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TBA, is a free, household brand, weekly publication distributing 100 000 copies in Greater Gaborone, Botswana, Africa. Its is audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulations of Southern Africa.

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21 st september 2012 the botswana advertiser e&oe 1 indepen independence ndence botswana s 46t botswana s 46th otswa ts t wa a company p 1x700ml 1x1ltr 1x2ltr 1x500g 1x750ml 1x2kg 1x2kg k 1x1kg 1x1kg k 1x10kg 1x10kg k 1x5kg 1x5kg k 1x1kg 1x1kg k 1x5kg 1x5kg k 1x12.5kg 1x12.5kg k 1x12.5kg 1x12.5kg k 1x10kg 1x10kg k all major credit cards credit cards accepted bank te accepted guaranteed cheques guaranteed accepted otherwise accepted unless otherwise stated otherwise stated otherwise airtime airtime also available available station tel 391 4775 fax 391 1197 mochudi tel 577 7510 fax 577 7517 broadhurst tel 393 7043 fax 393 7041 letlhakane tel 297 6862 fax 297 6702 molepolole tel 591 5353 fax 591 0552 maun tel 686 3305 fax 686 3309 maun 2 tel 686 4941 fax 686 4926 mahalapye 1 tel 472 0508 fax 472 0505 mahalapye 2 tel 472 0485 fax 471 1774 kanye tel 548 0632 fax 544 2317 tsabong tel 654 0643 fax 654 0649 palapye tel 492 4609 fax 492 2303 selibe phikwe tel 261 0000 fax 261 0088


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2 e&oe the botswana advertiser 21st september 2012 a pple inc s new iphone went on sale last friday with a bigger screen and 4g wireless technology as the company seeks to maintain its edge over rivals such as samsung electronics co ltd and google inc ability to surf a high-speed 4g the iphone 5 met the expectations laid out by gadget geeks and tech analysts ahead of the unveiling last wednesday but offered few surprises to give apple shares already trading near record highs another major kick there is not a wow factor because everything you saw today is evolutionary i do think they did enough to satisfy said michael yoshikami chief executive of the wealth management company destination wealth management other industry analysts turned quickly to speculating about what else was in apple s product pipeline ahead of the crucial endyear holiday season especially as the company stayed mum about an oft-rumored tv device or a smaller ipad we would really like to see the ipad mini in the product offering for the all important holiday quarter they still have time said channing smith co-manager of the capital advisors growth fund as soon as we see that we will have more conviction about the stock heading into the final quarter the latest iphone comes as apple faces new competition from microsoft corp which is pushing its windows phone 8 operating system as a third alternative to apple and google s android the most-used mobile operating system in the world analysts have forecast sales of 10 million to 12 million of the new iphones in this month alone lte wireless network and is 20 percent lighter than the previous iphone 4s the iphone 5 comes with apple s newest a6 processor which executives said runs twice as fast as the previous generation it will have three microphones and an 8 megapixel camera that can take pictures in higher resolutions one popular enhancement was improved battery endurance the iphone 5 s power core can support eight hours of 4g web browsing it has always been a major drawback on android phones said yoshikami to have a thinner phone with a bigger screen with more battery life is a pretty impressive technology advancement the new iphone will improve on the search capabilities of its siri voice assistant and will use apple s own mobile mapping service instead of google s software other additions include turn-by-turn voice directions for navigation and a new in-house app called passbook that organizes a user s electronic airline tickets movie tickets and restaurant loyalty cards earlier chief executive tim cook told the audience that its apps store now has more than 700,000 on tap the industry s largest library apple also is making headway in a corporate market that has been dominated by struggling canadian smartphone maker research in motion cook said almost every fortune 500 companies was testing or using its iphones and ipads reuters k ref layout design ceding a lead apple has sold more than 243 million iphones since 2007 and the device ushered in the current applications ecosystem but samsung now leads the smartphone market with a 32.6 percent share followed by apple with 17 percent according to market research firm idc both saw shipments rise compared to a year ago with samsung riding its flagship galaxy s iii phone going on sale from p1530 with a data plan the iphone 5 will sport a 4-inch retina display,


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21 st september 2012 the botswana advertiser e&oe 3 t oys r us inc is launching its own tablet designed for children to be sold exclusively at its stores as the world s largest specialty toy retailer gears up to battle online and big box retailers in the holiday season the company said last monday the tablet dubbed tabeo will sell for $149.99 p1049,95 and will be loaded with child friendly apps and integrated controls that allow parents to customize levels of internet access for each family member it will be available starting oct 21 toys r us which was taken private in 2005 by kkr co bain capital and vornado realty trust in a $6.6 billion p46.2 billion deal is facing tough competition from rivals including amazon com target corp and walmart stores inc which often sell toys at lower prices the company said the 7-inch multitouch table will have wi-fi capability a 4gb flash memory and will come with 50 free preinstalled apps aimed at children educational toymaker leapfrog enterprises inc also has a tablet aimed at children called the leappad in the adult tablet world last week amazon launched its new kindle fire tablet while apple inc has been rumoured to be working on a smaller version of the ipad which will be cheaper reuters k ref layout design beef mince p plot 28574 g-west gaborone gantsi beef complex tel 3181054 fax 3181052 open 7 days a week 3195 3695 p per kg hardware-building-electrical-plumbing l.p.o credit special valid till 10-10-2012 we accept g.p.o conditions apply cards terms and t-bone p ·braai beef ·prime braai brandering 38 x 38 per mtr p wheel barrow special p 21095 corrugated rafters iron 0.30mm p/m 114 x 38 per mtr 95 95 p p 550 ruby door p 279 95 p farm style/braai p wors 3395 per kg 19 13 goat lamb v-packed 2495 per kg special valid till 07-10-2012 g-west tel 3919749 rhino board 3.6m p11895 window frames c4f p419-95 d522f p628-95 d51 p248-95 e2 p183-95 d22f p582-95 d54f p589-95 d4f p529-95 c2f p298-95 e4 p269-95 bath tub 1.7m p 48995 p ox tail 4950 per kg 4795 per kg rump steak p aufschnitt mortadela bathroom set close couple p 3995 each p p 3395 per kg brisket 4595 p per kg pastarami v-packed cabonossi 4295 per kg white melamine board p 1.8x2.7m 38995 95 house wire corner post 1.8 76mm ezee tile adhesive 20kg p veldspon 1-2-7-113-30 100m p 131895 284 95 6 piece 69995 399 95 brick force all manhole covers p 400 x 600 p 27 barbed wire 28kg s/s p 4995 p 95 p franke geyser 100lt y standard 1.8m 208895 copper pipe 15mm 95 p p 00 4 plain/chilli stewing p 95 beef cuts 27 polony p 2895 jumbo russian vienas 3995 p 14995 p 1.5mm all colours p 38 2.5mm all colours 124 23695 mesh 2.4m x 6 p p sizes 12 95 pvc pipe 110mm x 6m conduit p pipe 20mm 8 50 279 95 p 8495 having a braai compare our prices make it an special prices for restaurant caterers event we cater for parties birtdays weedings schools proudly made in botswana strictly halaal


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4 e&oe the botswana advertiser 21st september 2012


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21 st september 2012 the botswana advertiser e&oe 5


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6 e&oe the botswana advertiser 21st september 2012 t he grammy museum unveiled a tribute to whitney houston last wednesday put together by family members to celebrate the late pop star s career the exhibit titled whitney celebrating the musical legacy of whitney houston features items such as the singer s iconic gowns some of her grammy awards film scripts modeling shots and personal memorabilia highlights include a beaded gown that houston wore at the 1994 grammy awards private letters from legendary music producer clive davis and a tea cup that houston drank out of before each performance we have picked the things that people will find the most interesting and in many cases bring back fun memories her sister-in-law and former manager pat houston told reporters we are really very overjoyed that we are here today to represent and be a part of such a wonderful and splendid career of such a beautiful and talented woman houston said pat houston was joined last we dnesday by the singer s brother gary and sister-in-law donna who worked with the grammy museum in los angeles to curate the exhibition houston s mother cissy her 19-yearold daughter bobbi kristina brown and her ex-husband bobby brown did not attend houston 48 drowned accidentally in a hotel bathtub in beverly hills in february from what authorities said was heart disease and the effects of cocaine the exhibit makes no mention of her turbulent personal life and history of drug abuse grammy museum officials said the exhibit was put together after fans asked why there was no homage to her following her death it will run until february 2013 houston s final film sparkle was released in movie theaters on friday 7th reuters k ref layout design


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21 st september 2012 the botswana advertiser e&oe 7


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8 e&oe the botswana advertiser 21st september 2012


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21 st september 2012 the botswana advertiser e&oe 9


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10 e&oe the botswana advertiser 21st september 2012 lose-based structures have a really strong optical response and are completely inert in the human body she said another advantage of the technique is that the desired colour can be achieved by adding layers in the structure to reflect different wavelengths rather than buying new pigment similar research by peter vukusic at exeter university into the structure that creates colour in butterfly wings has spawned a pigment-free photonic make-up from french cosmetics company l oreal i saw how brilliant optically some of these structural colours are vukusic told reuters some species collected as far back as the eighteenth century are as bright today as freshly hatched butterflies vukusic said although some car companies including bmw have also exploited the phenomenon to produce iridescent paint that changes colour when viewed from different angles this is nothing compared to what you see in nature he said that if production challenges can be overcome the abundance of cellulose the basis of most green plant material makes it a material with great potential reuters k ref layout design s cientists have found nature s way of creating colour that never fades a technique they say could replace pigments used in industry with natural plant extracts in products from food colouring to security features in banknotes layers of cellulose that reflect specific wavelengths of light structural colour found in peacock feathers scarab beetles and butterflies make a particularly intense blue in the pollia condensata plant scientists say samples of the fruit in plant collections dating back to the 19th century had not lost any shine or intensity they found by taking inspiration from nature it is possible to obtain smart multifunctional materials using sustainable routes with abundant and cheap materials like cellulose said university of cambridge physicist silvia vignolini it is 10 times more intense and bright than any colour achieved with a pigment said vignolini who led the study with plant scientist beverley glover although the fruit has no nutritional value birds were attracted by its bright colour possibly as a decoration for their nests or to impress mates helping in seed dispersal this obscure little plant has hit on a fantastic way of making an irresistible shiny sparkly multi-coloured iridescent signal to every bird in the vicinity without wasting any of its precious photosynthetic reserves on bird food said glover and unlike pigments structural colour does not fade over time as it is not broken down by absorbing light edible cellulose-based nanostructures with structural colour can be used as substitutes for toxic dyes and colorants in food said vignolini the paper industry is already set up to extract and use cellulose and its processes could also be adapted for security labelling or cosmetics she said cellu-


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21 st september 2012 the botswana advertiser e&oe 11 s mokers who are trying to cut down or quit might want to take a jog the next time a cigarette craving overcomes them according to a british study was unclear certainly exercise seems to have temporary benefits and as such can be strongly recommended said adrian taylor a professor of exercise and health psychology at the university of exeter in britain who led the study in the trials used for the study smokers were randomly assigned to either exercise most often brisk walking or biking or some kind of passive activity such as watching a video or just sitting quietly overall taylor s team found people said they had less desire to smoke after working out than they did before exactly why is not clear exercise may serve as a distraction while being active might also boost people s mood so that they don t feel as great a need to feel better by smoking taylor said none of the smokers in the studies was in a quit program or using nicotine replacement products such as gums or patches since nicotine replacement therapy curbs cravings exercise might have less of an effect on smokers using these products reuters k ref layout design researchers whose findings appeared in the journal addiction combined the data from 19 previous clinical trials and found that a bout of exercise generally helped hopeful quitters reduce their nicotine cravings though whether that translated into a greater chance of quitting on all items in the shop amazing deals hurry limited stock available


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12 e&oe the botswana advertiser 21st september 2012


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21 st september 2012 the botswana advertiser e&oe 13


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14 e&oe the botswana advertiser 21st september 2012 reuters k ref layout design


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21 st september 2012 the botswana advertiser e&oe 15 although the private and low-key couple never talked publicly about their relationship canadian-born reynolds 35 was previously married to scarlett johansson for two years the couple split in late 2010 and their divorce was finalized in 2011 prior to that reynolds was engaged to singer alanis morissette this is the first marriage for 25-year-old lively who most recently starred on-screen in oliver stone s savages r yan reynolds and blake lively who co-starred in last summer s green lantern film married quietly on sunday in south carolina reported sealing their low-profile romance of about a year the celebrity magazine website said the 25 year-old gossip girl television star mar ried reynolds just outside of charleston at boone hall plantation in mt pleasant south carolina british singer florence welch of florence and the machine performed at the reception people quoted an unidentified source as saying representatives for the actors did not return calls for comments lively and reynolds have been dating for about a year reuters k ref layout design



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