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who we are grupo biobras was created in brazil by executives with vast experience in the ethanol sugar and commodity markets in the last few years the corporation has distributed high quality ethanol for several uses through the worldwide logistical chain of the group as well increasing its participation in the environmental business areas what we do a combination of strategic alliances long-term tankage contracts and market expertise has turned the group into one of the main players in the growing ethanol and biofuel markets with offices in belo horizonte são paulo london amsterdam and las vegas as a result of this successful partnership between our suppliers and logistic partners grupo biobras supplies directly major ethanol end-users through a distribution network in 3 different continents with a year global sales volume exceeding 70.000 metric tones which 90 of this volume is supplied from brazilian origin our priority we define ourselves as a company committed to quality and in agreement with our strategy we have evolved constantly improving in all the fields of our activity since our beginnings we have accomplished a clear objective a formation of a business group who is a leader in what we are intent to do and a provider of highest quality services and products our priority is to meet our client s needs for which we present all the technical and human resources necessary at every moment innovative environmental networks have empowered our business worldwide grupo biobras a credible corporation credible company established in 2006 with worldwide contacts of buyers sellers and transporters through south america brazil usa eu africa india south-east asia and the far east we are able to meet your requirements credible people long lasting relationships between our customers and partners are based on the quality of our people trust is everything in our business credible products our depth in terms of being a global leading ethanol distributor is coupled with supplying niche and specialized ethanol products credible services our corporation currently has several market niches from purchase and sales of bio-fuels to other sectors related to the environment such as wind farms and solar power plants projects advanced water treatments etc making brazil and the world a great and vast storehouse of opportunities.


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expertise areas once started its operations the group created in 2008 the subsidiary biobras trading a company specialized in various commodities established to meet the global demand for food iron precious metals and byproducts derived from the production process of biofuels such as crude glycerin sugar cane bagasse among others in 2011 grupo biobras expanded its business in areas related to the environment creating the company bcm ambiental which operates in wind farm and solar power plant projects water and industrial effluents treatment using the latest biotechnology available our aim is to generate and develop a better and clean future providing for the world sources of clean and renewable energy contributing to the development and quality of life worldwide presence profile grupo biobras is a privately held and has as main activity the commercialization of ethanol and sugar worldwide history in 2006 grupo biobras was created with the intention of representing small and mediumsized ethanol plants with a focus on sales to the domestic and foreign markets mission grupo biobras aims to generate through vertical integration of its network chain value in a sustainable manner based on ability on logistics business experience and excellence in services.


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about ethanol ethanol is a versatile substance it is easily mixable with water and a range of other liquids and has excellent solvent properties beyond its historical role in the production of drinks ethanol has multiple roles today it is an attractive clean burning fuel used neat or as an additive ethanol or ethyl alcohol is part of the family of alcohols methanol propanol and butanol it is a flammable colourless volatile and slightly toxic liquid with a very distinctive odour our ethanol is traditionally produced biologically by the fermentation of sugar ­ making it a chemical compound known to civilization for several millennia beer brewing drawing on the fermentation of sugar has been documented as far back as ancient mesopotamia although the egyptians were the first to develop an actual distillation process today ethanol can also be produced synthetically from petrochemical feedstock different grades of ethanol are used in different applications lowgrade or bad taste alcohol is suitable for heating applications highpurity fermentation alcohol is valuable in the production of white alcohol brands liqueurs and aperitifs synthetic alcohol is never used in the drinks industry some applications may require alcohol to be rectified through an additional distillation process dehydrated or denatured to gasoline it can also be used for heating a powerful solvent it is widely used in several industrial applications it is widely used in the production of cosmetic toiletries perfumes and aerosols a reliable antiseptic it has several pharmaceutical applications it is a staple of the food industry notably for the production of vinegar often viewed as an industrial application


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for biofuels bioethanol a clean-burning fuel and good octane booster produced from renewable resources is one of grupo biobras strongest areas of expertise it is in fact where we started bolstering ethanol supply in brazil s pioneering nation-wide bioethanol programme ethanol quality certificates from grupo biobras bioethanol is being promoted as a fuel by many countries due to the increasing significance of climate issues high petrol prices and energy independence efforts as a result the worldwide production of bioethanol tripled between 2002 and 2008 bioethanol is produced in approximately 75 countries with the united states and brazil accounting for around 90 of the total production in emerging and developing countries bioethanol is an important growth market that also provides many jobs today energy strategies around the world rely on biofuels such as bioethanol to boost the sustainability of their energy blends manage costs and reduce their dependence on imports grupo biobras distribution business unit via global subsidiaries specialized in ethanol distribution supports customers all around the world with tailored distribution and value-added services for the blending conditioning and delivery of fuel ethanol bioethanol is mainly used in combination with gasoline in low blends up to 25 ethanol in high blends usually at 85 ethanol e85 are increasingly used in flexfuel vehicles which can run with any ethanol and gasoline blends.


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for industry in general ethanol is used in a surprisingly diverse range of industrial applications as a powerful solvent ethanol is widely used for example in the production of lacquers paints and inks or as a co-product for anti-freeze and windscreen wash liquids and household products such as detergents and air fresheners the cosmetics industry also uses ethanol in the production of toiletries perfumes and aerosols but ethanol is not only an excellent solvent it is also a reliable antiseptic ­ making it particularly relevant to the pharmaceutical industry applications here range from to disinfectants hand sanitisers and medical wipes to drugs such as medicated sprays or syrups ethanol is an ideal carrier for fragrances the various ingredients in grupo biobras supports industrial partners globally by supplying a full range of ethanol grades and blends tailored to specific needs it is a point of pride for us to supply exact products needed optimally packaged and delivered to meet specific industrial requirements and because we maintain substantial stocks of all the grades and blends you are most likely to need we help to ensure continuity of supply depending on its use corresponding denaturants are added to the ethanol perfumes deodorants after-shaves etc can easily be diluted in ethanol generally our regular grade is sufficient depending on how precious a perfume is to be for example a regular neutral grade is used or even a extra-high quality ethanol such ethanol is virtually odourless the cosmetics industry uses ethanol in the manufacture of perfumes and personal care products absolute ethanol has played an important medical role for centuries as a disinfectant for the skin and wounds the pharmaceutical industry therefore uses it not only in the production of medicines but also in large quantities in the manufacture of disinfectants.


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for food industry ethanol serves as a raw material for manufacturing and diluting flavourings and essences that are used to flavour mineral water milk products and pastries for example in addition ethanol is used as a preservative in foods such as puddings creams pralines bakery products dough etc ethanol also can be used in the making of table vinegar the spirits industry buys high-quality ethanol for making creams or liqueurs from fruits berries or plants ethanol is also used in the production of certain distilled spirits such as raspberry eau de vie and gentian schnapps for example which are made by fermenting the fruit or root and then distilling ethanol is also the basis for bitter liqueurs and aperitifs all ethanol grades used in the food industry and spirits are gmo free this means that the agricultural raw materials are gmo free too kosher versions of all the grades mentioned are also available but ethanol is never just ethanol whether a low grade for heating a higher grade for pharmaceutical antiseptic products or the finest purest grade needed for a truly outstanding brand of vodka it could be a steady supply of anhydrous fermentation grades for use in biofuels you need or a denatured blend specifically suited to the production of a world-famous fragrance or you may want us to provide specific assurances with regard to the product and its handling for a range of kosher gourmet pickles in every case anticipating diverse needs is what we do best adding to an extensive choice of grades we take customization a step further by blending and conditioning ethanol products to your specification with decades of experience and our in-depth understanding of national and sector-specific regulations and requirements we can produce and deliver the exact ethanol product you need grupo biobras production business unit specializes in the sourcing and production of ethanol for multiple food industrial and fuel applications to guarantee continuity of supply and our flexibility in responding to changing market conditions we maintain substantial stocks at all times with stock partly produced within our own industrial units partly sourced from outside.


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worldwide delivery grupo biobras distribution business unit via global subsidiaries specialized in ethanol distribution supports customers all around the world with tailored distribution and value-added services for the blending conditioning and delivery of ethanol we will blend denature package and deliver ethanol to precise specifications specialized logistics are one of our strongest assets designed and operated by teams of dedicated highly qualified operational experts whether for a single liter of a specific medical grade or several thousand cubic meters of anhydrous bioethanol for a fuel application our teams will find the best way to deliver your order ­ by road rail or sea ­ to wherever you need it what s more when we give you a delivery date and time for your ethanol we meet it grupo biobras buys from medium and high sized ethanol plants in brazil with our supplier chain we are able to fulfill our client s needs for ethanol even if you are a client for just one isotank or an entire bulk vessel some of our suppliers have 130 years of experience on the sugar and ethanol markets some others plays directly with our subsidiary biobras trading in the demands of huge quantities of ethanol fuel.


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sugar the sugar diversity that the mills provided grupo biobras by its subsidiary biobras trading directly is made from sugar cane in crystallized form after clarification of sugarcane juice by physical-chemical treatments evaporation crystallization centrifugation and drying used mainly as a sweetener in the food industry in general sugar vhp very high polarization this sugar is used as raw material for the production of refined sugar or other manufacturing processes in order to transform it into different types of sugar for consumption white crystal sugar this sugar is used for direct consumption and manufacturing processes of products packed in bags of 50 kg about 80 of our sales are for the foreign markets the rest is destined to our internal market.


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crude glycerine glycerine is a clear colorless odorless viscous liquid with a sweet taste derived from petrochemical and natural feedstocks with the latter obtained from animal fat and vegetable oil products from grains the market pays a premium for the kosher vegetable and usp natural glycerine there are over 2,000 established uses for glycerine in the drug food beverage chemicals and synthetic material industries it is used in cosmetics toiletries sweeteners solvents softening agents cough syrups surface coatings paints and many other products as a trade company grupo biobras by its subsidiary biobras trading is capable to find the right supplier for its client s needs we export various grades of crude glycerin 100 vegetable origin or mixed with animal fat glycerin the byproduct of biodiesel production besides the fuel itself the transesterification process produces glycerol a mixture of glycerin with residues of alcohol and soda pure byproduct can be used as soap or degreaser after being purified glycerin has several noble uses including the production of cosmetics and the use in the pharmaceutical industry it is also used as acaricide there are companies that use it as fuel in boilers as well exportations of crude glycerin is an outstanding financial opportunity for the country due to brazil s huge agronomic potential and to the number of manufacturing plants available for the production of biodiesel and consequently crude glycerin the main raw material utilized in the production of brazil´s biodiesel is soybean oil soybean oil is also the only vegetal oil which is readily available to supply the industry in large quantities while yielding a low manufacturing cost some other materials such as the sunflower oil yield low availability with a higher production cost there are still some raw materials which provide technical production issues such as animal grease and others thus been unfit for the mass production of biodiesel and its byproduct crude glycerin.


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carnauba wax carnauba also called brazil wax and palm wax is a wax of the leaves of the palm copernicia prunifera a plant native to and grown only in the northeastern brazilian states of piauí ceará and rio grande do norte it is known as queen of waxes and in its pure state usually comes in the form of hard yellow-brown flakes it is obtained from the leaves of the carnauba palm by collecting and drying them beating them to loosen the wax then refining and bleaching the wax carnauba consists mostly of aliphatic esters 40 wt diesters of 4-hydroxycinnamic acid21.0 wt -hydroxycarboxylic acids 13.0 wt and fatty acid alcohols 12 wt the compounds are predominantly derived from acids and alcohols in the c26-c30 range distinctive for carnauba wax is the high content of diesters as well as methoxycinnamic acid grupo biobras carnauba wax is sold in several grades labeled t1 t2 and t4 depending on the purity level purification is accomplished by filtration centrifugation and bleaching carnauba wax can produce a glossy finish and as such is used in automobile waxes shoe polishes dental floss food products such as sweets instrument polishes and floor and furniture waxes and polishes especially when mixed with beeswax and with turpentine use for paper coatings is the most common application in the united states it was commonly used in its purest form as a coating on speedboat hulls in the early 60 s to enhance speed aid in handling in salt water environments it is also the main ingredient insurfboard wax combined with coconut oil because of its hypoallergenic and emollient properties as well as its shine carnauba wax appears as an ingredient in many cosmetics formulas where it is used to thicken lipstick eyeliner mascara eye shadow foundation deodorant various skin care preparations sun care preparations etc it is also used to make cutler s resin grupo biobras prioritizes the development of the products in order to achieve the highest levels of customers satisfaction and reliability aiming to ensure preference and brand loyalty the company actions are based on the correct obedience to the legislation applicable to the product and commitments towards the customers grupo biobras researches product and process developments are essential for the company to reach high quality levels.


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grupo biobras alameda das falcatas 630 belo horizonte brazil zipcode 31275-070 phone +55 31 4103 5547 +55 31 31 3275 2232 e-mail web



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