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The complete brochure of the Aries line loudspeakers from AStri

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aries how do you feel black or white?


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no limits emotion passion for music experience and know-how here are the key factors that lie on astri basis from the original idea to the realization a well tight-knit team of professionals and skilful craftsmen design any astri product with a common objective create loudspeakers that can arouse emotions the emotions shown or held back evident or hidden express the real essence of ourselves represent or betray us for what we are music gives these emotions and astri s objective is to combine to generate and to feel them to catch the smallest nuances of sound reproduction a full immersion into the acoustic scene through the environment rebuilding naturalness and instrumental presence is necessary if it is possible to perform in one s room meeting the desire to own something unique means living a no limits emotion astri performs this magic.


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aries more than ten years ago we thought of offering speakers that have the capacity for furnish and play at the best now this is valid more than ever a product design is the result of the analysis of all the project features that define it and with aries line we want to give the shape its right meaning the modern and intriguing design that alternate high strength lines with smooth and fine passages overcomes the time limits and sums up the object s function through the linearity efficiency and power these new loudspeakers reveal the hi-technology contents that settle and describe them communicating with essential shape the function they are set for the chromatic choice suggests the possibility to comply to the several requirements of the observer tickling the buying and possession impulse of an object that perfectly adapts to the buyer s humour black and white are understood as position or personal choice as moods or way to be and you how do you feel black or white


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white collection a1 a2 stand optional ac a3 as a1 60 watt 87 db 11x16x13 cm a2 100 watt 87 db 14x19x23 cm a3 150 watt 89 db


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black collection a1 a2 stand optional ac a3 as 14x28x85 cm ac 120 watt 88 db 35x21x14 cm as 12 dvc 150 watt 43x43x35 cm


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technical specifications model description speaker system enclosure type components tweeter midrange woofer freq response ±3db on reference axis on 30° axis crossover frequency slope power handling on unclipped program recommended amplifier sensitivity 2.83v/1m nominal impedance minimum impedance net weight shipping weight dimensions h xwxd shipping dimensions h xwxd aries a1 micro speaker 1 way system sealed box aries a2 bookshelf speaker 2 way system bass reflex front vented 20mm 3/4 silk dome 70mm 2 3/4 paper cone 118mm 4 1/2 pp cone 89 ÷ 18k hz 89 ÷ 16k hz 68 ÷ 21k hz 68 ÷ 21k hz 4,3k hz 6 12 db@oct 100w 8 30-100w 8 87 db 8 6,4 1k hz 3,8 kg 4,1 kg 230 x 140 x 190 mm 9,1 x 5,5 x 7,5 290 x 200 x 250 mm 11,5 x 7,9 x 9,9 aries a3 floorstanding speaker 3 way system sealed box 20mm 3/4 silk dome 118mm 4 1/2 pp cone 165cm 6 1/2 paper cone 48 ÷ 21k hz 48 ÷ 21k hz 340 ÷ 4,3k hz 6 12-6 12 db@oct 150w 8 30-150w 8 89 db 8 6 800 hz 14,1 kg 15,6 kg 850 x 140 x 275 mm 33,5 x 5,5 x 10,8 910 x 220 x 330 mm 35,8 x 8,7 x 13 aries ac central channel speaker 2 way system bass reflex front vented 20mm 3/4 silk dome 2x118mm 4 1/2 pp cone 57 ÷ 21k hz 57 ÷ 21k hz 4,3k hz 6 12 db@oct 120w 8 30-120w 8 88 db 8 3,7 1k hz 4,9 kg 5,3 kg 140 x 345 x 210 mm 5,5 x 13,5 x 8,3 400 x 200 x 270 mm 15,8 x 7,9 x 10,6 60w 8 5-60w 8 87 db 8 7 800 hz 1,5 kg 2,5 kg 133 x 109 x 164 mm 5,2 x 4,3 x 6,5 290 x 200 x 250 mm 11,5 x 7,9 x 9,9 model aries as description amplified subwoofer drive unit 320mm12 dvc paper cone enclosure type sealed box down-firing amplifier type class ab crossover frequency 50 ÷ 120 hz crossover slope 2 db oct freq response ±3db 25 ÷ 200 hz low level inputs rca stereo 22k low level outputs bypass stereo high level inputs 3.5 v stereo 1k power output 150 w phase control continuous 0° ÷ 180° extras auto-shut on/off power supply fuse 230v 50hz 1,5a net weight 4,9 kg shipping weight 5,3 kg dimensions 350 x 430 x 430 mm h xwxd 13,8 x 16,9 x 16,9 shipping dimensions 450 x 530 x 530 mm h xwxd 17,7 x 20,8 x 20,8 astri has the facility to make modifications any time it is necessary and without notice to improve continuosly the quality and the features of its products is a brand of alberto sabbatini via torricella 35 62020 belforte del chienti mc italia tel +39 0733 906190



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