Словарь вариантов английского языка с картинками


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animals and birds chook emu kookaburra mandrill opossum woolly sport bafana bafana ball hockey kabaddi vuvuzela


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clothes agbada bui-bui daks ghagra guernsey half-pants kanzu khanga kikoi kiondo mukluks salwar


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sari sunnies thong stubbies toque wrapper equipment and tools geyser jiko kylie panga potjie sufuria


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food and drinks aloo brinjal chai dhania esky garden egg goog jeffy bag lolly naartjie paan wors


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house bach chesterfield doona rumpus room stoep swag void deck transport cubbyhole dicky mammy-wagon


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motor park panel van stepney ute trees and plants rooibos sausage tree wattle


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glossary animals and birds chook australian english new zealand english informal a chicken emu a large australian bird that can run fast but cannot fly kookaburra an australian bird that makes a strange laughing cry mandrill west african english a large w african monkey with a red and blue face opossum australian english new zealand english or north american english informal possum a small american or australian animal that lives in trees and carries its young in a pouch a pocket of skin on the front of the mother s body woolly australian english new zealand english a sheep sport bafana bafana south african english a popular name for the south african national men s football soccer team ball hockey canadian english a version of ice hockey played on a hard surface without ice and with a ball instead of a puck kabaddi south-east asian english a s asian sport played by teams of seven players on a rectangular sand court a player from one team tries to capture a player from the other team and must hold his/her breath while running vuvuzela south african english a long plastic instrument in the shape of a trumpet that makes a very loud noise when you blow it and is popular with football fans in south africa clothes and accessories agbada west african a long robe long piece of clothing worn by men in some parts of w africa


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buibui east african english an item of clothing worn by some muslim women consisting of a long black dress and piece of black cloth that covers the head showing only the face or eyes daks australian english new zealand english informal trousers/pants ghagra south east asian english a long skirt worn by women in s asia guernsey australian english -a football sweater especially one of the type without sleeves worn by australian rules players half-pants indian english short trousers/pants kanzu in e africa a long loose piece of outer clothing made from white cloth and worn by men khanga also lesso east african english a large piece of light cloth with designs printed on it and worn by women around the waist and legs or over the head and shoulders kikoi east african english a large piece of strong coloured cloth used mainly as an item of clothing around the waist and legs or over the shoulders kiondo plural kiondos east african english a bag with one or two long handles and made from sisal dried grass twisted together or other materials mukluk canadian english a high soft winter boot that is traditionally made with the skin of seals salwar south east asian english light loose trousers/pants that are tight around the ankles sometimes worn by s asian women sari south east asian english a long piece of cloth that is wrapped around the body and worn as the main piece of clothing by women in s asia stubbies tm austale nze a pair of short trousers/pants for men sunnies australian english new zealand english informal sunglasses thong north american english australian english new zealand english flipflop a type of sandal open shoe that has a piece of leather etc that goes between the big toe and the toe next to it


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toque canadian english a close-fitting hat made of wool sometimes with a ball of wool on the top wrapper west african englisha piece of cloth that is worn as an item of clothing around the waist and legs equipment and tools geyser south african english a large container in which water is stored and heated usually by electricity in order to provide hot water in a building jiko plural jikos east african english a container made of metal or clay and used for burning charcoal or small pieces of wood it is used for cooking or to give heat kylie australian english a boomerang panga east african english south african english a large heavy knife that is used for cutting grass or small sticks or for removing weeds potjie south african english a round pot usually with three legs that is made from cast iron and used for cooking food slowly over a fire sufuria east african english ­a pot for cooking food and drinks alooalu indian englishpotatoes brinjal indian english south african english an aubergine/eggplant a vegetable with shiny dark purple skin and soft white flesh chai indian englishtea dhania east african english indian english south african english the leaves or seeds of the coriander plant used to flavour food drinking box canadian english a small cardboard box of juice etc that has a drinking straw with it that can be pushed through a small hole in the top esky tm australian english a bag or box which keeps food or drinks cold and which can be used for a picnic


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garden egg west african english a type of aubergine/eggplant with purple white or greenish-yellow skin goog australian english new zealand english informal an egg jiffy bag tm south african english a clear plastic bag used for storing things in especially food lolly australian english new zealand english a sweet or a piece of candy naartjie south african english a type of small orange with a loose skin that you can remove easily paan indian english a betel leaf usually folded into a shape with three sides and filled with spices for eating wors south african english ­ sausage house bach new zealand english a small holiday house chesterfield canadian english any type of sofa doona tm australian english a large cloth bag that is filled with feathers or other soft material and that you have on top of you in bed to keep yourself warm rumpus room north american english australian english new zealand english a room in a house for playing games in sometimes in the basement stoep south african english a raised area outside the door of a house with a roof over it where you can sit and relax eat meals etc swag australian english new zealand english a bunch of flowers or fruit that is carved onto walls etc as decoration void deck south-east asian english the ground floor of a block of flats/apartments which is left empty and is usually for the use of all the people who live in the building transport cubbyhole south african english a small space or shelf facing the front seats of a car where you can keep papers maps etc


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dicky indian english the boot/trunk of a car mammy-wagon west african english a lorry/truck with a roof and seats for people to travel in motor park west african english a station for passengers to get on or off buses or taxis panel van australian english new zealand english south african english north american english panel truck a small van/truck especially one without windows at the sides or seats for passengers stepney indian english a spare wheel for a car ute austale nze informal a vehicle with low sides and no roof at the back used for example by farmers trees and plants rooibos south african english a type of bush grown in south africa whose leaves are dried and used to make tea sausage tree south african english a large african tree that produces large grey fruit that hang downwards and have a similar shape to a sausage wattle especially australian english a name for various types of acacia tree



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