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practice tests student s book this is one of a series of three practice test books written and designed for efl teachers preparing their students for the national foreign language exams in english leading to the state certificate of language proficiency kpg work for this series has been carried out within the framework of the project entitled differentiated and graded national foreign language exams greek acronym diapeg which is co-financed by the european union and greece with the purpose to support and further develop the national foreign language exam system of greece more specifically it has been carried out as a deliverable of subproject 10 entitled linking foreign language education in school with the national language exams on the basis of which a similar series will be produced for the german and spanish exams isbn 978-960-98961-5-3 © rcel 2012 editors bessie dendrinos bessie mitsikopoulou test task writers members of the rcel test development team with contributions from antigone bratsoli general editorial assistants athina harami margarita leonti reading test editorial assistant virginia blani writing test editorial assistants margarita leonti maria stathopoulou listening test editorial assistant elisabeth apostolou audio text speakers sophie athanasiadis georgia brazioti cindy camatsos mary drosou mark hoy marcia israilidis nadia kougkli jane mandalios susan moutsouroufi luke prodromou ian robertson vasilios zorbas technical support dimitris paras book cover design and interior layout christina frantzeskaki practice tests design christina frantzeskaki anna maragkoudaki


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practice tests contents practice test 1 module 1 reading comprehension module 2 writing module 3 listening comprehension module 4 speaking student s book 6 7 15 17 20 practice test 2 module 1 reading comprehension module 2 writing module 3 listening comprehension module 4 speaking 24 25 33 35 38 practice test 3 module 1 reading comprehension module 2 writing module 3 listening comprehension module 4 speaking 42 43 50 52 55 practice test 4 module 1 reading comprehension module 2 writing module 3 listening comprehension module 4 speaking 59 60 68 70 73 practice test 5 module 1 reading comprehension module 2 writing module 3 listening comprehension module 4 speaking 77 78 86 88 91 practice test 6 module 1 reading comprehension module 2 writing module 3 listening comprehension module 4 speaking 95 96 103 105 108 b level english in school 4


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practice tests practice test 7 module 1 reading comprehension module 2 writing module 3 listening comprehension module 4 speaking student s book 113 114 123 125 128 practice test 8 module 1 reading comprehension module 2 writing module 3 listening comprehension module 4 speaking 132 133 140 142 145 b level english in school 5


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ministry of education lifelong learning and religious affairs english language certification practice test 1


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practice test 1 module 1 activity 1 1.1 read the text about the world s oldest person and choose the best answer a b or c for item 1 1 the text is about someone who a was the world s oldest person b will be the world s oldest person c may have been the world s oldest person volume no 1 issue no 36 wednesday january 29 2003 world s oldest person turns 128 by thomson fontaine dominicans yesterday celebrated the birthday of the world s oldest living person elizabeth ma pampo israel who turned 128 unfortunately the guinness book of world records has not officially recognized ma pampo since they are still checking the facts a certificate has been issued by the roman catholic church with her birth date stated as january 27 1875 but since it is not an official record it cannot be used to confirm the claim the claim was further thrown into doubt when it was learned that at some point in her life she was called minetta george guinness officials have said that it is important to clarify these issues before ma pampo can be given the title of the oldest person on earth born in portsmouth dominica and the daughter of slaves she started working on a plantation at the age of 25 and retired 79 years later ma pampo says the reason for her long life is her diet including lots of dumplings cooked food made from flour and water and bush tea she has survived her husband and two children dominica s largely untouched and unspoilt environment which is still unpolluted has been given as the main reason for longevity on the island editor s note since the publication of this article in january 2003 ma pampo died in october of that year without ever being recognised as the world s oldest person by the guinness book of world records unfortunately her death came before the scientific community could confirm her age 1.2 read the text again and choose the best answer a b or c for items 2-6 2 who says ma pampo is the oldest person on earth a the church b people in her country c the guinness book of records c they will give ma pampo the title c she ate the right kind of food 3 what is the position of the guinness book of records a they refuse to give ma b they want to check the pampo the title facts 4 what is ma pampo s explanation for her long life a she worked hard all her life b she ate lots of cooked food 5 ma pampo s husband is a still alive a of the clean atmosphere b younger than her b the country has a small population 6 why do people in dominica live a long time because c the people live in a happy society c dead b level english in school 7


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practice test 1 module 1 activity 2 match the underlined words in the text below items 7-11 with a word that has a similar meaning in this context options a-f there is one option you do not need a purpose b idea c skills d behaviour e success f poor performance articles 36 school reports `not tough enough report school reports are often not honest enough and give parents the wrong impression of their children s 7 ability according to a study published in the journal education today the authors of the study say teachers sometimes do not know how to write reports they usually don t understand the 8 aim of the report school reports should help pupils improve their work but many teachers do not give a clear 9 picture of the pupil s strengths and 10 weaknesses `many reports are too positive and pupils often think their grades are better than they really are there is a problem at both primary and secondary school where teachers need more support with how to write reports teachers discuss children s marks with parents but it is difficult to be honest face-to-face some children not only fail to do well on tests but also have 11 discipline problems activity 3 read the story below and for each gap 12-16 choose the best option a-f use each option only once there is one option you do not need a up b away c from d by e on f round the farmer and the snake there was a farmer and his wife who had a son they were very fond of their only child one day the son trod on a snake s tail 12 accident the snake turned 13 bit him and he died the father was very angry so he got his axe and cut off the snake s tail the snake in revenge began stinging several of the farmer s cattle well the farmer thought it best to make it 14 with the snake and offered it food and honey to eat let s forget and forgive said the farmer perhaps you were right to punish my son and take revenge 15 my cattle but surely i was right in trying to take revenge for my child now that we are both satisfied why should we not be friends again no no said the snake take 16 your gifts you can never forget the death of your son nor i the loss of my tail the moral injuries may be forgiven but not forgotten b level english in school 8


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practice test 1 module 1 activity 4 4.1 read the text below and choose the best answer a b or c for item 17 b to give the scientists view of gm c to persuade the reader to avoid gm food 17 the text was probably written to a to give the reader more information about gm genetically modified food faqs q what is genetically modified food a gm means scientists have changed the genetic structure of food in order to make it look nice to help it fight disease and to give it a longer life q how is gm food made a gm food is made by taking genes dna from one organism and putting it into another for example natural potatoes are mixed with chicken genes or tomatoes are mixed with fish genes q so what s the problem with gm a many people feel we have not done enough research into gm they say we need to know more because the food chain could be in danger if we make a mistake it could be bad for future generations q what can we as consumers do about gm a if you grow your own food in your own garden you are very lucky but if like most people you buy your food in a supermarket you should check the label about 50 of the food we buy has soya in it a lot of the soya in food is genetically modified the problem is that the label does not always tell you exactly what the food contains q do people want gm food a 70 of people when asked usually say they do not want gm food why because they say no-one knows what the long-term effects of gm will be we are creating a frankenstein that we will not be able to control b level english in school 9


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practice test 1 module 1 4.2 read the text again and choose the best answer a b or c for items 18-20 18 why do scientists change the genetic structure of food a to make it taste more b to make it taste nice natural 19 gm food is made by a mixing different vegetables b mixing genes and natural products c to make it last longer c mixing fish and tomatoes 20 what is one disadvantage of gm products a they have damaged the b they can cause disease food chain c we don t know enough about them 4.3 read the text again and decide if the following statements are true a false b or not stated c statements 21 diseases do not affect gm food 22 we need to do more research into gm food 23 we do not yet know all the dangers of gm food 24 the label on supermarket products is not easy to read 25 soya is often genetically modified a true b false c not stated activity 5 5.1 read the text below and choose the best answer a b or c for items 26-29 26 one of the central issues in the text is a mexican-american family traditions 27 a suitable title for this text is a the life of immigrants today 28 the writer a solves the problems latino immigrants face 29 this article a primarily interests linguists b is aimed only at politicians c concerns certain minorities b is against bilingual education in the usa c discusses latino-americans language preferences b spanish takes the backseat c the story of latino-americans b the difficulties in learning spanish c the language preference of immigrant children b level english in school 10


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practice test 1 module 1 when i was growing up there was an issue at home that made everyone uncomfortable my aunt lola used to call it the shame of our family it was a dark secret that my relatives didn t like to talk about although it affected many mexican-american families just like ours the source of this embarrassment was the fact that my brothers and i didn t speak spanish worse we didn t care about speaking spanish my older brother s interest in spanish began and ended with curse words i only learned enough to get good grades in my high school courses and my younger brother didn t learn it at all to this day i m the only one who is proficient not fluent en español as it turns out most families who are descended from latino immigrants share our experience a study published last year in the journal population and development review found that within a few generations of families moving to the usa spanish dies out and english becomes the dominant language among third-generation chicanos 96 prefer to speak english in their homes even in border areas the study found spanish appears to be well on the way to a natural death by the third generation of u.s residence given this reality it s xenophobic to view the spanish language as a threat to american society even so just last weekend newt gingrich denounced bilingual education by saying people should learn the common language of the country the language of prosperity not the language of living in a ghetto his comments are as offensive as they are misguiding according to a 2006 survey by the pew center 57 of hispanics believe that immigrants have to speak english to be part of american society while 41 did not pew centre also found that an overwhelming 92 of latinos thought it was very important for the children of immigrants to be taught english when my grandpa arrived from mexico in 1914 he immediately set about learning the english language so he could find work while my mother grew up in a bilingual neighbourhood household she and her sisters preferred english one generation later my mom was suggesting that i watch the spanish-language news on tv to broaden my vocabulary back then i could not have cared less it was only as an adult that i came to appreciate the beauty of the spanish language gingrich should know better than to demean the native tongue of cervantes lorca and marquez it isn t constructive to promote english by insulting spanish for one language does not have to come at the expense of the other as millions of latinos already know speaking spanish has never taken anything from our proud american experience it has only enriched it b level english in school 11


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practice test 1 module 1 5.2 read the text again carefully and choose the best answer a b or c for items 30-35 30 the family s dark secret was the fact that the children a could not learn spanish b were indifferent to learning spanish b is the dominant language b the language of prosperity of america b understand the importance of learning english b was forced to speak spanish early in life b latinos should only speak english c were not taught spanish 31 within the latino-american community spanish a is slowly replacing english a an important part of education in the usa 33 the majority of latino immigrants a are equally comfortable speaking both languages 34 the author a was initially uninterested in learning spanish 35 the author suggests that a people should study spanish literature c bilinguals can benefit the american society c wanted to learn spanish from a young age c believe that their children should only learn spanish c is not widely spoken c the language spoken in poor neighbourhoods 32 newt gingrich considers the spanish language to be activity 6 read the following extracts 36-41 and decide in which subject area you might see them use each of the options below a-h only once there are two options you do not need a e maths art b f psychology health c g history chemistry d h astronomy computer science 36 mental disorders are marked by disordered thought and communication an equation is a statement that two algebraic expressions are equal 37 38 carbonates are the products formed when both protons are transferred 39 the figure style of the geometric vases reappears on many other objects pope s power was threatened by the growth of nation-states drugs are defined as chemicals intended to affect the structure or function of the body 40 41 b level english in school 12


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practice test 1 module 1 activity 7 7.1 read the text and choose the best answer a b or c for items 42-43 42 the text is probably from a a psychology journal a teenagers deal with the intolerance of their parents b women s magazine b guys and girls understand each other c school newspaper c parents see their children in a different light by rebecca sandy 43 the purpose of this article is to help filling the generation gap ever feel like your parents don t understand you at all i know it sounds horribly stereotypical but you can t deny feeling misunderstood this is common and it isn t just our teen-angst making us feel like a nofx song parents really just don t understand us it is as simple as that this lapse of understanding is mainly due to the rather large generation gap between us and our parents times have changed and for some reason they have a hard time understanding this at times back when they were growing up things that we find socially acceptable were considered horribly inappropriate for example guys and girls just hanging out is a lot more common than in the 60 s and 70 s and don t even get me started on conduct at dances back then a guy politely asked a girl if she would like to dance now they just come up behind a girl grab her and sweep her to the floor and all this while the girl s wondering do i know him is he attractive or what in the older days girls wouldn t have to wildly signal to their friends to help them out of a dance so considering we are a much more desensitized and open generation it is only fair that people who grew up before us may have a hard time comprehending our actions and while i m not trying to completely justify their intolerance we do have to understand that it s just new to them try explaining what you are doing and remind them that times have changed in the nicest way possible of course 7.2 read the text again and choose the best answer a b or c for items 44-46 44 according to the text young people a adopt stereotypical values b believe they are mistreated about life by others 45 the generation gap is due to parents unwillingness to accept a intimacy between the young b social change 46 the way today s teenage boys act at dances is a no different than before b totally inappropriate c feel their parents are intolerant towards them c their children s maturity c as though they won t take `no for an answer b level english in school 13


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practice test 1 module 1 activity 8 complete sentences 47-50 with play and stay expressions a-e there is one option you do not need a stay over b stay away c stay up d play with e play around 47 i am planning to a friend s house tonight 48 i had to until very late last night just to finish this assignment 49 she never allows her younger children to the remote control 50 from me i don t even want to talk to you anymore after what you did activity 9 change the words in column a 51-55 so that they can complete the sentences in column b below column a 51 52 53 54 55 centre popular admission value information column b this piece of evidence is he has gained great you must i am sure he learned a to our case over the years by working very hard to the fact that you were wrong lesson that day i enjoyed the book you gave me and actually found it very activity 10 fill in the blanks with an appropriate word which begins with the given letter and satisfies the meaning of both sentences in every pair 56-60 below 56 a mary knows how to a a work of art b i would a it if you came to work on time a i took a walk along the river b this morning and enjoyed the valley s breathtaking view b i am going to run to the b to check on my account a he did not show any i in this class that is why he failed his exams b make sure you choose a bank which offers a loan with a low i rate a maria is a very b student she excelled in all her classes b many psychologists recommend working in a room with b colors a i heard so much about this youth c downtown i am thinking about joining it b a baseball bat can be equally as dangerous as a c so be very careful not to hurt anyone 57 58 59 60 b level english in school 14


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practice test 1 module 2 activity b1.1 imagine you have been reading a blog where people write about their favourite forms of entertainment shows films songs books etc and why they like them write what your favourite children s story is about and why you like it 80 words the model below will help you to write your own text monday october 17 2011 posted by alex at 09:35 am my favourite play is romeo and juliet by william shakespeare it is about a young couple who fall in love and want to be together but their parents disagree the play shows how their happiness is destroyed by their parents stupidity i think the story is great and the language of the play is very beautiful it is a sad play but there are very beautiful moments in it too especially the scene where the two lovers meet it s a brilliant play 0 comments activity b2.1 imagine that a famous author is coming to your town to promote his new children s story book write an announcement 100 words for your school newspaper informing your schoolmates about the event and urging them to go the hints below will help you where and when the author will appear what the author will do at this event what other activities will take place what prizes will be given away hints b level english in school 15



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