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Drummoyne Bayside Fair

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free there s life in the inner west 200 9th november 2012 our new light rail every fortnight but will the extension work inner west streeties homeless but not hopeless win distributed in leichhardt annandale petersham stanmore newtown rozelle balmain drummoyne haberfield five dock concord summer hill is 200 issues old the inaugural drummoyne bayside fair sets sail wedding special the best of our bridal businesses photo by ben cregan all aboard thursd movie tix dead europe the angels share a rse asvai­l2pmble y nu bab ay 10am fre e 2 hour parking at the italian forum with any purchase auburn 9649 7900 belrose 9986 3331 blacktown 9622 1937 burwood 9745 6375 campsie 9789 9000 carlingford 9871 4522 caringbah 9525 0309 engadine 9520 8838 five dock 9713 4729 glebe 9660 6919 griffith 6964 7322 marrickville 9560 2488 merryland 9897 1011 neutral bay 9953 0609 revesby 9773 8510 riverwood 9153 7347 toukley 4396 4137 your local store 6-8 norton street leichhardt open mon-fri 8am-8pm sat-sun 9am-6pm ph 9560 7008 cc18118_ciao


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inner west whispers local gossip rumour hearsay and unsubstantiated fact i m right you re wrong the conservatariat s heaviest hitter makes a guest appearance to slam the homosexualisation of urban politics dear righteous rightie ­ i m a right-thinking young man who would one day like to run for state or federal parliament as a liberal while i m encouraged by the fact that the skyrocketing price of inner west real estate ensures local residents only pretend to vote labor nowadays i m concerned that my sexual orientation should it become public could derail my plans to represent this area while like alex greenwich i had the good sense to be born to wealthy parents and be educated at sydney grammar i don t have an exotic german polo player banker husband i married in argentina in fact truth be told i m not into same-sex encounters and have never organised a single debauched orgy involving a bunch of bondi lifesavers can an inner city lib be into the opposite sex and still get preselected in this day and age winston petersham rr replies ­ your query almost makes me nostalgic for the time when the inner west was chockers with povo factory fodder new australians who may have supported labor but would never have voted for a man who to further his own degenerate agenda created the impression that those fit young men who sport nothing more than a scrap of lycra over their bulging lunchboxes and taut buttocks while practicing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on each other were of the catamite persuasion of course back in those days the idea of an aspiring coalition mp announcing they were a proud player of the pink oboe would be as unthinkable as the thoroughfares of this once great city being turned into a giant sandpit for flatulent vegan cyclists sadly the political system has gone to hell and you ll have to risk ending up there yourself if you wish to make yourself electable in the modern-day sodom and gomorrah that is the inner west the best you can hope for is to hook up with a gay man undergoing gender reassignment n email your dilemma to we are c!ao advertising sonya madden tattoo parlours leichhardt con men car thieves and aggro door bitches l what has happened to drummoyne the suburb s first tattoo parlour tattoolicious has just opened opposite mcdonalds and looks very sleek indeed canada bay council s hard-working economic development unit have long tried to encourage decorator shops on victoria rd is this what they had in mind l speaking of mcdonalds haberfield s newest culinary attraction cnr dalhousie st and parramatta rd is now well under construction and seeking mcstaff is there any truth in the rumour that haberfield residents are forming vigilante groups to patrol the nearby area beware anyone seen clutching a crispy chicken deluxe wrapper on ramsay rd you have been warned l spotted scam artist wondering the streets of leichhardt handing out business cards and claiming to be either a fashion designer or possibly an interior decorator for cars we don t know we can t quite make sense of the badly translated laughably suspicious 80s-looking business card l from scammers to car chases it s all happening in the inner west who was that p-plater gunning it through annandale and leichhardt while being chased by police a couple of weeks ago he certainly shocked pedestrians who were patiently waiting for the lights to change when he narrowly missed wiping them out before losing control and smashing into a truck l is king st becoming a little more kings cross whispers are flying about a couple of allegedly aggressive security staff at the new newtown hotel the hotel did respond to one local s complaint and promised to improve just a day before their opening which went ahead without a hitch on october 31st featuring hip hop legends arrested development leane senzamici newtown food melissa leong winsor dobbin wine c!ao history fre community glamour at its best design eleanor wales e as we reached this landmark 200th issue of ciao it was time to dig out our first issue right and see how far we d come feeling a little nostalgic about the good old days we flipped through and were shocked to find just how much has changed since our launch in february 2005 we ve got better hair better fashion and a cordless phone expanded distribution from four to over fifteen suburbs had hundreds of cover girls and boys grace our front page started printing in colour throughout yes we were once just a humble black and white inside and printed thousands of words all about the ins and outs of our favourite area in sydney in fact the only thing that hasn t changed is just how much we love it here and of course how much we love you thanks for reading everyone adrate.indd 2 27.1.05 6:11:18 pm russell edwards art direction editorial nancy merlo rozelle markets sydney s favourite antique collectable secondhand market robin schmatolck enjoys the ebb and flow of rozelle markets there can be rushes of all sorts of locals visitors and tourists and sometimes it can be quiet and peaceful robin sells bric a brac shoes jewellery clothes and all sorts of knickknacks there is also a sense of community spirit between stall holders everybody is friendly and willing to help each other out there is a good bargain to be spotted early in the morning if you know what you are looking for it helps to get to know the stallholders that way they can keep a look out for you when special pieces come up 663 darling st rozelle 2039 on bus routes 440 445 all the 500 s 10 mins from cbd things we love the new and improved newtown station officially opened on october 29th the upgraded station has better lighting cctv bike racks and is now accessible to all with lifts for those with prams or wheelchairs and an extra set of stairs for those peek hour commuters the wider footpath on kind st also means more space for newtown buskers publishing sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan nigel bowen and julius ruaya ciao c!ao s voice · obama ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia what s in out out in ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville m 0414 262 068 rozelle markets official every saturday and sunday 9am ­ 4pm · the new wider footpath outside newtown station · open-toe clogs though we don t know why · sparkling mineral water · gangnam-style flash mobs · well-groomed movember moustaches · haberfield newcomer the hungry grasshopper · birkenhead bargain hunting · that other guy · groups of people who walk slowly in a line on wider footpaths · the final twilight movie ­ does anyone care anymore · empty shopfronts in haberfield · unruly facial hair with doritos stuck in it · the mountainous old speed bumps in drummoyne backstreets subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover drummoyne business people irene makis norelle seymour alex allegrini and jeannine lam paddling over to cockatoo island for the drummoyne bayside fair on sunday 11th november photo by ben cregan c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west 2


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community life the light rail put to the test before it even opens summer hill already has good public transport links to the city does it need another one will anyone pay extra to use it in the light rail extension s viability report released six months after the project was announced and then hastily approved under part 3a that question was answered errr maybe it said not in those exact words the jargon of boffins is more obtuse they pronounced it viable at the margins the main issue they noted was competition from existing transport services trains and buses and the lack of people presently living within walking distance their rings of concentric circles around the proposed stations which will not include any car parking simply didn t include enough potential customers but they helpfully emphasised the new stations had the potential to generate urban renewal that means lots more people in very tall apartment towers like the ones we now see around so many stations like st leonards chatswood and rockdale however given the inner west s wellknown aversion to such structures doesn t this all sound a bit dicey there are plenty of other traveling options from summer hill so it s worth asking what were they thinking will this actually work r oad test rant my name is russell and i am an addict last week my addiction cost $640 that s in addition to the normal expenses of my habit which the nrma estimates to be another $200 per week i m talking about my car of course ­ not a drug strictly speaking merely something that every person over the age of 18 regards as a birthright we love our cars or we have to run one and we buy a helluva lot of them despite the sluggish retail conditions this year australians set another record for new car sales the most popular category of all by far are smallish to medium suvs just like mine our politicians aren t expected to cure us but facilitate our addiction `grease the wheels so to speak and woe betide any elected official from the feds to the local councillors who doesn t our vengeance will be swift and unremitting they know that failure can only end one way a slow painful death my own week of pain started with something really stupid i sailed through an orange light at parramatta rd and west st petersham dumb dumb dumb no excuse i was .04 seconds red a slither i paid the $397 fine with a sense of remorse guilt and utter self-loathing as i typed the last digits credit card charge $3.50 check agree i felt lower than smacked-out bubbles in the wire time cost water for rehydration after a hard ride $0 red bull $4.50 car sydneysiders don t need much encouragement to reach for their car keys and if they ve got somewhere to park they will trip varies according to time of day but will rarely exceed 25 minutes cost see column at right light rail the lr will still be privately operated but its previous owners were bought out after refusing to pay for a line they d already figured was a dead loss the government has since added a partial subsidy pensioners travel nearly for free but casual ticket buyers still have to cough up big time based on present times the trip to central from summer hill will take 40 minutes and according to the existing zonal fare structure priced to give the private operators a return a single one way trip will cost $5.50 from dulwich hill $6.50 most likely the subsidy will be fully extended so few users will notice the real cost but treasury will verdict from summer hill it will be more expensive more time consuming and less convenient remember when it was said that this was a no brainer what did that mean the nsw treasury has no brains maybe you believe that ­ but in the most recent government plans just announced for the inner west and parramatta rd light rail is notable only by its absence it has vanished n russell edwards the light rail at lilyfield has it now reached another dead end have to change an adult single ticket the most expensive way of travelling costs $3.40 bus the transport infoline s nifty trip calculator comes up with five options for using buses the shortest being 38 minutes the longest 41 minutes adult single fare is $3.50 though most people pay much less averaging around $2.20 our politicians aren t expected to cure us but facilitate our addiction woe betide any elected official who doesn t the next one two days later was a $99 fine and it made me mad it was from one of those opportunistic snitches that all junkies know about a council parking ranger for tragically our councils are addicts too one local one creams off $7m per year from cars without that money ­ as their free 30-minute trial will soon reveal ­ they would be in big trouble the other $140 was routine and may even be covered by those nrma figures my monthly insurance installment came out 104 as did my toll e-tag 36 will i give it up i want to but like everyone else i can t cars are not only cemented into the very fabric of our social life and employment they re part of our psyche the fact is our whole society and economy is hopelessly hooked that s not just the big makers and their manufacturing plants which no government will let fail ­ it s also the myriad of associated supply industries then there s retail fuel insurance repair accessories road construction maintenance policing advertising freight transport and also ­ for sadly our addiction is dangerous and fatal ­ hospitals oh and i forgot ­ local council parking rangers it could be that 50 per cent of the australian economy is in some way dependent on our car addiction which is where nick `mr big greiner s plans for the $10b westconnex toll way come in he knows we won t give up can t give up and will go on paying up as long as we are standing up and can still reach for our wallets bike the `greenway bike path associated with the lr was canned but following hawthorn canal and lilyfield rd to anzac bridge the route to the city is straightforward and more direct than the circular loops of the lr it takes about the same train by rail it takes 15 to 17 minutes to get to central from summer hill most people staying on to an additional destination via the lr they will man up against violence join other locals in saying no to violence against women at this year s white ribbon day celebrations in marrickville white ribbon day is held annually in support of the white ribbon foundation which is the only national male-led organisation that works to prevent male on female violence this year white ribbon day marrickville will be held on november 23rd at pcyc marrickville where men and women of all ages are invited to lend their support with all proceeds collected on the day going to the white ribbon foundation there will plenty happening from 10am to 3pm including makeovers hair braiding face painting zumba workshops and a free barbecue lunch the magic yellow bus mobile playground will also be onsite to entertain the little ones mc s cecily williams nela afu and allirah golding will be hosting live performances on the main stage by miss krys jae druitt fatisha kamara lil cube the str8 ballerz plus more while guest speakers lani brennan carmel tebbutt and mayor victor macri will join the crowd to speak out against violence n where illawarra rd marrickville near steel park for info about other events around sydney visit what s on compiled by nancy merlo julius ruaya email month of november info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are but don t blame him for that look in the mirror n russell stringer bell not my real name books children are also welcome to come along do some colouring in and take away their own picture of ms love n where addison road centre hut 37d addison rd marrickville sat 17th sun 18th november sport-a-month kick off november with a couple of high kicks as marrickville s month of martial arts gets underway this month the australian martial arts academy is offering locals of all ages two free classes at any weekly session all you have to do is call 9591 6614 to register the international federation kyokushin karate australia ifkka is also offering two free sessions throughout november ­ with beginner and advanced classes available for both adults and children ifkka has three studios participating to register at marrickville call 4 doug on 0414 600 439 at petersham call shaharin on 0414 777 or at dulwich hill contact andre on 0415 770 585 n more info at www.marrickville.nsw wednesday 14th november 10:30am on wednesday 14th november at shearer s bookshop bookings are essential and cost $10 plus guests receive $5 off collectomania to book call shearer s on 9572 7766 n shearer s bookshop 99 norton st leichhardt until sunday 16th decemeber claudia chan shaw claudia chan shaw takes readers on a journey through various collections in her new book collectomania from objects of desire to magnificent obsession claudia will also explain the motives behind her collections shares tips on how to collect and impart valuable advice on the art of collecting claudia chan shaw s talk starts at afternoon tea with ms koori love the aboriginal and torres strait islander studio s latest artist in residence is ms koori love a columnist in the koori mail newspaper where she writes about love relationships and aboriginal communities ms koori love has stayed hidden behind her connect with master collector claudia column for some time but is now coming into the open and inviting people for a cup of tea and a biscuit at the addison road centre the afternoon teas will be held every sunday from 12pm to 2pm and offer visitors the chance to share a yarn and buy some mini the metro orchestra returns returning to balmain town hall the metropolitan orchestra finishes 2012 with a performance of two of the greatest romantic symphonies symphony no 8 is schubert s unfinished masterwork and is perhaps his most popular work commentators have said the piece is dramatic and full of life yet the orchestra will let the music speak for itself the other piece is brahms symphony no.1 this piece took decades to perfect and places brahms as an heir to the master composers tickets are $35 concessions $30 and children under 12 $15 for more information visit n where balmain town hall


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n local gigs saturday 10th november n local movies the medics microwave jenny jess beck well the medics are one of those totally hot unearthed bands that everyone keeps hearing about the lead singer sounds like a girl with asthma and while they say they re influenced by the mars volta there s really not much evidence of that but there will probably be hot girls there worth $20 you tell me n carriageworks eveleigh $20 sunday 11th november free c d u le tiwinkoebts movies passes an answer to the age-old question the angels share clearly the scottish tourism office has little say in the type of movies made about that part of britain they re either comedies starring oafish men in kilts behaving stupidly or kitchen-sink dramas featuring substance-abusing lowlifes beating each other senseless ken loach my name is joe has combined both his work is often described as grim though this one ­ which starts out as a gritty realistic drama also has the comic elements of an ealing caper it s a welcome and lighter change for the veteran director and tells the bittersweet story of robbie paul brannigan a delinquent street fighter in glasgow trying to get his act together after one conviction too many help comes in the form of his community service supervisor john henshaw who loves fine scottish whiskey ­ and a scheme which involves ripping off rich people but if they re pretentious tossers that s ok isn t it forget the dubious morality and the very dark edges this time loach has made a movie as delightful as a wee dram of the good stuff itself ma15 at dendy newtown from nov 15 n thanks to vendetta films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below newtown festival ­ king tide regular john the crooked fiddle band bearhug kira puru the bruise collarbones battleships tokyo denmark sweden the rescue ships fabergettes kill city creeps caitlin park little bastard hello vera nova the experience daytime gigs are weird but there are very good bands in this line-up both local and otherwise and they re great drinking buddies if you are into that n 9.30am camperdown memorial rest park newtown free all ages wednesday 14th november tsiolkas s modern greek tragedy dead europe before christos tsiolkas decided on a deliberate crowdpleaser the slap he was better known as the author of raw sexually explicit but largely uncommercial novels tsiolkas is a brave writer and so is marrickville-based tony krawitz for bringing one of his darkest works to the screen barely a second is wasted in krawitz s economical story-telling and he s taken quite a few liberties by necessity with the source material greek-australian photographer issac ewen leslie follows his family roots in europe after his father s apparent suicide ­ he s trying to find out why his family refused to ever return home tsiolkas was more ambitious he was searching for the key to europe s tragedy over the last 100 years issac s journey is a confronting one ­ he comes face to face with anti-semitism political extremism illegal refugees child pornography and finally the ultimate betrayal this is tough stuff and krawitz has delivered the goods his movie works astonishingly well as both a taut thriller and hallucinatory nightmare but are oz audiences ready for this let s hope so ctc at palace norton st from nov 15 n thanks to transmission films we have 10 double inseason passes to give away details below best of the rest seven psychopaths our own abbie cornish appears to be the only sane character in martin mcdonagh s in bruges deliriously unhinged black comedy the rest of the cast colin farrell christopher walken sam rockwell and woody harrelson have huge fun with their certifiably mad characters a blocked la screen writer two dog kidnappers and a vicious gang lord most of us will too ­ it is funny but the sly cleverness of the irish director s breakout hit is missing in the way of hollywood it s been replaced by mayhem ma15 at dendy newtown on now beirut otouto it s surprising that tickets aren t sold out for this show yet beirut are a fantastic interesting band whose live shows are unique and impressive and they ve made a great choice of melbourne band otouto as support ­ they have sweet voices good beats and a nice little pop vibe going on n enmore theatre $61.60 all ages n claire albrecht n ciao s pick a demented dog-napping caper the best bond movie yet it s newtown festival time skyfall even though this is the 50th year of 007tm some of us still haven t had enough of agent bond after 143 incredible minutes at a special media preview tea and scones thank you sony many of my fellow grizzled hacks emerged profoundly moved i even spotted a few tears the consensus oh wow wow wow sam mendes american beauty continues with the darker and hardened bond daniel craig we ve become used to even if the sentiment at the end is a surprise javier bardem is a worthy villain who in a nod to julian assange right down to the blond hair is a cyber terrorist releasing the names of nato operatives onto the web he must be stopped and yes he is though it s hard to see how the franchise can continue after that ending it will of course but without one vital character shhhh it will be different ctc from nov 22 n reviews ­ re newtown is turning 150 this year and what better way to celebrate than at the largest and longest running free community festival in sydney ­ the annual newtown festival on sunday 11th november camperdown memorial rest park will once again be transformed into a playground for the coolest inner west kids with entertainment across three festival stages featuring a diverse pool of talent from musicians to artists to writers and more the festival also boasts a selection of 280 stalls selling vintage fashion local art fair trade products and tonnes of delicious food everyone is invited kids and adults alike with this year s festivities to include a `family zone offering interactive workshops rides puppet shows and a wonderful line up of entertainers for the little ones in support of the newtown neighbourhood centre festivalgoers are asked to donate a gold coin upon entry when the festival is over on north king street head down to the south end and let the party continue revitalised over the last few years the south king street strip is now as vibrant and varied as the north and just a five-minute walk away n for more info visit to friday 10am to 4pm and saturday 10am to 2pm for more info visit www.aashiya n where 4 rawson ave drummoyne saturday 24th november the newtown festival is hipster heaven sunday 18th november josie and the emeralds join josie and the emeralds for this delicious mix of 17th century english music and contemporary australian pieces at st scholastica s chapel appearing with josie and the emeralds are melbourne musicians laura vaughan laura moore and rebecca humphrey diederich josie and friends will explore the works of 16th century composer orlando gibbons among them all six parts of his piece fantasia josie and the emeralds performance will start at 3pm on sunday 18th november tickets are $30 at the door call 0422 334 054 for advance bookings n for more information go to saturday 24th november gadzooks `tis the fair maiden josie new abstracts at aashiya aashiya gallery is inviting all locals to come along for the opening of their latest exhibition `new abstracts featuring the work of talented artists gabriele richter and gail edmonds from 1pm to 3pm on saturday 24th november the opening will include plenty of nibbles and bubbles for guests plus live jazz music by peter kinch if you can t make it to the opening but still want to check out the art gallery hours are tuesday dough box 1st birthday party enmore s 1950s themed diner dough box is celebrating its 1st birthday with one hell of a party kicking off from 6pm pop by the shop grab a $2 scoop of norgen vaaz ice cream 22 flavours on offer and some complimentary punch and enjoy the myriad of entertainment on show from balloon artists to magicians jugglers and fire-eaters there will also be 1950s cover band the pink chevys on the back of a truck outside the shop guaranteed to get you bopping along to the sound of their vintage tunes n for more info search `dough box sweet savoury delights on facebook win double movie passes fiona george invite you to celebrate dough box s 1st birthday 1950 s style to be in the running to win a double movie pass to dead europe and/or angels share just email only at the movies nov 15 with your name and address telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao if you enter both give us an order of preference community glamour at its best 5


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special promotion this sunday 11th november · cockatoo island drummoyne business community invites you to celebrate the joy and vibrancy of spring at one of sydney s most iconic harbour sites ­ cockatoo island ­ for the inaugural drummoyne bayside fair 2012 the journey will start at birkenhead wharf with one of the feature attractions of the day the `marinawi an indigenous charter vessel that promises a cross-cultural experience while visitors enjoy beautiful sydney harbour views the vessel will run every hour and transport visitors free-of-charge to and from cockatoo island though regular ferries also run from various locations around sydney upon arrival guests will be greeted with a traditional smoking ceremony performed by the tribal warrior association the fun kicks off at 10am and will continue to 3pm drummoyne bayside fair bring your families and join us for some free fun and entertainment food against the backdrop of sydney s beautiful skyline and accompanied by live music from the crawdaddies a message from the mayor we re very proud to support this event and our local businesses drummoyne bayside fair will be a great day full of entertainment for the whole family supporting local business centres is vital to building a strong sense of community and loyalty angelo tsirekas mayor of the city of canada bay stalls the naval store will be sponsored by over 11 local businesses lucky punters should keep an eye out for the `know your weight health promotion where up to $30,000 worth of prizes will be up for grabs event organisers have secured indoor space in the event of a rainy day to ensure cloudy skies do not deter a fun day out with the family at the inaugural drummoyne bayside fair entertainment the kids entertainment line-up includes a roving magician and magic show face painting cupcake decorating and much more visitors not familiar with the island should rekindle their sense of adventure on the treasure hunt and be inspired by the island s mysterious and intriguing history if you re lucky you might even find a trove of wealth hidden among the abandoned ship containers various businesses in drummoyne have generously sponsored these acts for your enjoyment drummoyne s local businesses are getting together to ensure the suburb s first bayside fair is a success food visitors can expect a variety of food stalls on the day catering for everyone including meat lovers herbivores and sweet-tooths there will be plenty of grass area for a spring picnic by the water and visitors can enjoy their n for more information visit www.ciaomagazine or drummoyne bayside fair 2012 has been proudly sponsored by 6


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take a free ferry to cockatoo island drummoyne now today drummoyne is home to a fabulous and burgeoning café culture there are new cafes popping up around drummoyne all the time including laneway cafe 4p espresso and copo café diner ­ which was recently voted as having the best breakfast in the inner west if you haven t tried their bubble and squeak yet you re missing out there are also plenty of boutique stores in the area offering everything from clothing to home decorating items and who can forget the mother of all premium outlet-shopping destinations birkenhead point meanwhile renovators flock to victoria road to deck out their kitchens and bathrooms with beautiful showrooms lining the street left and right however the biggest advantage drummoyne has is its array of healthcare and beauty practices ­ medical centres pharmacies personal trainers physios specialists and the new radiology practice alfred imaging drummoyne these services all conveniently located in one place and working with each other are what make drummoyne the destination for your healthcare and beauty needs par ram att ar ive r spectacle island cockatoo island you ve always wanted to get off here now you can drummoyne snapper island what s on there will be plenty going on throughout the day at the drummoyne bayside fair nnnnnnnnnn 9:30am 10:15am 11:00am 11:15am 11:30am 12:00pm 12:30pm 1:00pm 2:00pm 3:00pm first free hourly ferry departs from birkenhead wharf live music face painting glitter tattoos banjo player tribal warrior association ceremony live band roving magic magic show last free ferry departs the island birkenhead wharf free ferries leave every hour from birkenhead point wharf just under the old iron cove bridge and then did you know that rodd island ­ the little island that can be seen from the drummoyne side of the bay run ­ has had many uses throughout its history in the late 1800 s rodd island was used as a science laboratory to research a solution to cure australia s rabbit infestation problem it then changed to manufacture vaccines for cattle from there the labs were demolished and the island was used as a recreational area until the second world war where it was used as a us army training base after the war it reverted back to recreational use and is still a popular picnic area and function centre today drummoyne pride winner emelie zouk centre from emelie boutique plus plenty of prizes to be won healthcare practices in drummoyne are determined to improve your health and wellbeing so they are giving away $30,000 worth of prizes at the drummoyne bayside fair skillful winners will receive all of the following · award-winning 20-minute health check · sleep better assessment · metabolic age analysis · remedial massage · dietician consultation · two personal training sessions · stress counselling session n so make sure you know your weight and take your share of the $30,000 giveaway community glamour at its best 7


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kitchen ingredients 2 tbs chia seeds 1 tsp raw honey with melissa leong guilt-free cacao pudding ½ cup almond milk ¼ cup toasted coconut flakes or shredded coconut 1 heaped tsp almond butter 1 heaped tsp cacao nibs 1 tbs raw cacao powder wine with winsor super semillon de iuliis 2012 semillon 2012 young hunter valley semillon remains one of australia s most under-appreciated wine styles mike de luliis is one of the most talented young winemakers around and he s done a great job with this vibrant young wine there are fresh lime and grapefruit aromas followed up by intense zingy citrus on the palate and crunchy acidity a crisp youngster that will be perfect for summer enjoyment $18 garnish berries of any kind method 1 stir chia seeds into almond milk and allow to sit for at least 15 minutes to start to plump up stir occasionally during that time to prevent the seeds from clumping together make sure you activate the almond milk pete evans style 2 after the mixture has thickened whisk in cacao powder until combined if the consistency is thinner than you d like add a little more chia to help solidify the mixture 3 stir in remaining ingredients sweeten with a little more honey to taste 4 spoon into ramekins or small jars and allow to set for an hour or overnight 5 serve the pudding topped with berries blueberries are particularly inexpensive and sweet at the moment n looking rosé tarrawarra 2011 pinot noir rosé 2011 this new release from yarra valley winery tarrawarra is bang on target as an example of the new-wave savoury rosés that spearheaded last year s rosé revolution made from 100 per cent pinot noir and aged first in stainless steel then for three months in older french oak puncheons to add complexity this is made in a deliberately dry food-friendly style that has some very interesting textural elements elegant with wild strawberry notes and delightfully fresh acid $22 sometimes nutrition and indulgence can meet this recipe is dairy and gluten free and is pretty much guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth it calls for raw cacao nibs and powder both of which are packed with antioxidants and feel-good factor and are readily available at most health food stores and supermarkets chia seeds are high in fibre protein potassium omega 3 and calcium they re also gluten free and fantastic for general health and wellbeing at the markets n fruit apricots have just arrived along with cherries and plums passionfruit may be a little expensive over the coming weeks as the supply from south queensland dries up but now is a great time to take a bite out of white or yellow nectarines and yellow peaches n vegies the price of tomatoes has come down greatly over the last six weeks with the help of a little warm weather heirloom and truss cherry varieties are good quality at the moment rhubarb is in season and great in desserts plus telegraph cucumbers are good quality and good prices n trim s freshshop 21 marketplace leichhardt nature s candy in your hand irish accent setanta 2009 black sanglain cabernet sauvignon the setanta wine range from the adelaide hills reflects the irish heritage of co-owners tony and sheilagh sullivan the name refers to an irish hero and the labels reflect irish legends the wines are also good and this flavoursome cool-climate cabernet is precise and appealing with plum and chocolate notes along with some spice it spent 12 months in oak and while made for cellaring is drinking well now $32 n panettone bread and butter pudding panettone 6 eggs 800ml milk 300ml cream 250g sugar 2 tsp ground cinnamon butter spanish tapas meet the chef for suckling pig made the traditional spanish way the only place to go is spanish tapas in glebe where the experienced chef emilio zamora has come straight from spain to share his expertise cooking this specialty dish when we talk about suckling pig or `cochinillo it is a must to mention `cándido ­ a master chef of a very well known restaurant in segovia spain who made this exquisite dish a legend all over the world chef cándido dedicated his life to the hospitality industry and became famous for his roasted suckling pig which he cut with the edge of a plate as part of a ceremony that s also become world renowned the story goes that one day he forgot his knife and used a plate to cut up a pig one of his colleagues tomás urrialde accidentally tripped him over causing him to drop the plate it broke into many pieces and the restaurant patrons cheered and applauded from that night on the breaking of the plate after cutting up the `cochinillo became a ritual many years later emilio zamora an accomplished chef from bilbao spain travelled to segovia to learn the art of roasting pork pig out with emilio here he met tomás urrialde in hotel los arcos who was delighted to pass on his knowledge of the `candido-style suckling pig today emilio is in australia and offering the flavours of segovia at spanish tapas restaurant 26 glebe point road with $60 $70 or $80 menu options available l $60 menu tapas platter salad bread suckling pig with gravy and potatoes l $70 menu tapas platter salad bread suckling pig with gravy and potatoes plus paella or fideuá l $80 menu tapas platter salad bread suckling pig with gravy and potatoes paella or fideuá plus sangria and soft drinks n for more information call 9571 9005 1 remove the outside crust of the panettone and cut into large squares 2 spread the panettone on both sides with butter 3 in a bowl combine the eggs milk sugar cream and cinnamon and whisk together 4 now place each slice of panettone into the egg mix and allow the bread to absorb the mix repeat the process for all slices and arrange them in a baking dish 5 pour any leftover custard mix into the dish and sprinkle with more sugar 6 bake in an oven at 160 degrees until set rely on it to be easy to whip up second olive oil/extra virgin olive oil third tomatoes of any kind they re a must for me as they can be used for so many things from pasta to salads and sauces fourth garlic it adds much needed flavour to many dishes from simple garlic bread to salads to marinades if you could invite anyone to dinner who would it be i enjoy cooking for anyone the whole communal get together is great it s all about food fun educating and sharing in the moment i wouldn t mind cooking for jamie oliver i really like his approach to food simple quick fun and casual martini has recently undergone a transformation and relocation what can people now expect from the new look martini bar and restaurant people can expect friendly welcoming smiles from all our staff and seasonal fresh produce i like to keep the menu simple allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves and reveal their own characteristics of flavour i don t want people to see us as fine dining as we are not ­ it s just good simple food done well with a touch of sophistication without being over the top the new martini has stepped away from the mainstream ­ it doesn t serve pizza there are many places for that ­ and is incorporating a variety of ingredients not only from the italian diet but general mediterranean as well n interview nancy merlo the martini maestro at home with emmanuel citton emmanuel citton is head chef at martini bar and restaurant a favourite on leichhardt s most famous restaurant strip for years martini has recently been given a fresh new look and relocated to 148 norton st here emmanuel fills us in on what s new with the restaurant how long have you been in the food industry i have been a chef for 12 years but been in the industry for 14 i started as a kitchenhand and worked my way up i decided i wanted to be in this industry at a very young age i remember saying that i wanted to be a chef when i was in year five what s your signature dish people compliment me on my desserts which is a strong area of mine but i m just happy if people enjoy the food i produce if they are happy i m happy name four ingredients that you always have handy in your kitchen only four firstly pasta is a must especially in an italian household i can always 8


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special promotion south king street south king street is as vibrant and varied as north king st and just a 5 min walk away jennifer regan classic sophistication is evident in the fall and drape of each wedding dress hand crafted detailing and the sourcing of exquisite and exclusive fabrics resonate in every collection a jennifer regan wedding dress is a celebration of romance elegant and graceful with modern clean lines luxurious fabrics exquisite embellishments and jennifer s personal attention to detail for jennifer her love is in the unique design while her reward is a bride stepping into one of her beautiful bridal gowns and knowing it is the one by pre-booked appointment only from tuesday-friday appointments and walkins accepted on saturdays call number below for bookings 412 king street newtown ph 9565 2595 bench wine bar south king street has seen some changes over the years and bench owner robyn thomas has been a part of the revolution having owned operated pizza picasso since 1996 last year thomas decided to convert picasso s underused dining space into a bar i wanted to create a space that i would like to go to says robyn this proved to be popular and so two months ago i relocated pizza picasso a few hundred metres down the road sold it to one of my staff which then allowed me to build a bigger bench joining the team is leo casement who honed his skills under michelin starred chef steve terry and has worked in top restaurants including london s le pont de la tour bluebird london hilton metropole head chef and chateau d esclimont in paris we are very excited about our new menu and the feedback so far has been great offering tapas and main meals all served to be shared with a touch of classic french here and there wed-sat from 5pm and sun from 1pm 511 king street newtown ph 95577428 s retrospec d retrospec d retrospec d clothing dates back to the 40s and 50s when women s wear cinched at the waist and men dressed up for their dates we are an iconic specialist in australian-made vintage inspired clothing stocking women and men s clothing which flatters real figures drop in to the store to see our huge range of vintage inspired dresses pants shorts skirts tops you can find that cute retrospec d audrey dress in red velvet or a vivian dress in blue belle patterns for summer get comfy in our classic pencil skirts or styling new yorker slacks we are proud to offer our clothing in sizes from 8 to 18 that fit real women with a flattering fit guaranteed to turn heads you ll also find a wide range of accessories from bags to jewellery to help complete your look whatever your style we will help you find your 21st century ava gardener and humphrey bogart at retrospec d we bring hollywood back to south king street 486 king st newtown ph 9517 1387 jennifer regan bench wine bar little oasis on king street a little oasis on king st newtown our nursery caters for the inner city gardener we have a great selection of plants herbs veggies citrus climbers natives great assortment of indoor plants pots homewares giftware our free delivery service in area helps you save money time spring has sprung with sweetly scented spring jasmine in full bloom it s time to get back into the garden take a look at what s new in store this weekend after the newtown festival just a five-minute walk down king street come in and check out our huge range of plants garden accessories and necessities check out our new urban composter bucket which can be used for all kitchen scraps including meat and looks great on the counter top of any kitchen happy gardening from the team at newtown garden market open 7 days a week 9-5pm extended hours during daylight savings 538 king st newtown ph 9516 4044 earthkid earthkid is a family run business specialising in quality products for children that are environmentally sustainable and ethically made we have educational toys made from natural materials wooden toys organic clothing nappies pre-loved clothing organic baby care and furniture at earthkid we love providing our customers unique beautiful products that educate engage and enrich the lives of children have a positive impact on the people producing them and are gentle on the planet our range includes the gorgeous australian made teepees from dobbin drum the bright and colourful barbara sansoni barefoot toy range and the uber cool early rider balance bikes to name a few shop online or visit our store which has a fun play area with many toys for children to explore all toy purchases of $100 or more receive a $25 gift voucher offer valid until 24th december 555a king street newtown ph 0431 765 624 jaanu afghan interiors contemporary home wares and gift shop jaanu has moved in with afghan interiors a long-established retailer of traditional wares from central asia a strange combination you might think but trudy parker of jaanu loves the idea of contemporary meeting traditional it s rare that you find someone with only modern things in their house true individual style comes from mixing and matching things you love irrespective of how old they are or where they are from we re mixing my new range of glassware with afghan interiors traditional wooden furniture and tribal rugs as well as the obvious contrasts between modern and traditional you may be surprised by the harmony that can also be created from such diverse objects trudy manages the combined shop allowing the owners of afghan interiors to help build a new textile co-operative in northern pakistan they hope to have some new production fabrics in store early next year 451 king st newtown ph 9550 6666 find jaanu on facebook newtown garden market owner diana manager auntie rita and alexander product tester jaanu afghan interiors community glamour at its best 9


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n your say n sustainability bagged out our favourite pollie is a horse local news snap send and solve snap send solve is the new phone app allowing residents to instantly report issues such as litter hazards noise and any other environmental problem directly to council using a gps the app determines the council responsible for the issue and sends an automatic email to report the problem it s never been so easy to get in touch with your council with residents also able to send general feedback via the app n visit to download snap send solve for free if they were running in your electorate who would you vote for obama abbott or green moon n obama he s a feminist he will hopefully do better for climate change he s pro-gay marriage and he s not mitt romney tess lidcombe n green moon this candidate shares my love for carrots bridgette haberfield n well the horse has more than proven himself i think maree abbotsford n abbott never obama always green moon yes but i would prefer phar lap leane newtown n i really prefer a blue moon trish concord n hmm a progressive thinker slobbering animal or well-bred horse the horse of course michael five dock n is this a trick question diego sydney n well abbott definitely looks the best in speedos so i ll go with him nancy haberfield n i think i would have to go with green moon ­ probably just as capable of running a country in this day and age annette annandale only yesterday everyone was singing along with tim minchin s plea take your canvas bag to the supermarket unfortunately few of us continued to take his advice i once saw ian mackaye singer for seminal punk band fugazi on a speaking tour strangely of his many stories the one that stuck with me was a short quip about what you actually buy when you pay $3 for a bottle of water his point was that water is as close to free as we can get in the industrialised world so when you pick up that bottle of water you re really paying for the plastic bottle i wondered if it was a similar story with food after all rather than buying whole foods many people often buy the processed branded packaged version then i wondered about where that packaging ends up and the plastic bag you carry it all home in soon i discovered almost every bag that doesn t end up recycled ends up in the middle of the pacific in a patch of rubbish the size of the northern territory known as the great pacific garbage patch bear in mind the average plastic bag is used for five minutes yet takes up to a thousand years to break down i became panicked overwhelmed by the thought of each and every thing in my bin somewhere in my despair i found hope knowing i could at the very least recycle most of my plastic however turns out that almost all of the plastic you put in the recycle bin for one reason or another still ends up as landfill at the end of the day it s the single-use habit that we really have to break australians currently use 3.9 billion plastic bags annually which means over 10.6 million new bags are used every day that s a bag habit so how can we avoid the extra environmental and economic cost that is plastic many inner westies are finding ways to buy bulk unpackaged food where the farmer gets paid rather than the processing company so you end up paying for the food not the packaging too good to put in a plastic bag it s not just personally rewarding knowing that you re keeping plastic out of some bird s tummy or fish s gills but cheaper too where to find unpackaged foods in the inner west l food co-ops like alfalfa house enmore l food connect where city folk are directly connected with produce from the farm via `city cousins l farmer s markets both orange grove and marrickville markets include stalls straight from organic growers ­ just remember to bring your own green bag n adam taylor coordinator at alfalfa house n win your very own reusable pakittome backpack by envirotrend and eliminate plastic bags by emailing with your details perfect for the beach or shopping the bags are valued at $15.99 more information at leichhardt pollies darcy byrne left and linda kelly far right a new playground makes everyone happy a child s haven the new `ladybird woodland play and nature garden at toxteth kindergarten annandale was opened last month and named winner of the kidsafe 2012 national playspace design award for innovative design the garden transformed a narrow concrete space into a magical natural woodland the community-based long daycare centre cares for about 50 kids in the area and hopes to start stage two of this national awardwinning project soon n any local businesses interested in sponsoring further development can call 9516 4933 a whole month of green living we ve all heard of hydroponics but what about aquaponics the diy aquaponics course is just one of the many innovative workshops the green living centre is offering this month the diy aquaponics course is a four-part workshop to be held on november 15th 17th 22nd and 24th at the addison road community centre the course will teach students how to grow their own vegies in a small area by offering them hands-on experience building a compact system for their homes if you re a keen gardener the worm farming and no-dig gardening classes might also be of interest like aquaponics no-dig gardening is all about growing your own organic food in a limited space such as a pot all participants who attend the class will take home their own no dig garden if you can t make it to one of the centre s workshops this month be sure to stop by their `eco-oasis at newtown festival on sunday 11th november there will be plenty of diy activities happening including planter box building using discarded billboards and scrap paper bookbinding plus tonnes of displays on everything from native beehives and garden beds to worm farms and a bike library worm your way into a green living centre course n for more info or bookings visit mayor darcy byrne wants your opinion on free parking free parking to stay as the 30-minute free parking trial concludes throughout balmain and leichhardt this month community consultation entailing public meetings an online survey street stalls and social media will soon begin to determine the potential for permanent changes to our local parking system mayor darcy byrne has said that local residents and businesses have long called for an overhaul of the parking system and the time has come for change i am confident we can offer every local resident 30-minute free parking whenever they park in leichhardt municipality without impacting heavily on council s revenue base he said byrne is calling on the support of locals to achieve this goal so keep a close eye on your letterbox for further details on meetings and the online survey ® 22 flavours of norgen-vaaz ice cream available 10


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special promotion an italian affair to remember the annual festa wedding spectacular went ahead at norton street festa last month joining couple mercedes and ross in a lovely park ceremony sponsored by local bridal businesses the live wedding in pioneers park drew a crowd of thousands for the second year running with festa visitors joining the lucky bride and groom their family and friends in celebrating their special day having wined and dined around leichhardt during the early days of their romance mercedes and ross are a truly inner west couple with ross proposal even taking place at norton plaza so it s only fitting that their wedding be a local affair the festa wedding extravaganza couldn t have gone ahead without the generous contributions of various bridal businesses from all around the inner west talented guitarist phil moorea set the tone for the ceremony with his flamenco guitar skills while five dock business anthony burns wedding photography came on board to capture the whole magical day in photos ensuring these memories of a lifetime will never be lost norton street businesses got in on the action too with mezzapica continental cakes supplying the two-tiered wedding cake and designer maria chiodo also supplying the exquisitely made elegant wedding dress of course a real party is not complete without a champagne toast which is where roberto dessanti of euro concepts came in and added some bubbles marry me mary mary is a full time sydney based celebrant whose aim is to spread and share joy she specialises in handmade ceremonies tied with a bow and delivered with heart ph 0400 363 563 mezzapica cakes congratulations to mercedes and ross on your amazing and special day everyone at mezzapica cakes is extremely happy we could contribute to making your dream wedding come to life at mezzapica we offer a world of hand-made quality assured biscuits pastries and cakes a location for you to visit when you have that special event to cater for we are happy to assist you in choosing a small quantity of items for your visitors through to catering your reception and functions 130 norton st leichhardt ph 9569 8378 bilingual design bilingual provides designs for the individual with their momento rings symbolise your day be it wedding or anniversary with embossed roman numerals that form a custom made ring ross and mercedes congratulations on your unforgettable inner west wedding there are several design variations to choose from and the ring is available in white gold palladium and platinum or with diamonds by appt at our lilyfield studio ph 0420 961 312 marta niegowska bilingual design anthony burns anthony burns wedding photography is now in based five dock their small team provides a very personal service and good quality photographs every time anthony burns rose frasca ph 9705 1044 or euro concepts euro concepts is fast becoming one of australia s best wine importers sourcing superior wines from northern italy france new zealand and boutique australian wines they offer wholesale prices delivered direct and with over 400 lines you ll never be without choice when looking for something different to tantalise seduce and party bridal couture ph 1300 104 060 248 norton st leichhardt 02 9560 3515 maria chiodo the maria chiodo brand is one of australia s premier bridal labels the brand which is proudly owned designed and manufactured in australia continues to evolve both nationally and internationally with many years experience and numerous industry accolades the team at maria chiodo bridal continues to showcase inspiring creations and impeccable craftsmanship the designs are timeless with luxurious fabrics and exquisite beading to own a gown from maria chiodo bridal is to own a piece of flawless artistry 248 norton street leichhardt ph 9560 3515 phil moorea wedding guitarist it was a pleasure to play for ross and mercedes wedding ceremony during this year s italian festival in pioneers park mercedes from uruguay specially requested i play canon by pachelbel for her entry asturias leyenda by albeniz during their signing followed with spring by vivaldi having studied classical jazz and flamenco guitar in sydney and spain i ve played for weddings and corporate functions for over 20 years ph 9907 8086 community glamour at its best 11


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n feature lunch for the lost that we are seen and that we are heard is more important than food and water everybody has a need to be acknowledged to matter to be heard survivors stories deserve to be valued n words phoebe moloney postscript on the 9th of november georgina abrahams was given the edna ryan award in recognition of her work with marginalised women the edna ryan awards acknowledge women who are making a feminist difference in their communities every monday at a park somewhere in the inner west a group of women gather to share a feast of finger food over a tablecloth spread out on the grass turkish bread is torn hummus is double-dipped and oranges are quartered by hands hardened from long months of exposure teenagers and the middle-aged former career women and erstwhile domestic goddesses chat about their pasts ­ sharing experiences as diverse as the foods that pass between them these women are the inner west s long-term homeless and every monday they band together to eat a communal meal at their makeshift kitchen table the ritual began four years ago when social worker georgina abrahams stumbled upon five elderly ladies chatting in a park able to identify these women as what she calls the hardcore homeless ­ or those who have lived for years with nothing more than the possessions in their trolley ­ georgina was curious to hear the women s experiences living without shelter in the inner west used to being overlooked by the park s visitors they were surprised to see georgina approach she told them of her work with women s groups in mulloway prison and her life-long dedication to women s services she asked if they would share some ground and if they felt comfortable their stories after three hours talking georgina left but sensed they had enjoyed listening to one another s experiences i asked if i could join them next week `alright they said `but next time can you please bring us some lunch georgina recalls four years on what started as an unlikely conversation between five homeless women and a social worker has grown into a weekly meal shared amongst thirty every monday georgina heads to her local shops to stock up on nutritious goodies that can easily be eaten without knives forks or plates at christmas time she provides the women many of whom have children with hampers of chocolates tuna and fruit in baskets donated to her by local op-shops and in 2010 she was able to fundraise enough money to buy twenty swags for the women to sleep on despite her own efforts however georgina is most proud of the support the women have been able to give to each other they network with each other support each other together they are nowhere near as isolated as they were before i just gave them a place to meet now they are friends for the rest of the week she says losing a sense of safety place and personal connection are some of the most distressing aspects of homelessness building relationships that offer protection and safety is difficult for homeless women such as those in georgina s group these women have escaped places they perceived as being more dangerous than life on the street some have fled from mental institutions dangerous rural communities or prison charges but most are women and children who have escaped abusive homes this year the group has welcomed a big influx of women who live in cars with their children in flight from violent husbands for georgina it s difficult to watch the children s behaviour progressively disintegrate that is no way for a child to live their mothers are on the run and they are scared she says how you can help n if you see a fellow inner westie without a home georgina recommends you buy them a sandwich sit with them and have a chat n be aware of acquaintances that are at risk of homelessness and approach them with support n georgina funds the monday luncheons herself but with growing numbers she is always looking for donations students at the university of sydney recently hosted a bake sale on behalf of the group which covered the cost of lunches for a month if you would like to organise a charity event or donate please email georgina at n detour house and twenty10 are two local organisations that provide services to women youth and queer-identifying people in need georgina abrahams the inner west isn t all million-dollar houses and fancy restaurants invisible to most a group of local homeless women with a little help have created their own support network however for women such as these the invisibility of street life is their only hope sydney s women s refuges are notoriously overstretched and as paul abadie house services manager of an inner west community centre explains many boarding houses exclude women out of concern for their safety among the male residents so without relatives and friends unknown to their abusive partners outside is often safer than in for now georgina s group serves as an example of possible companionship on the streets and an important support system ranging in age from 17 to over 60 and diverse in sexuality religion heritage and socioeconomic background the monday luncheon guests are an eclectic collection of women who would probably never have crossed paths if they hadn t been united by the shared trauma of homelessness despite the anonymity they must maintain for their own safety georgina is adamant that the story of these women be told not merely to raise awareness of an often overlooked part of the local community but as an inspiring example of the struggles and triumphs experienced by many women bake sale julia readett and keiran lamessager at sydney university case study one woman s story when georgina met elaine she and her two children were on the run elaine s husband had managed to catch up with her twice since she d fled the violence of their home ­ both times she was hospitalised as a result of her difficult situation elaine was suffering from enormous anxiety and her children who no longer attended school for fear of being found lived permanently in a car but two months ago during a monday luncheon she recalled one person from her past whom her husband didn t know that may have been willing to help her it was an immigrant from vietnam who elaine had voluntarily taught english to while she had been home alone on weekdays elaine and her pupil became close friends and most importantly elaine s husband never met her after the lunch with georgina s support elaine was at her old friend s door and the beginning of a new life with shelter and a bed for her children elaine now has part-time work and her kids are happily re-enrolled at school she asked that her story be passed on to provide hope for other families suffering domestic violence 12


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bellezza hair salon ph 9572 6966 open 7 days shop 4 norton plaza 55 norton st leichhardt express yourself with a new look make an appointment and bring in this ad you ll recieve 20 off your next colour service monday thursday only


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astrogirlzarro your stars for the week from our real astrogirl aries you can achieve a lot professionally when pluto and mars merge in your career sector helping you to express your energy in a focused manner taurus the first of a series of relationship eclipses occurs on november 14th lovers will have an impact on your life direction for the better the panel says brooke nicole cheeky smile and we like the facial hair ­ very manly think we ll be ordering a pizza gemini tackle financial issues such as debt and taxes taking charge of your money gives you the power to create the future you dream about cancer mars joins pluto in your love zone arousing desire and the need to play michael bublé records leo the new moon eclipse on november 14th triggers beginnings in your domestic life if you re thinking of renovating moving or building now is the time to do it virgo prioritise playtime this fortnight mars helps you put your desire for fun first seek adventure sports like skydiving or trail running to break the routine from bellezza would have to see him without the glasses before i can commit casey libra this is an ideal time to retreat from the material world to focus on spirit a cluster of planets in your twelfth house demands that you work on your life s purpose scorpio the new moon eclipse in your sign on november 14th has the power to propel you into the future the experiences events and people who enter your life help shape your destiny sagittarius mars joins pluto in your cash house from november 17th giving you the motivation to get on top of money issues curb the spending and develop healthy saving habits capricorn your self-control is strong now that mars is in your sign you are at the peak of your power so take calculated risks for a high return hot or not within an hour alex can be at your door ready to satisfy your appetite ladies great smile and dress sense i ve always respected someone with traditional morals like myself suzanne aquarius mars and pluto merge in your spirituality sector have faith that you are being nudged in the right direction pisces your buried leadership skills shine under a mars transit take this opportunity to show the professional world what you re made of n http here one day a stylish guy with traditional values alex is looking for an old-school type of girl and says honesty is the best policy when it comes to relationships the good news for all the admiring girls out there is that when he s not busy completing his surveying apprenticeship he delivers for local restaurant otto pezzi ­ so all you have to do to meet him is order a pizza buon appetito alex 21 is a laidback concord local who loves the inner west and hopes to own his own home ms red i used to think those movies where the delivery boy got seduced were silly not anymore leichhardt bowling recreation club only $10 per game 14 88-92 piper st leichhardt ph 9569 1936 9560 3574


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lifestyle ask sal diy bathrooms there are a few diy design ideas that can keep your bathroom looking contemporary accessories ­ rather than constantly redecorating your bathroom it can be easier to change the accessories to create an updated look changing the colour of your towels shower curtain and smaller items like soap dispensers can transform the way that your bathroom looks reflecting space ­ the best way to add space or at least the impression of space to a small room is by adding mirrors depending on how much work you are prepared to do you could go as far as adding some mirrored tiles ­ but not the whole wall a large mirror on the wall opposite the window will not only reflect the natural light it will also reflect the the room giving the impression that it is a lot larger beat the clutter ­ there are a number of great pieces of bathroom furniture that can reduce clutter tall boys can hold a variety of items like spare toilet rolls unopened bottles of shampoo and packs of razors freeing up a lot of valuable space in the room a room without clutter automatically looks bigger and more inviting so get clever with your storage and see just how much you can change the overall look of your bathroom without lifting a paintbrush a fresh coat ­ giving your bathroom a new look does not necessarily mean splashing paint on the walls or re-tiling but if you do want to go all the way make sure that you use a neutral colour palette so that instead of repainting next time you can do something as simple as changing your colour scheme to completely give the room a new look and feel if you are renovating your bathroom and want to place focus on your reflective areas visit and check out the great range of mirror and glass options n for more information visit au or call salvi messina on 1300 go boys shape up with lachlan the skinny on skinny fat how poor nutrition can lead to unhealthy body fat even in people that appear skinny some organisations continue to use measuring methods such as the body mass index bmi scale or a generic health chart to work out a person s ideal weight which are severely out of date and giving people the wrong impression of what s healthy and what s not as a result there has been an increase in the amount of people who look skinny but actually have a higher amount of body fat than lean muscle mass this is what we call skinny fat the bikini-clad models you see in car magazines that have a muffin top they re skinny fat guys who are relatively skinny but have man boobs they re also skinny fat if you re skinny or under weight but have a pot belly you re skinny fat skinny fat can be caused by eating poorly meaning a diet that lacks protein but has a high carbohydrate and sugar intake mixed with junk food and alcohol so how do you get rid of skinny fat start weight training with proper nutrition and fortnightly progress reports ladies ­ don t worry about getting big and bulky less than 5 per cent of women have the ability to gain `bulk if anything weight training will help increase lean muscle mass and tone while also assisting weight loss females don t produce enough testosterone for `big muscles to be produced like males do proper nutrition includes eating around 1-1.5 grams of protein per kilo of your body weight per day eating enough clean carbohydrates situated around your training and the right amount and type of fats progress reports on a fortnightly basis will also allow you to keep track of how you re going have a day every two weeks when you act a little bit vain and take a few photos of yourself in your underwear these are to keep you motivated ultimately if you put all of this together it will help you lose the skinny fat property of the week impressive victorian residence 41 fulham street newtown this generously proportioned freestanding terrace represents an outstanding opportunity to acquire a large traditional home of tremendous future appeal set on a wide 8.4m block in a tightly-held setting it features a sizeable two level floor plan with many retained period details and exciting future potential to upgrade and create a superb family haven features include · spacious interiors high ornate ceilings · upstairs bedrooms traditional terrace · secure driveway access to tandem parking · sunlit courtyard and paved alfresco area · gas fitted kitchen plus dining space · excellent renovation or redesign potential · quiet street a stroll to cafes schools auction 6.30pm thurs 29th november at 90 carillon ave newtown view sat wed 12.45pm-1.15pm contact charles bailey 0404 011 777 n ray white inner west 9571 8088 n if you have any further questions email lachlan at snap happy email your snaps to a couple of old timers keeping it real at festa smooth operators norton plaza s simon dyer rubbing shoulders with albo our stunning models gabrielle cecilia hayley zarema and manuela dressed to impress at norton st festa domenico and teresa cece of cello liqueurs served liquid gold limoncello at norton st festa one of the coolest kids in the inner west showing off festa fashion hardworking festa organisers anitra and patrick rear left had a great bunch of volunteer helpers navarra venues relaunches oatlands house with a 1920s theme party from left to right sabrina navarra alexandra marie and joseph florio with filippo sarina joanne giovannino and salvatore navarra prinnie stevens mahalia barnes at haberfield public for australia s biggest school singalong music count us in community glamour at its best 15



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