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safezone directory 2012 life support for young people in darlington


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contents personal relationships bullying sex info advice cash clinics doctors emergency contraception c-card mental health eating disorders self harm rape sexual and domestic abuse 03 ­ 08 09 ­ 13 14 ­ 18 19 ­ 24 25 ­ 27 28 ­ 31 32 ­ 37 38 ­ 40 40 ­ 41 42 ­ 44 young parents care to learn advice support 46 ­ 47 lifestyle choices smoking alcohol drugs 50 ­ 54 social life activities support future opportunities 56 ­ 57 58 ­ 60 home moving out young carers 62 ­ 63 64 ­ 65 67 key contacts


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personal relationships bullying sex c-card mental health self harm rape sexual abuse


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personal relationships family and friends are an important part of everyone s life and enjoying being with people we feel comfortable and can be ourselves with supports our physical mental and emotional well-being however if things go wrong it can help to talk to someone about it some useful contacts are listed here 04


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personal relationships school nursing service t 01325 746200 once a week at lunch time school nurses offer a confidential drop-in service contact school or the school nurse for more details health coordinator ­ looked after children young people t 01325 735054 or m 07971 895360 park place health centre park place darlington dl1 5lw for health advice and support for young people living in care or planning to leave care 05


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personal community sexual health team for sexual health info and advice m 07880 737168 lesbian gay bisexual transgender support c card condom distribution scheme text service tp space lads space followed by question to 60003 text service tp space girls space followed by question to 60003 text service tp space knowsex space followed by question to 60003 support for black and minority ethnic groups w a network and website which provides information for local bme communities and gives information about local services 06


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personal relationships lgbt support disc lgbt health wellbeing durham darlington t billijean on 07826 872 756 e provides access to services for lgbt people and their families including information advice and guidance health and well-being and peer support groups t w gay advice darlington 01325 252522 gay centre 9 duke st darlington provides advice and support for lgbt communities in county durham and darlington including support around homophobic bullying hate crimes 07


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personal id trans youth north east m 07976 025 525 07826 872 756 for young people who need support around gender dysphoria further info and support can be found at community sexual health team t 07880 737 168 w for info about services support available w w w primary mental health workers work in some schools across darlington so check with your school for details about how to access them 08


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personal relationships bullying bullying can take many forms and can be physical verbal or emotional it can happen at school work home on the bus in the street or even over your mobile phone or on line here are some useful contacts if you re being bullied or you re bullying someone and want to stop to keep safe online w w 09 w


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personal childline uk t 0800 1111 w nspcc child protection helpline t 0808 800 5000 confidential advice 24 hours a day 7 days a week samaritans t 01325 465465 13 woodlands rd darlington kidscape t 0845 1205204 w 10


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personal bullying school nursing service t 01325 746200 can also be contacted through school student support services in college or head of year or pastoral support in school t w gay advice darlington 01325 252522 gay centre 9 duke st darlington provides advice and support for lgbt communities in county durham and darlington including support around homophobic bullying hate crimes 11


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personal hate crime to report hate crime homophobic transphobic racist or based on age gender national origin or disability you can phone t 999 in an emergency 0345 6060 365 when it s not an emergency t textphone for deaf hard of hearing people 0191 375 2090 t crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 all calls are free confidential or call into a local police station or w report it online at 12


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personal bullying or contact a third party reporting centre these are darlington college haughton road darlington darlington association of disability market place darlington gay advice the gay centre duke street darlington darlington also operates safe places to be for young people needing a safe place in the town if you feel frightened or intimidated you can go to one of the safe places log on to and follow the link for safe places in darlington or call 01325 388801 13


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personal relationships and sex ­ information sources of support and services relationships and sex are a private area of most people s lives it may seem like everyone is doing it but 70 of young people don t have sex before they re 16 the only person who can decide whether you re ready for sex is you and it s worth remembering that you can have a happy and fulfilling relationship without it so don t feel pressured 14


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personal sex info advice websites that can help you make informed choices about sex and relationships are w w w you can also telephone t sexwise 0800 282930 t national aids and sexual health helpline 0800 567 123 sexual health direct 0845 122 8690 from 9am to 6pm mon-fri w for the county durham and darlington online health promotion service go to w 15



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