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The International Contemporary Art Guide aims to present a summary of the artistic projects developed during 2012 at Arte Studio Ginestrelle International artist residency, located in the Regional Park of Mount Subasio, Assisi, the UNESCO World Heritage s

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the international contemporary art guide aims to present a summary of the artistic projects developed during 2012 at arte studio ginestrelle international artist residency located in the regional park of mount subasio the projects are exhibited collectively at one of the most prestigious galleries in the heart of the city of assisi the unesco world heritage site the exhibition is proudly supported by the council of assisi through the provision of the gallery space and the production of this guide disciplines literary visual performing arts music film video architecture design exhibition curated by artestudioginestrelle at art gallery le logge piazza del comune assisi sunday 2nd december 2012 4.30 p.m 8th december 2012 assisi international contemporary art guide 2012 opening reception the exhibition will run until a s si s i the un esc o world h eritage site


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josÉphine a garibaldi paul zmolek with tom hallaq after their may/june 2011 residency at arte studio ginestrelle garibaldi and zmolek returned to the u.s to create the rule of life a physical theatre work inspired by st francis and st clare of assisi and their orders of the lesser brothers and poor sisters the video version of the rule of life was directed by tom hallaq their colleague from idaho state university the texts of the rule of life are st francis own words and legends of the saints written in the 13th century francis miraculously marked by the stigmata is honored as the most christ-like of all saints he and his convert clare s rigorous asceticism and devote dedication to lady poverty was too extreme for all but a few members of their orders the prosperous tourist economy of the contemporary medieval city of assisi was made possible by twice-excommunicated brother elias who masterminded the hijacking of francis body to entomb it and sanctify to the elaborate basilica dedicated to the humble saint joséphine a garibaldi and paul zmolek each hold three degrees in related fields and have been active as professional interdisciplinary performing artists/educators for over 30 years co-artistic directors of callous physical theatre their award-winning work has been performed in finland italy brazil california washington iowa missouri utah nebraska and idaho tom hallaq s professional background is in live television producing and directing he was part of the startup news team for kstu fox 13 in salt lake city ut were he also produced for the utah jazz broadcasts he has also worked as a news operations manager for wdef-tv cbs in chattanooga tn and for kndu-tv nbc in kennewick wa in addition to his work at network affiliates he has also been involved in several independent productions and continues to stay involved as a working freelance professional in the video industry australia freja carmichael hugh rennison jenny lyons david roberts austria angela gregovic canada poetry workshop jenna butler matthew struth jagger waters usa colombia daniel castellanos denmark katarina mcpherson rawlins germany julie galante linda havenstein india anuja gokhale prashant miranda israel egle grunfeld italy roberto cavalieri didymos alessia certo giulia vannucci japan satoko nagashima michiko fukazawa south africa sarie eksteen drini jacob kato neveling ilona petzer elani van der merwe tanah van schalkwyk south korea hyunjung an seunguk oh spain ignacio de grado sweden Åsa bostrÖm switzerland yvonne rÜegg u n ite d k in gd om keith wilson united states mark adato campbell baker charles chen tracy featherstone erika gentry jo marian going robert haslach melissa johnson hailey lowe kate pearson o.gustavo plascencia mexico paul reuther tommy taylor michele waalkes roscoe wilson ariel yelen josÉphine a garibald and paul zmolek with tom hallaq finland takuya imahori rita dahl nina mattila pasi rakas jÄÄskelÄinen netherlands pÄivi liski marieke helmus femke monteny poetry workshop yoka van zuijlen anu-hanna anttila terhi ekebom anu-liina ginstrÖm marja kangas heli konttinen salla mistola tommi parkko piia syrjÄaho salla tuukkanen france cornelia marin carol mÜller poland agata trafalska russia alexey baranov marina kornilieva svetlana bunina singapore yuri kim gari j os e i s u e du zm ol paul i s u e du


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fre jacarmic ha e l brisbane queensland bachelor of creative arts arts management and creative media university of southern queensland ariel yelen ariel yelen graduated from suny purchase school of art desgin in 2011 with a bfa in sculpture through video and photography her work explores concepts of identity performance and the connection between the two often she uses her body a medium letting it bend hang sing dance run pose kiss and draw in utilizing her body as a primary medium she allows for both her solo and her participatory performances to expose an intimate contemplative and comedic process lines in the land and waters the installation expresses my cultural connection with mother earth and nature through combining the vibrancy of two diverse environments in this work the salt water country quandamooka forms a relationship with the land environment mount subasio in order to highlight the significance of naturing nature between our many different worlds ginestrelle colour catchers the series of natural structures are a representation of the environmental significance and rich beauty that mount subasio holds pigments of nearby fruits and berries have been extracted in order to colour the natural twine which has then been interweaved and bound amongst found wood and sticks the installation has been placed in the nearby surroundings of ginestrelle to return this harmony back into the environment and lead the viewer on a subtle journey that unveils untouched natural beauty concluding at the mount subasio water source a significant environmental landmark to the area during her month long stay at ginestrelle she developed two projects mountain drawing and kiss me mountain drawing documents her running and walking on two different terrains one in mount subasio and one in massachusetts this action is viewed from far away so that her body is merely a dotdrawing different forms changing speed and blending in and out of the landscape in kiss me she asks participants to choose a location and kiss her for ten seconds through a large piece of glass the only requirements are that both she and the participant hold the glass up in a straight line and close their eyes when they kiss this creates an exchange that is charged with both intimacy and restrain the video shows the kiss while the stills document the exchange before and after the kiss all resident artists participated ht t p oureyesaremosai cs.t um b l r c om htt p hum m i ngandgatheri ng.tum b l r c om /


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roscoe wilson visual artist and associate professor of art at miami university hamilton u.s.a ba wabash college indiana u.s.a ma purdue university indiana u.s.a mfa university of wisconsin ­ madison u.s.a hugh r en n ison my installation work involves the dilemma of consumerism and waste in contemporary society consumerism is a natural attribute of the human condition we consume to live but we do not need to live to consume we can be more conscientious about what why and how much we consume and waste we buy and sell save collect and ultimately discard practically everything that is in our temporary possession the problem originates when we buy habitually and compounds when we waste apathetically we live in a throw away society that values the quick and easy over the re-useable we desire the next great invention propagating planned obsolescence instead of sustainable products these are serious issues that are only becoming more important as the world becomes more connected and our population soars.consumption does not stop with physical objects we can consume simply by looking standing and moving the project proposed to the arte studio ginestrelle attempts to visually consume a portion of the mount subasio forest translating it into a gallery setting whenever anything is removed from a forest it is changed or consumed in context in function and aesthetically whether it is an object material experience or memory the experience of a forest or natural setting is forever changed once removed from that location a photograph retains no pine scent a drawing emits no warmth from the sun and memories are completely transformed when told in stories or rediscovered in dreams this installation will capture the interactions measurements memories and experiences of my time in the forest and studio no matter how much is lost in translation iirgendwo zwischen is a project about a journey of discovery of self and finding order and meaning in a world of chaos discovery of self and place in the world can lead to a questioning of one s identity and how it is constructed by society and the experiences one has as a part of society this project is following a method of deconstruction and reconstruction in a practical sense and applying it to a concept of identity where one is unsure of one s self and place it is sure that there has been an error in the construction of one s identity by deconstructing and seeing through an often chaotic or confusing time one can reconstruct and be selective about what gives life its meaning this process is often very personal and emotional and a large part of its workings are to do with memory in this project the choice to use a pen as a tool has specific significance for the pen has implications of knowledge and education memory and emotion language and images all of which come together to construct our identities the pen in this case is broken and the ink chaotically spilled across the page order and more recognisable forms are then used to create a balance and harmony in the image this project is trying to emphasise and encourage healing and recovery from a loss or trauma ht t p w w w hughr e nni s on t um b l r c om r e nni s on m ac c om


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je nn y l yo n s visual artist canberra australia ma visual arts australian national university canberra australia grad dip glass australian national university canberra australia ba ceramics monash universitity melbourne australia diploma of health shiatsu australia melbourne australia canton ohio u.s b.a in art malone university emphases in fibers and graphics michele waalkes working at ginestrelle was a unique opportunity to examine two related aspects of the assisi landscape a how it s formed from the interplay of elements around it b what the instinctive human response to the movement and effects of these elements might be this art work has become a metonym of mt subasio featured natural media from the area such as wood ash and rain also indicate a mountain formed from within and without by the transformative processes of elements water earth and heat interacting in the exhibited work we can see a mountain that could be clouds or clouds that are potentially mountains indicating this evolving interplay how the viewer s responds to this dynamic becomes part of it thin places waalkes is intrigued by the deep sense of mystery that surrounds thin places those times places or states of being where the divide or veil between heaven and earth the divine and human seems to be thinner more permeable since many have described assisi as a thin place arte studio ginestrelle was a perfect place for waalkes to work on her thin places project while in assisi she photographed the town and countryside and journaled her impressions and descriptions her photos and personal observations were then used to create a new body of photographic artwork that poetically conveys the essence of thin places as a visual artist michele waalkes creates photography-based mixed media work and is involved in many regional public art and educational art projects she is also a freelance curator her work has been exhibited in the u.s and now italy j ennyl yons9@yahoo.c om au


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tommy taylor tommy taylor visual artist atlanta georgia usa university of georgia bfa drawing and painting david r ob er t s artist/designer/maker sum of the parts joint art project with the artist jenny lyons jenny and david explore a holistic view in which the universe is not perceived as a static expression of objects and aesthetics but as a dynamic interplay or discourse between its elements the energies they resonate and the forms that emerge in this exploration we do not find a separation between the universe nature and humanity but celebrate the connectedness of all beings as part of the elements that are the universe i arrived in italy and for the better part of march worked at the artestudio ginestrelle i am a painter but my goal while at the residency was to try and work on and complete one finished drawing a day on the days that i was working i was very content to sit outside in the barn and work all day i was happy with the results and upon leaving felt like i had a nice new body of drawings the interaction with the other artists musicians and writers was an invaluable experience that i feel i will only be able to fully appreciate in time h ttp w hi t st s/tommy -t ayl or t t ayl orpai nt i ng@gmai l c om


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d eq uart a n ge l a gr egov ic painter bfa university of pennsylvania 2002 m.f.a painting george washington university 1997 b.f.a painting art history university of pennsylvania 1996 cert.f.a painting the pennsylvania academy of fine arts paul reuther assisi project 2012 interdisciplinary intercultural exchange are basis of dequart s current work narrative-topological spaces of assisi william shakespeare s the tempest san francesco s writings such as canticum fratris solis the earliest poem in the italian vernacular giotto s and martini s revolution bellini s luntani and giorgione s la tempesta forecast in dequart s view contemporary form of ethical shipwrec a current-day trial of empathy activism self forgiveness and exile paul reuther lives and works in washington dc he teaches drawing at montgomery college in rockville md he regularly travels in the summer to paint new england and the canadian maritime provinces are regular painting stops but more recently he has painted in finland 2008 and in the skåne region of sweden 2010 in the summer of 2011 he spent a month painting in new zealand while an artist resident at the new pacific studio in kaiparoro nz in addition to landscape subject matter the artist draws the figure from life as a regular part of his practice he exhibits regularly in group and solo shows in the united states and internationally in august 2012 he painted the landscape in and around arte studio ginestrelle in preparation for an upcoming one-man in washington dc 2013 he was most pre-occupied with the geometric forms and the earth colors common in the cultivated hills and plains near the residency he discovered a palette considerably lighter than he had imagined and a color effect quite unlike his prior experience an unsettling experience in one sense but in another an opening for new work and ht t p p aul r e ut he r c om realisation of the project supported by university of applied arts vienna austria and arte studio ginestrelle project support provided by stage and film design university of applied arts vienna austria univ prof bernhard kleber major organization and exibition support by artistic director arte studio ginestrelle marina merli and comune di assisi thanks to charles chen agata trafalska and johanna noichl i © 2012 angela gregovic 1 franco berardi precarious rhapsody semocapitalism the pathologies of post-alpha generation 2009 w w w .angel agrego vi c c om


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o g u st a vo plascenc ia photographer/visual artist mexico-u.s.a master in fine arts at the university of colorado in boulder in photography and media arts bachelor of fine arts from the university of texas at arlington jenn abutl er m atthe w st ruth jagger w ater s u sa a feast of words exploring poetry teacher dr jenna butler august 1-8 2012 this week-long course took the format of a poetry workshop in which participants learned and practiced a different form of poetry every day from the villanelle to the anti-ghazal with writing exercises provided to allow them to explore these forms for the next day s workshop in addition the participants own poetry was definitely encouraged quite outside of the formal assignments for each class everyone was supported in bringing their own poems to share with the group for feedback and critique escapes is a collection of metaphorical interpretation of different escapes city land sea and sky the images on view could be a fragmented memory a vision of a future devastation of the land or simply a glitch or malfunction while transmitting a digital file famous cities iconic places as well as rural and non-descriptive corners of the world are presented in this collection the disappeared the lost the dead and the wished collide in these imagined landscapes although these images speak about the past they reference the present and a possible future the people that inhabited these places created memories of their own and now the audience can be part of these shared memories and history the workshop also covered how to submit work to poetry publishers and journals for those interested in taking their writing out into the world participants examined the finer points of both professional publishing and small-scale publishing so that they felt confident that they possessed the skills to present their work to editors and magazine publishers toward the end of the week the instructor spent an hour with each course participant and assisted him/her in choosing 5-8 best poems these poems were then edited to a final draft over e-mail after the course ended following the workshop rubicon press of canada designed and published in conjunction with the residency a course anthology of the participants work w w w je nnab ut l e r c om


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dan i el c a st el lanosreyes daniel castellanos is an artist whose work happens between media by reading and showing their messages he points out their perversion art as spirituality the way he does it is by intuition humor and approaching to everyday life some of the media he uses are drawing photography light neon painting video and video installation as a way to incorporate the human condition into media painter usa ba studio art-concentration in painting salve regina university kate pearson my work has mostly been recording the beauty of the places i have traveled to my aim is to tell a story hoping to transfer the viewer into a timeless place where imagination can run free and possibilities are endless on this trip in particular i decided to leave my camera behind in order to record my time here only through what i draw and paint painting solely from life has re-connected me to nature and pushed me to massive self media created images make our bodies incorporate symbolic violence these images are silent but saturate us through time nowadays when the body and old institutions are falling apart the age of accumulation is becoming omnipresent due to a virtual self-revolution by subjects and users of new technologies and media the boundaries of the body are being pushed in a way that reality seems blurred and incomprehensible the project developed in assisi was called inner landscape it aimed to blur out the subject artist from the stereotype of himself and to point out from his presence/absence symbolic elements found on nature after the residency it became a solo exhibition called paradise lost just like john milton s the artwork for the exhibition is limbo#1 limbo#1 was an approach to a ruined house nearby artestudio ginestrelle playing with the structure of that fallen house i walked backwards attempting to redeem my past but also trust my future although it was a dangerous gesture i wanted to be balancing in terms of the self extending it through the infinite in a möbius strip loop observe and connect to my surroundings in a way i have not before the canvass i use are antique book covers-in another way to invoke the idea of story telling my goal is to effectively share a beautiful experience in a way that brings personally connecting back-where not only the painting but the stories hold importance http


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hailey lowe artist atlanta georgia usa bfa university of colorado mfa sculpture savannah college of art and design atlanta katarina m cpherson rawl in s visual artist born in copenhagen based in vienna machines d italia digital video 2012 machines d italia is the newest video installation from hailey lowe s machines of loving grace series inspired by a richard brautigan poem the series allow nature to freely interact with technology each piece utilizes salt licks cast in the shape of different vintage technologies to attract animals to the space in this particular installation the camera and salt licks in the shape of cassette tapes were placed as the vulnerable components in this survivalist game through this series lowe intends to give nature a chance to play with technology as technology grows in our modern world we are constantly altering nature while dominant culture continues to eradicate the natural with the synthetic here i have turned the tables in this abstracted work i question where we are headed in a world that breathes technology lowe through this work the predator and prey game is altered to place nature as the dominant player allowing nature to erase technology machines d italia was created at arte studio ginestrelle an artist residency in the hills of assisi italy the installation was filmed adjacent to what was once the only house in the vast countryside outside of town but has deteriorated over time where home is the wide open land in studio ginestrelle it feels as it continues in an unlimited extent an overall experience of being in an infinite world pushed me to see nature as a home where different realities come together the strong nature around and the freedom in it inconsistent and pure all my artistic studies are based upon the idea of releasing the motion of land to allow the things that exist beyond our perception to come forward being aware of the unreal nature many people live in and how humans in this urban enviroments have forced the limits of nature to an extreme through manipulation i make nature appear in a strange disorienting space of time where the boundaries of reality and fantasy are as free wide and exciting as the world http


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rita dahl finnish writer and soprano master of social sciences and master of arts melissa johnson is a visual artist from bloomington indiana she graduated with a ba in studio arts from indiana university in 2010 melissa johnson natural wonders in arts natural park of mount subasio was my greatest joy and inspiration nearby ginestrelle i wrote two pieces of short prose in which were emerged all the natural wonders and experiences that i encountered in wonderful natural park of mount subasio my waterfall small animals original plants and other wonders too numerous to name all these wonders were included in my other short prose piece in which i pondered also by the means of stream of consciousness the functioning methods of an artistic mind as a soprano i found this natural environment as an ideal place to practice during my walks among the nature in the end of my stay the artists gathered also for an informal concert at the living room of arte studio ginestrelle in addition to this i finalized working with my debut short prose book and travel book about southern mexico northern italy with it´s centuries long art history and offered me many unforgettable experiences from la scala to music festival of gubbio most of her recent work is inspired by different types of experiences she seeks to create art that brings visualization to the unseen world power struggles relationships enegy creativity and self-awareness are important topics that exist in a mostly non-visual world they are mentalities how can we access these concepts the artist hopes to express these ideas and theories through visual arts to help the viewer tap into themselves and the world around them these projects are about learning and growing beyond feeling strong the power to do anything power women are characters that have surfaced in her work within the past year they are confident and have reached a state of self-awareness and enlightenment they have their mind s eye open tapping into a cosmic/creative source the artist uses an upside down triangle as a female power symbol a cosmic source of strength tied to sexuality and sexual identity they are either expressed as a void in nature or in contrast fully constructed from it their ties to the natural world allow them to see into deep universal issues and gain powerful knowledge they are symbols of strength in residence the artist has created a pilgrimage that arrives to different stations of church of power women on the hills of mount subasio the town of assisi is a site of christian pilgrimage and religious worship known for the elaborate churches of st francis and st clara the artist thought it was in need of a place to worship on a more natural and human scale this pilgrimage takes you through the forest of mount subasio state park allowing you to connect to nature high on the mountainside and away from city lights here we can also become aware of our connection and place in the cosmos and universe beyond planet earth


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robert haslach visual artist washington dc b.a dartmouth college m.a university of chicago usa nina mattila born in borås sweden visual artist photographer graphic designer bfa studies at saimaa university of applied sciences 2012 2014 light on umbria my ginestrelle 2012 project was to record my perceptions of the effects of the unique umbrian light upon that region s landscape using watercolors and ink the prolonged august light in monte subasio regional park drenched the folded land it flowed and filled the folded land with transparent heat and mass its impact flattened and sculpted the landscape while revealing its movement in colour-tracks of heat sound and scent light in time the changing light from the sun rising behind one ridge and setting behind the next dictated the time and the speed at which i worked it forced an intense and concentrated rapid pace the fast tempo of hotly productive days cooler reflective nights yielded more than a dozen works in watercolor and ink and countless visual memories to inspire many more lately i have been working with abstract and figurative paintings on different materials at arte studio ginestrelle i will strictly concentrate on documentary style photography my main ambition is to show life as it is without decorations position of trust kotka photographic center board member 2011 exhibitions she has been participating numerous exhibitions in finland spain italy uk and usa in year 2012 she held two solo exhibitions in helsinki and spain prizes and awards 2012 honorable mention winner of px3 prix de la photographie paris altered images competition france 2011 people s choice award ­ second prize official selection px3 prix de la photographie paris france 2010 a top 10 winner of women in the arts edition no 2 artrom gallery rome italy http http


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pasi rakas jÄÄskelÄinen freelancer in the literary field helsinki finland jo marian going visual artist usa what i have included here are two poems which mix straight text with principles of concrete poetry in short they incorporate both literal and visual aspects the first poem is called ristipisto cross-stitch in essence there are two ways to read it in a conventional way ­ line after a line ­ or combining the sections that are written in roman or italic typefaces and in capital letters or with lower-case for example the first five lines hän on ilmelapsi hapsinero kirkashiuksinen in assisi i found my spiritual home all the art i created was inspired by directly painting and drawing in situ in assisi my intention was to know the inner spirit of the place by exploring through painting its forms and structures as well as paintings i created one paper sculpture reliquary which incorporates the forms of assisi buildings with a rendition of the reliquary of the spine in the basilica museum rahkapää tuuheasilmÄinen pellavasuo are possible to read also as hän on ihmelapsi lapsinero kirkassilmäinen rahkasuo tuuheahiuksinen pellavapää the poem also incorporates words that are boldfaced but the purpose of this is mainly for an accent the second poem painajaisletku nightmare hose resembles the visual form of a hose that grows wider during this the font size also gets bigger this brings forth the idea of increasing pressure which mirrors the theme of the text itself my life is dedicated to the expression of the sacred impulse at the heart of existence making art is a vocation in the true meaning of that word a calling from the depth of being that directs all aspects of my life in ways that serve a deeper vision my spiritual journey and my creative journey are conjoined and the impulse to create to realize the voice in the soul of the self and of existence motivates all my choices the iconology of my art serves that impulse and that voice and the iconography flows and follows from that iconology creating a locus of sacred space my art is represented in many collections including the franklin furnace collection of the museum of modern art new york and the national museum of women in the arts washington dc w w w jogoi ng ne t


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erika gentry visual artist oakland ca usa creative writing teacher helsinki finland ma finnish literature university of helsinki pÄivi liski ritratto gratis the concept ritratto gratis or free portrait is one i felt was fitting for the historical town of assisi italy and inspired from the following quote from st francis of assisi remember that when you leave this earth you can take with you nothing that have received only what you have given during my stay at art studio ginestrelle i went to near bye umbrian towns both in and around assisi and made over 80 portraits of the residents which they would then could collect at the international exhibition in assisi at the gallery le logge december 2012 ginestrella the yellow ginestrella flower covers mt subasio where st francis lived a nomadic life april through june in the heat of the summer the photographic paper makes contact with the plant and produces color shifts and darkened exposures referencing 19th century botanical gathering and cataloging of plants video limbo 10 minutes music takuya imahori soprano maki ohta photography erika gentry created during a two week artist stay in assisi italy and inspired by the catholic culture and natural surroundings of summer limbo explores both my personal state of being during this time and the religious connotation of the word luovan kirjoittajan kirja luovan kirjoittajan kirja is a guidebook to all writers interested in creative writing amateur writers can use it as a reference book and do exercises by their own and creative writing teachers can use it as a textbook in their courses in all kinds of schools and institutions luovan kirjoittajan kirja contains an introduction of literary genres and terminology it categorizes the types of short story and provides tips to writers on how to write a short story it takes a look to the history of novel from epic poetry to modern novel the chapter called art of poetry analyzes poetical terms like metaphor and comparison and guides the writers on how to use them in their own poems this chapter also demonstrates the differences between metric and modern poetry and in the end of every chapter there are exercises the last chapter of the book focuses on how the writers can perfect their own texts and how to find their own voice purpose of luovan kirjoittajan kirja is to provide all writers and teachers the tools of creative writing and because my book contains also descriptions of genres and terms it can also be used as a reference book of literary concepts w w w .eri kagent r y c om



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