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068 the magazine for digital creatives star trek fx art phasers to stun behind-the-scenes with the making of enterprise photoshop 3d tutorials creative tools 233 rated best buyers guide fantasy art techniques step-by-step guide to mastering mythical art digital photos take better pictures with the latest slr digital cameras reviewed inside 3ds max 6 biggest review discreet s 3d modelling tool tested interactive online 3d your guide to cool web 3d software reviewed vue d esprit 4 pro adobe encore dvd discreet 3ds max 6 apple dual 2ghz g5 eovia carrara studio 3 discreet combustion 3 apple dvd studio pro 2 minolta canon cameras plus tons more inside £5.99 13 no cds please consult your newsagent art gallery your work showcased in the inspirational digit art gallery combustion 3 discreet s video-effects software is put through its paces and rated win canon kit two copies of 3d software canon som up for grabs worth a massive £1,990 9 771461 381038 december 2003


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visit d online at www.digitmag.co.uk contents illustration by jacey www.jacey.com www.flatlineonline.com cover story fantasy art techniques improve your fantasy artwork with digit with fantastic images and top advice this set of tutorials covers maya photoshop 3ds max and more two cd special issue free ­ avid free dv a complete copy of avid s digital-video editing studio is yours for free plus ten stunning royalty-free images from cadmium loads of demos including motionbuilder 5 and director mx and much more free ­ canvas 7 worth £395 this professional photo-editing vector-art desktoppublishing and web-design program from deneba/acd systems is included free on cd 2 check out the cd pages for installation info www.digitmag.co.uk digit 003


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contents art showcase 058 d readers and top design agencies show their work in the gallery section get your work seen by those in the know illustrations by graham hutchings hutchingsg@talk21.com 01495 200849 004 digit www.digitmag.co.uk


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visit d online at www.digitmag.co.uk news 016 apple ships mac os x 10.3 the next version of windows previewed cinema 4d 8.5 xbox vs gamecube epson america sued pixar goes mac sony s blue-laser dvd ships mobile game design and more reviews 032 068 072 074 075 076 079 080 081 082 083 084 discreet 3ds max 6 adobe encore dvd apple dvd studio pro 2 apple g5 dual 2ghz discreet combustion 3 eovia carrara studio 3 e-on vue 4 professional canon mvx3i extensis suitcase x1 minolta dimage xt kyocera finecam l3v nevercenter silo 040 projects 048 explosions digital doubles and fully cg aliens are just some of the challenges facing visual effects house eden fx in the third season of star trek enterprise empire digital creates an online game for the mtv europe music awards 2003 the game features challenging gameplay and plenty of character animation 054 068 features 032 fantasy art techniques master the creation of fantasy creatures from funny characters to the decaying undead these walkthrough tutorials in maya photoshop and others will help you create the right look greenscreen techniques transport your video subjects to any location with greenscreen compositing digit s here to tell you how labs ­ web 3d 3d on the web is back and with the software available it s more accessible than ever digit has tested the tools that will help get your 3d work online labs ­ digital slr digital slr cameras are no longer a pointless extravagance with the dawn of a new industry standard and falling prices digit rounded up the rapidly-expanding market regulars 015 031 064 102 108 113 114 opinion ­ matthew bath reader letters subscriptions ­ get 13 issues of d for only £44.99 buyers guide ­ at-a-glance listing of all products reviewed classified ­ the latest services training and products next issue and contacts opinion ­ simon jary illustration by carol del angel www.debutart.com andew@debutart.demon.co.uk 040 086 081 093 068 www.digitmag.co.uk digit 005


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d cover cd free canvas 7 me com deneba/acd n rsio veworth fullial rc for mac os 9 pc £395 this month d is giving away deneba canvas 7 the image-editing software that integrates graphic document design presentations and web site graphics design in one incredible package deneba canvas 7 canvas 7 is not just any graphic design software package it is a whole studio of applications brought together to deliver streamlined productivity canvas dares to be innovative as the culmination of over a decade of intense effort focused on one key goal ­ to erase the boundaries separating graphics types which in turn will enable a more elegant creative process canvas is the only application where vector illustration flows seamlessly into image editing and into typography resulting in completed brochures web designs diagrams or presentations instead of breaking up workflow by switching programs constantly canvas allows users to work uninterrupted about the company acd systems provides leading-edge digital-imaging software and solutions for consumers professionals and developers clients include organizations such as boeing nih and chevron texaco who use the software to create a diverse range of products from web-site creation graphics and 3d design key features professional photo editing typography and page layout kit intuitive web-design features effective presentation tools flexible instinctive interface design quality output flexible import/export connectivity installation instructions deneba canvas 7 requires a serial number to function you are required to register your details at the acd web site acd systems will then send you a serial code to your email address which can be used to install the software the registration address is www.deneba.com/cv7reg for late-breaking news and updates visit www.digitmag.co.uk broken cd simply return it to minesh patel ­ see page 113 006 digit www.digitmag.co.uk


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visit d online at www.digitmag.co.uk d reader offer upgrade to canvas 9 for as low as $199.95 deneba canvas 9 acd canvas 9 is a high-performance drawing environment for professionals in business science and engineering it is the only cross-platform technical drawing program that integrates professional image editing page-layout web graphics and presentation capabilities into a single creative application the newest version has over one hundred new features and enhancements including greater drawing precision an intelligent interface new technical drawing features an expanded imaging editing architecture more scripting options and support for more file formats what s in canvas 9 advanced cad level precision including precise 64-bit coordinate system support for 8 and 16 bit image data per channel/per pixel an intuitive interface new smart toolbox which intelligently displays current tools being used new technical drawing features smooth polygons with a modern bézier quality twist plus many new features sx acat0 ew m n s gre ow npports u feat ure s special offer upgrade and save upgrade to acd canvas 9 and save $150 d has teamed up with acd systems to offer readers a special offer to upgrade to canvas 9 for $199.95 electronic software delivery or $249.95 boxed how to order you will need your canvas 7 serial number which will be sent to you from www.deneba.com/cv7reg click the buy now button on the splash screen when you launch the canvas 9 demo on cd 1 to go directly to acd s online store or go directly to www.deneba.com/thestore any queries email intl_sales@deneba.com as a registered owners of canvas 7 you can upgrade to canvas 9 for $199.95 electronic software delivery or $249.95 boxed all skus are available as physical product box and printed manuals or as electronic software delivery licenses only www.digitmag.co.uk digit 007


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d cover cd visit d online at www.digitmag.co.uk free software avid free dv www.avid.com os x/win avid free dv software is an easy way to learn how to use avid editing software and create movies with the industry-standard editing interface used by video professionals avid free dv is feature-streamlined standalone software which includes basic video and audio editing capabilities up to two streams of real-time effects and support for both windows xp and mac os x platforms requires online registration at www.avid/forms/freedvreg.asp software demos canvas 9 canvas 9 is a cross-platform technical drawing program that integrates professional-level image editing page layout web graphics and presentation features into a single creative application the software has many new features and enhancements including a new double floating-point system a larger maximum document size and improved imaging system this is a limited trial that requires online registration at www.deneba.com www.deneba.com os x/win plus desktop publisher pro metis international www.metisinternational.com desktop publisher pro is a desktop publishing tool for all levels of users it delivers intuitive powerful text handling capabilities which allow users to transform concepts into professional quality communications text can be imported directly into text boxes cut and pasted or text can be import from files desktop publisher pro flows text around graphics it allows users to link text boxes and precisely place text elements right down to the letter this is a limited trial digital video keying software blue and greenscreen compositing used to be purely for the likes of george lucas but the latest software makes it affordable and practical for many types of video production the cd includes a selection of keying software demos for readers to try these are limited plug-in trials that need digital editing software to function motionbuilder 5 kaydara motionbuilder 5 is a 3d animation software that enables 3d designers to create realistic movement in their work the real-time architecture intelligent character technology and timeline allow any 3d animator to create state-of-the-art results fast the software has been used for feature films games television series commercials and web content this is a limited trial for windows and mac os x that requires online registration www.kaydara.com os x/win director mx director mx is an authoring software that enables users to build high-performance multimedia experiences for cd/dvd kiosks and the web with director mx users can create interactive content that integrates long video streams photo-quality images audio animation 3d models text full interactivity and macromedia flash mx content this is a limited trial www.macromedia.com os x/win 10 royalty-free images cadmium is the leading specialists in the uk for royaltyfree stock photography providing images from all major libraries in the royalty-free market including photodisc digital vision stockbyte corbis image100 image source and imagestate among its large and varied collection cadmium is recognized as being the leading supplier of royalty-free stock and is therefore always the first to be approached by new libraries d is has teamed up with cadmium to give away ten royalty-free images www.cadmium.co.uk mac/win showcase inspirational 3d art gallery amazing images from talented artists 008 digit www.digitmag.co.uk


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© copyright corel corporation all rights reserved corel painter 8 is now out includes everything but an artistic temperament for your free trial join us at www.corel.co.uk/painter8 ® tm great introductory savings until the end of november whilst stocks last corel and wacom are offering a fantastic introductory offer save over £120 when you buy a wacom intuos a5 blue tablet along with painter 8 save over £100 when you buy a painter 8 upgrade with wacom airbrush pen at select resellers including dabs for full offer information please visit http www.dabs.com/wacomoffer or go to www.corel.co.uk/painter8 for more product details


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d canvas 7 tutorial deneba canvas 7 you ve got your free copy of this professional graphic arts package now we ll tell you how to use it with the fantastic giveaway of canvas 7 in this issue d s included two great tutorials to show you how to get started in this multi-faceted design software these two short tutorials demonstrate how you can make professional quality work in no time at all to learn more about the diverse multimedia capabilities of canvas 7 visit www.deneba.com/community/howto win a prize simply send in your own canvas 7 free images to us contact details on page £395 canvas 7 113 and we ll publish the best and even bestow prizes upon the most deneba canvas 7 is free on this issue s impressive submissions cover cd and works with windows and mac deneba acd systems as sold for digit68 disc 2 mac os 9 windows professional photo editing vector art desktop publishing and web design full installation instructions are found on the cd pages in d copyright 2003 idg canvas 7 interface guide document layout the document layout palette is the control centre for working with pages layers and objects the palette is available in all types of documents toolbox tools include selection tools line tools rectangle tools oval tools object tools painting tools text tools path tools view tools and effects tools inks palette this is where colours are chosen in canvas 7 pen ink colours the strokes outlines of vector objects and text while fill ink fills the inside of vector objects strokes use this to apply strokes to lines and the outlines of vector objects you can select pen sizes parallel strokes neon strokes dashes and arrows navigation the navigator palette provides an overview of a document you can use this floating palette to scroll the document and zoom in and out type the type palette is where all text is edited for use in images type can be scaled fonts changed and styles applied object specs the object specs palette provides several important features for working with objects it displays data for selected objects and lets you modify settings for selected objects it allows you to create objects by specifying size position and object type it contains tabs labelled data options and styles 010 digit www.digitmag.co.uk


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visit d online at www.digitmag.co.uk canvas 7 creating effects using filters using canvas 7 s colour balance and filter tools we re going to change the colours in this photograph of a whale fin and give it a more natural art feel suitable for the cover of a book on alaska canvas 7 offers plenty of options for exporting the final image in various file formats step 1 first we selected a royalty-free image of the whale fin and then resized it to fit our document size this can be adjusted later so it doesn t have to be placed precisely to begin with step 2 with the image selected we opened the image menu image>adjust>color balance and selected a level of colour that reduces the overwhelming pink in the image to a subtle blue this created a colder more glacial feel to the image step 3 with the image still selected we chose the spriteeffects palette and created a new filter effect by clicking on the blank document icon we chose effect>noise>dust scratches we tweaked the radius and threshold values with the preview box ticked until satisfied with the changes then clicked apply step 4 having achieved the look we wanted the next step was to add some text to do this we selected the text tool from the toolbar and typed the text directly onto the workspace step 5 once the text was written we edited the font size and text elements using the type palette ensure that the text was selected by double clicking on it we selected preferences in the type palette and then applied the selection colours were selected using the inks palette step 6 spritelayers provide a good transitional effect between the water image and the area where the text will be placed to create a soft transition we selected the image and then chose the directional transparency tool from the toolbox we created a fade between the image and the white background by clicking on the bottom of the image and then dragging our mouse to the area that we wanted to keep solid www.digitmag.co.uk digit 011


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d canvas 7 tutorial visit d online at www.digitmag.co.uk canvas 7 desaturation lens and masking tools here we ll show an effective image-editing technique that s made all the easier by the combination of canvas sprite layers and spriteeffects in this image we made a slow moving train stand out against the background by desaturating the background colours and making it appear to be speeding along step 1 having placed the image on the workspace we created a rectangle the exact size of our image for the lens we wanted to create to do this we selected the image and opened the object specs palette presented with options for creating new shapes we chose the rectangle icon and clicked the create button step 2 next we used the transparency palette window>palettes>transparency to reveal the train by moving the slider we reduced the opacity in order to through the rectangle to the train below step 3 using the sprite tool located in the toolbox we applied a transparency mask and then used the paintbrush tool with black as our foreground colour to paint away the area of the train with the painting tool selected this pop up window can be called up with a right-click windows or a control-click mac to select the brush size pointer step 4 this allowed us to see more accurately what we were painting if you make a mistake on the transparency mask you can always reverse the background/foreground colours by pressing the x key and painting white over the mistake step 5 at this point the train was revealed and we were ready to use some effects we opened the spriteeffects palette window>palettes>spriteeffects and selected the lens checkbox we applied the desaturate effect object>spriteeffects>add effect desaturate to the image to remove the colour from the background step 6 then we added a motion blur object spriteeffects>add effect>blur>motion blur to add speed and depth to the image once all that is set up we played with the opacity of the lens using the transparency palette to control the amount of desaturation and blur the final image shows a train that appears to be travelling at high speed when it is in fact static 012 digit www.digitmag.co.uk


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it s more than creative software introducing the adobe ® creative suite it combines full new cs versions of ® photoshop illustrator,® indesign,® and golive® with version cue,tm an innovative tool to help you manage and keep track of your files plus it s got acrobat ® professional so now you can think play and tinker around all you want without holding yourself back www.adobe.co.uk/therapy therapy ©2003 adobe systems incorporated all rights reserved adobe the adobe logo acrobat golive illustrator indesign photoshop tools for the new work and version cue are either registered trademarks or trademarks of adobe systems incorporated in the united states and/or other countries all other trademarks are the property of their respective owners tools for the new worktm it s a creative support group adobe creative suite ®


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visit d online at www.digitmag.co.uk opinion matthew bath earn your file swapping badge b to jail go directly collect do not pass go do not 200 mp3s eing a girl guide is tough especially in america there it s technically against us law for girl guides to sing songs around a campfire without paying royalties true the american society of composers authors and publishers ascap has even dodged flying toasted marshmallows and halfknots and actually tried to collect royalties they buy paper twine and glue for their crafts ­ they can pay for the music too the soon-to-look-ever-so-zealous john lo frumento ascap s chief operating officer told the wall street journal ascap backed off only after it faced public outrage ­ and presumably the wrath of brown owl after a confusingly written press release both denying that it had ever sought to ask any girl guides for money and apologizing for asking girl guides for money er it now charges the us guides $1 a year ­ kind of bob-a-job in reverse ­ forgoing real profits while making it clear that the girls sing the songs only by ascap s belated good graces that s jolly good of them ­ i can t wait to see the guides earn their file-swapping badges this overzealous approach by big content publishers is presenting a real issue for me when it comes to advocating digital copyright controls i know that having creative work ripped-off sucks ­ i ve even seen sites that show scanned pages nicked straight out of d why ­ but is a heavy-handed approach to protecting the works of artists really the way to go is it enough that we terrorize small children who get their sticky mitts on mp3s or should we go further and make them wear a crayoned sign around their necks and rip up their david beckham posters actually content publishers ­ on our behalf as content producers ­ seem set on going as far as possible we re talking in the us about copyright theft ­ be it music images dv footage text and 3d designs ­ being viewed as a criminal offense as in go directly to jail do not pass go do not collect 200 mp3s publishers have successfully sued and settled with kids as young as 12 for mp3 sharing and reports show that thousands of lawsuits are winging their way to reloading rugrats everywhere each day teeny tiff tykes yet don t think this is just a heavy-handed us approach to teeny tiff tykes and mini mp3 mavens a disturbing report that shows how far copyright is becoming ingrained in our culture was commissioned by the british patent office and suggests without missing a beat that schoolchildren should be encouraged to include the copyright symbol on all their homework jesus joined-up writing is hard enough for many youngsters yet does this legalization of what is essentially something that s in our genes ­ that we want to share whether it s gossip a bag of crisps or a justin timberlake mp3 ­ benefit the industry the reason i ask is that you re in it and it s your content we re talking and ­ if we re not careful ­ shooting about couple this with technology that makes copying dvds as easy as making a pop tart breakfast or copying a pop tart s cd as easy as pressing a button on your computer and we have a problem the internet doesn t help ­ your work can be cut pasted reused and resampled quickly and without any payment heading your way yet the internet is also forcing us to evaluate how we handle copyright the law regarding copyright itself isn t flawed it s just that the content companies have set their sights on the public and its getting them ­ plus a scary army of guides ­ up in arms in short its the application of the law that needs adjusting face it folks we live in a caring sharing world ok maybe just sharing and maybe a zero-cost approach to copied work is in order i mean people are still buying cds magazines newspapers and videos of tv reruns that you swear you recorded back in 1987 and that isn t going to stop the only thing that should is how copyright is applied in a draconian manner we should herald in a golden age of sharing while still protecting authors work now that s a challenge worthy of a badge or two reply and comment to dialogbox@digitmag.co.uk www.digitmag.co.uk digit 015



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