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marking system flymarker ® mobil station and combi


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flymarker ® ­ mobil you are looking for a mobile marking system for your workshop or even for your complete business premises a system which works cable free and without compressed air and still offers a high marking quality in this case your perfect choice would be the very compact and hand-held flymarker® mobil it is the ideal partner for flexible markings of either individual or serial parts there are two versions of the practical hand-held unit it can operate either with a power supply or with a long-lasting rechargeable battery due to the built in display and keyboard you won t find any annoying wires or tubes on the version flymarker® mobil the serious risk of a trip hazard is also gladly prevented you work 100 mobile and self-sufficient the ergonomic design utilising the two handed operation of the flymarker® mobil permits effortless marking of bulky heavy and unmovable objects you can do your marking job with the very greatest of ease repeatability.


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flymarker ® ­ station and combi wouldn t it be practical to do several marking jobs with just one marking system mark big parts and ones which are difficult to access directly on-site and small ones on your work bench and furthermore save time money and space if so the flymarker® combi is exactly what you need based on the consistent modular design concept of markator® it is possible to mount the hand-held flymarker® mobil quickly on a column frame and convert it into a table marking system release the handgrip ­ turn the display ­ mounting at the column frame ­ done the practical release button to start up the marking is attached on the hand lever due to an optional positioning plate at the marking head it is also possible to fix the part which you need to mark on the base plate set the required pin distance and initiate the marking in just one movement because of a special lamination on the bottom side of the foot the component is fixed and can t get out of place a progressive and good quality mark is assured those who can work without the mobility of the hand-held marking system have the chance to use the marking system as an all-table solution in the version flymarker® station all the proven functions of flymarker® are obviously integrated easy release of the handgrip mobile use on-site quick mounting on the column frame fix the component and initiate the marking done!


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flymarker ® ­ the functionality the flymarker® systems are powerful noise-reduced and self-sufficient uneven surfaces can be marked in a stable way and generate strong characters as the elevations are balanced out the marking is made by well-structured single dot characters depending on the type of application it is possible to choose between the sizes 5 x 7 or 9 x 13 texts which when too long get compressed together automatically it is possible to mark 6 lines without any problems those who need to code a lot of information on small space are able to mark a data matrix® code you can either type in the letters on a keyboard or transfer them by a serial port rs 232 data matrix code ® flym arker ® ­ the facts marking area x/y 75 x 25 mm marking speed up to maximum 3 characters per sec available character heights 2,0 to 9,9 mm fonts medium spaced lettering similar to din 1451 in single dot characters size 5 x 7 and 9 x 13 drive of the marking pin electromagnetic available characters figures 0 9 capital letters a z small letters a-z various punctuation marks e.g etc interfaces rs 232 serial height compensation up to maximum 5 mm constant marking special functions continuous numbering shift coding marking of logos date/time standard work angle with the prism the hand-held and compact designed cnc marking systems flymarker® mobil station and combi are featured by their easy handling they can be used without any knowledge of a programmer switch on ­ type in ­ mark as perfect machines for the workshop to mark fast flexible durable and with a low noise level they are suitable for almost all materials from hardened steel aluminium or plastics through to materials which are pressure-sensitive thinwalled laminated or round finished products due to the electromagnetic driven marking pin hard protective case note pictures partly with options


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flymarker ® ­ the options 1 2 3 4 1 program option logo conversion 4 pc-software flyprofile® program to convert logos or graphic files in hpgl format scaling turning and positioning occur within the marking file 2 barcode scanner pc software to create and save marking profiles directly onto your pc/laptop transfer required marking profiles through the serial port rs 232 including a preview of the marking a fast and simple readout of barcodes directly into the marking system plug play with rs 232 connection cable 3 flexible name plate support magnetic clamping device to fix the plate basically for orthogonal plates in different sizes the clamping of the plates is moveable in both x and y directions.


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