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to kil a mockingbird meets the 21 century whether maycomb knows it or not we re paying the highest tribute we can pay a man we trust him to do right it s that simple people in their right mind never take pride in their talents st miss maudie atkinson mockingbirds don t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy they don t eat up people s gardens don t nest in corncribs they don t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us that s why it s a sin to kill a mockingbird sometimes the bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of another there are just some kinds of men who are so busy worrying about the next world they ve never learned to live in this one and you can look down the street and see the results by isabella romeo 12/17/09


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facebook logout home profile friends inbox settings miss maudie atkinson is pulling out her stupid nut grass 30 minutes ago wall info photos links events notes view photos of me edit my profile basic information networks sex birthday hometown relationship status political views gardening club bakers united women s club of maycomb upright members of maycomb female august 21st 1891 maycomb alabama widowed single democrat liberal mockingbirds don t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy they don t eat up people s gardens don t nest in corncribs they don t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us that s why it s a sin to kill a mockingbird favorite quote information network gardening club bakers united members of maycomb relationship status widowed single current hometown maycomb alabama women s club of maycomb upright personal information activities reading gardening baking cakes pulling out nut grass inspirational speaking and giving advice equal rights for women nature the earth and social justice interests friends about me atticus finch scout finch i am miss maudie atkinson i am a 45-year-old widowed woman who loves to garden the only thing that i hate about nature is nut grass i love gardening so much that i wish i could live outside another hobby of mine is baking cakes for my neighbors jem and scout to taste i am not a very religious woman and often am criticized for that i like to give advice to my two young neighbors jem and scout they are like a son and a daughter to me i believe that all individuals and groups should be treated fairly jem finch calpurnia facebook © 2009 english us about advertising developers careers terms privacy mobile help


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twit er updates what are you doing this summer in maycomb is an especially slow-moving and boring one i hope that there is some action soon jem scout and dill are coming over to taste my brand new chocolate cake i think they will adore it stephanie crawford told me today that boo radley stalks her house at night i don t believe her boo was my friend when i was younger scout is on my porch watching the sun set with me she is having trouble being excluded by other kids i hope i can give her good advice i feel honored to know that scout thinks of me as a role model i am glad that i can be like a second mother to her last night it snowed for the first time in a while i am very upset that my flowers will now freeze in the harsh conditions it is snowing scout and jem built a snowman that strangely resembles me it s going to be cold i better heat my potted plants my house burned down but i m really okay i am just happy that my garden is safe i even have more room to plant more petunias since my house burned down i now have to live with miss stephanie crawford oh joy atticus my dear friend has just agreed to defend tom robinson in his upcoming trial tom was convicted of raping mayella ewell.


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today a sick dog in the neighborhood was shot by atticus scout had trouble with the fact that her father killed the dog miss stephanie was going to contaminate scout and jem s mind with nosy gossip about their father i baked a cake to distract them atticus did not win the trial for tom robinson atticus was able to keep the jury in discussion longer than any other time though jem was very upset about the verdict of the trial i told him that there is an entire network of people in tom robinson s favor today i had tea with alexandra and her friends it was nice until alexandra said that no lady is safe in their beds anymore i disagree i feel as if i am the only woman who believes that black people should get the same rights as white people does anyone else agree i just found out that tom robinson was shot and killed today at the county jail i am so sorry for helen tom s wife and their kids last night i heard some loud noises outside and went out to see what happened turns out bob ewell tried to hurt scout and jem i arrived at atticus house very late last night to see if jem and scout were okay they told me bob ewell died most everything is back to normal in maycomb i hope that our county has learned a lesson from the events that occurred this past year.


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im conversation missgreenthumb miss maudie atkinson adventuregirl scout missgreenthumb you there scout adventuregirl hi miss maudie i m so sorry about your house fire last night missgreenthumb i m okay thanks for your concern adventuregirl are you upset missgreenthumb no not really i believe that i actually started the fire when i was trying to warm my potted plants whoops but now i have more room to plant my beautiful flowers adventuregirl but where will you live now missgreenthumb i am going to be living with stephanie crawford for a little while adventuregirl was anything valuable destroyed missgreenthumb no all i really care about is my garden except for that stupid nut grass adventuregirl oh i forgot to tell you guess what missgreenthumb what adventuregirl while the firefighters were saving your house last night boo radley gave me a blanket at least that s what jem said missgreenthumb really i always thought that he was a good person you can never judge characters from hear-say or gossip adventuregirl i am still a little scared of him though.


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missgreenthumb i can understand that listen i have baked this new type of cake it s called death by chocolate you and jem like chocolate right adventuregirl of course we do missgreenthumb why don t you and jem come over and have a taste i think it s delicious adventuregirl be right over in a few minutes can t wait missgreenthumb okay i will even give you a slice to give to atticus you re daddy works so hard he deserves a treat adventuregirl awesome thanks miss maudie you re the best!



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