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evangelical alliance for preacher training commission school of mission website www.eaptc.org nichoalalia@yahoo.com e-mail nichoalalia@yahoo.com have you ever prayed for the most effective and economical ministerial training that is also highly recognized if so your prayers have been just answered eaptc school of mission provides that answer for you catalogue i history by god s grace evangelical alliance for preacher training commission eaptc our mother organisation has initiated planting of hundreds of indigenous local churches in africa and worldwide through the proven strategies of the native church leadership training and daughter church trans-planting movement since its birth in 1996 after experiencing some frustrated results in church planting and crosscultural mission while working with a traditional bible school eaptc changed to the discipleship-based school of mission by adopting the lesson plans from the dci foundation in the u.k in 2001 this new strategy has helped us challenge our churches to plant the daughter churches by training their own key church leaders apparently this school of mission programme became a backbone of our church planting ministry since then and it has been our wish over the years to share with other churches and denominations what god has blessed us with to this cause eaptc school of mission has now opened its doors to introduce this effective strategy to you the classes convene in such flexible time settings for the convenience of those who may be already in full-time ministry or in employment our lessons have been well tested in the churches of africa india and the hispanic world adapted of course to the local culture we believe that eaptcsm is a master plan for equipping and raising up the leaders of church today ii international campuses one can choose to take the eaptcsm course either at the king s kids in africa kka nairobi head office or on campuses of over 23 other branch schools mostly church-based schools in kenya uganda tanzania d.r congo sudan malawi and zambia as of 2010 eaptcsm graduates may be given an authorization to run his/her own ministerial training centre in cooperation with the national head office iii accreditation affiliation eaptc school of mission is a correspondent member of accrediting council for theological education in africa actea and also affiliated with the dci school of mission u.k we offer diploma of biblical studies for those who may complete the course iv fees the tuition is free however please consult with the eaptcsm nearest to you for a current list of other fees including the registration the registration fee is non-refundable v academic valuation this will be understood by a college or higher education or an university who may or may not allow academic credits to be considered towards a course of further study offered by them please note that no guarantee whatsoever should be given to any student that any university or college will automatically accept the values awarded by this diploma of biblical studies or any other from an outside institution however many colleges will certainly take these studies into account especially with a credible transcript to accompany them the dci foundation in the u.k confirms that if the full course were complete on their premises and under their supervision the actual classroom and study time would be as follows 85 lessons at 1.5 classroom or study hours each 127.5 hours 85 written assignments at 3 hours each 255 hours 85 practical assignments at 2 hours each =170 hours total classroom and assignment clock hours 552 hours the 552 total hours equals 34 credit hours therefore the academic valuation of this diploma of biblical studies is said to be 34 semester credits


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vi course description course orientation 1 introduction to the course evangelism 2 good news 3 ask god 4 preparation 5 lifestyle of the evangelist 6 by all means 7 equipped 8 signs and wonders 9 heal the sick 10 cast out demons mission to the ends of the earth 11 god s plan for the world 12 the great commission 13 the last command 14 what is mission 15 god s missions promise 16 finish the task 17 unreached peoples 18 reaching the unreached 19 jesus god s missionary 20 raising support basic christian discipleship 21 first steps 22 being sure 23 the holy spirit 24 prayer 25 the word of god 26 meditation 27 hearing god s voice 28 worship 29 the life of faith 30 vision 31 abundant life 32 being like jesus 33 holiness 34 laying on of hands 35 suffering 36 authority in the church 37 love 38 the second coming 39 the christian spending scandal god s passion for the poor 40 why are the poor so poor 41 anointed for the poor 42 true fasting mid-term examination finances in god s kingdom 43 eleventh hour workers 44 how did jesus live 45 fight poverty 46 moving from famine to abundance 47 the currency of god s kingdom 48 the keys of god s kingdom 49 the kingdom economy the call of god 50 first call is to be a disciple 51 the call of god 52 who god calls 53 destiny in god 54 perseverance 55 kingdom business the making of the leader 56 the law of preparation 57 stepping out 58 learning to be faithful 59 temptations bring trials 60 dealing with discouragement 61 overcoming loneliness 62 ruling your time building church and kingdom 63 a growing church 64 a harvest church 65 a servant church 66 a multiplying church 67 a mother church 68 a cell church 69 a living church 70 a spirit-led church 71 a militant church 72 an apostolic church 73 a people s church 74a a missionary church 74b a sending church 75 a world changing church 76 a revival church may your kingdom come 77 the story of the kingdom 78 the glory of the kingdom 79 the coming of the kingdom 80 the blessed of the kingdom 81 the mission of the kingdom 82 the united kingdom 83 it s kingdom or calamity 84 how to open your own school of mission final examination note some branch schools may use different orders of the lesson plans vii national head offices kenya kka p.o box 4871 nairobi 00200 0202019041 malawi eaptc p.o box 40242 kanengo lilongwe 08538138 zambia eaptc p.o box 40242 kanengo lilongwe malawi 265 08538138 sudan eaptc edmissions@yahoo.com 249 0926920058 tanzania eaptc p.o box 170 hai-kilimanjaro 0732973497 uganda eaptc p.o box 1719 mbale 254 0738779121 d.r congo eaptc b.p 3410 bujumbura 2 burundi 243 0993089786 u.s.a eaptc p.o box 7 merrifield va 22116 1-7032391144



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