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worlds to explore aboard national geographic endeavour national geographic explorer l 2008 expedition code 3web


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voyaging with our veteran captains is an integral part of the adventure captain leif skog v.p of marine operations has been master aboard some of the most celebrated expedition ships lindblad explorer polaris frontier spirit in 1997 he joined lindblad as master of national geographic endeavour his experience in polar waters runs deep navigating vessels in antarctica nearly every season since 1979 on more than 100 antarctic voyages as chairman of the iaato marine committee international assn of antarctic tour operators he was a primary architect of the iaato emergency contingency plan for all vessels operating in antarctica for his message on polar safety go to captain oliver kruess has been working at sea for two decades his early experience was sailing aboard large cargo ships since 1991 he has been aboard expedition vessels including the world discoverer first as 2nd officer then as chief officer he rose to command as a ship s master in 1995 for nearly twenty years captain kruess has been navigating the polar waters of the arctic and antarctic logging well over one hundred polar expeditions captain kruess has also served as a representative at iaato international association of antarctic tour operators captain philip dieckmann has been on the bridge of expedition vessels since 1996 serving as chief officer and master since 1999 he s navigated the challenging waters of the amazon and orinoco and has sailed in the polar regions for over twenty seasons on more than fifty polar expeditions gaining an immense amount of in-depth knowledge and experience in destinations such as antarctica the canadian arctic kamchatka the aleutian islands alaska greenland and arctic svalbard as well as a groundbreaking voyage through the northwest passage with over two decades of expedition vessel experience captain olaf hartmann has been a ship s master since 1990 and has sailed the world s wild and remote locations he is an experienced expedition captain yet also has sailed on a variety of ships he is especially experienced in the polar regions having sailed in the arctic and antarctic virtually every year for the past seventeen years his vast experience in the polar regions and the challenging navigational realities of the ice ensures you are in the best possible hands not just from a safety standpoint but also to experience the region in the most impressive way possible.


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2008 expedition calendar national geographic explorer national geographic endeavour national geographic explorer 148 guests national geographic endeavour 110 guests jan antarctica feb mar islands of the atlantic ridge apr may visit for weekly updates and photos from the shipyard as national geographic explorer is transformed into a state-of-the-art expedition vessel a rare opportunity for travel enthusiasts and maritime buffs morocco iberia western europe british irish isles jun baltic s north cape arctic norway arctic norway ice bears svalbard to iceland greenland canadian arctic greenland to newfoundland canadian maritimes and new england north america s atlantic coast south america british isles the baltics jul aug sep european odyssey transatlantic oct south georgia the falklands nov south america antarctica antarctica dec antarctica


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map key 2008 departures national geographic explorer national geographic endeavour


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dear traveler when we decided to acquire another ocean-going vessel we did so for two reasons the national geographic endeavour was sailing full nearly all of the time and we wanted to expand our offerings particularly in the polar regions and so this june we will launch endeavour s sister the national geographic explorer all summer she will explore the arctic joining endeavour for a time in svalbard then heading to iceland greenland and arctic canada there are many options to choose from with voyages lasting 10 days to 17 days she s undergoing a major renovation right now and will be a really splendid state-of-the-art expedition vessel in 2007 something quite extraordinary happened you could not go a day without some reference to climate change and the focus on the polar regions became relentless in 2007 the debate also largely changed from is global warming happening to what is the cause and what are we to do about it i ve written for years about the joy and wonder of traveling to the polar regions but now there is an added element context when you have seen a polar bear hunt on the pack ice when you ve watched a penguin build a nest when you ve seen a free-floating iceberg bigger than a football stadium the discussion changes because you have seen it you have experienced the magnitude and everything becomes less abstract so i urge you to explore and feel the beauty the power and indeed the implications of the great polar regions you have plenty of different opportunities to consider herein along with some other delightful environments in between all the best contents national geographic explorer our fleet s newest addition 2-3 new voyages new experiences comfort informality adventure the lindblad national geographic experience british irish isles european odyssey the baltic s historic waterways antarctica south georgia the falklands 4-5 6-7 8-11 12-15 16-19 20-23 24-33 34-37 arctic norway to the land of the ice bears beyond 38-49 greenland the canadian arctic north america s atlantic coast atlantic odyssey the panama canal to chilean patagonia national geographic explorer national geographic endeavour reservation information 50-59 60-65 66-69 70-75 76-77 78-79 80-81 sven-olof lindblad p.s there has been a lot of talk recently about safety it s a valid conversation and although no one can guarantee 100 safety after all we are talking about very remote wild places i can assure you that we take it very seriously on all levels including ensuring that our captains have the experience it takes to the left are the four captains of national geographic endeavour and national geographic explorer if you would like to see more detailed resumes please go to cover zodiac antarctica ┬ęstewart cohen lindblad expeditions and national geographic have joined forces to further inspire the world through expedition travel our collaboration in exploration research technology and conservation will provide extraordinary travel experiences and disseminate geographic knowledge around the globe.


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expedition travel 2


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21 st -century style introducing national geographic explorer a dding the national geographic explorer to our fleet of ships enables us to bring to life the name of my father s first ship but with all of the best tools for exploring and the comfort of a 21st-century expedition ship this vessel will not only explore the remote corners of the world but with our partners at national geographic we hope to positively impact these regions through guest involvement in scientific research and conservation sven lindblad strong powerful fast and stylish national geographic explorer is an ice-going expedition vessel with a hull specifically built for operating in the polar waters originally designed in scandinavia the ship will undergo extensive renovations based on decades of expedition experience since the late sixties the ship is quiet and without vibration and will be an excellent platform for viewing wildlife with wide decks to contain all the excitement and reflection which wildlife viewing always generates national geographic explorer perfectly matches national geographic endeavour together they will be the two leading sister ships of exploration captain leif skog visit for weekly updates as national geographic explorer is transformed into a state-of-the-art expedition vessel tool s for exploration as passionate explorers we approach the special places in the world with an entire tool kit designed for exploration both national geographic explorer and endeavour use specialized technology such as hydrophones underwater cameras and a remote operated vehicle rov that bring to life the sights and sounds beneath the sea to kayaks that allow us to explore under our own power to undersea specialists who dive in remote locations like greenland learn more at lindblad expeditions clearly understand the benefit of tying the sea into the overall experience with their team of highly qualified naturalists to interpret and their underwater technology they are turning an otherwise unnoticed world into a highlight dr kathryn sullivan astronaut and oceanographer kayakers right top undersea specialists deploy the rov right 3


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expedition travel greenland 4


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21 st -century style new voyages new experiences ational geographic explorer begins her maiden voyage in st petersburg russia during the enchanting white nights for a journey in the baltic sea blending natural and cultural history to perfection we then sail the length of norway s coastal fjords venturing beyond the north cape into arctic svalbard for encounters with its magnificent wildlife in the wake of the viking explorers we make for volcanic iceland and remote greenland and on to labrador and newfoundland this is the legendary stepping-stone route to north america followed by leif erikson and at l anse aux meadows we visit the first viking settlement excavated in the new world these northern waters have pristine coastal scenery and habitats perfect for expedition stops on our exploration of the canadian maritimes and coastal new england we re accompanied for the entire voyage by national geographic chairman gil grosvenor who guides us at his family s retreat on cape breton island we continue down the southeast coast of the u.s then we transit the panama canal to sail the pacific coast of south america in peru we pursue the threads of prehistory in search of its remarkable pre-columbian cultures the world s largest adobe city at chan chan was constructed by the chim├║ people around the time of leif erikson s voyages we honor the work of pioneer naturalists humboldt and darwin whose research in these waters transformed our understanding of the natural world visiting the treasure island of cocos and the juan fernandez archipelago home of the original robinson crusoe our inaugural season nears the end of its polar migration at puerto montt in spectacular scenery reminiscent of the viking world where our season began and continues for a full antarctic season of white days white nights and natural beauty david barnes historian n ripped from the pages of national geog raphic touch and go in iceberg alley national geographic adventure july 2002 text by byron ricks drawn by the siren song of the biggest bluest baddest bergs this side of antarctica the chase is on in the warmth of spring mammoth icebergs calve from the glaciers of greenland and begin a slow 1,900-nauticalmile drift before finally reaching newfoundland s shores then one day a village on the northern coast wakes to a 200,000-ton ice mountain towering over town and everyone knows summer is coming this is iceberg alley the stretch of frigid waters running south from western greenland and the davis strait to the shores of newfoundland and labrador nowhere else can kayakers easily get so close to the world s great icebergs the monsters can rise more than 200 feet dwarfing those of coastal alaska 5


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expedition travel informal atmosphere in national geographic endeavour s dining room 6


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21 st -century style comfort informality adventure w hether you travel aboard national geographic explorer or endeavour you ll find that ship life affords a double dose of something we all need these days comfort and ease you ll enjoy the best of the world s remote and pristine regions with the greatest level of flexibility and comfort offering regionally inspired cuisine and a range of wellness activities to help you rejuvenate and relax life aboard our attractive lounges and dining rooms become social hubs the posh quiet of the libraries with a rich collection of books are a refuge for the more solitary the lavish observation spaces on deck are perfect spots to make new friends fitness centers and massage treatment rooms offer options to be rigorous indulgent or both and satellite-enabled computer stations let you stay in e-mail contact with family and friends back home our on board style is always informal there is no assigned seating at any meal and no need to dress up ever casual attitudes mixed with curious travelers and intelligent conversation combine for an exceptional expedition dining gary jenanyan our executive consulting chef frequently travels to each of our ships working with our chefs to be certain meals reflect what we ve learned our guests seek full buffet breakfasts casual lunches and leisurely dinners are served in our inviting dining rooms on deck or even ashore on a remote beach chefs use fresh locally grown produce and fish from sustainable fisheries wherever possible by adding regional ingredients and flavors to a menu that also includes traditional favorites we provide you with a greater sense of the cuisine and culture in the regions being explored to learn more about our food philosophy go to lex wellness tap into your own notion of wellness with massage therapy active hikes movement sessions on deck one-on-one instruction in the fitness center and more our wellness specialists offer a multi-tiered approach to exploration and rejuvenation designed to connect you with your surroundings stretching on deck right top library right 7


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the lindblad national geographic fingal s cave hebrides scotland 8


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experience our team s knowledge and enthusiasm define us t he art of expedition travel is in the action in seeing exploring and making new discoveries to this end the hallmark of our expeditions has always been our field expertise the botanists geologists birders anthropologists historians divemasters undersea specialists and expedition leaders who travel with you adding knowledge and sharing insights during each expedition these are the people with a knack not just for spotting whales on the horizon or understanding the ancient stones of the british isles but for helping travelers see the world through new eyes their passion for the world s wonders and for sharing them with curious explorers defines our expeditions their diverse backgrounds and an array of activities slow walks long hikes snorkeling swimming kayaking means you ll have options galore every day and hanging out with them is just plain fun to learn more about your expedition team go to 1 2 3 4 5 6 representing the entire team clockwise from top left 1 james kelley 2 david barnes 3 bud lehnhausen 4 tom ritchie 5 david cothran 6 karen copeland 7 tim soper 8 larry prussin 9 7 8.


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the lindblad national geographic deep antarctica is a new dvd on antarctic marine life created by our undersea specialists to view an excerpt go to photo paul nicklen filming a leopard seal 10


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experience inspiring people to explore and care about the planet any people ask what is the lindblad and national geographic alliance all about ultimately it is about working together to inspire people to explore and care about the planet here are some of the people from national geographic renowned authors scientists explorers and photographers who share their insider s perspective as well as a passion for making sure generations to come will know the wonder that they ve experienced national geographic photographer paul nicklen at left and 1 spent the past summer months camped out on svalbard working on an assignment for national geographic magazine he boarded the national geographic endeavour to restock his supplies and reconnect with the world working with expedition leader bud lehnhausen and captain skog and leveraging their almost 50 years worth of arctic experience paul had immediate access to the best sites in the archipelago and the contacts necessary for the permits to capture his story says paul it was always fun to get back on the ship and share experiences with the guests allowing them to see our efforts to create awareness about the changing arctic environment you may have an opportunity to meet paul on our upcoming land of the ice bears voyages adventurer jon bowermaster s 2 oceans 8 sea kayaking project will take him to each of the seven continents plus oceania this past november jon prepared for the antarctic leg of his project aboard national geographic endeavour lindblad guests were able to learn first-hand of his adventures as the ship transported his equipment to king george island next year arctic explorer eric larsen 3 will attempt to become the first to reach the top bottom and roof of the planet over the course of one year mounting major expeditions to the summit of mt everest the south pole and north pole this summer you can join eric on our expedition from greenland to the canadian high arctic and learn about his work explore with national geographic s researchers writers and photographers for a rare behind-the-scenes perspective and in 2008 a national geographic photographer will accompany each national geographic endeavour voyage for full bios go to m 1 2 3 11



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