CKPS Annual Report Highlights (2011)


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Highlights of the 2011 Annual Report for the Chatham-Kent Police Service.

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2011 annual report


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chief of police deputy chief


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chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report message from dennis poole chief of police on behalf of all the dedicated men and women of the chatham-kent police service i am pleased to present the 2011 annual report as the challenges of today s policing environment change from year to year our police service continues to evolve as we evaluate the needs of our community and prioritize our resources in a manner that is most effective in 2011 crime prevention and community mobilization were the key pillars of our work as we continued to foster a safer community road safety was made a priority this past year as there was a high expectation of our community members that they would be able to use our chatham-kent roadways without any unnecessary risks to their safety throughout the year several initiatives were implemented to educate motorists regarding the rules of the road aggressive driving and impaired driving i would like to thank the police services board for their guidance dedication and commitment to our police service and community as well as our municipal council and local citizens for their confidence and support we will continue to work hard to earn and keep the trust of our community as we protect and service with integrity fairness and courage we look forward to the participation and collaboration of our citizens in our collective challenge to make chatham-kent the safest community in ontario and invite you to engage with us in that ongoing effort 3 message from pat belanger police services board chair on behalf of the chatham-kent police services board i encourage you to peruse our 2011 annual report i believe chatham-kent has a great team of men and women both sworn officers and civilians who serve our community with professionalism dedication courage and compassion a special note of thanks also goes out to their families who support them not only where their jobs are concerned but also as they serve the community in many volunteer positions also i extend personal thanks to my fellow members of the board who gave of their time and expertise throughout the past year and assisted me in my role as chair our board in conjunction with chief dennis poole and deputy chief clare wiersma and senior management has set priorities and long term objectives and as well provides civilian governance and accountability we remain very proud of our police service and the role it plays in making chatham-kent a great community in which to live and raise our families thank you for the privilege and opportunity to be a part of this wonderful organization dedicated to making chatham-kent the safest community in ontario


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4 chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report operational support branch commander inspector wess dore recruiting public internal complaints risk management planning policy public information professional standards section s/sgt rose kucharuk use of force firearm discharge to protect self firearm drawn to effect arrest firearm destroy an animal intermediate weapons hard soft impact weapons police dog apprehensions 2010 0 19 16 27 1 3 2011 0 26 22 21 0 1 patrol support section sgt mike domony training professional development unit sgt jon mulder 911 emergency communication centre sheri oliphant manager police chaplaincy unit sgt gabe tetrault victim services pam fasullo executive director dedicated to making chatham-kent the safest community in ontario


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chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report professional standards section 5 the professional standards section is tasked with dealing with issues of human resource management within the service public internal complaints and the professional development of personnel to enhance the effective operation of the service professional standards is also tasked with reviewing the use of force reports submitted by members in 2011 the incidents requiring a use of force report increased marginally this increase is almost entirely attributed to public safety issues regarding animal control patrol support section the patrol support section is comprised of the traffic marine safety police dog services and auxiliary police units this section is tasked with dealing with issues related to road and waterways enforcement investigation and educational initiatives and the coordination of our auxiliaries sgt mike domony manages the section with a specialized mix of traffic management constables seconded constables from community patrol and volunteers in the auxiliary unit training professional development unit the training and professional development unit continued to build on traditional systems of police learning and implemented several new initiatives managed by sgt jon mulder through e-learning based on improving efficiencies and effectiveness as part of the unit s objectives local and regional training providers were used to contain costs of travel and accommodation and to also create local training opportunities and in-turn support our local economy 911 emergency communications centre the emergency communications centre is chatham-kent s call/dispatch centre for police and fire it is also our community s 911 answering centre there are 22 full-time and one part-time employee deployed as emergency communications operators including manager sheri oliphant and five supervisors in 2011 eco s processed 212,673 telephone calls including 31,752 911 calls approximately 40,000 police events and 4,100 fire events were opened for dispatch police chaplaincy unit the chaplaincy unit provides compassionate healing and faith-based support and services to members of the police service and the community at large in co-ordination with police officers and our victim services there are nine ordained volunteer sworn-in police chaplains throughout the municipality of chatham-kent available to serve at any time victim services the ckps is partnered in an embedded relationship with chatham-kent victim services there are four fte s employed by the ck victim services board plus 53 volunteers who provide a multitude of services to victims of crime tragic circumstance in our community pam fasullo is the executive director dedicated to making chatham-kent the safest community in ontario


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6 chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report criminal investigations branch commander inspector tim mifflin major crimes section d/sgt trevor crane homicides attempted homicides sudden deaths suicides robberies violent crimes kidnapping abductions sexual offences arsons investigative support section det kirk earley forensic identification unit fraud financial crimes unit child abuse investigation unit internet child exploitation unit crimestoppers youth co-ordinator intelligence section sgt jeff schamahorn drug unit street crimes unit biker enforcement unit crime analysis unit asset forfeiture unit dedicated to making chatham-kent the safest community in ontario


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chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report major crimes section 7 the major crimes section is comprised of eight full-time plain-clothes officers four detectives one detective sergeant and one inspector officers selected to work in the major crimes receive specialized training in the fields of death investigation interviewing interrogation sexual assault investigations and the management of major cases investigative support section the investigative support section provides direct assistance to the front line community patrol officers and to the criminal investigation branch these officers receive specialized training in their field and are considered to be the go to people within the chatham-kent police service when dealing with specific criminal investigations the forensic identification unit fiu is comprised of three sworn first class constables highly trained in the area of forensic analysis fiu members also oversee the work completed by five scenes of crime officers soco assigned to community patrol general duties established in 2010 the financial crime unit is made up of one first class constable working within the criminal investigations branch the member has the appropriate training and/or experience investigating financial crimes the child abuse investigation team is the pairing of police officers with child and family services workers to investigate crimes involving children the purpose of this joint initiative is to develop a consistent approach to the investigation interviewing and protection of children who are at risk for physical sexual and/or emotional abuse this internet child exploitation i.c.e investigator focuses his time to the protection of the children within our municipality by attempting to identify the predators that seek and distribute child pornography and also seek to lure youth for a sexual purpose the key objective of the youth co-ordinator is to partner with our high schools and engage our community s youth to prevent criminal activity while encouraging positive outcomes noncustodial alternatives focusing on rehabilitation of young persons are implemented in appropriate circumstances to ensure justice is served without incarcerating impressionable youth in jails intelligence section the intelligence section of the chatham-kent police service is a multi-purpose unit comprised of a sergeant and nine members dedicated to drug enforcement biker intelligence organized crime and street crimes the intelligence sergeant supervises this team of investigators and is a member of the criminal intelligence service of ontario ciso responsible for the intelligence needs of the service and also the needs of other law enforcement agencies provincially nationally and internationally dedicated to making chatham-kent the safest community in ontario


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8 chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report community patrol branch commander inspector george flikweert patrol platoons a b c d each comprised of one staff sergeant two sergeants 25 constables one special constable dist #1 wallaceburg dresden mitchell s bay dist #2 thamesville ridgetown blenheim districts 1 2 3 4 dist #3 tilbury wheatley merlin dist #4 chatham surrounding area one sergeant and one public education special constable are assigned to each district planning community events monitoring chronic offenders local crime trends and providing public education crime prevention initiatives and safety instruction team of 14 highly-trained officers dispersed across all platoons on-call for incidents involving weapons hostages armed suicidal persons search rescue search warrants cirt team sgt jon mulder partnership of a specially-trained officer paired with a psychiatric crisis nurse responding with uniformed officers to persons in a mental health crisis allowing uniform officers to respond to more core police functions while providing proactive intervention to persons suffering from mental illness mobile crisis team help team const brent milne dedicated to making chatham-kent the safest community in ontario


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chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report 9 1 3 4 2 district map community patrol platoons a b c d the four community patrol platoons are the officers who are most visible in our community they respond to the vast majority of calls for service from the public many of the constables on the platoons have specialized training in various areas such as scenes of crime officers soco intoxilyzer technicians drug recognition experts and help team members community patrol constables are normally assigned to a district a smaller zone which they are responsible for patrolling and then an even smaller atom in which they are expected to communicate with members of the public to enhance community-based policing cirt team the critical incident response team responded to 94 calls in 2011 up 24 from the previous year most calls were for weapons-related offences the team participated in four full training scenarios mobile crisis team help team in 2011 the mct reviewed initiated or followed-up 565 mental health -related calls and initiated 74 community service visits or public presentations the team received several awards and is a respected leader in police response to mentally ill persons dedicated to making chatham-kent the safest community in ontario


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10 chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report administrative support branch commander inspector ed reed records management section bev evans manager data entry niche rms co-ordinator cpic ucr freedom of information fleet services buildings and logistics information technology services infrastructure section property stores quartermaster exhibit co-ordinator firearms unit property management section criminal court provincial offences act court court services section dedicated to making chatham-kent the safest community in ontario


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chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report records management section 11 the records management unit is responsible for the capture storage retrieval and dissemination of information the unit is comprised of 17 full-time and 2 part-time civilian members deployed at chatham headquarters as well as at the wallaceburg tilbury ridgetown and blenheim offices in 2011 there were 43,511 occurrence records created within our niche rms database resulting in 28,157 reports being added in 2011 records unit staff processed 7,888 requests for police record searches persons working or volunteering with people in the defined vulnerable sector require a police check done to establish if they have a criminal record or to determine if they have received a pardon for a sexual offence in order to speed-up this process we initiated an electronic fingerprint submission service with our partner clearneed information systems records unit staff processed 377 electronic prints in 2011 fleet buildings and logistics the police service has one civilian logistics co-ordinator mr keith cooper who monitors 75 fleet vehicles in 2011 our fleet travelled 2,700,000 kilometres at least 18 different vendors are utilized on a regular basis for vehicle repairs maintenance six police buildings are also under his care information technology services 2011 was an extremely busy year for our two full-time i.t staff ongoing projects include the rollout of blackberry devices to all officers mpa dictation pilot program the e-brief pilot program a major upgrade to our video monitoring system and dispatch records software upgrades a total of 811 calls for i.t assistance were logged during the year quartermaster exhibit co-ordinator quartermaster katie eagen is responsible for purchasing and distributing all clothing equipment used by police personnel in 2011 a total of 141 purchase orders were submitted to various suppliers for uniforms and police equipment her exhibit co-ordinator responsibilities include logging lodging releasing and destroying drug evidence seized during investigations in 2011 there were 543 occurrences where drugs were seized as evidence property stores property co-ordinator liz baker logged and inventoried over 4,000 articles of property in 2011 the annual police auction brought-in $5,700 niche rms co-ordinator julie peters is responsible for rms training application support and best practices in the operation of our niche records management system as partners of the ontario police technology information co-operative optic dedicated to making chatham-kent the safest community in ontario


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12 chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report constable michael pearce public information officer 519-380-6591 p.o box 366 third street chatham on n7m 5k5 telephone 519-436-6600 · fax 519-436-6643 news release september 14 2011 chatham-kent scores hat-trick with technology awards the chatham-kent police service announced to council monday night that it has received three prestigious awards for technological advancements in information technology may 4 2011 blackberry world wireless achievement award winner ­ innovation in public sector the wireless achievement awards recognize leading and outstanding mobile customers who have demonstrated both innovation and measurable business impact from their blackberry solution chatham-kent police service was chosen as the award winner for this category by a selection committee who carefully reviewed several entries from a wide variety of businesses and varying mobile solutions throughout the world the committee found the ckps solution to be innovative and clearly demonstrated the value of the blackberry solution to our organization this award was presented in orlando florida june 6 2011 municipal information systems association misa excellence in municipal systems the excellence in municipal systems award presented to both a municipality and one or more individuals within the municipality who have successfully undertaken a significant initiative or set a new standard that other municipalities may follow additional criteria for an award in this category include · furthering a municipality s strategic objectives using information technology · demonstrating improvement in service delivery to clients citizens or businesses · high level of collaboration between it and other city departments this award was presented in toronto september 8 2011 merit winner public sector partnership showcase ontario awards of excellence the showcase ontario recognition program is designed to acknowledge innovative public sector initiatives that demonstrate excellence and highlight the importance of partnerships in achieving government priorities specifically the awards recognize the individual people of the public service institutions whose creative achievements and contributions lead to more effective and responsive service to the citizens of ontario a thorough judging process identifies the best three initiatives in each category this award was presented at the awards of excellence ceremony in toronto the chatham-kent police service is pleased with the forward progress of our mobile solution technologies and is working towards future initiatives in technology these programs will improve our service delivery to the citizens of chatham-kent.


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chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report 13 focus o n financial crimes financial crimes are defined as a crime against property involving the unlawful conversion of the ownership of property to one s own personal use and benefit financial crimes often involve fraud financial crimes are carried out via cheque and credit card fraud mortgage fraud medical fraud corporate fraud bank account fraud payment point of sale fraud currency fraud and healthcare fraud they involve acts such as insider trading tax violations kickbacks identity theft and cyber attacks financial crimes sometimes but not always involve additional criminal acts such as elder abuse armed robbery burglary e-crime and even murder victims range from individuals to institutions corporations governments and entire economies 2010 investigations assigned interviews arrests charges judicial authorizations total value of frauds investigated 70 224 11 90 4 $1,828,725.00 2011 139 44 4 70 25 $2,320,934.10 one of the objectives of the financial crimes unit is to educate our citizen about the numerous financial crimes and scams that plague us daily the continued pro-active approach taken by the chatham-kent police service to combat financial crimes will improve our commitment to crime prevention to assist in achieving our goal of being the safest community in ontario dedicated to making chatham-kent the safest community in ontario


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14 chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report focus o n traffic stats 2007 2008 2,299 21 12 2 3 49 12,737 53 the traffic management unit investigates and reconstructs life-threatening and fatal motor vehicle collisions this unit is comprised of seven members six constables and one sergeant all trained in collision investigation reconstruction and enforcement-related duties 2009 2,038 12 5 0 1 85 15,488 158 2010 2,041 19 10 2 3 134 19,757 149 2011 2,034 20 11 1 0 86 13,278 186 motor vehicle collisions traffic unit call-outs fatalities alcohol-involved fatalities alcohol-involved serious injury ride checks set-up ride vehicles checked alcohol-related suspensions 2,442 28 22 10 3 31 10,472 16 while the overall collision rate didn t decrease in 2011 of note the alcohol related fatality collision rate of 9 is well below the national average of approximately 33 we believe a direct contributing factor in this lower rate is related to our collective efforts made in related enforcement education and police presence to reduce the amount of impaired motorists in our community unfortunately one striking statistic resonates through our communities our province and our country more people die in road crashes than from any other action that is investigated by police dedicated to making chatham-kent the safest community in ontario


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chatham-kent police service · 2011 annual report 15 focus o n intell stats 2010 2011 163 315 $6,300,000 $81,700 $38,300 8 8 1 $98,000 169 332 $5,300,000 $353,000 $53,255 10 10 2 $75,000 in 2011 the intelligence unit continued to focus on search warrant execution undercover buys from drug dealers increasing enforcement on members of outlaw motorcycle gangs and arresting chronic offenders to assist in reducing property crimes arrests drugs property crimes total criminal charges laid value of drugs seized value of property recovered cash seized drug investigations guns prohibited weapons seized vehicles seized thru a.f.u houses seized thru a.f.u cash forfeited to revenue canada the asset forfeiture investigator continued to utilize an entirely new level of enforcement for the chatham-kent police service as an added dimension to the existing justice system criminals are losing vehicles and houses used to commit crimes that affect our community the a.f.u continues to assist in every investigation preparing more than 15 search warrants and production orders to affect these seizures there was also more than $90,000 in cash seized with the view to turning the currency over to revenue canada dedicated to making chatham-kent the safest community in ontario



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