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The premier magazine of the Independent Sacramental Movement. Convergent Streams brings together clergy of various Independent Sacramental Churches to present relevant articles on faith, spirituality and the movement as a whole.

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volume 1 ­ number 1 first quarter 2013 inside nailing my colours to the mast counseling the person in the mirror bread for all work for all dignity for all a christian revolution matthew s enduring legacy how do you support a union when a union isn t there epiphany done right


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convergent streams a publication of the old catholic apostolic church of north america and its publishing office the office of communications and media relations all rights reserved managing editor the right rev gregory godsey editor the very rev david jennings honorary editor the right rev a edmund n cass writers the very rev philip gerboc guest writer the right rev alistair bate the right rev mel borham the rev mother meredydd jane harper the rev fr friar rob suttie the rev fr pat jobe the right rev james alan wilkowski the rev fr jeremy wheeler if you would like to submit an article or if you have a comment or complaint you may send them to in microsoft © word format or adobe © pdf format you may also mail submissions or comment to bishop gregory godsey 118 frances drive north augusta sc 29841 usa all submissions will be considered but no guarantee or promise is made that said submission will be published the editorial staff of convergent streams reserves the right to publish refuse to publish or hold for publishing at a latter date any submission without explanation advertising space can be purchased for ads that are considered relevant to members of the old catholic church or independent sacramental movement please contact bishop godsey at for more information all images unless otherwise noted are considered public domain or copyright-free any image not in the public domain or copyright-free is copyright by the artist all articles are copyright © 2013 by the ocacna or by the individual author cover art by 3268zauber own work [gfdl http or cc-by-sa-3.0-2.5-2.0 -1.0 http via wikimedia commons deadline the deadline for the next edition of convergent streams is february 15 2013 by midnight the next edition will be released on march 4 2013 2


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inside this edition friars fancy page 4 from the editor page 6 submission guidelines page 7 guest columnist nailing my colours to the mast page 8 counseling the person in the mirror page 11 bread for all work for all dignity for all a christian revolution page 13 matthew s enduring legacy page 27 how do you support a union when a union isn t there page 33 katholic kitchens page 34 how do you support a union when a union isn t there page 33 advertising rates and guidelines page 36 epiphany done right page 37 poetry by friar rob page 42 practicing poverty at christmas page 43 liturgical items crossword page 44 saints word search page 46 guest columnist mary s yes page 48 poetry by fr jeremy page 49 mary s yes page 48 guest columnist the control freak in the mirror page 50 hear mass daily it will prosper the whole day all your duties will be performed the better for it and your soul will be stronger to bear its daily cross the mass is the most holy act of religion you can do nothing that can give greater glory to god or be more profitable for your soul than to hear mass both frequently and devoutly it is the favorite devotion of the saints st peter julian eymard 3


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friars fancy the right rev a edmund n cass your excellencies very reverend vicars general reverend priests and deacons may the lord give you peace it has become increasingly clear to us that the messages coming from the vatican and its leader here on earth pope benedict xvi have no continuity or consistency this leads to a moral crisis among the faithful as well as a crisis of faith we of the old catholic apostolic church of north america decry this lack of continuity and consistency and further decry the ludicrous statements coming from the supposed vicar of christ on earth as an example of this convoluted and twisted messages one need only look at pope benedict xvi s speech to the roman curia on friday december 21 2012 speaking from the clementine hall which in itself is interesting considering the fresco by giovanni and cherubino alberti entitled allegory of art and science which depicts seven allegorical figures of painting architecture sculpture music history geometry astronomy encircle the central figure of wisdom pope benedict xvi took the opportunity to lament the emergence of lgbt rights in the world pope benedict xvi said these words lay the foundation for what is put forward today under the term gender as a new philosophy of sexuality according to this philosophy sex is no longer a given element of nature that man has to accept and personally make sense of it is a social role that we choose for ourselves while in the past it was chosen for us by society the profound falsehood of this theory and of the anthropological revolution contained within it is obvious people dispute the idea that they have a nature given by their bodily identity that 4 serves as a defining element of the human being they deny their nature and decide that it is not something previously given to them but that they make it for themselves according to the biblical creation account being created by god as male and female pertains to the essence of the human creature this duality is an essential aspect of what being human is all about as ordained by god this very duality as something previously given is what is now disputed the words of the creation account male and female he created them gen 1:27 no longer apply no what applies now is this it was not god who created them male and female ­ hitherto society did this now we decide for ourselves man and woman as created realities as the nature of the human being no longer exist man calls his


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nature into question from now on he is merely spirit and will the manipulation of nature which we deplore today where our environment is concerned now becomes man s fundamental choice where he himself is concerned from now on there is only the abstract human being who chooses for himself what his nature is to be man and woman in their created state as complementary versions of what it means to be human are disputed but if there is no pre-ordained duality of man and woman in creation then neither is the family any longer a reality established by creation we find his statements on human sexuality and gender to be abhorrent pope benedict xvi s statement that people choose their gender and choose their nature is not only complete fiction but it implies that those who identify as lbgt choose to be lgbt rather than it being a biological fact that they are born with this not only goes against science but it defies logic why would anyone choose to live a life where they are ridiculed persecuted belittled and labeled as less than human if they could change who they were by choice yet pope benedict xvi continues to push the notion that not only are lgbt individuals not born this way but rather they choose this life and are on a quest to destroy the very nature of humanity by their choice this kind of statement leads to the violence and persecution of the lgbt community that has been growing in our society today and yet with the very same mouth pope benedict xvi preached at christmas midnight mass in the basilica of saint peter that religion and christianity has had a long history of intolerance and violence but that all of christianity cannot be discredited for the acts of a few rather he claims christ came to teach the opposite of that message pope benedict xvi said the great moral question of our attitude towards the homeless towards refugees and migrants 5 takes on a deeper dimension do we really have room for god when he seeks to enter under our roof do we have time and space for him do we not actually turn away god himself let us ask that we may make room for him within ourselves that we may recognize him also in those through whom he speaks to us children the suffering the abandoned those who are excluded and the poor of this world now it is true that in the course of history monotheism has served as a pretext for intolerance and violence it is true that religion can become corrupted and hence opposed to its deepest essence when people think they have to take god s cause into their own hands making god into their private property we must be on the lookout for these distortions of the sacred while there is no denying a certain misuse of religion in history yet it is not true that denial of god would lead to peace if god s light is extinguished man s divine dignity is also continued on page 47


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from the editor the right rev gregory w godsey my brothers and sisters in christ starting a magazine is a difficult process this is not the kind of project i would suggest anyone delving into especially not someone who has a day job nevertheless we have done just that it is our desire to offer articles that are relevant to the ism as a whole and to those churches that walk along side us it is our hope that more and more clergy in the ism will send in articles to help make this a truly diverse magazine in an effort to better align the magazine with traditional publications we will be changing the release schedule as such the deadline for articles will also be different starting with the next edition of convergent streams we will begin to release the magazine on the first monday of the month prior to the start of the quarter for example april is the start of the second quarter of 2013 the next edition will be released on march 4 2013 this will allow for time to distribute the magazine so that the articles will still be relevant when they arrive this means that the deadline for submitting articles for the second quarter edition will be february 15 2013 the deadline will typically be 15-20 days before the release date in addition it has been decided by the editorial staff that for those persons interested in writing for the magazine but who wish to give their congregants the ability to read their articles without cost a scaled down version will be released with their article and a few others but the entire magazine will only be available via print or digital purchase this is so that we can encourage 6 people to support the work of the magazine and hopefully garner some ad purchases speaking of ads you will note that the following page includes our submission guidelines and our ad rates we hope that both will be beneficial to those wishing to assist with this publication it is our hope that in the future we may be able to offer stipends for some of the articles but at this time we are unable to do so so that is all i have to offer at this time please keep me and the entire editorial and writing staff of convergent streams in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season happy new year and many blessings god bless!


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submission guidelines editorial staff our purpose the purpose of convergent streams is to equip inform and educate our readers on how to better serve god the church and the laity as well as how to survive and thrive as an ism member our target audience our target audience is international in scope appealing to the leadership of the church denominational leaders lay leaders clergy worship leaders missionaries chaplains and educators who are passionate about fulfilling the mandates of christ in their diverse community submissions all submissions should be between 650 to 1,800 words long we accept articles on the following topics spiritual disciplines relationship with god church worship everyday life careers finance travel psychology ethics/morality fashion film tv arts music global issues politics social justice culture anthropology book reviews church planting featured ministries churches campus ministries youth ministries military chaplaincy and missions who are working in a multiethnic multi-cultural setting submissions we prefer submissions as word attachments your name and a one to two sentence bio should be included with your submission submissions to the magazine are on a first serial rights donation basis byline and bio are compensation no payment for articles articles are automatically archived please double-check spelling and grammar before submitting all articles will be edited for length grammar content style and tone submission of articles does not guarantee publishing what articles are published is up to the editors of convergent streams general copy should conform to reuters style guide located at http index.php the_reuters_style_guide bi-vocational living queries for pitches include a summary describing the article idea an approximate length and date it could be finished email queries to 7


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guest columnist the right reverend alistair bate osba m.a.div nailing my colours to the mast what might a more liberal 21st century orthodoxy look like people have often said to me in the past you are a liberal catholic how that that possible to some people catholicism does indeed seem the antithesis of liberalism and if that is so of catholicism surely it would be more true of orthodoxy which would appear to be possibly the most conservative of all brands of christianity holding rigidly to the revelations of a bygone age the age of the fathers and the seven great ecumenical councils of the church in our ecclesial community we have come more and more to find that the label liberal no longer works for us as increasingly we express our faith in traditional ways and have traditional ideas about how the sacraments work we are not modernists motivated by feminism or other radical ideologies but men with a profound respect for the mystical theological and liturgical traditions of christendom we are theologically liberal and liturgically orthodox a combination that works for us as it provides continuity with tradition yet seeks to be honest about god revelation and human progress the sciences psychology anthropology and academic theology have all made great discoveries over the last few centuries about the human mind the origins of christianity and religion in general which means that if we are both educated and honest we simply cannot stand against self8 evident truth and cling stubbornly to the insights of one and a half millenia ago however worthy venerable and erudite the evangelical roman and orthodox versions of christianity it has to be said do not educate their seminarians they indoctrinate them yes of course they learn the bible the liturgy and all the doctrines of the church and how to defend them in argument but they also conveniently ignore some of the most original and progressive theologians since feuerbach and what is worse do not even attempt to grapple with the textual criticism of the bible if they did they would see that christianity like any other religion continued on page 9


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can only ever be a symbolic system more or less meaningful to the individual according to his apprehension of its mysteries it is not and cannot be based on absolute truths not least because of the fact that its foundational documents which for so long have we call god it may not be empirically true in every detail and it doesn t need to be for it contains a deeper truth for those who seek it with an open heart and adventurous spirit despite the lack of credible foundations for some of its traditional claims i do not embraces the mystery and encourages a holistic approach to the spiritual development of the individual and where is this mysticism to be found but in the contemplative and liturgical traditions of east and west alongside their regrettably conservative social teaching the orthodox and oriental churches have preserved a rich liturgical tradition which can transport the devotionally minded seeker to heavenly realms a profound contemplative tradition and a mystical theology which does not reduce faith to intellectual assent in an unlikely set of propositions but rather acknowledges that there is nothing we can know about god in his total otherness yet affirming simultaneously that we can know god through experience of his emanations mediated through prayer and sacraments the christian west always had a less mystical and more intellectual approach to theology nevertheless in continued on page 10 been treated as factually historical are almost certainly not true in any empirical sense christianity is no more and less than an amalgam of early jewish theology and the mystery religions and philosophies of the ancient near east and as such is a veritable treasure trove of insights into man s relationship with the ground of all being whom however advocate a stripped down rationalist christianity devoid of all mystery and miracle heaven and earth contain more mystery and miracles than we could ever dream and physics itself seems these days with quantum and chaos theories to be meeting the mystics half way no what we need is a christianity which 9


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the benedictine monastic tradition and later mendicant orders it also possessed and developed a profound mystical tradition of its own and much of this was of course preserved in the historic latin rite until the unfortunate iconoclasm of vatican ii it has always been my contention that had the church been led by the holy spirit at that time it would have brought its understanding of doctrine up to date modernised its antiquated and unjust moral theology and begun to make its contemplative and liturgical tradition more accessible through adult education the old mass was a vehicle of beauty in which the faithful delighted to travel to sacred space whereas the space created by the vernacular in its present pedestrian form simply does not have the power to enchant the worshipper of course sacred space is created wherever the mass is celebrated validly but can the faithful perceive it without the beauty of the traditional forms some can and many cannot although in these uncertain days when many turn to various christian and non-christian fundamentalisms it may seem that liberal christianity has no future however i do believe that the spiritual impulse in man is irrepressible and in time the rest of the world will follow western europe in rejecting the dogmatic certainties of the past in favour of more fluid and personal spirituality in western europe people are hungry for real spirituality but cannot for the most part stomach the historic churches so here especially the need for liberal traditional faith communities is quite apparent the traditional approach won t of course appeal to everyone and so i fully support more experimental forms of worship too for as miss brodie famously said for those who like that sort of thing that is the sort of thing they like a postmodern christianity hopefully will affirm pluralism and find its unity in diversity but for some what we offer as holy cross benedictines of adoration may strike a 10 chord of authenticity our order may be small but committed to work tirelessly with the conviction that we are part of the vanguard for a future christianity which carries forward the best of tradition in a more inclusive honest and compassionate church dom alistair bate was raised in ireland and now lives in switzerland where he and his partner dom bruno run a retreat house in the alps he holds a masters degree in divinity from the university of edinburgh and is abbot of the holy cross benedictines of adoration and patriarchal exarch for switzerland in the orthodox church of europe for more information about the holy cross benedictines of adoration please visit their website at http holycrossbenedictines.wee


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one nerve left very rev dr jane harper apn phd counseling the person in the mirror many people look to you for support in your clerical life don t forget to take some time for yourself compassion fatigue is a concept familiar to nearly everyone who works in a service industry although we may not know the term it is a kind of physical emotional mental and spiritual exhaustion that comes from giving selflessly of ourselves without receiving nurturance in return compassion fatigue presents as any or all of the following of others compassion fatigue has less to do with external factors such as size and growth of congregation history tenure and material support than with the individual s ability to process respond to and cope with those external factors the key to preventing or addressing compassion fatigue lies in understanding our own needs for care and nurture and the support systems we set up for ourselves it is pivotal that we learn to prioritize demands on us and prevent over commitment based on how we perceive others expectations specifically the following are potential strategies for avoiding or resolving compassion fatigue continued on page 12 inability to engage with interpersonal conflict without anger and frustration ambiguity about pastoral role and calling loss of enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment increasing physical signs of stress including headaches frequent colds increasing fatigue or insomnia 11 emotional exhaustion including feelings of helplessness hopelessness and alienation depersonalization inability to find concern and empathy inside ourselves including increasing cynicism increasing rigidity and preoccupation with rules and expectations


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spend time alone as clergy the most pivotal relationship we have is with the divine like all relationships it requires nurturance and this is best provided in time devoted to focusing only on the beloved find a human confidante as well others who are vocational caregivers provide opportunities for mutual support it s pivotal that each of us has someone to whom we can vent all the angry frustrated cynical and judgmental feelings every human being has if such a mutual support group is not readily available consider peer or professional counseling perform frequent reality checks rely on those with whom you work most closely to monitor your expectations of yourself don t be afraid to ask whether a perception is accurate an interpretation reasonable or a goal realistic embrace evaluation one of the greatest contributors to compassion fatigue is our fear that we will be perceived as not living up to our calling set specific and measureable goals for yourself with colleagues parishioners board members and supervisors checklist for preventing or addressing compassion fatigue 1 spend time alone 2 find a human confidante 3 perform frequent reality checks 4 embrace evaluation 5 know your own hot buttons 6 remember that you are not your job 7 identify and set appropriate boundaries 8 know when your bucket is empty friends outside your peer group and congregants find places and people where you can stop being the rev if all else fails take days off where nobody knows you remember what happens in vegas stays in vegas identify and set appropriate boundaries you cannot be all things to all people you cannot even be most things to most people develop a healthy sense of psychological integrity and learn to perceive when someone is transgressing it this is especially important for bi-vocational clergy like most of us since we tend to have day jobs that also involve caregiving know when your bucket is empty there are times during the least troubled days when compassion fatigue catches up with us and we suddenly understand we have nothing to give at that moment check in with your heart on a frequent basis so that you can withdraw as your bucket of caring begins to need a refill next issue i m going to discuss the importance of spiritual direction as necessary make frequent self-checks on progress toward these goals know your own hot buttons every professional nurturer has personal issues related to history experience and relationships when those issues are identified it is much easier to recognize situations that could evoke them and take measures to avoid or defuse those situations remember that you are not your job find nonpastoral outlets and activities cultivate 12


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guest columnist the most rev james alan wilkowski bread for all work for all dignity for all a christian revolution despite the social and spiritual evolution of human rights and dignity internal and external forces threaten to undermine their gains and sometimes succeed the latin word revolution means to turn around to take an opposite direction or make often drastic changes an infinite variety of reasons have been explored by historian presenting both justification for revolution as well as purely emotional and even irrational reasons for humankind s behavior in this regard is there a gold thread as it was that has appeared in history which can shed some light on the causes of revolts it is necessary to travel back in time perhaps tens of thousands of years to a time we call pre-history let s look at a time when human population was small and our hunter gatherer ancestors were pretty much on their own in eking out an existence there was a time when families joined together for their own survival more and more families came together to form a clan a group with the belief in the strength in numbers ultimately there came a time when a structure was needed to address mutual issues nature was always a problem and it was much easier for a large group working together to provide protection and to insure food clothing and shelter be available eventually it became clear that a social structure was needed and leaders were 13 selected as well as rules for living together there came into existence what was called the unwritten social contract this was a concept that stated that each individual would surrender some of his personal freedom so that there could be a harmonious social relationship in order to receive assistance from the group i will agree to abide by the rules the structure of the group and i will be able to participate in the goods and services available to the members of the group there was a group leader and members of a council responsible for organization of the distribution of goods and services as well as providing for the safety


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and protection of group members the unwritten social contract continued until society became so large that cities and city states emerged the social contract needed to be amended as time passed but the initial concept continued i will comply with the rules for which i will receive protection there came into being a greater chasm between the leaders and the ruling classes and the general public the concept of greed came into being the love of power and its ramifications also came into existence historians tell us today that no one would have wanted to live in europe during the dark ages the need for rebellion was present on every hand there was nothing profound about this people in the main suffered from forces of nature as well as manmade oppression the rich became more demanding and the poor were made to suffer there was no social contract as such at this time the rich and powerful controlled the masses ultimately and rebellion was the only answer rebellion became a modus operandi if you were not satisfied with your situation in life you rebelled humankind began to see themselves as possessing power they no longer saw the need for total compliance with the corrupt the judeo-christian religion talked about forgiveness tolerance and understanding it spoke of compassion and yet it became a means whereby those with a need for domination presented even greater needs for revolt the psychology of evil and oppression is a process of mental physical and spiritual conditioning perhaps it is more appropriate to say reconditioning the psychology of evil and oppression strikes at the very seed and growth process of the inner self the most dehumanizing act of evil is when one person does to another the intentional and absolute robbery of the self to rob one of their faith their history and their quest to dream is greater than any prison created when society has no catalyst to defeat the powers of evil it becomes a victim to a perpetual cycle of self defeat while shaping the negative 14 reality of present and future generations to come the era of american slavery of the african people the holocaust of hitler s germany against the jews the decimating apartheid regimes of european nations upon the original people of south africa the treatment of native americans during the era of the american settlers and the racist bigotry of american racism during the dread scott decision and the jim crow era as they relate to african americans these are among the most egregious examples of the oppression demanding a social and spiritual revolution the path to a christian revolution is not an easy or direct one it begins with its opposite the evils of oppression which is why liberation is necessary the psychology and spirituality supporting a christian revolution must be built upon an understanding of the psychology of evil and oppression and it must systematically overcome each of its specific details and its supportive cultural context the psychology and theology of a christian revolution is an internal development that issues


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from evil and oppression and transforms it when the majority of the people refuse to be fooled and intimidated any longer when they refuse to stay on their knees when they recognize the fundamental weakness of their oppressors they can become transformed overnight from seemingly meek subdued and helpless sheep into mighty lions they strike congregate organize and especially demonstrate in the streets in increasing numbers even in the face of massive gruesome bloody repression by the rulers who still have a powerful armed apparatus at their disposal they often show unheard of forms of heroism selfsacrifice obstinate endurance the premise of this essay is that in the course of human history it has been necessary for peoples to recognize and acknowledge the social political and ecclesial failings of their time when attempts to make the necessary reforms or correction to the problems fail then it becomes necessary for the people to take upon themselves the responsibility to revolt and overthrow the cancers within their society and institutions each and every day the wheel of social evolution continues to move forward sometimes people out of fear greed or simple ignorance will attempt to put a piece of wood in the spokes of the wheel to prevent it from moving forward this jamming of the wheel might hold for a very brief period but the power and force of the wheel will snap and break the impediment and lurch forward to where it needs to be the shock of the wheel lurching forward is akin to a social earthquake that can neither be ignored nor stopped as america enters into the thirteenth year of this new century our society struggles to cope with the pace of social change and evolution change can be difficult for many people especially those who are older and cling to the political and ecclesial models they grew up with whenever american society has found itself living through periods of significant changes we usually see three possible reactions people between the ages of 15 ­ 30 easy acclimations to change people between the ages 15 of 30 ­ 60 more complaints about change people over the age of 60 more extreme resistance to change for many of those who are entrenched in a model of society that is eroding away change is anathema the concepts of a president of african descent the emerging economic and political power of the lgbt community universal health care alternative energy options ­ to name just a few are concepts which provokes angry resentment and opposition during 2011 and 2012 we have witnessed the defiance of those in opposition to the fruits of american social evolution the body of the defiant opposition is actually part of the demographic minority of american society and in theory should not have any power to circumvent change and evolution nevertheless it is from this segment of society we find sitting in congress the courts and the boardrooms of corporate america many of those who are in opposition to american social evolution ­ thus rendering american social progress hostage to their power in many ways the social



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