applications and routine inspections · dhmr2000 real-time 3d microscopy the dhm r2000 enables real-time measurement extended to 15 m high steps keeping nanometer vertical resolution a new level is reached for real-time measurements in interference microscopy the dhm r2200 family performs measurements at two wavelengths simultaneously its innovating optical schema is composed of two nested dhm with common object path and camera and holds three light sources this unique feature offered by dhms principle provides a dual wavelength real-time measurement mode with two synthetic wavelengths application mems moems micro-optics microtechnology specifications dual wavelength mode keep the speed and ease-of-use three light sources higher vertical range mapping keep the vertical resolution features benefits real-time imaging robust stable high resolution non-contact strictly non-invasive cost effective solution user-friendly powerful 3d software wide objective choice motorized intensity balancing automatic coherence compensation autofocus stitching automation no calibration comfortable coherence length scientec ibérica page 7


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afm intereferometry profilometry holography thin film measurements magnetometry thin film measurements · f20 single-spot measurements f20s are general-purpose film thickness measurement instruments and are used in thousands of applications worldwide thickness and refractive index can be measured in less than a second like all of our thickness measurement instruments the f20 connects to the usb port of your windowstm computer and sets up in minutes the different f20 instruments are distinguished primarily by the thickness measurement range which in turn is determined by the instrument s wavelength range applications semiconductor optical coating liquid crystal display biomedical features benefits built-in online diagnostics standalone software included sophisticated history function for saving reproducing and plotting result free software updates · f40 microscopic-spot measurements the f40 product family is for applications that require a spot size as small as 1 micron for most microscopes the f40 simply attaches to the c-mount adapter which is the industry standard for video camera mounting the f40 comes complete with an integrated color video camera that allows exact monitoring of the film thickness measurement spot thickness and index can be measured in less than a second like all of our tabletop film thickness measurement instruments the f40 connects to the usb port of your windowstm computer and sets up in minutes applications semiconductor optical coating liquid crystal display biomedical features benefits turns your microscope into a thin-film thickness measuring tool combines spectral reflectance with advanced analysis software for a multipurpose thickness measurement tool · f50 automated film thickness mapping the filmetrics f50 family of products can map film thickness as quickly as two points per second a motorized r-theta stage accepts standard and custom chucks for samples up to 450mm in diameter map patterns can be polar rectangular or linear or you can create your own with no limit on the number of measurement points dozens of pre-defined map patterns are supplied the f50 film thickness mapping system connects to the usb port of your windowstm computer and can be set up in minutes the different f50 instruments are distinguished primarily by thickness and wavelength range generally shorter wavelengths e.g f50-uv are required measurement of thinner films while longer wavelengths allow measurement of thicker rougher and more opaque films applications semiconductor optical coating liquid crystal display biomedical features benefits automated thin-film thickness mapping system combines spectral reflectance with advanced analysis software to measure one and two-layer films scientec ibérica page 8


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afm intereferometry profilometry holography thin film measurements magnetometry mechanical profilometry · p16 high resolution surface profiler the p-16 surface profiler provides detailed 2d or 3d analysis of surface tomography for a variety of surface wafers mems this device uses a diamond stylus for advanced profiling applications specifications classic contact profiling step heigh repeatability variable measurement head configuration top side views optics hardware stage configuration long scan up to 200mm 2d or 3d stress analysis applications semiconductors data storage mems materials science optoelectronics features benefits 2-d line profiles 3-d mapping low force option extended 1 mm range z long scan 200 mm length x 20 site sequencing line/map capability · alpha step iq 2d surface profiler applications thin film and deposits displays sims craters mems optoelectronics ceramics roughness data storage the alpha-step iq is the last mecanic profiler of alpha-step series this device combines high measurement precision with versatility and economy ideal for applications such as pilot lines and materials research measurement of step height or roughness this advanced profiler enables faster process learning and higher yields specifications metrologic measurement of step height and roughness 0,8 nm or 0.1 1 s of repeatability on step height up to 10 mm scan length up to 2 mm in z-direction measurement software production research automatizable and personalized report features benefits two-dimensional analysis easy-to-use excellent repeatability reproducibility sufficient vertical range for large topography variations comprehensive process control and trend plotting features · d120 2d/3d surface profiler the alphastep® d-120 system provides the widest range of application specific capabilities including a maximum 1.2 millimeter z range sub-angstrom resolution 6 angstrom step height repeatability motorized x-y stages and many other features with its motorized 150 x 178mm x-y stages the alphastep® d-120 can be programmed to automatically make multiple measurements at different locations on the sample as an added feature the d-120 incorporates a 4x motorized zoom camera for highly versatile sample visualization for the researcher as well as the process engineer the alphastep® d-120 delivers great performance with outstanding value specifications 30 mm scan length z sensor range up to 1.2 mm 140mm manual sample positioning stage force control 0.03mg ­ 10mg windows xp vista and windows 7 compatible applications surface texture precision step height surface form thin film stress biological mems 3d imaging material characterization features benefits ideal for both laboratory and manufacturing environment 5 angström step height repeatability easy-to-use software for thin film stress measurement and 3d rendering low force stylus 0.03-10mg thin film stress measurements scientec ibérica page 9


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afm interferometry profilometry holography thin film measurements magnetometry optical profilometry · if-edgemaster the if-edgemaster is an optical 3d measurement device to automatically measure cutting tools regardless of type size material or surface finish the robust technology of focus-variation delivers stable and traceable measurements also in a production near environment wear analysis measurement of form deviations as well as the automatic actual/target comparison of the actual geometry and cad dataset are typical applications features benefits optimized illumination fully automated efficiency in production without pre-treatment traceable roughness measurement results high measurement point density applications inserts drills millers transparent provable quality assurance users automatically measure wear and form deviations to a cad-dataset or a target geometry · if-toolprecision if-toolprecision is a cutting edge measurement device to automatically measure shaft tools the system is optimized to measure taps it is a coordinate measurement device surface measurement device contour and roundness measurement device in only one system users measure up to 30 parameters throughout the 360° rotation of the tools applications drills millers traceable optical roughness measurements also at complex and difficult to access positions features benefits intuitively operated no time consuming calibration routines registered color information tool optimization production integrated quality assurance automatic mode · if-sensorr25 if-sensorr25 is an optical 3d measurement tool for automatic surface measurement in production the measurement sensor is integrated directly into a production line this device combines the features of a surface measurement device and coordinate measurement technology users measure roughness form and orientation automated with only one system even large measurement areas are measured in high resolution and high speed features benefits flanks of up to 86 varying reflective properties color information according to requirements applications various component geometries optimizing production processes the if-sensorr25 enables measuring surface details that are difficult to access such as geometries with steep flanks applications microstructured geometries in production sizes forms materials cutting edge micro precision medicaltechnology material science paper and print industry scientec ibérica page 10


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afm interferometry profilometry holography thin film measurements magnetometry luxmetres-chromametres optical profilometry · infinitefocussl new alicona infinity focus systems are very robust and reliable optical profilers based on the focus variation technology the systems are easy to use and allow to inspect the surface for defect analysis to measure form and roughness with just one system combining in one an optical motorized microscope a rugosimeter and a coordinate machine all truly traceable and with no contact with the sample infinity focus technology allows steep flanks and impossible geometries to measure and also to measure parts in a complete 360 degrees the system provides a 3d measure easily converted in cad data for production control or reverse engineering activities it is a powerful metrological 3d profiler for surface characterization r&d and quality control users measure form and roughness with only one system infinitefocus combines the functionalities of a coordinate measurement system with infinitefocus measures flanks with 85° and more also geometries with strong reflections are measured repeatably all measurements include true color information focus-variation is certified to the latest en iso standard 25178 with every measurement value users gain information about the measurement features benefits measure form and roughness with one system traceable roughness measurements fast intuitive measurements real 3d 360º measurements direct cad data from the tool measure steep angles edges and flanks up to 80º applications automotive and aircraft components cutting tools molding /plastic/laser texturing medical/forensic paper and print corrosion studies address scientec has the pleasure to welcome paco martinez as the local applications manager for scientec ibérica paco with a strong background in spm measurements joins the iberian team to reinforce the proximity follow up and response time to our customers in spain and portugal scientec france bâtiment le cèdre 17 avenue des andes 91491 les ulis france tél +33 01 64 53 27 00 scientec iberica c rufino sánchez 83 28290 las rozas phone +34 918 42 94 67 mobile 610453275 the best cost effective solution scientec ibérica page 11



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