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friday november 16th registration opens at 15:00 and will continue throughout the event coffee will be served at registration 16:00-16:45 16:45-17:00 coffee poster session visiting stands in the lobby and e200 opening ceremony room estaunie opening plenary gabriel diaz maggioli change is good you go first room estaunie 17:00-17:45 rooms 18:00 19:00 session a estaunie paul dummett the power of the image al b310 b312 b316 opale stella saliari marine condette ets scoring policies or how to evaluate speaking and writing skills test jane ryder rakesh bhanot david bish marta garcía alamán looking in the mirror the place for moderated by divya brochier olga i díez velasco debate teaching vs reflective practice in teacher cliw content language technology education integrating wine tech ttd ttd esp 19:00 19:30 19:30 20:45 poster session visiting stands networking cocktail dînatoire key to acronyms al adult learners be business english corp corpus in the classroom dogme dogme for the classroom dram drama-based lessons eap english for academic purposes efl english as a foreign language elt english language teaching esp english for specific purposes fr french learners gv grammar vocabulary he higher education intc intercultural issues lst listening skills mangt classroom management mat materials design and publishing mlev multilevel classroom pr pronunciation prim primary school learners ref reflective practices read reading skills speak speaking skills tbl task-based learning tech technology in the classroom teen teenage learners tesol teachers of english to speakers of other languages test testing and assessment ttd teacher training development wcond working conditions wr writing skills ya young adult learners 4skills reading writing listening and speaking


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saturday november 17th registration opens at 9:00am and continues throughout the day rooms 9:30-10:00 leo selivan does the word synonym have a synonym gv corp igor gavilan practical strategies and top techniques for teaching and learning mang gv 12:15 13:30 13:30 -14:00 gabriel diaz maggioli teachers can have their cake and eat it too ttd wcond 15:15 16:15 plenary session tom farrell reflecting on reflective practice 16:15 16:45 14:00 15:00 session d 16:45 17:45 session e nick michelioudakis getting people to like you anna gbka-suska prompts 4elt marianne raynaud all you need is motivation thevenin estaunie b310 jemma gardner what is emergent language and how can we deal with it dogme christina rebuffet-broadus dogme through students eyes dogme b312 andy cowle teaching english is murder b316 divya brochier decoding classroom dynamics opale jeffrey doonan julia alivertis what cha lis nin 2 taking music from the cd to cda rubis ekaterina belozerova how do we learn new words helping your learners to enrich their vocabulary in english saphir coffee poster session visiting stands in the lobby andrew betsis sean haughton toeic ielts and other international elt exams an overview intc ya gv al test elizabeth anne yeim Çakir fabienne quennet 5 years of integrating blogs into surefire activities to get olaf lenders l3 master s eap classes in a your students to speak strategies in fl science university in france academic writing how to identify individual needs he fr speak ya write esp 10:00-11:00 session b 11:15-12:15 session c ttd speak bonnie tsai from coach to awakener read jeremy day seven blended learning course ideas for english learners tech ref mang ref evridiki dakos zorbas dance sirtaki through tpr al esp ttd lunch break coffee poster session visiting stands in the lobby mark hancock pronunciation as a listening skill understanding authentic english lst pr milena tanasijevic from classroom to online language teaching tech eva büyüksimkeyan ideas for monday jazzing up the classroom with music gv al ruth huart phonetic obstacles to comprehension the ear is not the problem pr fr amanda mcloughlin donna obrzut getting students to think using reporter s in clil classes questions for reading comprehension and writing summaries ttd prim read wr speak coffee poster session visiting stands in the lobby e200 gerard mcloughlin changing perspectives stephen scott brewer reframing the notion of expertise implications for how we teach paul maglione what we now know about teaching with video clips tech ya anna rogalewiczgalucka how i manage teenage learners mangt ya anna musielak can drama be all about grammar kate kleinworth we don t have time to be bored strategies for increasing student motivation he mlev spencer salas flexible formats for meaningful classroom discussions speak ya ana laura vega representations and motivation what do french students think about learning english fr ya annie mcdonald helping learners become more effective listeners lst al despoina galanaki rubrics a useful tool for authentic assessment test ref 18:00 19:00 session f mang intc ttd ref luke meddings terry prosser isabel haller-gryc kelli chuck sandy follow the clues dahmen stepping back how phrasal verbs helping team games opportunities to be yourself in students to see things for spontaneous language class for themselves use ttd dogme gv al dram gv malu sciamarelli dimitris primalis english in the workplace literature strikes back teaching from communication to literature with technology working tool tesol greece representative be esp tech prim 19:00 20:00 cocktail dînatoir poster session visiting stands 20:00 22:00 it s back the open mic night music songs stand up comedy those awesome glow sticks more with your host brad patterson room thevenin there are several restaurants near the venue though we suggest grabbing a quick sandwich service can be slow on saturday afternoon a restaurant list is provided in the programme if you are interested in participating please see brad patterson during the conference on friday or saturday during the day.


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sunday november 18th registration opens at 9:00am and continues until the closing plenary coffee will be served at registration in the morning rooms 10:00-11:00 session g thevenin estaunie b310 b312 b316 opale rubis saphir fiona mauchline geoff tranter leila issa meltem anna varna putting the creative from placement to whole brain teaching pek Öner critical thinking and back into writing proficiency an online efficient e-sources how to dance it technical english web 2.0 for testing system classroom use test esp maria heron getting learners speaking wr ya 11:10 12:10 vladimira chalyova session h chuck sandy surpr@ise cultivating stories of surprise praise collaboration and support ttd 12:10 12:45 12:45 13:45 session i dennis davy practical ideas for using poetry in the classroom ya closing plenary chia suan chong mis-applied linguistics Özge Öztürk judith nursel Çetinkaya logsdon-dubois touchy teachy and the tprs teaching tech-y vocabulary proficiency through tools reading and storytelling revolution mang tech ttd ref gv tech ttd ref csilla jaray-benn ian butler tom farrell david o hanlon eduardo santos louisa dunne tailor-made 1-to-1 todays news in your plenary follow up getting in touch with are we facing a using and blending dynamics classroom rapid q&a your inner redneck creativity crisis new ielts collaborative creative authentic text exploiting cultural fostering creative resources to learning ccl an lessons using difference personal thinking through promote learner interactive and technology narrative to advantage classroom activities autonomy collaborative workshop in the classroom be tech gv ref intc fr ref ya test speak light snack poster session visiting stands coffee in the lobby e200 tyson seburn colin mackenzie elinda gjondedaj alicja galazka hakan senturk struggles in higher ed learning opportunities mobile storytelling cultural learning dogme 2.1 using reading averted i ve made a few through drama in the springpad to create through collaborative elt classroom an online coursebook reading circles 2011 poster winner for the dogme class he read ttd ref tech dram ttd dogme tech steven muir telly learning bita rezaei how to promote teachers psychosocial competence ttd al 13:45 14:45 14:45 15:30 closing remarks and prize draw!



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