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film the buzz on the film biz getting the motion picture incentive fund the completed picture post the untapped incentive slc airport action stunts in utah access experience production savvy january 2010


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contents we have every conceivable environment that one would hope to create on film we have the crews we have the talent we have the can-do attitude that exists in this state former governor jon huntsman filmut ah president ceo publisher managing editor john corser director of marketing editor tamara pluth art director graphic designer michelle rayner premiere issue jan 2010 02 utah local local contributing editor kathy jarvis contributing writers mike chandle connor rickman stacey turner paul mulder publisher perspective 04 06 10 filmutah office 229 south main street suite 1300 salt lake city ut 84111 801 535 4311 home delivery 801 535 4311 01 incentive money the process of getting money from the state utah action stunt people falling in and falling for utah arrival slc salt lake city airport a production friendly facility with years of experience corser i n c 12 14 16 post production when the shooting stops utah s digital post facilities are ready jan 2010 utah talent the talent pool in utah is unmatched behind and in front of the camera film schools interns abound and will work for school credit


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john corser publisher s note my first film project was in juigalpa nicaragua in 1987 my second a documentary on math education in japan taiwan and china since then i ve produced or directed projects in over 20 countries and all over the united states nearly all of the projects originated in los angels honestly i never expected to leave california but i fell in love and followed a woman to utah and then i fell in love with the state the launch of this magazine is a testament to that devotion having worked on independent and studio productions commercials music videos and practically every other type of motion media production i have lots of experience with varying qualities of crew and equipment i was stunned when i discovered how professional and experienced the crews are here in utah and how often they are the same people i was working with in la in the advertisements in this issue you ll see many la phone prefixes that s because most locals work in or have come from southern california that s the benefit of being only a little more than an hour flight away with over 15 direct flights i have tagged these ads with a local stamp these crew members and production services qualify as qualified expenses for the utah incentive program utah has always been known for exceptional locations add the benefit of a competitive 20 tax incentive and you ll get more in your pocket than other states with higher percentages utah has deep crews equipment and a film friendly state when you need the numbers we will help you do the math i created this publication to actively promote the depth of experience of utah crews the exceptional production service vendors of utah and the outstanding opportunities for producers to maximize their production dollars when shooting here i hope you find this magazine a valuable resource for your upcoming productions i look forward to seeing you in utah 02 jan 2010 john corser publisher john corser is an award-winning producer of commercials music videos features television and documentaries his productions have spanned 20 countries and 5 continents john founded corser inc in los angeles 1991 a motion media production service company specializing in marketing promotions and advertising with offices in los angels ca park city ut denver co and ann arbor mi when john moved his home to utah he immediately recognized utah s outstanding locations and professional crews john founded filmutah in 2009 a non-profit utah corporation dedicated to promoting media professionals in utah through filmutah magazine website and filmutah seminar series


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03 jan 2010


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written by john corser getting tax credit utah offers a refundable tax credit or cash rebate for motion pictures state approved rebate percentages cash rebate 20 project cap of dollars left in state or 20 project cap of dollars left in state no cap 21-jan-10 25-feb-10 25-mar-10 22-apr-10 20-may-10 24-jun-10 4-feb-10 $500,000 goed board meeting 11-feb-10 18-mar-10 15-apr-10 13-may-10 10-jun-10 15-jul-10 utah s natural beauty scenic wonders and diverse topography provide a variety of magnificent settings for a film the experienced and deep crew base provides a valuable and economic asset for any film production incentive process each filmmaker interested in taking advantage of the utah motion picture incentive fund must first submit an application to the utah film commission the application is then sent to the motion picture advisory committee mpac for review approved projects will be sent onto the utah governor s office of economic development goed board for incentive funds to be encumbered all utah film incentives must receive final approval by the utah goed board types of production the motion picture incentive fund is available but not limited to the following production types please contact the utah film commission at 800.453.8824 for questions about your particular project 04 2010 application deadline mpac meeting 11-mar-10 8-apr-10 6-may-10 3-jun-10 8-jul-10 the incentive is disbursed for each project after a certified public accountant c.p.a reviewed rebate report is submitted and to and approved by the governor s office of economic development companies must meet the minimum dollars left in the state to be eligible for the motion picture incentive fund utah s film industry prestigious independent film festivals utah has been featured in over 800 films including if you think we re good with film festivals you should see us with film crews just 35 minutes from salt lake city international airport you ll find great facilities and crews historic main street modern and restored homes and shops and olympic venues visit or call 800.453.1360 1989 2006-2008 at world s end 2007 jan 2010 kid 1969


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ut ah film commission list state film commission utah film commission 800.453.8824 local regional film offices kanab/kane county film commission 800.733.5263 moab film commission 435.259.4341 ogden conventions and visitor bureau 866.867.8824 park city film commission 800.453.1360 st george area convention and visitor bureau 800.869.6635 utah valley film commission 800.222.8824 05 jan 2010


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written by kathy jarvis falling for ut ah a-list stunt people live in utah and it is not just because of the incredible skiing and unmatched scenery it s that utah has a range of extreme sports extreme terrain and extreme facilities from olympic venues to the longest road racing facility in north america from the crystal blue lakes to white water rapids from bleached salt flats to red rock deserts the action is endless utah is the perfect place for honing the skills a stunt professional needs to have an enjoyable life and a successful career the air is clean the mountains are beautiful the traffic is limited so when kathy jarvis a stuntwoman stunt coordinator and action director decides to go skiing mountain biking or white water kayaking it all can be done in a day and i mean all of it in a day there are days when we do 3 diversely different sports because we can and of course learning about and being proficient in a diversity of sports keeps me employed she conveys 06 don shanks has been a predominant figure in the film industry for the past 37 years don shanks is one of the nicest most fit and professional individuals you will meet in the business as well as being a very talented and successful stunt coordinator and stuntman don is also an actor who has played the rolls of michael myers halloween 5 ben willis the fisherman i ll always know what you did last summer and countless roles as an indian which started with the tv series gentle ben kathy whose credits include g.i joe the italian job skeleton key world s fastest indian and of course six days seven nights attributes her career and her diversity of talents to living in utah don has hundreds of credits as a stunt professional as well as an actor and he is still going strong he is admired in the business because of his talents and his love for finding talent and teaching them the business don is a force in the utah film industry and you will know when you are in his presence for he stands over 6 feet and is built out of muscle he attributes his longevity to his workout routine the clean air and the diversity utah offers there are many professional stunties who have homes in utah for these reasons when chris nielsen a stunt professional who s credits include men in black live free or die hard the upcoming the expendables and lots and lots of commercials decides to take a break from his schedule of shooting around the world he comes to utah to enjoy the awesome mountains right outside his home near snowbasin her time off breaks down like this twelve runs in a couple of hours skiing or snowboarding or switching it up then a mountain bike ride lunch and the day is completed by paddling down a river or it may be a dirt bike trip on endless trails from technical single tracks to open dirt roads when it is time to hone the skills on her kawasaki 636 there are plenty of open lots for wheelies and endos then there are the olympic size lap pools ice rinks shooting ranges and motorsports tracks she hits year around credit mark maziarz jan 2010 photo credit mark maziarz


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continued falling for ut ah the quick commute big mountains and the greatest snow on earth keep chris happy and allow him the space to decompress after long days spent on set chris is one of the best drivers in the business and when he is done rolling flame engulfed vehicles choreographing car chases or working long days on commercials he lands himself in utah these action professionals choose utah because it is an all around athletes dream and you have to be an all around athlete to survive as a stunt professional utah offers the best in the business when it comes to action these professionals work in hollywood and around the world they know stunts they know action and they know how to create hire the talent and film the action your movie deserves if you need an action director stunt coordinator or stunt performers world-renowned talent lives in utah testimonial i have done two films in salt lake city one was for warner brothers new line cinema and the other was for new market and fox both of which were sequels to successful feature films i found the utah crews were highly skilled cost conscious and very friendly the locations utah and salt lake city could offer were diverse in look ranging from beautiful vistas tree lined suburban streets small town main street to city blocks grungy factories and creepy old houses the depth in local talented actors was impressive and being only 2 hours away from los angeles also made it simple to bring in any of our stars the stunt teams were michael c cuddy line producer credits include s.darko cell 2 extreme movie and many others highly organized safe and really delivered great action sequences for camera the amount of production value we got in utah would not have been possible anywhere else if you combine all these elements with the great utah film commission that was extremely helpful plus a truly great rebate program that gets you the money back in time for post production you can see why i am looking forward to filming utah again very soon 07 jan 2010 local local


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director marshall moore ut ah film commission dear utah film industry the utah film commission is proud to be a sponsor and contributor to the premiere issue of film utah magazine since the early 1920 s utah has been a destination for filmmakers who appreciate its wide range of scenery and architecture the state has served as a visual backdrop for more than 800 films and became internationally known for its stunning landscapes during the golden age of westerns actor john wayne and director john ford made cinematic history with films like stagecoach and the searchers these films and many others have left an indelible impression on the minds of visitors as well as filmmakers for years some of the more recent films that have taken advantage of utah s scenery include independence day thelma and louise footloose high school musical 1 2 3 forever strong as well as gentlemen broncos which was written and directed by utah resident jared hess a couple of television series that made utah its home were cbs s touched by an angel 1994-2004 and warner brothers everwood 2002-2006 with existing infrastructure a skilled workforce superior talent diverse locations and tremendous support services utah is an ideal fit for all types of production the utah motion picture incentive fund mpif has been used to attract over 40 productions to the state since 2005 in january 2009 senate bill 14 was passed creating a 20 refundable tax credit no per project cap or cash rebate 500,000 per project cap based on a $1 million dollar spend in the state the utah film commission has always been committed to providing quality service to all filmmakers and we would be pleased to assist with all of your production needs our staff is here to assist you around the clock from initial scouts and pre-production to principal photography and post-production we are now active on facebook twitter and you tube giving frequent updates of current events and the latest industry information we hope by using these sites we will keep you better informed and educated see you on the set sincerely 08 marshall moore director utah film commission waiting forever salt lake city jan 2010 frozen snowbasin weber county snowmen park city


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09 on tours pictures 1/2 page ad jan 2010


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written by john corser salt lake city international airport a great place to film airport rescue fire fighting training facility at salt lake city international airport 10 the salt lake city international airport is no stranger to film productions and would like to keep it that way we understand the benefit of attracting the film industry to utah and support it however we can comments barbara gann public relations and marketing director for the salt lake city department of airports along with her colleague dave korzep airport superintendent of operations they have 20 years each overseeing production of local and national commercials television projects touched by an angel everwood reality shows and large scale movies including con air dumb and dumber unaccompanied minors and area 51 one of the biggest advantages at this airport is that we re willing to try anything notes gann there is a lot of space and facilities throughout the 7400 acres and there are different ways we can use it there is the capability of filming here even if the project does not require an aviation oriented scenario the challenge is not to impede airport operations korzep recounts a story of a filmmaker that requested he turn down the airplanes we make it clear that they aren t working on a sound stage but at an active airport he says while stopping planes isn t a reality most accommodations can be made korzep comments i know the location managers in town and they have all worked at the airport at one time or another so they know what s involved the process and our general capabilities this streamlines access and productivity when we filmed unaccompanied minors i sequestered an entire parking lot to stage miles of trailers catering trucks tents etc notes korzep we ran a shuttle bus from the lot to the set other unique situations in the past included a request from the utah office of tourism to film a television ad involving a large amount of production friendly facility recreational equipment vehicles and ­ a horse when they said they wanted to bring a live horse into baggage claim we thought they were kidding reminisces korzep when barbara approved it i thought she was crazy but we made it happen how much does it cost our goal is to basically cover our costs and we operate in a relatively low-cost environment so we offer a good financial package to producers compared to other markets gann says another advantage in salt lake is the ability to respond quickly we ask for at least two weeks advance notice for most productions the larger the production the more time is needed to scope the project arrange for the appropriate insurance requirements and set fees according to korzep overall advantages of filming at salt lake city international airport include access destinations so you can efficiently get in and out from anywhere salt flats around the great salt lake and only 10 minutes from historic downtown salt lake city flexibility experience but also with large scale events like the 2002 olympics projects federal agencies and other airport entities a variety of on-site locations terminal fire jan 2010


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classe seat origin 25e 25e a usage interne destination time flight nom rte d accès á bord ca de destination ue heure d embarq ment 16a t be getting here is easy leaving may no 11 the salt lake city international airport is a major hub airport located just ten minutes from downtown salt lake city utah s capitol city is home to a professional film industry community supporting services and a welcoming international airport the airport is a gateway to seven ski resorts 42 state parks five national parks and plenty of mountain and desert scenery it is the western hub for delta air lines and along with seven other major airlines they provide over 700 daily flights including non-stop service to paris ranked first in the united states for on-time performance in 2008 the airport is known for accessibility 754 daily flights 94 non-stop destinations connecting flights connecting people connecting projects jan 2010


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written by stacey turner testimonial my experience is utah was all positive in fact positive is a rather bland word to describe it i thought it was great any shooting experience for me is defined by the people that i work with in utah the people that worked on our movie were very talented not only that they were nice and pleasant to work with going to work was fun because it seemed like most if not all of the crew really liked coming to work as on any production we had our tough days but regardless of what made the days tough i could always count on a maximum effort from the crew and there were plenty of people around with a good sense of humor that is not necessarily a requirement to be on a crew but it sure helped me when somebody provided a laugh or two throughout the days from my experience in the industry the people that i worked with in utah could work anywhere i did not have to make any concessions in what i wanted to accomplish because one department or a particular individual was not up to what one might call hollywood standards in fact the group on the cell 2 exceeded my expectations on several occasions in short my experience in utah was one of the best in my career i think that is because the people that i worked with there are not only skilled but are just plain old good people to be around both on and off the set tim iacofano director credits include cell 2 24 supernatural csi:ny haunted smallville profiler and many others cast your eyes on ut ah utah is known for its incredible scenery from majestic mountains or city landscapes in the north to small towns or red desert cliffs in the south utah is also home to big budget movie productions and incredible casting resources director of the utah film commission marshall moore understands the unique talent and resources that are offered to filmmakers who choose to film in utah filmmaking has been happening here for 80 years and there s been over 800 movies filmed in the state said moore in the last several years with the help of moore all three high school musical films pirates of the caribbean and various other big and small budget films commercials and tv shows have been shot in the state this year disney s film production of john carter of mars will be filmed in utah bringing a huge name to the state and allowing hollywood to take advantage of all the talent the state has to offer we can t tell you how many times we hear great things about how professional our people are said liz knight owner from utah s premiere talent agency knightstar talent management our people are top notch period and producers and directors see it they re talented informed and professional said knight we have a growing group of actors who when given a chance to compete for lead and supporting roles in bigger pictures are doing quite well filmmakers considering casting utah actors in lead or supporting roles should look at the movies and tv shows shot in utah and see how many actors have been locally cast says chris gann a professional actor who lives in the state they make up a huge percentage of the guest stars and co-stars said gann a bunch of good actors live in the state give them a chance to come in and audition you will be impressed 12 jan 2010 local


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13 jan 2010 our readers are more than a target audience they re a captive audience.



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