Read, Write, Think-Social Studies Job Alike


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read write think social studies job alike august 21 2012


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todaysmeet please sign in and provide feedback http


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tagexdo word clouds in action


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what do you think this passage is about?


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g.w bush s first inaugural address what stands out?


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g.w bush s second inaugural address what has changed?


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tagexdo · · · http a few examples for using in class o pre-reading activities o evaluating famous documents or speeches o contrasting candidates in a political debate you can choose o the shape can upload a picture o the font o the color o the text direction save as a jpeg or a choice on the gallery that can be embedded ·


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citation tools where did you find that?


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citation tools bibme copy the citations into a word document to create a works cited page.


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references · indian removal pbs pbs n.d web 18 aug 2012


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paper slides telling a story in pictures


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paper slides · · · · · tell a story using pieces of paper with images on it need a plan make a storyboard and write a script technology document camera and microphone flip camera or cell phone camera o can edit in moviemaker if wanted post films on teacher website screencast o matic record slides on the screen and record voiceover


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paperslides examples


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paper slides examples


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paper slides history of us



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