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·free subscription· ·year end 2012· the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the lord make his paths straight mark 1:3 contending for american freedom · contending for fundamental christianity


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printed missionary the voice in the wilderness is a nonprofit independent incorporation founded by rev dr j royce thomason d.p.d ph.d evangelist and medical missionary the organization is dedicated to the spreading of the whole gospel to the world especially in foreign lands the program consists of building mission stations supporting american missionaries and native pastors by partnering with the local church in various areas of ministry and preaching christ to the lost we are supported by the gifts of those who care contributions to the voice in the wilderness for projects or to support the ministry of a missionary will be used as indicated by the donor following approved policies and procedures gifts are tax deductible and should be made out to the voice in the wilderness a fundamental publication published quarterly in behalf of the work of the lord and preservation of the liberties of our united states printed sources imply from material from other does not necessarily an endorsement thisministry § § § in this edition in every edition ronnie and terry williamson evangelist/editor steve and rebekah lilly staff missionaries 6 9 10 12 13 15 16 18 19 20 24 3 4 14 27 31 crossing the deadline show me the money missions a servant s heart gold frankincense myrrh a new year a clean slate opportunities for you the blessed book diamond jubilee how thou oughtest to behave you did it twenty twelve ways i am the lord i change not my personal message news bits nuggets of gold club mit resources for you for personal correspondence contributions address changes new subscriptions there is no subscription charge all interested people of good will may have a copy sent regularly to their address simply by requesting it address all correspondence to the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 www.thevoiceinthewilderness.org e-mail for address changes only visionpartners@thevoiceinthewilderness.org sign-up for the weekly voice e-mail and blog membersnp@thevoiceinthewilderness.org dr ronnie l williamson dr j royce thomason memorial voice in the wilderness p.o box 7037 asheville nc 28802 voice 828 649-1043 write to us 2·the voice in the wilderness year-end 2012 quarterly edition


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dear friends thank you so very much for your prayers friendship and generous support throughout a very event-filled 2012 from excellent meetings in the states a fruitful trip to venezuela a horrific automobile crash with weeks of recovery to now preparation to preach in the philippines the lord has been good and your prayers invaluable may god richly bless you and keep you in his love and grace we are working on the special diamond jubilee edition of the voice in the wilderness celebrating the 60th anniversary of this wonderful printed missionary millions of printed pages have made their way by mail carrier plane boat and even unknown ways to recipients all across the usa canada and around the world with solid scriptural admonition praise the lord for using this incredible witness psalm 68:11 says the lord gave the word great was the company of those that published it it has been a joy to share his precious word through this little publication thank you lord for allowing us the privilege to be a part of your work worldwide and to all our subscribers you are a vital part of the voice in the wilderness ministries thank you again for caring and sharing have a blessed thanksgiving christmas and new year season we love you so very much happy trails for christ and souls ronnie l williamson isa 40:31 diamond jubilee special edition of the voice in the wilderness in preparation for the diamond jubilee we want to hear from you please send us a short testimony of how the lord has used the voice in the wilderness in your life financial needs year-end ministry needs prayer points · health safety · preaching trip-philippinesdec · 2013 diamond jubilee printing events · pastors missionaries · year-end response · · · · · new roof for home office travel expenses printing funds venezuela church construction and church bus funds monthly ministry expenses for more resources visit www.thevoiceinthewilderness.org ·3


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news bits from here and there stupid things the government plans to spend $500 million is spending money on ­ the seeking to solve the problem of u.s federal government is five year old children that can t borrowing billions of dollars sit still in a kindergarten classa day to pay for stupid stuff room the u.s department of at the expense agriculture once of the amerigave researchers million at the university can people 5 0 0 here are just a government funded of new hampfew examples shire $700,000 to study us government methane why can t 5-year-olds study missions spent $200,000 ga s e sit still on a tattoo refrom dairy cows moval program china lends us in mission hills california the more money than any other obama administration plans to foreign nation but that didn t spend between $16 20 million stop our government from helping students from indonesia spending $17.8 million on social get masters degrees fannie and environment programs for mae is about to ask the federal china the u.s postal service government for another $4.6 spent $13,500 on a single dinner billion bailout the department at ruth s chris steakhouse u.s of health and human services farmers are given a total of $2 memorial gifts given in memory of mary orndorff by estate of m orndorff we would like to express our thanks to those who have given a memorial gift to the voice in the wilderness inc ministry these names will be added to a plaque and displayed in our office if you would like to honor a loved one please send a remembrance memorial gift or a living memorial gift with the person s name legibly printed your gift will be listed in an upcoming issue of this publication the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 4·the voice in the wilderness year-end 2012 quarterly edition


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billion each year for not farming their land liberals pursue their pseudofaith with pander and spin for example a liberal says i personally believe in the sanctity of life but cannot impose my personal position on others at the same time the liberal wants legislation from the supreme court that makes abortion legal and tax funded thus imposing that position on many americans who believe abortion is murder sadly nondiscerning voters go to the polls and put in office candidates that do impose beliefs on a majority that rejects that position yet has been duped by fast talking spin-meister politicians another example is nationalize healthcare any american citizen that has dealt with government-run agencies can tell you about bureaucratic waste mounds of needless paperwork confusing red tape and corruption i have seen personally foster care medicare medicaid and social security up close and ugly the voice in the wilderness looses thousands of dollars every year dealing with the u.s postal service what do all these agencies have in common the federal government ­ hello do you really want obamacare or such to take over your healthcare needs and decisions for more resources visit www.thevoiceinthewilderness.org ·5


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for generations the government has been teaching training indoctrinating what is now the overwhelming block of voters that will elect a president that supports homo-sexuality abortion illegal aliens fiscal recklessness constitutional demolition and a host of anti-biblical agendas it seems the news media limbaugh hannity beck colter even huckabee can t put a finger on the cause-andeffect yes the republican party is a bunch of white males and yes latinos women-libers liberal blacks and brain-washed youth are dominating the polls but how is that colter says that we have reached the tipping point and rush thinks we are outnumbered but nobody seems to understand or either has the guts to expose the devil this is indeed a spiritual warfare for the souls of people and the nation evolution perversion of varied vile sorts and a direct denial of god and his absolutes taught by the public schools ran by those in office now has raised up today several generations of voters that will elect the anti-christ himself after the 2012 elections conservatives are calling for change and a modernization of language will the republicans and independents pervert into just another ungodly alternative christian families and even pastors continue to sacrifice their children to the public schools colleges and universities expecting faith to survive the endless attack on the minds and hearts of their young people sadly we have farmed our heritage out to the world and now wonder what happened and why tragically america has crossed the deadline the following is an article published in the winter 2009 edition of the voice in the wilderness 6·the voice in the wilderness year-end 2012 quarterly edition


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on april 21 1803 thomas jefferson wrote a letter to benjamin rush expressing his opinion on religion my views are the result of a life of inquiry and reflection and very different from the anti-christian system imputed to me by those who know nothing of my opinions to the corruptions of christianity i am indeed opposed but not the genuine precepts of jesus himself i am a christian in the only sense in which he wished anyone to be sincerely attached to his doctrines in preference to all others be assured this assault by a generation of those who aggressively attack the doctrines upon which this nations was founded is no surprise turn back the pages of history and one can read of the ongoing war for independence in this country liberal collectivists and totalitarians raise arms against freedom family and faith the theological and biblical imperatives once taught and preached throughout the land have been eroded away by ungodly education awol parents and corrupt government now barack hussein obama has stated new declaration read the words of the 1776 the declaration of independence when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature s god entitle them a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute new government laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness prudence indeed will dictate governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes and accordingly all for more resources visit www.thevoiceinthewilderness.org ·7


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experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed but when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism it is their right it is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security in every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury and for the support of this declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence we mutually pledge to each other our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor has america crossed the deadline the silent majority as described by the poet homer were the dead personally i belong to the church of the one true and living god jesus christ and he hath saith the gates of hell shall not prevail evident or not america has moved far from its founding but the anchor for our soul is steadfast and sure the heart of the king is in the hand of the lord let us not grow weary in well doing but continue to faithfully press the battle against the darkness of our day as i reread the declaration of independence and ponder the egregious acts perpetrated against the colonists i cannot help thinking of the perversion of today s u.s government what about the thousands of tax funded murders of babies in this country every month corrupted elected officials and liberal judges are robbing our freedoms daily if the founders had grounds to sign that document then what about now the revelator exhorts us to hold that fast which thou hast from washington d.c to the mega church purpose-driven movement foundations crumble but dear saint hold fast see the mighty host advancing satan leading on mighty men around us falling courage almost gone hold the fort for i am coming jesus signals still wave the answer back to heaven by thy grace we will 8·the voice in the wilderness year-end 2012 quarterly edition


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show me the money · in 2012 the presidential and congressional races totaled in reported money $5,803,829,964.00 in cost · the u.s president s salary is $400,000 per year · rank-and-file house and senate members receive $174,000 per year · the speaker of the house receives $223,500 per year while the majority and minority leaders get $193,400.00 · congressional members are vested after five years and then are eligible for a pension · the u.s is $16 trillion in debt how do you even pay the interest on $16 trillion · we owe almost $1.2 trillion to china · eighty-eight million are not in the labor force with twenty-three million wanting full time employment · forty seven million are on food stamps this entitlement mentality is killing the u.s · there are 5.6 million homes 30 days or more delinquent on their mortgage or they are in foreclosure.


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missions our pastor has stated many times many want to be a servant until they are treated as a servant believe me if you do serve there will be those who take advantage of your giving heart all that said take a look at these suggestions on having a missionary servant s heart it had been a long hard flight and after arriving in madras india trying to check into the hotel a number of situations arose it seemed that no one on the hotel staff wanted to own the problem we got everything from that s not my area of responsibility to outright being ignored our dear friend sukamar was a room boy when we first met long story but the voice helped him go to school and sukamar worked hard and then moved up the promotional ladder as a manager he now trains his staff to respond like this own the problem or situation and get the solution to the customers satisfaction as a servant for jesus christ it is never appropriate to ignore let slide cast blame or fail to take action even if it is not under your job description or you do not know the answer find the person who has the know-how and the answers the missionary servant is going to have to rise to the challenge and need starting right where you are see the need and find the answer consider the following when it comes to service and missions · if not you who ­ if not here where if not now when · why be a servant why not be a servant · your level of service will be determined by your degree of surrender · are you willing to go but planning to stay ­ or planning to go but willing to stay · as you go as you were going go preaching jesus · how are you obeying the great commission · people don t care how much you know until they know how much you care · the mission field is the distance between yourself and a lost soul 10·the voice in the wilderness year-end 2012 quarterly edition


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a servant s heart · missions is blasting holes in the devil s darkness with the glory of god · missionaries are glory restorers · we have organized glamorized tour-ized institutionalized publicized pasteurized and homogenized till we don t even recognize what missions is all about listen to david livingstone s testimony for my own part i have never ceased to rejoice that god has appointed me to the missionary office people talk of the sacrifice i have made in spending so much of my life in africa can that be called a sacrifice which is simply paying back a small part a great debt owing to god which we can never repay away with such a word with such a view and with such a thought it is emphatically no sacrifice say rather it is a privilege anxiety sickness suffering or danger now and then may make us pause and cause the spirit to waver and sink but let this be only for a moment all of these are nothing when compared with the glory which will hereafter be revealed in and for us i never made a sacrifice of this we ought not to talk when we remember the great sacrifice made by him who left the throne on high to give himself for us the mission and opportunity to serve is all around us a great without has been written on heathenism men and women toiling without a bible without a sunday to worship without prayer without songs of praise they have rulers without justice and without righteousness homes without peace marriage without sanctity young men and girls without ideals and enthusiasm little children without purity without innocence mothers without wisdom or self-control poverty without relief or sympathy sickness without skillful help or tender care sorrow and crime without a remedy and worst of all death without hope ­ copied for more resources visit www.thevoiceinthewilderness.org ·11


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g i in the saturday evening post december 1992 donald culross peattie explained the significance of the gifts presented to the christ-child by the magi old is one of the noble metals no single acid can destroy it nor will it rust away like iron or tin .no one can successfully imitate or fake gold so heavy and incorruptible it is and it is a metal easily turned to the uses of beauty it has been woven into fabrics at least since biblical times exodus 39:2-3 for its ductility as chemists say is so great that a single grain of fine gold can be drawn out into a wire 1/1000 of an inch in diameter extending for a length of about one mile pure supple almost indestructible gold is indeed a royal metal .the expert hammer of the gold beater whose ancient art is referred to by homer can beat an ounce of gold into a sheet two hundred feet square a mere shimmering film in the ancient world into which christianity was born gold was far rarer than now ncense was made from an expensive and elaborate formula containing sixteen different ingredients with only priests allowed to concoct it and the chief element in this holy recipe was frankincense the second gift of the wise men to the child frankincense is a resin from a kind of tree held so sacred of old that in southern arabia and ethiopia where it grew only a few particularly pure persons were allowed even to approach it .to obtain the precious frankincense itself an arab cuts a slash in the trunk as a vermonter cuts a maple and then strips off a narrow piece of bark about five inches long below the cut the sap slowly oozes out and is allowed to harden for about three months at last it is collected in lumps to be shipped from such strange and faraway places as berbera and aden near the mouth of the red sea and bombay these lumps are yellow or colorless dusty-looking with a bitter taste but they burn with a bright white flame and then there arises to heaven that sweet heavenly perfume of mystery the wise men thought pleasing to god yrrh [is a shrub related to frankincense of the genus commiphora the sap of myrrh is extracted in the same way as that of frankincense and it comes in small lumps of reddish-brown resin but its symbolism is more somber the word myrrh comes from the hebrew mar meaning bitter the ancient egyptians used this resin in embalming and hence its connection with solemn occasion gold frankincense and myrrh m 12·the voice in the wilderness year-end 2012 quarterly edition


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for a moment let s not talk about the failures and mistakes yes confess your sins and know the blessed sweet fellowship with your loving saviour jesus christ lord willing 2013 is a new year start out with a clean slate and look at the opportunities god has given you here is a checklist that is certain to give you a high yield this is a no fail hedge fund dividend out of this world lord help me read your word and study daily your blessed book lord i desire to spend time with you each day in fellowship and prayer lord give me a precious soul to share the gospel with and see them gloriously saved by grace through faith in christ lord by your promise and provision i purpose to faithfully give my service in obedience to your great commission labourers for christ tithe offering and missions support for your work throughout 2013 lord grant opportunities in our local assembly for stewardship and lord protect and guide my family this year as we serve together as lord may i never bring reproach but in all give honour and glory to my saviour and king!


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we are checking the mail your year-end gift will make a difference don t forget renew today renew your subscription for 2013 to receive all diamond jubilee updates · never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known god corrie ten boom · of all persons the christian should be best prepared for whatever the new year brings a.w tozer · resolution one i will live for god resolution two if no one else does i still will jonathan edwards · i said to a man who stood at the gate of the year give me a light that i may tread safely into the unknown and he replied go into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of god that shall be to you better than a light and safer than a known way king george vi one of the most important documents a man ever signs is his will i can tell better what a man had in his heart by reading his will than i can by reading his obituary his obituary tells the world what his friends thought of him his will reveals what he had in his heart a m vollmer for as a man thinketh in his heart so is he proverbs 23:7 out of the heart are the issues of life proverbs 4:23 a bequest in your will to the voice in the wilderness inc can assure that the outreach of this ministry at home and abroad will continue after you have gone to your eternal reward prayerfully consider us in your estate planning thank you is god s work in your will 14·the voice in the wilderness year-end 2012 quarterly edition


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t hisblessedbook though the cover is worn and the pages are torn and though places bear traces of tears yet more precious than gold is this book worn and old which can shatter and scatter my fears when i prayerfully look in this blessed old book many pleasures and treasures i see many tokens of love from my father above who is nearest and dearest to me this book is my guide `tis a friend by my side it will lighten and brighten my way and each promise i find soothes and gladdens my mind as i read it and heed it each day to this book i will cling of its worth i will sing though great crosses and losses be mine for i cannot despair though surrounded by care while possessing this blessing divine anonymous



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