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this is a reminder that students must notify instructors by the end of the second week of classes when they will be observing their religious holidays in fall and spring semesters students fill out their notification forms online below you will find selected screen shots showing what students will see when they go through the process of filling out a notification form and what instructors will see when they access their religious observances roster students students will have update access to the notification form through myslice beginning the first day of classes it will be available through the end of the second week of classes here is what the portal link for my religious observances looks like 1


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students use the landing page below to access screens to add or delete notification and view or update their religious preference as well as accessing links to the religious observances policy and the hendricks chapel website which has information about religious holidays and dates since students will not be able to submit a notification form until the first day of classes the following message appears on this page you are only able to submit and/or delete religious observance notifications during the first two weeks of classes this is the page students use to add a notification following instructions given please take particular note of these two instructions to students if a religious observance takes place over more than one day students are instructed to submit a form for each day students are reminded that this process only provides notification to instructors and that it is their responsibility to make sure they understand each instructor s requirements for making up missed work instructors may of course require that work be submitted prior to rather than after an absence from this screen students may delete a notification if for example they enter an incorrect date or subsequently drop a course they may also view all of the notifications they have submitted 2


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instructors instructors will have access to their religious observance rosters beginning the first day of classes through myslice/faculty services/faculty center access will be continuous after that date although students will not be able to add or delete notifications except during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters the religious observances icon will appear next to a class when any student in that class has submitted a notification form clicking on r next to a class will open a roster of students in that class who have submitted a notification form here is a sample religious observance roster for a class with only one student in that class having submitted a notification form 3


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the event date is the date the student will miss class the student was instructed to enter the religious holiday in the event description so that is what should appear in that box there is a link to the religious observance policy there is also a link to the hendricks chapel website the faith traditions observed by our diverse community include more holidays than can be captured adequately in a list in addition some observances vary by tradition and by country and are defined by the lunar calendar to assist in identifying religious observance days hendricks chapel has compiled a list of religious holidays that reflect a large proportion of the university community and that may or may not fall on university work and class days the chapel also recommends consulting the more comprehensive interfaith calendar and there is a link to that calendar on the hendricks website additional notes due to the tremendous variation in the start and end dates of classes during summer sessions the online notification process will only be available for fall and spring semesters the religious observances policy requires accommodation for the religious holiday itself not for travel days if a student will be observing the holiday elsewhere syllabus reminder the provost asked in his annual academic letter that instructors include in their syllabi information about the religious observances policy and course specific information about expectations for how and when academic requirements will be made up here is sample language su s religious observances policy found at http recognizes the diversity of faiths represented among the campus community and protects the rights of students faculty and staff to observe religious holy days according to their tradition under the policy students are provided an opportunity to make up any examination study or work requirements that may be missed due to a religious observance provided they notify their instructors before the end of the second week of classes for fall and spring semesters an online notification process is available through myslice/student services/enrollment/my religious observances from the first day of class until the end of the second week of class [instructor please add course specific language as appropriate here about how and when academic requirements in your course will be made up questions if you have questions about the religious observances policy or its implementation please contact andria costello staniec associate provost for academic programs at 443-1899 or if you have questions about myslice/faculty services please contact karen merrill registrar s office at 443-3551 or g enmg registrar officewide process documentation student info systems other religious obs notification religious observance notification reminder.docx 4



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