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free there s life in the inner west 201 23rd november 2012 every fortnight open a restaurant live the great culinary dream win movie tix celeste jesse forever god bless america paris manhattan quartet distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill is 201 issues old jared ingersoll on world-changing foodies how to pamper your pooch this christmas high tea why it s back in fashion among inner westies photo by ben cregan dog days r e e bottle of water f ion th is ad with any pu rc hase ­ just me nt fre e 2 hour parking at the italian forum with any purchase per customer while stock lasts leichhardt store only one your local store 6-8 norton street leichhardt open mon-fri 8am-8pm sat-sun 9am-6pm ph 9560 7008 auburn 9649 7900 belrose 9986 3331 blacktown 9622 1937 burwood 9745 6375 campsie 9789 9000 carlingford 9871 4522 caringbah 9525 0309 engadine 9520 8838 griffith 6964 7322 five dock 9713 4729 glebe 9660 6919 marrickville 9560 2488 merryland 9897 1011 neutral bay 9953 0609 revesby 9773 8510 riverstone 9627 1516 riverwood 9153 7347 toukley 4396 4137 cc18341_ciao


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inner west whispers local gossip rumour hearsay and unsubstantiated fact latte leftie we are c!ao advertising sonya madden satire for the soul latte leftie sallies forth in defence of a fellow gallophile celebrity set upon by a slavering lamestream media in thrall to jingoistic nationalism dear ll ­ i was wondering what you made of melissa george s recent comments that rather than enduring the questions of that buffoon `kochie on some inane sydney breakfast tv show she would rather be having an espresso in paris or walking my french bulldog in new york and that i don t need credibility from my country any more i just need them to be quiet jean-paul leichhardt ll replies bravo melissa of course i don t partake of the idiot box aside from the guilty pleasure of q&a whenever penny wong is on discussing gay marriage i.e every second week but if i d been watching when the estimable ms george declared she was no longer going to play the loyal good aussie i would have thrown my beret in the air let s face it anyone with any talent leaves this embarrassing little nation at the first opportunity renounces their citizenship and starts dating a wealthy french industrialist much as melissa has ­ a life trajectory that is even more praiseworthy once you discover she s the daughter of a nurse and construction worker who was raised in perth ­ the most provincial of cities in this miserable backwater for those of us who are compelled to remain in australia for family or other reasons and must be satisfied with speaking in a foreign accent we picked up while spending a week holidaying in rome london or new york there is something enormously validating about an expat finally having the strength of character to pronounce they re now too good for the arse end of the world the accident of birth inexplicably consigned them to rather than bunging on an ocker accent smothering themselves in vegemite tim tams and meat pies and launching into a rousing rendition of `i still call australia home as is expected of them n email your dilemma to ciao balmain boys don t lie howes vs albo glace gone yasmar phantoms l footie star matt adamson who now runs balmain s swish noshery delmain providore gets some interesting customers none other than tony abbott was spotted recently deep in conversation with the rugby league vet what were they talking about we were just having a chat the opposition leader was quoted as saying matt was even less forthcoming but added that he had great respect for tony and balmain people had a great rapport with him hmmm watch this space l what has happened to the year-old callan park masterplan who knows but meanwhile the new council is now allowing local kids and footie players onto the formerly off-limits site l only a few months ago women s weekly splashed lovingly styled photos of local alp powerbroker paul howes and his wife lucy in their leichhardt pad all over the mag but paul has since been seen dating qantas spruiker olivia wirth now the oz claims our boy is looking for a safe alp seat his local one grayndler perchance egads what would albo say l glace ice cream shop has closed its doors in leichhardt with owner marilyn lean quoting overpriced rent as the reason for her departure there s no need for fans of her icy creations to panic just yet however glace is still available from the factory outlet at 39 smith st summer hill l did anyone else spot a couple of hooded hooligans jumping fence for a late night tour of yasmar recently or were they just a pair of shadows the watchful eyes of our haberfield spy aren t what they used to be leane senzamici newtown design eleanor wales russell edwards art direction can you recognise the leichhardt restaurateur behind that 70s mo and groovy pair of aviators this photo of memmo petrini right the owner of la botte d oro restaurant was snapped in 1973 ­ and the inner west hasn t seen a better head of hair since memmo came to australia in 1969 when he was just 23 years old and didn t speak a word of english he arrived in melbourne on the ship guglielmo marconi and moved to sydney a few years later opening la botte d oro in 1977 in the same location it remains today this year marks the restaurant s 35th birthday on marion st making it one of our oldest italian restaurants c!ao history editorial nancy merlo publishing sonia komaravalli contributors ben cregan and nigel bowen ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication get a free body shaping treatment automatically knees calves melt fat off your waist hips thighs exercise without surgery without painful without boring diets and without invasiveness to introduce you to a cellulite and body contouring treatment recently featured on channel 9 s what s good for you hosted by sigrid thornton i d like if you have to offer you a $195 gift voucher absolutely free my name is eman and been struggling to message you ever read i am drop a few dress sizes then this could be the most important offering 17 lucky readers the chance to try this treatment out for free distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 this offer is only valid for the first 17 people hurry offer ends 30th july 22 dec you ll be glad you did ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville cover thanks to harry for posing with some fabulous poodles for our petstacular cover groomed by their owner guy from pets on point 325 glebe point rd glebe we ve never seen more stylish dogs photo by ben cregan 112 lyons rd drummoyne 9719 1311 1203509 naked beauty things we love laneways love your lane is a leichhardt council initiative that started off on flat st leichhardt back in 2003 when residents were asked to create personalised tiles to beautify the laneway and deter illegal dumping graffiti hotspots were also cleaned up this year the project continued with love your lane tiles set on albion lane annandale the tiles were handmade by residents kids and business owners during a tile-making workshop coordinated by local ceramist liz rooney c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west presents featured artists gabriele richter gail edmonds saturday 24 november 2012 opening 1 3 pm new abstracts 4 rawson ave drummoyne opp the school near roundabout on thompson st gallery hours tues ­ frid 10-4 sat 10-2 ph 9181 5263 2 join us for live jazz by peter kinch trio and enjoy some nibbles and bubbles


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renovating visit us today or buy online showrooms open 7 days phoenix `vivid conical shower rose arm mirrored shaving cabinets 3 300mm only $144 4 450mm only $144 600mm only $152 7 750mm only $165 9 900mm only $180 1 1200mm only $220 polyurethane cabinets vizzini undermount kitchen sink 384 x 444 x 210mm sale price avalon vanity on legs 600mm only $361 750mm only $389 900mm only $417 1200mm only $658 polyurethane cabinet with ceramic top also available kickboard or wall hung rrp $149 now only 3 star wels rating 8 l/per min 85 save 198 $64 metro wall hung vanities with hidden handles vizzini square shower screen 1 10mm toughened glass 900mm x 900mm door av available with knob or bar handle rrp $1040 now only methven satinjet shower rail 10 year warranty vizzini momento fixed over bath screen c change your ugly shower curtains now sh 10 10mm toughened glass 70 700mm wide x 1450 high rrp $699 now only 740 save polyurethane cabinet with ceramic top 600mm only $415 750mm only $435 900mm only $495 1200mm only $699 also available on legs or kickboard rrp $405 now only $300 manhattan toilet suite close coupled full ceramic soft close seat rrp $400 now only 199 230 save $469 designer floor waste vizzini lucio wall faced toilet suite toi easy clean ceramic quick release soft close seat geberit flush system rrp $695 now only bermuda mk iii toilet wall faced toilet suite easy clean ceramic quick release soft close seat geberit flush system 300 save $100 adp sante fe 1 wall hung vanity unit australian made with german hardware 900 x 475 x 400mm cabinet available in 4 different colours rrp $696 now only 395 also available in 1500mm designer floor waste smart tile 100mm only rrp $89 rrp $795 now only 525 now only 49.90 save $39 vizzini `phoenician free standing bath roma bath set alisha ii basin mixer 5 year warranty australian standard 5 star water rating 1730 x 790 x 730mm rrp $1599 now only modern bath tap set suitable for any bathroom rrp $150 now only 580 1090 64 save $86 rrp $380 now only save $509 159 74-76 pyrmont bridge rd 200m from parramatta rd 9 barney street off church street camperdown/glebe north parramatta 1 300 go bo ys 1300 462 697 a t li best b d australia s b t brands


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n feature it s not only partridges in pear trees who deserve to step into the limelight during the festive season the presents you can shower your pooch with in the canine-crazed inner west are limited only by your imagination and budget guy from pets on point with his pretty poodles it s hard to believe that christmas is just around the corner and soon the frantic rush to buy presents plan a lunchtime feast and send out season s greetings cards will begin while this is all happening however it s easy to ignore those who shower us with gifts of love and affection all year round ­ our pets so ciao has put together some ideas for how you can share the chrissy spirit by pampering your pooch for the dog-loving inner west no request is too bizarre and no treatment too indulgent ­ the demand for hair stylists toy shops `peticurists and canine-friendly chefs all specialising in providing products and services for dogs has never been higher pamper your pet this christmas eating inner westies are conscious of what they eat and what they throw out and this filters through to their pets too they want to know their pet food is ethically sourced they want to know where the food is coming from she says though batman even made an appearance or should we say bat-dog that will do your dog s teeth a world of good l pause for perfect paws latte-drinking inner west ladies are not the only ones that bark in disgust at the sight of a chipped nail ­ doggie paws must be just as well maintained as our own so treat your pup to a `peticure this christmas trained at the starwood international dog grooming school in thailand expert dog groomers and colourists guy and simon from pets on point in glebe offer peticures for just $10 plus a heap of other beauty services for your dog from washing and drying to dental brushing and fur dyeing which is done section by section similar to human hair dye explains simon also taking dog grooming to the next level is maru maru pet services in stanmore where you can add a splash of colour to your pup s nails with four nail-polish colours to choose from and sparkles and other nail decorations also available christmas treats l date night for dogs we reserve `couples time for our partners so why not do the same for our dogs take your dog out on a date ­ it will probably be the best one you ve ever been on you won t have to worry about awkward silences and you already know you ll be going home together hitting café bones in haberfield for a `pupaccino is a good place to start luciana relies on local vegie honey and chicken suppliers she knows and trusts to supply her with the ingredients for her healthy sustainable food for dogs cats and horses she prefers to buy australian because of our strict laws on chemical additives and to cut down on food miles it can make things more expensive but she s sure her customers appreciate it i have clients that will spend everything on their dogs not because they are rich but because they want what s best and healthiest for their pet says luciana l winner winner turkey dinner turkey dinners aren t just for thanksgiving americans lucky pets will purr with thanks when a turkey dinner pack complete with all the trimmings including cranberries and peas is poured into their bowl this christmas alongside a doggie candy cane or tree-hanging lollipop for dessert all are available from sassy treats with leftovers going to monika s doggie rescue charity pets on point have also introduced new frozen dog treats in time for a summer christmas the little frozen tubs come in various flavours including carrot and chicken and pumpkin considering my dubious cooking skills i wouldn t be surprised if i find guests eating from the dog bowl this christmas l pets like to accessorise too more glamorous pet owners like to accessorise their furry fashionistas for special occasions with everything from handmade collars that can be personalised with your dog s name to puppy party dresses hats and backpacks however after hosting the newtown festival s dog show for nine years running luciana has found that inner west dog owners particularly around newtown tend to dress themselves in crazier outfits than they dress their dogs that s not to say there weren t plenty of leather-clad pups strutting their stuff during the celebrity look alike competition this year l go organic and australian made just like an italian man the way to a dog s heart is through its stomach and luciana from sassy treats in camperdown says inner westies are very aware of what their dogs are 4 l toys toys toys is there a present under the tree for your family dog this christmas pets are part of the family so there s no reason they should be overlooked when it comes to gift giving simon from pets on point says there are tonnes of doggie gifts that are popular for christmas but of course dogs will always enjoy toys the most so they stock plenty of balls rubber chickens and chew toys n words nancy merlo photo ben cregan l furry kings need a cushy throne while they may not be the king of the jungle your pet is the king of your backyard and they grow weary after a day of clawing at presents tail-wagging and digging up dirt so make sure they have a comfortable doggy bed to curl up in when christmas day is over pets on point has an amazing range of washable bedding and maru maru pet services offers pet massage and reiki healing the japanese method used to balance mind body and soul to help your pet unwind after the hustle and bustle of christmas.


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n inner west pets sometimes man s best friend needs rescuing if you re considering getting a pooch this christmas why not save some money and a life by opting for one of monika s rescue dogs a pet is truly one of the most special gifts anyone could receive ­ after all it is the gift that keeps giving for years after it s walked into your life on all fours so if after months of them begging for a puppy you re finally considering getting a pet for your kids this christmas think carefully about where it s coming from and whether your family is ready for such a long-term commitment rather than buying a new dog that has come from a puppy farm which often do not have the best interests of their animals at heart why not consider adopting a dog from monika biernacki s doggie rescue organisation every year monika rescues countless dogs from pounds and tries to find permanent happy homes for every single one of them in accordance with her no kill policy the dogs all receive basic health checks and are microchipped heartworm tested and vaccinated by a vet in short they are cared for holistically until they are ready to be adopted monika believes in saving as many dogs as possible from council pounds which can become quite a difficult task considering around 33,000 dogs wind up in shelters annually in nsw alone this doesn t deter monika however who started out rescuing one dog at a time and caring for them in her own home 18 years ago and has since rescued an estimated 10,200 dogs from certain death ­ finding them all loving homes with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers this is not to say that doggie rescue adopts to just anyone all potential owners must complete a questionnaire about their lifestyle in order to help monika match them with the right dog of which there are over a hundred at the shelter plus another hundred in foster care at any one time the charity also asks lonely pets club offers a professional multi award winning highly personalised pet sitting and dog walking service servicing the inner west suburbs of sydney we are australia s premier and most experienced pet sitting company and take great pride in setting the bench mark for other pet sitting businesses by offering the highest quality care available for your pets we visit your home to care for your pets in the comfort of their own environment we believe that pets are much happier left in their own home than boarded elsewhere such as in a dog boarding kennel or cattery we also offer a regular dog walking service for owners too busy to walk their own dog our dog walking service provides individual attention we only walk one member s dogs at a time monika with some of her cheerful charges for reimbursement for the basic desexing vaccination microchipping and heartworm testing so if you re thinking about getting a dog this christmas or any time of year monika urges always think of a rescue dog give them a second chance and give the gift of love and compassion to dogs that would otherwise not have any hope you can visit doggie rescue to meet monika s wonderful volunteers and the dogs and you may just find yourself walking away with a new four-legged friend n for more information or adoption forms visit the hills district s favourite dog trainer irma de jong has recently moved to the inner west irma comes to your home for one on one sessions with you and your dog obedience training sit stay come no pulling no jumping up etc puppy training toilet training behavioural issues anxiety and fear related problems specialising in aggression issues irma is a firm believer in plenty of exercise socialising and fun as an integral part of training your dog it is a necessity for canines in order to lead a balanced and fulfilling life only then can a dog be the well mannered loyal companion that everyone would love to share their life with therefore irma developed doggy cycling which is new to sydney and the regular doggie fun day out 58 moore st leichhardt tel 9569 5388 complete pet supplies dog and cat food flea and worming medication toys and treats collars and leads beds and kennels the website is currently being updated and will be finished in the next couple of weeks so please check back soon for the latest in dog training exercise and fun days or call irma now we stock 0423 243 651 community glamour at its best 5


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community life r oad test rant we really have become a nation of wankers two weeks ago without fanfare or barely a nod senator conroy dumped his internet filter it was always doomed he knew that no australian politician no elected rep anywhere in the democratic world can stand between voters and their growing need for porn conroy was always just biding his time waiting to execute a neat slippery side step and with a magic wave it was gone poof sometime mid way through the howard era ­ one of his ministers i ve forgotten who also had a policy to clean up the web i remember being vaguely amused didn t he understand what had happened capitalism had already triumphed an innovative industry ­ always a pioneer in `service delivery ­ was monetising a product in high consumer demand it wasn t about to go away and it didn t pretty well every computer in the world will have a stash of porn ­ remembered forever by the browser or stored in innocuously labelled folders in it workshops when the techies are bored they amuse themselves at your expense you know why they are smirking as they hand back your laptop sure you ll have to buy a new computer change all you passwords and sorry they couldn t retrieve most of your data but rest assured even though your credit card number is now owned by someone in nigeria and your bank account is in the hands of a russian gangster ­ sally is slippery when wet.mp4 was saved where to go when it s tea time many inner westies can t get through the day without a coffee but the evolution of flavoured leaf mixes is now making tea more popular in these parts resulting in a resurgence in popularity of taking high tea the duchess of bedford anna maria russell is credited with having invented the afternoon snack in the early 1800s after finding herself feeling rather peckish during the long break between meal times once perceived as a rather hoity-toity pastime for the upper class today high tea is open to everyone and has become a great excuse to pop a glass of bubbly in the middle of the day while pretending to act all ladylike feel like a very formal affair guests are offered a choice of champagne or a bellini on arrival and given a menu to peruse there is an impressive list of teas here from plainer green teas to inspiring mixes of flavoured teas ­ i went with the orange and cinnamon which was aromatic and slightly spicy however strangely the tea didn t arrive until i was halfway through my three tiers the food comes out quickly and there s a stronger focus on savoury snacks than sweets the bottom tier of sandwiches had tasty chicken and salmon fillings while the second tier reflected the pub surroundings with a sausage roll and a mini asparagus quiche the scones with jam and cream were truly impressive the cream has a hint of vanilla flavour that s simply divine 3/5 riverview hotel 29 birchgrove rd balmain high tea with a french twist high tea is traditionally served between 3pm and 5pm while it s usually enjoyed as a weekend treat the people at little darling diner believe that it shouldn t just be a sunday afternoon luxury their philosophy is that you should be able to enjoy high tea anytime you feel like it which is why they take bookings daily from 10am things kick off with a glass of chandon and a pot of tea ­ they have all the standard varieties and each person gets their own in a generous glass teapot soon after three tiers of gourmet delights arrive at the table one with savoury bites including a decadent three cheese and walnut quiche and sandwiches while the others are filled with a range of mindblowing petit fours all made fresh in house the decadence at little darling diner mini profiterole filled with chocolate cream was a stand out as was the lemon meringue pie in a crisp pastry cup the sweets are changed all the time so there s always something new and interesting to try and every single thing is delicious this place offers the best value at $37 per person including the champagne 5/5 little darling diner 485a darling st balmain high tea goes to the pub although this high tea is set up in a pub dining room the dark wood and antique style tea cups makes it high tea italian style this `italian style high tea is unlike any other high tea you will experience there s no scones no sandwiches it s actually more like a picnic lunch with plenty of savoury italian favourites like arancini pizza olives and bruschetta spread out over three tiers this makes it perfect for those who don t have much of sweet tooth although that s not to say dessert is forgotten altogether after the tower of savoury treats is finished a selection of three good-sized desserts is brought out to end the meal with a bang the tea runs on alternating saturdays and sundays and includes a glass of italian sparkling wine on arrival followed by a choice of coffee or flavoured twinings 4/5 via leoni 374 lyons rd russell lea n nm pretty well every computer in the world will have a stash of porn ­ remembered forever by the browser the industry is huge so far has porn percolated down into popular culture we hardly even notice it anymore and it is changing us the average household size is getting smaller more and more of us are living alone and we are having more transitory relationships slippery sally is a crap role model for our pre-teens and an even worse biology teacher and our very young those not yet even socialised their eyes full of wonder as soon as they can click and point they ve seen everything everything in a book catalogue recently i inevitably came across jane eyre laid bare sexually explicit the label helpfully explained as if i couldn t guess emily bronte a favourite author of year nine girls had written porn it was a mainstream piece of junk mail a catalogue aimed at middle class book club-goers ­ women mostly anxious for social contact who if they ever do go beyond rumpy pumpy with rochester in the attic will see to it that their `bits in line with popular culture s new norm are shaved or waxed to resemble the smooth-skinned hairless pudenda of an eight-year-old is it a coincidence that sexual abuse of children is on the rise that we are obsessed with the topic yes it s a coincidence please let it be a coincidence or it could be that capitalism s relentless search for profit has found a new market and has once again ­ triumphed christmas comes early ring in the christmas season at dulwich hill s family friendly annual fair you won t want to miss all the fun food and entertainment on offer from 11am to 4pm sunday 2nd december the streets of dulwich hill come alive when the dulwich hill community fair comes to town bringing with it all the usual favourite kids activities including face painting a petting zoo and mobile children s playground ­ the big yellow bus the kids play park will also be returning this year located at the seaview street car park next to dulwich hill library and of course in order to celebrate the silly season santa himself will be stopping by to say hello to the crowd festivalgoers will be able to get started on some christmas shopping too with a selection of fantastic stalls set to line the streets on the day ­ including plenty of delicious food stalls for when you re feeling like a bite put the date in your diary people n for more info check out the events page at www.marrickville what s on compiled by nancy merlo email saturday 24th november info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are this time over our very humanity n russell stringer bell not my real name and depth of michael s work brilliant insightful and thought provoking the wonderful mind of the author is laid bare in this new book entry costs $10 which includes $5 off your very own copy of the essential leunig n bookings essential call shearer s on 9572 7766 from thursday 27th november masks buffoons a cruise ship the mediterranean a captain secured on the pretentious promise of women and wine sound familiar what is a recipe for disaster is purely perfect ammunition for the buffoonery of commedia dell arte fools in progress bring you just one performance of their latest offering an adult-rated romp grounded in the traditions of italian commedia dell arte from 7pm at the italian forum leichhardt tickets are $25 18 for concession n to book go to calt 6 style at the forum sun 25th nov sun 16th dec sydney style markets since its launch in august the style markets just keep getting better featuring tonnes of quality accessories homewares and fashion items ­ many handmade ­ you re guaranteed to find something truly special and you have the added experience of meeting the person who created your piece with free activities including face painting and a jumping castle to keep the kids entertained plus a variety of new stallholders at each market you can bring the whole family along and enjoy a day out where there s something for everyone don t forget to check out the specialty grower s section and stop for lunch at one of the forum s fabulous cafes the next sydney style markets are on at the italian forum leichhardt from 10am to 4pm sunday 25th november and sunday 16th december ­ when santa is set to make his arrival n monday 26th november michael leunig at shearers cartoonist michael leunig will be at the palace cinema upstairs from shearer s bookshop 99 norton st leichhardt from 7pm to 8.30pm on november 26th where he will discuss his new book the essential leunig some might say that the word `cartoon scarcely does justice to the range exhibitions come along to the opening night of the annual exhibition of new jewellery and objects by students of the design centre enmore this tuesday 27th november this year s exhibit is titled mine and includes artist talks starting from 5pm the exhibition runs until saturday 1st december and is sure to be full of inspiring pieces there will also be graduate exhibitions at the sydney institute tafe 110 edgeware rd enmore on wednesday 28th from 6pm to 9pm ­ pop over and help celebrate the achievements


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n local gigs saturday 25th november n local movies rick astley wa wa nee never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you never gonna make you cry never gonna say goodbye never gonna tell a lie and hurt you this will be legit hilarious n enmore theatre $79.90 +bf free c d u le tiwinkoebts movies passes just don t call her juno wednesday 28th november god bless america love and letting go we ve all meet people like frank joel murray bill s brother they re perpetually grumpy and often as we live in the inner west at the right wing media and the banal horror of commercial tv frank s workmates barely tolerate his tirades and after losing his job and being diagnosed with a tumor he figures it s time to act an unlikely teammate on what turns out to be a giddily deranged killing spree is teen rebel roxy tara lynn barr who stumbles on frank at his first assassination like a true gentleman he treats her with chaste respect ­ as anyone would with a guntoting nut case intent on bloody carnage and ridding the world of evil think of shock jocks like alan jones and maybe you d even consider this yourself the trick to bobcat goldthwait s very black comedy is making us sympathise with these people and he does very cleverly adding a neat plot twist too and the source of frank s anger the tv is on in almost every internal scene that s the thing about american capitalism ­ it has no off switch ma15 at dendy newtown from dec 6 n reviews ­ re n we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below thieves ep launch post paint hattie carroll huckleberry hastings thieves are a pretty decent band ­ they re young and thoroughly entrenched in the cool sydney scene but at least they re good at what they do post paint are excellent and refreshingly unique with vocals you don t often get to witness and some wonderful violin work n the vanguard newtown $12 thursday 25th november celeste jesse forever best of the rest writer/star rashida jones off-beat indie starts with a couple about to divorce celeste jones is a successful marketing whiz kid and author of a trend-spotting book appropriately called shitegeist while jessie andy samberg is an unemployed slacker they re a hip 30-ish la couple and though fed up with jessie s aimlessness celeste is having trouble making the final break the rom-com genre dictates that these two will get back to the ahhhh forever moment of their wedding day and title after they ve mouthed snappy one-liners at each other while an assortment of oddball friends dates chris messina stands out and work colleagues elijah wood ­ awkward as the compulsory gay offer fatuous advice some of that does happen but jones has given us much more than a conventional comedy and leads us into a much darker place ­ that really scary but satisfying moment of self-realisation when people actually become real adults it s sassy and fun ­ there s even a happy ending that s despite the several icky money shots ma15 at dendy newtown from nov 29 n thanks to walt disney films we have 10 double inseason passes to give away details below agnes kain this sydney duo have the best of australian indie folk ­ that sweet voice we know so well from the likes of sarah blasko and co as well as some well thought out melodies they ve already released two albums and their third before we finally meet comes out this month n notes live enmore $15 $39.50 with foods sweet deal n claire albrecht love story nz/german filmaker florian habicht s punk romantic comedy is so mischievious so subversive and so unusual it defies explanation i won t try habicht a likeable eccentric with a concave chest which features in a weird sex scene involving the consumption of breakfast cereal meets a mysterious russian beauty masha yakovenko holding a cake on a coney island subway he s instantly smitten what follows is beguilingly clever touching even ­ and also the funniest new york movie since woody allen s earliest masterpieces go m15 at dendy newtown from dec 6 n opening soon win tix the love scene from titanic in a bath look into the mirror marrickville actress amber robinson stars in the australian premiere of into the mirror a confronting play about gender and identity that will have you enthralled from start to finish playing at the king street theatre newtown until saturday 15th december into the mirror explores the bonds between families lovers and friends returning home after a year in the uk melanie finds that her mother sally is a complete stranger and desperate to become a man while sally who now wishes to be known as `kendall attempts to erase his previous life melanie struggles to face life without her mum reeling from an explosive lesbian relationship tyler enters the scene and is charmed by kendall and begins to question her sexuality meanwhile we meet sophia who is haunted by a decision she made years ago and whose struggles come to mirror those of the other characters laura too must deal with consequences of a past secret that will ultimately affect her future come along and be intrigued by these women s stories for more information or to book tickets visit n to win a double pass to the show on friday 30th at 7.30pm or saturday at 2pm email and let us know what date you can make one of the talented performers that will be performing classics like `ave maria and `danny boy among other pieces on the night at $125 per person guests will be treated to a private viewing of the francis bacon exhibition receive a welcome glass of champagne and hear the 7 sopranos perform classic christmas carols n more info at win tix paris manhattan more preview tix distributors often hold their best releases until the summer holiday season and as always lucky ciao readers will be able to win free double passes in fact we have some for previews in this very issue quartet dustin hoffman s funny and touching film starring british veterans dame maggie smith billy connolly and tom courtney as aging opera divas see page 11 for preview giveaway details paris manhattan writer/director sophie lellouche s deliciously wry romantic comedy is about a young woman whose love and life choices are guided by the films of woody allen poor girl no wonder she s single n see page 11 for preview giveaway details thespian lesbians abound in into the mirror of students in the field of graphic design interior design and decoration 3d art and animation digital media and jewellery design and more n where depot gallery i ii 2 danks st waterloo fri 30th nov to sun 16th dec aural labyrinth richard kean s new work aural labyrinth opens on november 30th at 6pm over 300 cubic metres of gallery space will be converted by kean into an architectural and acoustic instrument for visitors to navigate and play as an aural installation aside from impromptu performances from visitors which could happen at any time as they explore the masterpiece an aural performance featuring the innovative work will also be held on saturday 1st december from 2pm n where articulate project space 497 parramatta rd leichhardt friday 30th nov sunday 2nd dec to seven and their families this live band plays instruments from around the world offering a global musical education that gets the kids involved through interactive music making the show is set to be loads of fun so pop over to the sidetrack theatre 142 addison rd marrickville from 9.45am to 10.45am or 11.15am to 12.15pm to enjoy a performance tickets are $15 or $55 for a family pass 4 tickets children under oneyear-old are free n for more info and tickets visit aural pleasure the 7 sopranos christmas concert come join the 7 sopranos for their `joyeux noel christmas concert at the art gallery of nsw accompanied by well-known australian conductor simon kenway newtown resident keara donohoe is just win double movie passes kids grooving on the beat saturday 1st december earthbeats kids concert join the earthbeats gang at their end of year concert the harmony train for kids aged up to be in the running to win a double in season movie pass to celeste jesse forever god bless america double passes to the previews of quartet and/or paris manhattan just email your name and address to only at the movies dec 6 telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao you can enter them all in a single email but give us an order of preference community glamour at its best 7


p. 8

kitchen ingredients with melissa leong this issue s recipe comes from sustainable chef and former owner of critically acclaimed the book kitchen in surry hills dave campbell who now owns modern asian restaurant hungry duck in berry and the new wharf rd restaurant and bar dave has worked with trailblazers in modern asian cuisine including neil perry tetsuya wakuda and kylie kwong here he shares a fresh and tasty seafood dish perfect for a hot summer s day wine with winsor chic chardy hardy s 2011 nottage hill chardonnay there are only a handful of labels capable of producing quality chardonnay for under 10 bucks ­ and nottage hill is certainly one of them this is a very decent effort quite rich and powerful with ripe tropical and stone fruit flavours very much to the fore and hints of toasty oak in the background there s plenty of length some creamy nuttiness and good mouthfeel it s not elegant or thrilling but it is darn good value for $9.99 ceviche flathead serves 4 people as a starter 200g flathead fillet boneless 60g boiled quinoa 2 tblsp vegetable oil 80g pebre salsa 1 green shallot with crispy quinoa and pebre salsa pretty in pink luna rosa 2012 rosado this aromatic and refreshing dry rosé is a combined effort between cumulus winemaker debbie lauritz and portuguese counterpart francisco antunes using cabernet grenache and mourvedre fruit picked at night for freshness hence the name it is a crisp little number from central west nsw low in alcohol at 10.5 extremely food friendly and with just a hint of fruit sweetness on the palate very drinkable and a fun partner for picnics or spicy chicken dishes $15 method place vegetable oil in a non-stick frying pan add quinoa and fry till golden and crisp remove from pan and drain on absorbent paper slice flathead thinly as for sashimi place in a bowl with the pebre salsa toss gently and leave for five minutes to marinate place fish and salsa on serving plate sprinkle over crispy quinoa and finely chopped shallot the upmarket fish finger pebre salsa ingredients ½ medium red onion 4 cloves garlic ½ jalapeño chili no seeds ½ bunch coriander 1 ripe tomato deseeded 30ml extra virgin olive oil 20ml grape seed oil 50ml fresh lime juice at the markets n vegies all vegies are plentiful at the moment especially salad ingredients such as cos lettuce and also celery and chinese greens which are reasonably priced and good quality because of the lovely spring weather fruit all stone fruits are now in season and at affordable prices including cherries apricots plums and peaches just to name a few mangoes are also in full supply plenty of varieties are available with kensington pride being the most common look out for specials on summery fruits ­ each store will have different offers n tony trim trim s fresh shop 21 marketplace leichhardt the real thing paul louis martin bouzy grand cru brut yes there really is a town called bouzy ­ and its right in the middle of the champagne region of france this champagne house was founded in 1864 and while not as well known as moet taittinger and others it produces quality bubbles at realistic prices this is a pinot noir-dominant blend that s soft and rich on the palate with noticeable nutty characters and plenty of life and drive often found on special at dan murphy s $60 n method finely dice the onion garlic and chili place in mortar and pestle and pound to a rough paste chop coriander and fine dice tomato combine all ingredients and add a pinch of salt use within a few hours or the lime juice will dull boutique emelie six years of quality service where customers come first drummoyne pride winner emelie boutique 4/52 lyons rd drummoyne phone 9719 2029 opening hours monday-friday 9.30am to 6pm saturday 9.30am to 4.30pm n local business success emelie boutique is the pride of drummoyne emelie boutique is the winner of this month s drummoyne pride award which rewards business owners who take pride in the appearance of their store and recognises their dedication towards making the drummoyne streetscape a beautiful place for shoppers and residents boutique owner emelie is constantly being complimented on her window displays which she changes every two weeks in order to keep things looking fresh and interesting so she was overjoyed to receive the award she especially thanked her customers staff the drummoyne chamber of commerce and its president norelle seymour for the award and recognition after six years of business on lyons road emelie s reputation is second to none because her customers always come first a drummoyne resident herself emelie loves the area and her local shoppers and knows what they want drummoyne has classy mature customers she says so emelie does all the buying herself and stocks quality garments from a range of brands to suit her customers in drummoyne after a while you know what people are looking for and what suits them she says emelie started her first fashion business when she was 18 years old with just one sewing machine making samples having studied design at sydney tech she developed her own label and had reps selling all over australia emelie s business quickly grew and soon she had fifty people from many different backgrounds working at her ashfield factory from there the business continued to expand with a chain of retail shops ­ she opened one underneath her factory in ashfield and fifteen more throughout sydney emelie is a business dynamo her first store at strathfield has won four business awards over the years including the national champion of champions award for women s fashion in 1999 making emelie the first person in nsw to have won a champion of champions prize i never expected it says emelie of her most memorable award eventually it all got too busy for emelie and she decided to close the factory to focus on her shops today she still runs her strathfield and drummoyne stores with staff who have been with her for years when asked what the future holds emelie says she ll be business for a long time to come i love my business i have very good and loyal customers ­ they are the reason for my success n emelie boutique 4/52 lyons rd drummoyne tel 9719 2029 open monday-friday 9.30am to 6pm saturday 9.30am to 4.30pm drummoyne business chamber the drummoyne business chamber inc was formed to promote drummoyne for the benefit of both local businesses and the residents of our community it is a non-profit organisation open to all drummoyne residents and business owners the purpose of the chamber is to encourage the local businesses our local council and the community to unite and be involved in all future planning and events in drummoyne and so that we can proudly create an identity for our beautiful bayside suburb that we all share and enjoy chamber meetings are held on the 1st wednesday of every month 6pm to 7pm at pj s gallagher s at the corner of victoria lyons rds drummoyne 8


p. 9

mel s fettuccine boscaiola this is one of my easy dishes to feed a family of four you will need ½kg egg fettucine homemade 200g diced ham or pancetta 200g sliced mushrooms ½ red onion chopped 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 600ml thickened cream chopped parsley 1 boil water for pasta salt to taste 2 when water is boiling add the pasta and cook till al dente 3 meanwhile add oil to a frying pan and sauté the onion 4 add the ham or pancetta and mushrooms 5 cook till all mixed and then add the cream salt and pepper to taste 6 cook till cream comes together 7 when pasta is al dente ­ drain and add to the cream sauce 8 give it all a stir making sure the pasta is not overcooked and then spoon into a dish 9 garnish with parsley how long have you been cooking i ve been cooking for the last 25 years at home for my family and friends i ve always wanted to open a restaurant but always thought of my family first now that my children have all grown up there was the opportunity to finally live my dream and so i opened bon gusto mel is finally living his long-postponed restaurant dream jared on food and the future three meals from anarchy i was recently asked by the city of sydney to sit on a panel at angel place recital hall to discuss how food is changing the cultural and community life of cities the keynote speaker was global economist david mcwilliams and other panellists included ronni kahn founder of oz harvest and sally hill from youth food movement really interesting people who are passionately active and walk their talk observations were made that we live in a period of greatness where the west is eating more like the east and vice versa poor people used to be skinny something that statistically is now reserved for the rich but very quickly the discussion turned to sustainability and food ethics there were one-liners the crowd cheered over like we are three meals away from anarchy i converted my vaucluse tennis courts into a organic vegie garden and my personal fave good riddance to the old restaurants insert my small heart attack here i realised the room was full of love but it was also full of the already converted and the following day i could not shake the deflated and disillusioned feeling that the only people who have the power to do supreme good are still waiting to see what wonderful cloak the emperor will adorn next if you want the world s population to be able to feed itself beyond 2050 when there will be 9 billion of us consuming 12 billion people s worth of food you need to do something what to do you ask well you already have all the solutions they are one conversation away with the person just over the fence or in the apartment next door community and local solutions actually get things done ­ don t wait for the fast food tax fellow consumers we are in control government knows it supermarkets know it and they are all shit scared that you ll find out can you imagine eating seasonal food purchased directly from the farmer via a market efficient food delivery systems e.g internet co-op buyers group or dare i plug a restaurant that supports those systems yes i do indeed mean danks street depot can you imagine cheaper food better quality food better health i know its really scary for coles n jared ingersoll at home with mel galasso mel galasso is the owner and chef of bon gusto trattoria in petersham here he chats to ciao about food italian cooking and alessandro del piero what s the inspiration behind your menu at bon gusto the inspiration for my menu was to bring back the traditional italian flavours that mum would cook up in her homestyle cooking and flavours from all over italy which were taught to me by my aunts for example from calabria rome perugia and bologna ­ just to mention a few that is why i have chosen to call my restaurant a `trattoria meaning homestyle cooking i want to give my customers a taste of italy without them having to go to italy what s your most popular dish at bon gusto spaghetti bolognese i make my own bolognese sauce as the recipe was given to me by my aunt who lives in bologna which ingredients do you always have on hand in your kitchen why are they so important garlic onion chilli basil oregano salt and pepper these are the most used ingredients in an italian kitchen italian food needs to be kept simple ­ it tastes best that way if you could invite anyone to dinner whom would you invite alessandro del piero i actually met him by chance recently and for the superstar that he is he is the friendliest and most kindhearted person i have ever met to have him over for dinner would be a great honour to repay him for giving me the pleasure of watching him play for my favourite italian team juventus and now to be playing in australia for sydney fc n interview nancy merlo photo ben cregan open day sunday 9 december 2012 free entry between 10am 3pm · mayoral speech · appearance by streets paddle pop lion · flippa ball · free face painting · children s swimming races · life saving demonstrations · yoga demonstrations for adults kids · prizes to be won · fundraising bbq by the water polo club · music from bands loop de loop and winters end · kiosk open all day · baths stay open until 7pm this is a leichhardt council free event elkington park fitzroy ave balmain community glamour at its best 9


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island adventures whether you enjoy hiking camping wildlife or gourmet goodies bruny island has plenty to offer winsor dobbin writes we were sitting on the back deck enjoying a glass of chilled chardonnay when they began to arrive first in ones and twos then in greater numbers in the half light there was a pair of rambunctious teenagers trading kicks and blows a couple of older males and some mothers with their young soon more than a dozen wallabies apparently unconcerned by these human interlopers were on the grass directly in front of us all en route to a nearby stream for an evening drink so we discovered then as the light began to fail four rare bennetts white wallabies arrived on the scene all so pale in colour that it is remarkable they manage to survive in the bright summer sun white wallabies we later learnt are a few genes short of being pure albino they are usually extremely vulnerable but have no natural predators on bruny island where they have thrived other wildlife on the island includes nocturnal creatures like quolls and pademelons a colony of fairy penguins and all manner of birds fur seals inhabit rocky outcrops and can be seen on adventure cruises operated by rob pennicott s bruny island cruises also keep an eye out for sea eagles albatrosses and ­ during the season ­ dolphins and whales we had to slow down to allow a sluggish echidna to cross the road bruny island is the same size as singapore but has a population of less than 1000 rather than 4.5 million it s a great place for beach walking or taking a trek to the cape bruny lighthouse tasmania s fourth-largest island is just a 30-minute drive and 15-minute car ferry ride south of hobart via the mirambeena which operates year-round it s close to 100 kilometres from tip to tail and can be almost deserted midweek making it the perfect escape from city hustle and bustle with limited mobile reception beautiful beaches adventure bay has been named among the best in australia and dramatic scenery bruny island was first sighted by abel tasman in 1642 and named after rear admiral bruny d entrecasteaux who visited the island in 1792 captains furneaux flinders cook and bligh all anchored in adventure bay where the bligh museum of pacific exploration and alonnah history rooms are both open to the public there are several cafes on what are effectively two islands joined by a narrow isthmus and gourmets will be in their element here with smoked fish and delicious dips from the bruny island smokehouse a selection of artisan cheeses and wood-fired breads from bruny island cheese fresh oysters from get shucked and wine tastings at bruny island premium wines australia s southernmost vineyard in summer pick up fresh berries from the bruny island berry farm ­ or pick your own if you enjoy working for your supper travel 2012 ­ celebrating 20 years are you a global village traveller we love what we do and welcome personal referrals from family and friends to help us with our celebrations refer someone for your chance to win a $500 multi-currency cash passport ciao reader offer refer someone for your chance to win a $500 multi-currency cash passport valid for referrals made between 21st nov 12 to 28th feb 13 bruny island has the seal of approval there s just one pub and only one petrol station so it pays to plan ahead if you need a beer or to fill the tank most of the accommodation here is self-catering or camping there are no five-star resorts or big brand hotels adventure bay retreat just a short walk from the beach is a great place to spot wildlife at night ­ as we did it comprises two styles of boutique accommodation a three-bedroom lodge that accommodates up to eight people and a smaller cottage the lodge has two bedrooms featuring king-sized beds fitted with goose and down feather mattress topper plus quilt and king-sized pillows along with a third bedroom with two sets of bunks one of the bedrooms includes an en-suite bathroom with a free standing designer stone bath placed by the windows to relax in the bath and watch the busy wildlife outside an outside deck features a barbecue and the retreat is fully equipped with fridge coffee machine kitchen tv dvd player and music system the cottage which is designed for couples has a king bed and a large two-person spa bath surrounded on two sides by glass it is also fully equipped for self-catering with in-floor heating combustion wood heater and double glazing ensuring a cosy stay the lodge costs from $300 per couple per night and the cottage from $240 another alternative is all saints church house a delightfully converted former church that can accommodate up to five people bruny island is part of the huon trail which meanders its way through the southernmost part of tasmania next stop antarctica make time to also check out the lovely huon valley village of cygnet population about 1000 which has been the focus of the sbs tv show gourmet farmer featuring former food critic matthew evans just a 20-minute drive from kettering where the bruny island ferry docks it is home to several cafes and galleries ­ and there are parks for the kids there are pop-up roadside stalls during summer selling cherries and apples you pay via an honesty box or yu can pick your own blackberries from the local hedgerows pop in for a late breakfast or lunch at the lotus eaters cafe or red velvet lounge both of which specialise in using local ingredients the old bank b&b is a delightful place to spend a couple of nights nearby taste wines at panorama vineyard in cradoc or home hill at ranelagh while children will love petting the sheep and tasting cheeses and ice creams at grandvewe a few kilometres south of kettering which is tasmania s only sheep milk producer the delightful sandy beach at verona sands is usually deserted and is perfect for kids of all ages the new client must book and deposit during the same period give them the below contact details today conditions apply linea john pty ltd trading as global village travel licence number 2ta003595 bruny island travel notes l qantas virgin australia and jetstar all fly from sydney to hobart all major car hire companies have desks at hobart airport but its pays to book ahead l adventure bay retreats offers a three-bedroom lodge suitable for up to eight people and a spa cottage for couples looking for a romantic weekend away phone 0419 300 392 or visit l all angels church house a former church converted into a comfy cottage can cater for up to six people and has a log fire for winter phone 03 6293 1271 l for more details see terms and conditions this competition is open to all current and past clients of global village travel who refer a new client to the business in the period 21 nov 12 to 28 feb 13 the new client must make and pay a deposit on their booking during the same period the referring client will receive one entry in the prize draw for each new client referred the prize draw will take place in the offices of global village travel on friday 08 march 2013 the winner will be notified by telephone or email and will be published in the first global village travel enewsletter following the draw the prize 1 x multi-currency cash passport prepaid mastercard® loaded with aud 500 to receive the prize the winner will be required to complete the application form in the cash passport brochure access prepaid australia pty ltd abn 47 145 152 044 afsl 386 837 arranges for the issue of the cash passport in conjunction with the issuer heritage bank limited abn 32 087 652 024 afsl/acl 240 984 you should consider the product disclosure statement for the relevant cash passport available before deciding to acquire the product any advice does not take into account your personal needs financial circumstances or objectives and you should consider if it is appropriate for you mastercard® and the mastercard brand mark are registered trademarks of mastercard international incorporated the prize is not redeemable in cash nsw permit no ltps/12/10255 n global village travel 1/13 beattie street balmain free parking next door tel 9555 8355 we are the africa adventure experts we sell every adventure tour on the market that s worth anything if we don t have it it s not worth having we can book your fl ights for you with the best prices that you will get anywhere seriously just try to find a better flight deal you won t you ll talk to us one-on-one with a personal professional adventure expert to give you experienced advice and we can do all the other stu too insurance transfers visas rail passes anything you need except for maybe packing your bag you might need to tackle that on your lonesome up to 20 mention this ad to get morocco from off your next africa adventure per day 79 91 kenya from per day 119 tanzania from per day zanzibar from 145 per day per day vic falls from 121 call 1300 308 904 go to email visit in store at 181 king street newtown conditions exclusions travel restrictions apply discount applicable to tours and does not extend to airfares trip kitties or local payments o er ends 12 dec 2012 not combinable with any other o er call for details nsw lic 3238685 10 m6661 imas lms ciao mag ad 260x91 v3.indd 1 13/11/12 4:34 pm


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the italian forum leichhardt next market sunday 16th december join us for santa s arrival arts an artistic melting pot new abstracts is the latest exhibition opening at aashiya gallery on saturday 24th november featuring talented artists gabriele richter gail edmonds and peter kinch ciao caught up with all three artists recently to find out what inspires them and what we can expect from this highly anticipated joint exhibition setting the atmosphere for the exhibition peter kinch who describes new abstracts as an artistic melting pot full of poetry through words color and music will be performing a mix of original compositions and jazz standards throughout the opening event inspired by the works of his fellow artists ­ specifically gabriele s beautiful home workspace on the central coast and gail s unending energy to create colourful and inspiring work from her home in woolwich gail s work also captures her upbeat personal response to the beauty and spirit of outback australia and urban sydney life her latest pieces are particularly inspired original and vibrant complemented by the poet maranta s dynamic and at times humorous verse which will be on special display adjacent to gail s artworks in the gallery i hope people will take away an appreciation for the synergy created between pairing poetry with painting says gail who believes maranta s poetry creates something special for the viewer another level of imagery and multiple layers of meaning to her work gabriele can also see the links between poetry and painting but sees her artworks as the poems themselves offered up for viewers to interpret kandinsky once said that the abstract painter has to be a real poet says gabriele i would hope that the visitors of this exhibition can take away from my paintings a deeper understanding aashiya features some truly poetic painting of my own poetry when asked what people can expect from her work at this exhibition gabriele explains that her pieces represents things that aren t visual such as emotions sound or spiritual experiences aside from her european influences the german-born artist cites one of her everlasting sources of inspiration as her experience living and working in japan for more than twenty years so for a unique exhibition that unites very different artworks inspirations and styles don t miss new abstracts at aashiya gallery on display until january 2013 n aashiya gallery 4 rawson ave drummoyne tel 9181 5263 ten ciao readers can win a double pass to the special preview screenings of paris manhattan valid on the weekends of nov 30 ­ dec 2 and dec 7 ­ 9 see page 7 for how to enter sophie lellouche s debut as both writer and director paris-manhattan became the resounding #1 hit of the 2012 alliance française french film festival audiences loved the deliciously wry and charming story of alice alice taglioni an idealistic thirty-something pharmacist whose choices in life and love are shaped by the philosophies of her favourite filmmaker woody allen a fun stylish film about the misadventures of grownup relationships paris-manhattan offers an entertaining summer must-see for all lovers of romantic comedies only at the movies december 13 five ciao readers can win a double pass to a special preview of quartet on sunday december 9th at 4pm at palace norton st see page 7 for how to enter dirty little secrets stir up the reunion of a worldfamous quartet when they get together for a one-off concert an eccentric diva her ex-husband a lustful baritone and the scatter-brained object of his desire make up a cast of vivid characters funny and touching this is the story of four friends reconciled and revived by their love of applause starring maggie smith tom courtenay billy connolly pauline collins and michael gambon directed by dustin hoffman watch the trailer online at #quartet only at the movies december 26 © headline pictures quartet limited and the british broadcasting corporation 2012 community glamour at its best 11


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n your say n sustainability anti-tram conspiracy iphone blues local news bayside fair success the first drummoyne bayside fair was a success with an estimated 800 people making the trip over to cockatoo island it was a great testament to the local drummoyne businesses that rallied together to organise the event in a short time visitors were greeted at birkenhead wharf with gift bags before the mari nawi ferried people to the island for a range of stalls and chance to win $30,000 of gift vouchers from drummoyne health professionals families enjoyed cupcake decorating face painting and a magic show before exploring the island s history drummoyne chamber president norelle seymo was pleased with the outcome and says next year promises to be even bigger and better what s your first world problem n missing out on free elton john tickets because i was doing antigravity yoga which was amazing brett sydney n facebook won t let me upload a photo album so i m forced to upload one photo at a time leane newtown n right now i m cranky at all of my apple products i m still up at 1am trying to fix my apparently corrupted iphoto library so that i can sync and back up my iphone 4 so that i can set up my new iphone 5 as my mamma is waiting with baited breath for her hand-me-down iphone 4 but now i think i don t even want the iphone 5 because of the new charger thingy which won t let me use it on my sound dock without an adapter sonya concord n not being able to fit my wallet in my skinny jeans craig newtown n not having enough room in the fridge for the food nonna keeps bringing over maria haberfield n having new clothes and a pedicure but nowhere to go to show it off sue-ellen balmain n having bread but no nutella cereal but no milk it drives me mad felicia ashfield in la the car manufacturers tyremakers and petrol companies conspired to destroy the public transport system here in sydney the state government has done exactly the same thing when i moved from america to sydney i fell in love with public transport here it was so different from the car-driven culture i had grown up with but as time passed sydney s public transport system went on a downward spiral and today the question must be asked why in a city the size of sydney with an amazing history of public transport are the roads getting worse and not better a few years ago i accompanied a friend of mine to a museum of sydney exhibition about the history of sydney s trams where vibrant photos of trams were perhaps intentionally positioned right next to photos of those same trams being burned just days after being taken off the roads it had me scratching my head why were they burned so quickly enter roger rabbit yep the cartoonish film about a rabbit who s been framed because he discovered some things he shouldn t have what he found is only the tip of an iceberg it s later uncovered that los angeles public transport is being dismantled for the building of freeways and that s where our stories intersect in 1949 firestone tire standard oil of california phillips petroleum gm and mack trucks were convicted of conspiring to monopolise the sale of buses and related products to local transit companies in la gm and their cohorts wanted to sell more cars tyres oil and build more roads so they simply bought the trams and made them so bad that people stopped riding them for more on this amazing story check out the doco taken for a ride on you tube sydney and la had very similar trams at the same time here in sydney the trams were some of the best westbound metro green line train to redondo beach station arrives at long beach if los angeles can have new trams why can t we carrying sydneysiders throughout this vast city there were 1,600 carts in service at any one time during the 1930s and they were becoming more crowded ­ loved and used by thousands so if the big companies wanted to get more cars on the roads they were going to have to do something about this in sydney the state government seemingly did that work for the companies dismantling trams was the order of the day while updating and adding more trams to accommodate demand would seem the obvious solution instead they were dismantled in favour of buses sixty years later we re fighting over what to do with parramatta road the noise is almost unbearable the traffic is congested and buses often add to the frustration yet sadly the dreams of many to put light rail down parramatta rd seem likely to be ignored by the state government again it s time to redefine out public space people need to take note of the history and help remedy 60 years of bad decisions n adam taylor coordinator at alfalfa house garden battles the best gardens in the marrickville area went head to head on november 8th at the 2012 spring garden competition winners were announced across ten categories with camperdown s peter willet and cindy lin taking out the award for best australian native garden which uses droughtresistant plants recycled sandstone and rainwater tanks for irrigation mayor victor macri congratulated winners describing them as passionate people who make marrickville a more enjoyable place to live peter willet and cindy lin in their acclaimed garden good dog does good balmain s good dog international film festival 2012 was a wonderful success raising $3000 for dog charities the money was distributed to the nsw animal welfare league mates for inmates and monika s doggie rescue festival organiser anny slater was pleased with the result and is already organising next year s event we are two weeks away from launching the new competition which will include short and feature films as well as a writing competition for short stories and screenplays she said the only catch is the story line must include a dog following feedback from this year s guests anny is also currently scouting outdoor locations for next year s festival so people can bring their dogs everyone was thrilled with the content of the festival but every third person asked if they could bring their dog next time says anny for more info visit from garden to garnish calling all beginner cooks food lovers animal lovers people transitioning to a plant-based diet or just anyone interested in vegan cooking join the fun at alfalfa house this november at a vegan cooking class using super fresh produce straight from the garden kicking off on tuesday 27th november at 7.30pm the alfalfa house food co-op is inviting locals to come along and meet maria carin gala of gala s kitchen and learn how to use the food they grow in their gardens to create fabulous vegan meals that are animal and environmentally friendly a lot of folks out there are growing new and strange foods in their planter boxes but aren t exactly sure what to do with the ingredients once they ve picked them ­ maria is going to help with this problem guests are asked to contribute a $15 donation and to bring a random ingredient from their own garden to the class of course if that s not possible everyone is still invited to discover easy recipes that nourish you are considerate of the environment and tickle your tastebuds don t miss this class all manner of treats come out of gala s kitchen n for more information and to make a booking visit tweet alert our pick of the best next time someone hauls out that cliché if you did nothing wrong you ve got nothing to hide ask for all their passwords and put them online @ggreenwald leichhardt bowling recreation club only $10 per game 12 88-92 piper st leichhardt ph 9569 1936 9560 3574


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astrogirlzarro your stars for the week from our real astrogirl aries you astound others with your determination to win thanks to the plutomars merger on november 28th taurus venus and saturn link on november 27th grow up and learn to make lasting relationship commitments the panel says david from ubeauty he s a 4 at the moment but with a trim at luscious lox with me he d be a 5 gemini the full moon eclipse in your sign on november 29th brings out your curious side satisfy the cravings of your mind by tackling complex puzzles like sudoku cancer mars opposes your sun this fortnight something someone says or does can rub you the wrong way learn not to take things so personally leo expect misunderstandings to arise regarding your creative output be patient as peeps will eventually `get your `art once mercury moves forward after november 27th virgo the full moon eclipse on november 29th triggers your career zone only to be dwarfed by the mars-pluto transit in your creativity sector learn to balance professional goals with recreational activity from frolic clothing ambitious balanced masculine loyal and that dimple what s not to like rohan libra domestic issues accumulate around november 28th this is an ideal time to move to a more suitable home or expand your existing one to meet your changing needs scorpio a cluster of planets in your sign from november 23rd compels you to examine your identity look at the ways you need to be a distinct individual sagittarius the lunar eclipse energises your relationship sector on november 29th its alignment with jupiter symbolises romance on a grand scale this could be lasting love capricorn mars and pluto align in your sign on november 28th you exercise strong self-control as you confidently take calculated risks to shape the life you want aquarius you could be sensitive about friendship issues during the eclipse on november 28th gossip and rumours circulate at this time so be mindful of your words hot or not sure he s a game player but get a load of those rugged good looks from citadel hair i like the red hair ­ there s something naughty about redheads but he needs a haircut danny pisces honesty issues surrounding friendship arise on november 28th secrets are exposed helping you see the truth about those so-called friends n http runs amazing race-style adventures throughout the city for parties corporate team building and just general fun brett describes himself as funny generous and loyal and says he s looking for a balance of happiness and success out of life while he is a little ambitious he believes life is there to be enjoyed and tries to have as much fun in life as possible brett is a former actor games man and the owner `great race which ms red what sultry eyes if only he batted for my team ® 22 flavours of norgen-vaaz ice cream available 14


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lifestyle ask sal convert a laundry to a bathroom not enough bathrooms in your home one affordable conversion is to transform your laundry into an extra bathroom bathroom additions typically increase your home value and the existing plumbing lines from your laundry will cut down on expensive plumbing expenses empty your laundry start with a blank slate ­ use a dolly to wheel out the washer and dryer and remove cabinetry create a floor plan online programs are available but a simple sketch will work too measure the room and any items that you plan to use in the room to make sure everything fits keeping your toilet bathtub sink and toilet by the existing plumbing lines will help you minimise expenses ensure the walls by your shower are water-resistant to avoid mould and mildew tile the walls in the shower or tub area paint the rest of the walls in a light colour to make the room appear larger floors should also be water resistant so consdier using tile linoleum and natural stone hire an electrician many laundry rooms feature one dim light and no windows so updating your lighting will brighten and enlarge the room install recessed lighting to avoid a cluttered look or one large chandelier for a charming touch install your fixtures place your shower sink and toilet in the appropriate locations add a new faucet to the sink and a showerhead use a clear shower door to create an open feel add storage accessorise reinstall the laundry s cabinets if they will work within the new room ­ they may just need a fresh coat of paint if a shower occupies a large part of one wall but a sliver of space is left add a thin bookshelf or floating shelves in the nook a large mirror also helps create the illusion of space n for more info visit or call 1300 go boys n fitness shape up for 2013 property of the week it s that time of year time to take an honest assessment of where you are in life and decide what you d like to achieve this coming year that said it s a sad fact that the majority of folks never see those resolutions come to fruition that s why i d like to share with you a few tips that will help you stick with your resolutions no matter what be specific all too often people make non-specific resolutions like i want to get fit instead drill down to exactly what you want try a resolution like by march 31st 2013 i will be 10 kgs lighter the specificity gives you a marker to measure your success by character and grace 4 livingstone road petersham crafted to perfection this luxurious fourbedroom/three-bathroom home enjoys exceptional convenience just a short walk to petersham shops and station and close to glamorous leichhardt there s a strong focus on easy living here ­ both indoors and outdoors ­ with fluid versatile and generous living spaces offering unparalleled levels of sophistication and comfort opening out to private patio and sun terrace other features include a designer kitchen with top of the range appliances and remote control carport land dimensions are approx 329sqm hurry because it won t be available for long contact elizabeth casamento 0412 284 931 auction saturday 15th december at 1.30pm view saturdays 1pm ­ 1.30pm or tuesdays 6pm ­ 6.30pm price guide around $1,000,000 n raine horne leichhardt tel 9568 2600 baby steps the fact that you re making a resolution implies that you re trying to change something big in your life so in order to achieve them break down your resolution into mini resolutions that will serve as stepping stones to your bigger goal don t resolve to change what you can t control for example a resolution to get a raise at work is something that is ultimately beyond your control instead make the resolution to start my own part-time online business to give myself the raise i want n the team at pinnacle training would like to offer readers the opportunity to come in for a free 30-minute goal-setting session offer ends 9th december 2012 call 9568 1234 to make a booking jon daley pinnacle training solutions snap happy thanks to danielle stirgess from memorable moments photography for pics of jazz in the park email your snaps to james morrison headlined jazz in the park nothing like a bit of sax to get the crowd in the mood at jazz in the park you re health is top priority for the people at is it a bird is it a plane no it s the boys from vision personal training drummoyne drummoyne medical centre chemmart pharmacy this little guy loves jazz really enjoying a day by the water at the bayside fair the team from sports lab drummoyne will keep your spine in line and body in tip top condition the classy navarra venues team dressed to impress at the oatlands house relaunch community glamour at its best 15



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