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dig safe confined spaces


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dig safe suction of any kind of material solid liquid and muddy 150 m distance 30 m depth the gerotto federico suction excavators made by the german company rsp gmbh are technologically advanced machines able to suck any kind of material solid liquid and muddy with a maximum diameter of 250 mm at a distance of 150 m and up to 30 m deep the patented air filtration system up to 0.2 micron ensures a non-stop suction without dust dispersal.


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dig safe suction excavator advantages reduction in excavation time section and volume no breakage of pre-existing pipes dry excavation only one mean to suck and load cleaner road surface only one operator no sparks dig with antistatic hose precise excavation and in depth less obstruction of the road cleaner working site application elds maintenance work safe leakages detection on water gas and sewer pipes excavation among operating tanks discarded pipes detection roadsides and drains cleaning pre-drilling to place pipes and valves trench shoring


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suction of any material solid liquid and muddy technical features air channel micromesh filter tank boom for controlling hose movement hose separation chamber socket fan telescoping legs the suction excavator works with an air ow volume up to 44.000 m³ air h and a maximum vacuum of 55.000 pa generated by turbines the material is sucked up in the container which has a capacity of 8 m³ the unloading can be side tipping in containers or directly in big bag through the gerotto mobile bagging machine thanks to this new technology it is possible to perform cleanings emptying environmental reclamation from the initial suction digging phase to the bagging one without any emissions and in complete safety conditions for the operators just using the remote control the operator activates the opening and closing valves of the outfall avoiding dust emission and sills onto the earth for more info the direct unloading in the big bag is made by using the mobile bagging machine.


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confined space work in confined and polluted spaces la nostra sicurezza si spiega con i numeri no man entry the suction excavator sucks the material generating an air exchange up to 44.000 m³ air h inside the place to be reclaimed this technology authorizes any cleaning and maintenance works in polluted or confined spaces and where the operators are exposed to poisoning risk due to toxic or harmful fumes such as in silos tanks tunnels pipes and sewers these operations are often performed together with the gerotto rc miniexcavators.


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confined space advantages of suction excavator in con ned spaces video control from outside radio control operations safety continuous ventilation miniexcavator for suction excavator and vacuum tracks dry excavation means less material to be disposed of non-destructive excavation no man entry optional special rubber hose with certification of electric resistivity r<1 mohm atex device for grounding connection of rsp suction excavator gas detection system for flammable gas loading of adr at-fl-ox material kit activated carbon hepa filters application elds industrial cleanings scrubber environmental remediation sewer cleaning tank cleaning safety operations in petrochemical plants refractory material removal sand suction from blasting catalysts operation under pipeline manhole uncovering tanks


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work in confined and polluted spaces technical features gerotto miniexcavators replace the manual operations in order to prevent worker exposure to contaminated material ensuring safety in the suction phase gerotto miniexcavators are tracked remote operated operating by hydraulic unit and connected to a suction excavator or a vacuum track they can also move the material and suction it directly in the container gatto lombrico rc dozer bruco lavaspyra big surfaces cleaning the option lavaspyra placed at the back of the suction excavator is used for high-pressure washings it breaks up and suctions any kind of material sedimented on the road surface lavaspyra gerotto applications and uses roadways big factories steel mills foundries wire drawing factories mines harbours and quay cleanings unloading ships with hopper reducing pollutants and particulate reducing pm10 in urban areas highways airport runways and taxyways antiskid hot-mix cleaning sound proof hot-mix cleaning operations after natural disaster such as oods for more info


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gerotto federico srl via croce 26 35011 campodarsego pd italy tel +39 049 5564422 fax +39 049 5564784 www.suction-excavator.com marketing@suction-excavator.com www.gerotto.it www.escavatorigerotto.it all images and information in this brochure are only approximate gerotto reserves the rights to make any changes in the products without prior notice all partial and total reproduction of the catalogue is strictly forbidden



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