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OneOneCoCo provides parenting capacity assessment in the London area. Working with families in difficulty and where there are concerns about the chilren's safety, development and well being. This is a summary of OneOneCoCo's parenting assessment services

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oneonecoco towards a brighter future providing independent expert flexible family assessment and support to secure the well being and safety of children and the development of positive family life our mission our values every child has the maximum chance to live their dreams and fulfill their potential inclusion partnership openness respect empowerment and the care wellbeing and safety of children our vision


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future contents family assessment and support services 4 assessment timescales assessment methods and tools viability assessment residential assessment accelerated assessment community and day assessment pre birth assessment families in housing need families where learning disability is a factor 5 6-8 9 10 11 12 13-14 families affected by parental mental ill 15 health parents with problematic substance use families exposed to domestic violence contact details 16 17 18


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future the oneonecoco team team manager lead social worker qualified and registered social workers child health development workers assistant psychologist drug alcohol support worker consultants clinical psychologist family therapist health nursing professional flexible efficient and of quality oneonecoco offers comprehensive family assessment that includes the evaluation of risk factors resilience and protective factors assessments are conducted in line with the national framework of the assessment of children in need and take a child-centered approach our model is to deliver assessment and support services in flexible settings and formats our assessment structure is tailored to family needs and is delivered within set timescales our evidence-based assessments draw on the experience and contribution of a multi-disciplinary team ensuring that recommendations and outcomes consider the whole family are relevant and sound 4


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future typical assessment timescales accelerated residential assessment 6 8 weeks residential assessment support viability assessment pre-birth assessment community based assessment day assessment resettlement and support 12 weeks 3 5 days 7 14 days 6 12 weeks 6 12 weeks 6 12 months assessment location we are able to undertake assessments in a range of settings including community home based day service residential we also provide an semi-independent support service in privately sourced rented accommodation 5


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future oneonecoco assessment the brochure outlines our approach in delivering family assessment our assessments will consider each family and the nature of the concerns on an individual basis ensuring the methods tools and timing of the assessment are appropriate we recognize the importance of timeliness of assessment and dependent on the particular needs of each family we are able to complete assessments and produce a high quality comprehensive assessment report without undue delay following risk assessment we are also able to propose a combination of assessment formats such as an accelerated residential assessment combined with a community based assessment our flexible assessment approach allows us to draw on relevant expertise in order to directly respond to the particular needs of the family in order to deliver quality and robust assessment and reports outcomes comprehensive assessment report that includes attachment pattern analysis robust risk analysis prognosis and recommendations for future action information on parent s capacity to develop and sustain `good enough parenting within the child s timeframe 6


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future family assessments assessment of risk resilience and protective factors risk management parenting skills assessment and development assessment of the impact of parenting difficulties on the child assessing child health and development assessing the likelihood of improved parenting within the child s timeframe care and warmth experienced by the child parental bond and attachment assessment of family support and other networks our flexible model allows us to combine various assessment formats and increase or reduce the level of assessment and support as the family risk and need changes in addition our longer term assessments include psychological assessment family-focused therapies adaptive skills development task analysis development 7


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future tools/framework used we use an evidence-based approach in delivering family assessments with the following tools the framework for the assessment of children in need and their families comprehensive risk assessment framework responding directly to family needs risk and protective factors child neglect health and development assessment tools the graded care profile home environment assessments crittenden s care index mcgraw s parenting assessment manual structured observational analysis video interaction and review attachment assessment including 8


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future viability assessment viability assessments are comprehensive assessment used to assist in the planning of the the va will assist decision making in relation to the appropriate assessment and time plan residential day community or a combination special skills and eg psychologist input knowledge requirements whether an assessment is likely to be successful responding to identified risk the areas needing to be assessed motivation and potential to change family assessment and risk planning viability assessments can be undertaken on a residential basis depending on the particular case community day or we also provide an initial viability report for matters involving care proceedings 9


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future residential assessments residential assessments take place at our centre in east london they are preceded by a viability assessment and structured in line with the doh framework oneonecoco s family assessment approach and the referral questions to be answered the centre is a family-sized home in a residential street the centre is small enough to enable work with families where there are particularly complex needs or where sharing with another family may not be suitable located on the doorstep of a cosmopolitan town with excellent transport links health and leisure facilities in suitable cases we offer accelerated residential assessments these assessments will produce a risk assessment initial parenting skills development and an assessment of parenting capacity and motivation to change and the potential to improve parenting 10


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future community and day assessment community assessments will usually happen following residential assessment to enable continuance of support and transference of recently developed parenting skills and routines where the level of risk allows we can undertake parenting capacity assessment in the community within the greater london area community assessments can also be undertaken prior to or in place of residential assessment to when a 24 hour service is not required day assessments typically involve visits to the centre flat three times per week during this time a comprehensive parenting and risk assessment will be undertaken involving attachment assessment parenting skills development parenting observations 11


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future pre birth assessment we deliver comprehensive pre-birth assessments that include health motivation to and potential for change chronology and threshold mapping family history and experience full risk assessment future plans pre-birth assessment will also address mother s attitude to and behaviours during pregnancy and co-existing factors such as drug use and domestic violence concerns working with families in housing need we provide a resettlement and support service to families in housing need this service includes the sourcing of appropriate housing and working with families to develop transfer and embed parenting skills and routines and to develop good support networks and coping strategies the resettlement and support service aims to reduce involvement with families over time tapering down to family checks¸ which involve planned and unplanned visits and the production of a monthly or quarterly report 12


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future parenting capacity affected by learning disability when working with families where learning disability is a factor our focus is on the impact of disability on the parent s ability to care for their child our assessment includes the following areas providing risk assessment and support reflective of the parents learning style and capacity identifying the presence of suitable social familial or other support available understanding the parent s ability to learn to respond to the needs of their child and the timescale in which this learning is required to take place assessment of parent s strengths and coping mechanisms assessing the parent s ability to protect their child assessment of the impact of functioning on the child relevant history 13


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future families affected by learning disability cont d we will aim to use a range of evidenced based approaches to contribute to assessment including dr mcgraw s parenting assessment manual cognitive functioning functional analysis task analysis child development assessment undertaking elements of the assessment at home to transference of learned skills the graded care profile to assess risk of neglect maximise 14


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oneonecoco towards a brighter future families where mental ill health is a factor in working with parents affected by parental mental illness our approach includes the assessment of the following areas parent s strengths and coping mechanisms nature frequency pattern timing severity and duration of mental health problems the child s exposure to or involvement in behaviours and symptoms co-existing factors psychology assessment relevant history support treatment issues insight and compliance impact of mental ill-health on behaviour and functioning the prospect presence of sustainable good enough parenting 15



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