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Forum Nacional da Sociedade Civil nos Comitês de Bacias Hidrográficas

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summary history mission vision political actions fonasc and the civil society comitê infanto juvenil da bacia do rio jeniparana water and citizenship fonasc in the cnrh fonasc contacts


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mission defend access to water as a fundamental right and development factor of brazilian participatory democracy promoting the right to water of citizenship and considering it as a social good public human food and essential for life and human peace through linkage social mobilization training policy and qualifications of citizens and their organizations for more and better qualified political and civic actions for decisions making about the use of rivers and other public water bodies of brazil national forum of civil society in the basin committees fonasc.cbc for its acronym in portuguese was created in march 2001 by a group of 72 entities of civil society who participated in the third national meeting of the basin committees held in belo horizonte mg the organization emerged from the ideal of participatory management of water to encourage civil society to overcome the limitations citizen to participate in the management of river basins despite the existence of specific legislation for watershed management access to information or tools to generate action that the decisions of the sector is still the privilege of the few and a challenge to civil society the mission of the members of fonasc.cbh is to ensure the integrated management of water as required under the relevant legislation for fonasc.cbh water natural good which everyone is entitled can be accessed according to the principles of sustainable development to quality assurance and the lives of future generations and ultimately preserving its social value.


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vision political actions inside its mission a political action of fonasc aims · strengthen citizenship through empowerment mobilization empowerment and coordination of movements of qualified acts of citizens and their organizations on management of rivers and public waters · · · · protection of water sources and springs protection of rivers fighting political projects that benefit only group of people helps create rules and laws that protect waters combat deviations in the implementation of water legislation water · denounces against procedures and bad management of · supports and transfers technologies for performance of being recognized as a reference organization for social movements and civil organizations which fight for the social value and multiple uses of water as a public good toward the strengthening of democratic citizenship and management of rivers and water bo bodies through sovereignty and politically qualified actions of citizens and their civil organizations for management of public policies representing the demand of society related to uses and destination of public rivers and others water bodies of the countr country people and organizations in the country fighting for the waters · values encourages and promotes ethical and aggregating political conducts for social value of water and rivers.


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fonasc and the civil society to spread the fonasc aim we participate in several actions organized by our partners in order to involve brazilian society through the reality of their city and their country some of these are like cultural activities seminars meetings and other volunteers tricks which allow us to reach more relevance in our society and more important to help people to have a better understanding of what is happening around them about the water situation and other important topics that concern this country cultural activities thereza christina pereira castro national vice coordinator fonasc.cbh


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comitÊ infanto juvenil da bacia hidrogrÁfica do rio jeniparan understanding the mobilization by the water as a citizenship instrument fonasc-cbh national forum of civil society in the basin committees seeks inclusion mobilization coordination and training of civil society actors so these are made subject to water resources management it emphasized the importance of education as a process that has undergone transformations due to changes that permeate our daily lives it is up to the school to provide students with a critical participation in this new context established this effort is crucial to realized the need to develop comprehensive educational process with the basin of jeniparana river as cropping and thematic territory being a place of implemented actions through a creative teaching methodology that combines encouraging environmental citizenship knowledge the perception of the socio political environment combined with a technical and social approach of the determinants of environmental degradation including the issue of urban waste from the reality of care and concern of the community was found an old problem that still has a solution surrounding the neighborhoods cidade operária cidade olímpica and villa janaína that concerns with the waters of the rio jeniparana to find a solution to the problem cited six community schools met each other among them instituto educational nossa senhora aparecida colégio nossa senhora da conceição instituto cosme e damião and other two invited schools educandário betesda and the escola irmã maria do socorro that together and with the fonasc.cbh s support began the process of articulation and mobilization of the installation of the comitê infanto juvenil da bacia hidrográfica do rio jeniparana children and youth committee of river basin jeniparana the initiative aim is to engage youth in ongoing public policy in maranhão especially in the preservation and conservation of water resources this is a pilot project here in maranhão and was inspired by the model created in maracanaú in ceará through the municipal government first established entity in this age group in brazil the committee consists of 19 students have a board of directors president vice president secretary and vice secretary and 03 committees a joint mobilization communication and finance


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water and citizenship during the year 2012 fonasc-cbh initiated a series of tributes to people who represent an example of citizenship water citizens committed with the care and management of brazilian waters accompany the work of this organization strengthening the network and contributing to increased political participation of civil society in collegiate management this week fonasc honored laura moura e costa which militates in environmental and represents fonasc-cbh in the state of parana coordinator overall studies center defense and environmental education cedea laura helps in performing activities of environmental education projects in local communities campaigns mobilizing public opinion research and public policy claims in defense of the environment and also the water resources the cedea is an organization of national scope nonprofit based in curitiba pr and that like fonasc-cbh struggle to defend the environment also reporting public and in court actions acts that contribute to environmental degradation laura costa holds a phd in environmental federal university of paraná master in environmental contamination the universidad politécnica de madrid specialist in biochemistry also from the federal university of paraná for that same institution graduated in science arts and pharmacy-biochemistry she served as professor for a long time until she focused more on working with environmental projects currently she is also member of fonasc coordination fonasc in the cnrh jose alberto vieira is the new representant of the ngos and civil organizations of water resources indicated by fonasc for the conselho nacional de recursos hidricos cnrh he is graduated in juridical and social sciences in iesa santo Ângelo postgraduated in agro business management in uri são luiz gonzaga environmentalist recognized for the chamber of deputies são luiz gonzaga with commendation josé lutzenberger title bestowed in recognition of performance in defense of the environment chairman of the management committee of river basin piratinim alberto has worked with the management of water for 18 years after attending a class related to aquífero guaraní since then he has participated with lots of interest within environmental activities which allowed him to have a better knowledge of his city s situation he made a job for knowing where the water resources were born near his city he also worked in regional schools motivating a good environmental management and wrote a book about the integration of all elements not only water but also air fire earth and trash he knew fonasc while he was participating in a national meeting of basin committees where he met thereza christina pereira and joão climaco in ubêrlandia-mg for him the most important thing is the people who make possible fonasc because of its work and commitment this training group with specific focus makes their participation relevant and thus make fonasc important.


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fonasc has the important work of represent civil society who fights for its space in the government to have stationed in a better decision point because as alberto says in brazil there is not water management but just political and economic interests government does not care about the future of the natural resources and it exploits tural them in an excessive way without taking into account what the people think about that in brazil most of the population doesn t know about the importance that water resources have in the country and all around the world because it doesn t exist a right education commitment ecause empowerment and also because people don t know the right they have as citizens in the management of water resources the biggest challenge that alberto has is to be an authentic and vigilant civil society representative fonasc contacts mail you can contact us at this e-mail address or in the following social networks fonasc.cbh @cuidandodosrios http main fonasccbh blog web page address in brasilia-df scln 107 bloco d sala 211 cep 70743-540 phones 061 99996191 ­ 32027448 address in são luis-maranhao av 1 ­ planalto anil ­ quadra 13 ­ casa 04 in front of restaurant pingão maranhão ­ cep 5060-290 098 41411555 098 81468116 email national vice coordinator carlotta montana william rodríguez


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