Registering and Using ActiVotes in ActivInspire


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registering and using activotes in activinspire note these instructions are for registering activotes in activinspire in order to use these instructions you should upgrade to activinspire by going to start programs config changes install activinspire open activinspire when the dashboard appears click on configure if you do not see the dashboard go to the view menu and select dashboard on the right side of the dashboard click register devices the device registration window shows you all devices that are currently registered to your board or hub in some cases to register activotes click the gray rounded rectangle with the picture of the activote the register button will appear click register in the next window select the number of devices you wish to register you can register move devices than you need ­ it is recommended that you register an entire set of activotes 32 units click next the next window instructs you as to how to register each device activotes will register with names device 1 device 2 etc in the order they are registered ­ in order to keep the device names matching the numbers written on the activotes themselves register them on at a time in numerical order as you register each vote the number of devices will update automatically when all devices are registered the window will close automatically click finish if you want to stop registering devices early


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using the activote devices activinspire defaults to wanting to use activexpressions student response units in order to get the activotes to respond properly use the following procedure before each use on the activinspire toolbar select the express poll icon when express poll opens it shows up as its icon in a floating circle on your screen when you move the cursor over it it will expand a radial menu a circle of icons around the center go to the settings icon the gear below the express poll icon and click on the activote picture to target activote devices this will remove options from the express poll menu that are designed for actiexpressions such as text and numeric entry ordering and likert scale response the express poll menu for using activotes should look like the menu shown to the right application settings and profiles for activotes in activinspire go to file settings in the learner response system you can set what you want to be the default behaviors when using activotes note activinspire uses profiles to allow different sets of settings based upon the usage of the software for example the authoring profile gives you more editing tools readily available as opposed to at the board which maximizes flipchart space by removing border windows each profile s settings can be set independently on the activinspire toolbar click the profiles button to select a different profile to work in select different profiles here to edit click save to save changes to edited profiles.


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gathering student responses whether you have a flipchart with a premade question on it or are using express poll for on the fly questioning gathering responses is essentially the same for built-in questions click the green play button to accept input for premade questions or use the express poll icon/menu for on the fly questions you will see a window with the device names or the names of students if you have set it up this window can be resized and moved as needed as each device responds its name will turn yellow you will also see a round rectangle with a red stop button to stop accepting responses if you set a time limit on a question or would like to the select box to the right of the stop button will either count down or you can change it to the appropriate number of seconds once you stop the voting or time runs out the vote results window will appear you can select the type of reporting you want using the left-hand drop-down box the three buttons to the right let you work with the data further · correct answer ­ if a built-in question didn t already have it you can select the correct answer · add responses to flipchart ­ individual answers can be added to the flipchart as separate objects this is only best applied with numeric or text entry using activexpressions activote users are advised to ignore this choice · paste results into flipchart ­ take a snapshot of the current vote results and paste it into the current flipchart express poll


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creating questions on flipcharts while activstudio had the question master that let you build entire flipcharts with questions activinspire makes it a little easier to integrate questions into already-made flipcharts one question at a time go to the insert menu and choose question this will open the insert question wizard that will walk you through adding a question to the slide choose a question type · activotes can only respond to multiple choice and yes/no true/false questions · choose the number of options how many possible answers there will be · you can insert a new question page or add the question to the current page if you already have content on the page that may relate to the question · click next choose a design · you could select a different template for this page to keep the page with its current appearance uncheck the replace the page content box · click next edit the question properties · enter the question text here · choose how you want the answers labeled a-f is best for activotes activotes are only able to have one response per questions · if you want the question to have a timer check the specify timeout box and select the time · the question s answers are entered on this screen but you must scroll down to see them · click next assign correct answers · if you want the question to already know the correct answer and will be shown to be so when vote results are displayed check assign correct answers and then click the box next to the right answer · click next follow-on questions are designed only for activexpressions to get feedback about the question itself activote users can ignore that choice and click finish to insert the question into the flipchart page.



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