Egg - Volume 13: Out of the Cave


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Volume #13 of RMU's arts & literary magazine "egg" titled "Out of the Cave"

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the egg i out of the cave 2012 egg robert morris university volume 13 fall 2012


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ii doug s declassified school s u rv i va lguide jasmine e miller doug sachtleben letter to a loved one gregory singleton freedom love andh at e here s to you don t judge me abusjid cecelia holloway samantha johnson anastasiya zamskaya a letter to my baby struggle remedy typical college flower and fire my love pa n e full natalie martinez sunil rehmani khalilah muhammad joshua lang regnier tanya malachiwsky kaylia adams shirley justice-kelly out of the cave 01 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 11 12 13


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the egg see you when i sleep a heart of different shades christopher ramirez alfred taylor april m crowder haywood parrish monica villegas aria scott irene martinez terese bostick joshua moss kiersten rexroat s y lv i a blake whitmore untitled mason riley too memories contra friendship flowing graff afraid m e ta phor antonia theodore the chain iii 14 15 16 17 17 17 18 19 20 21 21 22 23 27 w h o scre at i o n sylvia dubose stuckey-hampton


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iv out of the cave acknowledgments a special thanks to the faculty staff and students of robert morris university as well as to president michael viollt president of robert morris university mablene krueger provost paula diaz dean of the college of liberal arts -


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the egg v editorial note i wish to thank all of those who submitted their poems stories essays and other works of art for consideration in this the thirteenth volume of rmu s egg i have nothing but the utmost appreciation for the editorial board s hard work in wading through the sea of terrific submissions an even more difficult task lie in the board members responsibility of selecting and editing which works would comprise volume #13 of the egg attentive to the fact that rmu s egg has continually sought to represent our students creativity of thought and diversity of experience the board s design team took these artistic works and after formulating a fantastic theme enveloped them within a visually-stunning layout out of the cave ­ the image of a cave conjures up the notion of the unknown and unexplored and perhaps suggests plato with his metaphor of the cave found in book vii of the republic though admittedly plato never mentioned a dragon wandering around in there volume #13 s design theme seems only appropriate given that a student s efforts toward his/her college degree requires making the unknown known and that artistic expression such as the ones found within this volume entails exploring the as yet unexplored landscapes of our society such endeavors do not come easy or without effort if not exhaustion in the republic plato s cave communicates an enlightened society s need to separate light from darkness truth from lies and reality from illusion while acknowledging the struggles that come with such accomplishments plato promises that in the world of knowledge the idea of good appears last of all and is seen only with an effort and when seen is also inferred to be the universal author of all things beautiful and right on behalf of egg and volume #13 s editorial board i wish all of our readers the very best of luck as they journey to make their way out of the cave and into whatever worlds lie ahead of them sincerely james baltrum english faculty college of liberal arts robert morris university


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vi out of the cave


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the egg vii editorial board student design team stephany augustine ryan israel faculty advisors james baltrum michael stelzer-jocks david pyle paul gaszak gerard wozek agnieszka rowsey egg out of the cave robert morris university arts literary magazine fall 2012


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viii out of the cave


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the egg 1 doug s declassified school survival doug sachtleben guide by freshman year of college it is the first of four theoretical mountains that every college student must climb to this point it has been the learning experience of a lifetime if you aren t prepared for some of the challenges that you will confront in your first year you may be in for some trouble just like any time you are in school there are ways to make days go by faster these three tips i will graciously provide you with will not only help you through college but also allow you to excel at it three things you need to make it through you freshman year are a great set of friends finishing your class work early and finding sick hangout spots finding great friends your freshman year will propel you to success in your college career just like in anything you need people in your life that will have your back the fact of life in college is that you aren t in your parent s house anymore your mom isn t going to come down and make you breakfast lunch and dinner for you each day most importantly your family isn t around to have your back the people you meet your freshman year might turn into some of the best friends you ll ever have from experience i can tell you that i have already met some of the men that will stand beside me at my wedding finding the right friends in college can get you through hard times and good as entertaining as you might be personally having company is always a good thing being in chicago you can take friends to skate go to the movies or even clubbing good friends are the icing to life s cake as boring as it might be completing your work on time is very important much like your freshman year of high school your freshman year of college is your foundation your grades athletic ventures and future all depend on a solid freshman year as hard as it is to say this it all starts with doing your work one of the hardest parts of college is finding the drive to do your work your mother isn t going to badger you about getting work done anymore this freedom you know have can make or break you being able to get your work done on time and done well can say a lot about you it shows that you are reliable and can make it in the outside world if you screw up freshman year it is much harder to get back what you once had make it so that you have something to lose the main reason to get your work done is that when it is done you have the freedom to do what you please what type of college student wants to have homework on a weekend homework never killed anyone so get it done finding a spot to hangout with the new friends you have made can make all the difference college is only as fun as you make it sure there is nothing wrong with chilling at your place or a friends place but finding fun spots to hangout makes a huge difference in a place like chicago there are



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