A select figurative collection from Dolna


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Selected range of figurative paintings by established and emerging artists from Dolna.

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a selection of figurative paintings in mediums and styles as diverse as the artists price range 20,000 3,50,000 from all paintings are original authentic and certified by the artist and dolna


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code no ath004 rhythm of the seasons-16 by anuradha thakur acrylic on canvas 84 x 48inches


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code no ach003 lady with lamp by arunesh chowdhury acrylic on canvas 36 x 30inches


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code no pgn002 love and lust by p gnana oil on canvas 47 x 59 inches


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code no pgn001 incomparable hug 12 by p gnana oil on canvas 48 x 48 inches


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code no nbk005 the wise serpant by nabakishore watercolor on canvas 29 x 21 inches


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code no prk001 love 1 by prakash k acrylic on canvas 36 x 36 inches


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code no spu002 life by sanjay punekar acrylic on canvas 42 x 60 inches


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code no pa001 little love by pramod apet acrylic on canvas 48 x 48inches


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code no sum001 two wives by sunirmal maiti acrylic on board 24 x 22 inches


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code no umt010 monk-1 by umakant tawde oil on canvas 48 x 48inches


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code no anb001 soul mate by ananya banerjee mixed media on canvas 60 x 30inches


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code no ab004 badhu by abhijit bhattacharya oil on canvas 30 x 24inches


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code no bx003 no:584 spiritual delight series by babu xavier acrylic on canvas 35 x 47inches


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code no anb008 blue dream by ananya banerjee mix media on paper 20 x 28inches



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