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gel pad d ing 201 2


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contents bunga boxes ankle protection forefoot protection bunion solutions toe bunion protection finger toe protection insoles heel cups heel pads specialty products at absolute athletics our mission is keeping athletes in the gametm to achieve this goal we provide athletes the best and most innovative padding support and icing solutions available serving the sports and sports medicine markets we offer an unparalleled approach to design application quality and customer service but what really sets us apart we are dedicated to keeping athletes in the we do this by making padding devices that reduce shock vibration pressure and rubbing to the human body we also make braces specifically designed to support and protect each part of the body from the rigors of athletics our new line of individual cold therapy icing products help the athlete speed up their recovery time let us know how we can help you stay in the game!


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fitting guide international shoe sizing chart sizes system 5 usa canada 35 europe mexico 2.5 u.k 21 japan australia 3.5 33.5 russia ukraine 228 korea 3.5 usa canada 35 europe mexico 3 u.k 21.5 japan 3 australia 228 korea 5.5 35.5 3 21.5 4 34 231 4 35.5 3.5 22 3.5 231 235 4.5 36 4 22.5 4 235 small women s 6 36 3.5 22 4.5 6.5 37 4 22.5 5 35 238 5 37 4.5 23 4.5 238 241 5.5 37.5 5 23.5 5 241 7 37.5 4.5 23 5.5 7.5 38 4.5 5 23.5 6 36 245 6 38 4.5 5.5 24 5.5 245 248 6.5 38.5 5 6 24.5 6 248 8 38.5 5 5.5 24 6.5 8.5 39 5.5 6 24.5 7 37 251 7 39 5.5 6.5 25 6.5 251 254 7.5 40 6 7 25.5 7 254 9 40 6 6.5 25 7.5 9.5 41 6.5 7 25.5 8 38 257 8 41 6.5 7.5 26.5 7.5 257 large 10 42 7 7.5 26 8.5 10.5 43 7.5 8 27 9 39 260 8.5 42 7 8 26.5 8 260 267 9 43 7.5 8.5 27.5 8.5 267 273 10.5 44 9 10 28.5 10 273 279 11.5 45 10 11 29.5 11 279 286 12.5 46.5 11 12 30.5 12 286 292 14 48.5 12.5 13.5 315 13.5 292 12 44 9 9.5 28 10.5 13 45 10 10.5 29 11.5 14 46.5 11 11.5 30 12.5 15.5 48.5 12.5 13 31 14 men s in cm measurements 9 9¼ 9½ 9¾ 10 10¼ 10½ 10¾ 11 11¼ 11½ 22.8 23.1 235 23.8 24.1 24.5 24.8 25.1 25.4 25.7 26 26.7 27.3 27.9 28.6 29.2 see our site online at for more information large 10-11 42-43 10-11 44 heel pads cups women s system usa canada europe usa canada europe small 5-7 35-37.5 7 37.5 medium 8-9 38.5-40 8-9 41-43 product information additioanl product information colors sizes and other options can be found on the website men s 3


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special items essential skater s kittm the essential skater s kit includes 2 2.5 gel discs 2 5 ankle sleeves and 1 new style bunga box these are the most common pads for hockey figure and roller skaters use these core items to break in boots you may purchase the individual items separately the bunga gel disc gd-s 1 and the bunga ankle sleeve as-5 2 listed on the next page pg 5 code skit skater s kits bunga boxes hockey boxxtm the bunga hockey boxtm comes with two 2 lace bite pads of your choice small or large and one custom hot stamped translucent box perfect for those suffering from lace bite see lace bite pads pg 7 you can order the box separately on the web code hb features necessary skating gel pads carrying case skating specific designs washable reusable 100 medical grade complete solution benefits convenient cost savings prevent injury prevent loss ease of use 4


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bunga ankle sleeve the bunga gel ankle sleevetm is 3 wide and either 5 small or 10 large in length the elastic sleeve is fully lined with medical grade bm-visco elastic gel the ankle sleeve offers mild pressure reduction it also protects the entire upper ankle and shin area from chafing rubbing and friction often caused by stiff skating boots this item is also included in the skater s kit pg 4 code as ankle shin ankle protection bunga gel disc the bunga gel disks are made of a 5mm1/4 thick bm visco elastic gel they reduce shock vibration pressure and shear force these are used by athletes and others over any part of the body where they wish to reduce these disturbing forces simply place the discs against the skin underneath either socks or stockings the natural stickiness of the gel will reduce the chance that the padding will move these are primarily used to break in new skating boots or other footwear in the sports of ice hockey figure skating roller blading speed skating and hiking boots sold in pairs this item is also included in the skater s kit pg 4 code gd advantages more comfortable than foam products 100 medical grade quality conform to ankle shape durable reusable solid gel no leak stay in place size chart sizes apply to men women ankle sleeve size sm lg size sm lg length 5 10 gel disc diameter 2.5 4 5


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ankle shin boot bumpertm the bunga boot bumpertm is a combination between the lace bite padtm and the achilles healpadtm pg 7 the two gel pads are molded inside an elastic latex-free sleeve the gels reduce pressure shock vibration and friction protecting the front and back of the foot simultaneously will fit right or left foot sold individually code bb ankle protection malleolar sleevetm gel pads gel pads the bunga malleolar sleevetm has two gel cushions one for each ankle bone malleoli which are attached to a comfortable and breathable latex-free elastic sleeve the gel padding reduces shock vibration friction and pressure washable reusable sold individually code ms features dermatologically tested 100 medical grade durable elastic light-weight benefits reduces pressure vibration reduces friction shock conforms comfortably to foot non-allergenic daily use bm visco-elastic gels washable reusable 6


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achilles healpadtm the bunga achilles healpadtm is used to reduce and absorb shock vibration pressure and rubbing from the back of your heel and achilles tendon it is made of a light-weight latex-free elastic sleeve with a bm viscoelastic gel pad in the heel area it is great for bumps that occur on the back of your heel sometimes referred to as baeur bump pump bump and haglunds heel can also be used to cushion the bottom of the heel as well code ahp gel pad ankle shin ankle protection lace bite padtm the bunga lace bite preventertm has a rectangular gel pad attached to a thin light-weight latex-free elastic sleeve which reduces pressure shock and vibration from the shin to the top of the foot it is great for those wishing to prevent lace bite as found in the skating disciplines hockey figure and roller skating it is used in backpacking and running also see the hockey boxxtm on page 4 code lb gel pad advantages reduces prevents blisters reduce eliminate pain fits easily in footwear prevents skin irritation long lasting sizes according to shoe size see pg 3 for complete size chart size chart usa 5.5 7.5 size men eu 37.5 40 japan 23.5 25.5 sm lg sm lg women 7 9 37.5 40 23 25 low cost 7


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balls of feet ultra metatarsal cushion the bunga ultra metatarsal cushiontm has a 1/4 gel cushion attached to a durable elastic sleeve covering all five metatarsal heads this gel is superior in its ability to reduce pain caused by pressure shock and vibration use as a soft tissue supplement to fat pad atrophy loss of foot padding this pad is used by runners walkers seniors and others to cushion and protect the balls of their feet if you have callousing ask for the ultra metatarsal cushion with exposed gel to reduce and eliminate calluses and dry skin available with covered or uncovered gel pads code umc uncovered umcu inside out view forefoot protection gel pad diminutive metatarsal pad the bunga diminutive metatarsal padtm is a thin version of our ultra metatarsal cushion it is sleek and provides excellent padding and protection of the metatarsal heads from friction pressure and abrasion it fits in tight fitting shoes great for all footwear including running shoes skating boots and highheels relieves the pain and burning sensation under the metatarsal heads pressure calluses morton s neuromas and fat pad atrophy the soft gel pad is inserted between a flexible thin elastic shell the fabric top cover prevents sliding in footwear features code mp gel pad bm visco-elastic gels 100 medical grade benefits reduces pressure shock friction durable for daily use conforms to foot non-allergenic daily use latex-free elastic sleeve hypo-allergenic washable-reusable dermatologically tested 8


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toe crest the bunga toe crest is used to ease discomfort from hammer claw and mallet toes it is made from comfortable which gel exudes medicalgrade mineral oil to soothe the skin on contact the design includes a flexible toe loop that easily fits over toe to stay in place these are washable durable and nonallergenic these crests will not bottom out like products made from foam check sizes online code tc balls of feet forefoot protection foot pouch the bunga foot pouch is a half sock that covers the forefoot toes and metatarsal area balls of feet a thin layer of gel is placed between two layers of a soft fabric shell the gel covers the entire forefoot balls of the feet toes and top of foot simultaneously thereby providing protection and cushioning to these areas this product may be worn comfortably with everyday footwear and underneath hosiery it is a great and ideal solution for those who engage in activities that cause stress on toes and metatarsals code fp advantages according to shoe size see pg 3 for complete size chart size chart size men reduces prevents pain dermatologically safe prevents skin irritation prevents blisters fits in footwear lg 9 40 sm 5.5-8 37.5 u.s eu u.s eu women 5-9 37.5 10 40 low cost 9


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bunion toes bunion gel cushion the bunga bunion gel cushiontm is an excellent way to the reduce pressure and pain caused by bunions and even help prevent them this product has a molded gel cushion strategically attached to a thin latex-free elastic sleeve this gel covers and surrounds your bunion helping to reduce pressure allowing inflammation to subside when used continually it will act as an effective skin moisturizer code bgc bunion solutions big toe bunion padtm gel pad the big toe bunion padtm is a universal gel pad designed to reduce pressure shock and vibration from your big toe bunion this product is designed to work with the bunion that develops on the medial side or big toe side of the foot it is available in one universal size which fits most this product fits either the left or right foot also look at the bunion gel cushion this page which is designed to help with bunion s on the medial or big toe side of your foot also consider the new bunion pad with toe spreader pg 11 code btb features bm visco-elastic gels 100 medical grade specialized designs hypo-allergenic comfortable benefits reduces pressure shock durable washable reusable conforms to foot daily use non-allegenic washable reusable 10


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bunionette pad the bunga bunionette padtm is a universal gel pad designed to reduce pressure shock and vibration from your taylor s bunion this product is designed to work with the bunion that develops on the lateral side or small toe side of the foot it is available in one universal size which fits most this product fits either the left or right foot also look at the bunion gel cushion pg 10 which is designed to help with bunion s on the medial or big toe side of your foot code bp bunion toes bunion solutions bunion pad with toe spreadertm the bunion with attached toe separatortm is ideal for protection of the hallux big toe bunion from friction and pressure it is made of a soft and flexible gel shell which cushions and comforts the tender sensitive skin and surrounding tissue in the bunion area a comfortable toe loop slides over the big toe to hold the product in place while the attached toe spreader functions to keep the toe straight and cushioned see also the other bunion products on the preceding and following pages code bts advantages for bunion gel cushion according to shoe size size chart size reduces prevents blisters reduces eliminates pain lg 9 40 sm 5.5-8 37.5 men u.s eu u.s eu prevents skin irritation fits easily in footwear low cost relief women 5-9 37.5 10 40 long lasting 11


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bunion toes toe spreader bunga toe spreaderstm are made of bm-gel they conform and fit comfortably between the toes to keep them from rubbing together they are used to help from the effects of bunion deformity and overlapping toes they further help prevent the toes from drifting into or on top of each other their unique shape helps to effectively realign the toe so it does not rub against its neighbors use this product to align your toes with a gentle constant pressure this gel keeps its shape during use and resists flattening or loss of shape like foam or other low cost and low performing products code ts toe bunion protection toe spreader with stabilizer ring the toe spreader with stabilizer ringtm functions in the same manner as the toe spreader above but is designed only for the big toe area it also comes with a built-in stabilizer ring to keep the toe spreader in place during movement available in september 2011 code tsr features bm visco-elastic gel washable reusable benefits comfortably prevents friction reduces prevents blisters unique shapes designs conforms to foot 100 medical grade non-allergenic hypo-allergenic durable dermatologically test daily use 12


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toe spreader tube the toe spreader tubetm functions much like the toe spreader but is designed with a latex-free elastic stabilizer tube the tube acts to stabilize and keep the spreader in place during movement code tst bunion toes toe bunion protection gel toe separator the bunga toe separator is a thin gel pad which comfortably wedges between the toes to eliminate the discomfort associated with rubbing and chafing it is used to lessen shock vibration pressure and rubbing also used to cushion and soften corns for more separation go with our bunga toe spreaders or other variation of this product the bunga toe separators come in three sizes small thin medium thin and large thick the thin version of the toe separators are approximately 1/8 2mm thick the thick version of the large separator is approximately 1/4 4-5 mm thick each pack comes with two 2 separators code tsep advantages according to toe and foot size see pg 3 internet site for complete size size chart svvvv prevents skin irritation increases toe comfort blister protection reduce pain stays in place size men mvvlvvu.s eu size u.s eu women vvvv low cost v variable depends on personal foot and toe size 13


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toe general finger toe pads the bunga finger toe pads are typically used to cover blister or callouses on the top knuckle of the toes or fingers a gel pad is molded to a `ring the ring is made of latex-free elastic material that comfortably fits around the toes or fingers this come in two packs in many sizes and quantities sizes small medium and large finger toe protection code ftp blister cushion bunga blister cushiontm is used to stop shear force pressure shock and vibration it helps to prevent blisters and pressure injuries shown with a pressure sensitive backing bc-a which is used to attach the cushion to most clean dry surfaces simply wash and dry area to be padded cut the blister cushion to desired shape the gel only pad can be placed underneath a sock or stocking against the skin this gel cushion will dramatically reduce pain and discomfort by supplementing the body s natural fat pad adhesive blister cushion code bc-a blister cushion code bc-g features bm visco-elastic gels dermatologically tested free-floating solid gels cut shape as desired hypo-allergenic benefits conforms to shape reduces friction reduces friction will not bottom out no leaking washable reusable 14


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finger toe capstm the bunga finger toe capstm is a made with a light weight latex-free tube lined with bm visco elastic gel material this device will protect the entire finger or toe/toe nail it protects all sides of the finger and toe as well as the toe or finger nail against injury and bruising great product to reduce or eliminate blisters black toe pain from corns and rubbing toes also available in a tear resistant silicone material see ftca finger toes finger toe protection gel caps code ftca caps with view of inside gel lining code ftc finger toe tubingtm bunga finger toe tubingtm is a latex-free light weight elastic tube lined with bm visco-elastic gel it is designed to cover the complete circumference of your finger and toe this pad uses less room than foam tubing and will not bottom out as foam materials do thus the gel tubing will protect against and reduces shear force pressure shock and vibration the gel itself will help to reduce scar tissue and to moisturize your skin the comfortable yet durable tube can be cut to the size required for toes and fingers code t size chart general sizing guidelines for fingers and toes are small for smallest finger/toe large for largest finger/toe and medium for the other fingers/toes lengths are adjustable as the material can be cut 15



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