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facebook ad power ryan deiss what we will cover · why now is the time to start using facebook to promote you your products or services · how to laser target your audience with facebook ads · how to create winning ads that t inside facebook s terms of service · how to create landing pages that work with facebook ads · facebook bidding budgeting strategies · plus some sneaky tricks


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let s talk about facebook


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fact #1 facebook gets 39 billion page views per month more that any other website on earth including google fact #2 facebook only has an estimated 1/20th of the advertisers of google less competition


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fact #3 less waste facebook let s you target only the customers most likely to buy your product or service fact #4 facebook is the future of online advertising with 400,000,000 registered users worldwide


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fact #5 more tra c facebook just opened most user pro les to public search adding over 1 billion pages to the search engines fact #6 the bad news facebook is very protective of their user experience maybe even more than google


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let s get started how facebook is different


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facebook advertising is display marketing not search this is search ppc


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this is contextual display advertising here s why this distinction is important


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why people use facebook see what my friends are up to sent a message to someone posted/updated my pro le looked at pro les of people i didn t know searched for someone that i used to know send a friend/connection request listened to music read a blog or journal wrote on someone s pro le page e.g wrote on a wall posted a testimonial watched a video 86 79 70 65 59 53 47 51 55 40 notice nobody said to buy your stu


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your mission to create relevant appealing ads that still get the sale here s why that s easier said than done


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everyone gets a vote facebook s big upsides


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data data data groups communities


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new titan email step #1 ad creation


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your ads must engage users without being too slick


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the creation form is very simple great images make great facebook ads this picture speaks 1000 words to the 25 ­ 45 female market note the question



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