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aaa display b.v communicatieweg 1 3641 sg mijdrecht tel 0297 591413 fax 0297 591225 www.aaadisplay.com mail info@aaadisplay.com the simple art of displaying


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flx-display a modular system · elegant design · flexible · portable · user-friendly · high quality · affordable flx-displaytm supports the advertising message without stealing attention from it minimum setup time maximum functionalism and eye-catching communication if you want to create a promotion campaign of high quality and maximum impact flx-display has the ideal profile the system is completely modular and the anodized aluminium looks elegant in any setting flx-display offers various options for assembling displays and they can be adapted to the size and material of any type of print for indoor use 2


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basic flx-display kit 1 cross base with easy-fit tap ­ foldable and portable 2 vertical pole ­ either a classic pole with easy-fit taps or a telescopic pole with adjustable height 3 clips to fix the banner on the vertical pole 4 horizontal bar for banner mounting available in several sizes and with snaplock system or velcro for fastening the banner 5 bag for flx-display 1 2 3 4 5 above some of the many different configurations you can create using 4 basic flex-displaytm kits 3


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the basis of your display flx-displaytm offers a variety of bases for different types of displays you can choose foldable bases or plate bases foldable bases are ideal when you need a lightweight portable system they are stable support the banner excellently and can be folded into a bag together with the rest of the system plate bases are heavier than foldable bases their sleek design is elegant without taking attention away from your display bags are available for these bases too to make them easy to transport cross base square base twin base twin base plate 4


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these are examples of different flx-display bases alone and in combination all bases are manufactured from the same material so you will obtain a clean polished and uniform look even when you combine different sizes and types of base you can put them together to make up a display wall or use them one by one to attract attention and give information 5


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totem displays communication all around totem displays are a flexible way to put up triangular or square displays the base is foldable and easy to transport telescopic poles make it easy to suspend the banners perfectly on three or four sides you also have the option of hanging totem displays from the ceiling no base and no vertical poles are necessary ­ just banners mounted on horizontal bars with corner clips this system can also be fitted with a battery motor to add movement and attract even more attention above some examples of totem displays used both free-standing and ceiling mounted they attract attention in a shopping centre ­ but are still lightweight and easy to move whenever it is necessary 6


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flx-display frame the elegant touch this is a new version of flx-display framing the banner it gives a balanced and elegant impression with slim telescopic aluminium poles on two sides of the banner it was developed especially for double-sided banners but it also looks great with regular banners flx-display frame is available with a foldable or an aluminium plate base.


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flx-displaytm a flexible display system must a display always stand on the floor sometimes the surroundings the products or even the graphics make it more logical to mount the display in other ways with flx-display you have flexibility you can hang your banners from the ceiling or mount them on the wall and if you like you can also fly flags indoors to attract more attention why not use flx-display to help people find their way flexible signs for conferences professional meetings ­ wherever people need to be pointed in the right direction 8


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add a little extra to your display flx-display includes a range of accessories to enhance your display with magnet clips you can mount a literature holder on your display without changing it and without damaging the banner you can also mount your own shelf for displaying products halogen spotlights put your message in the best light our spotlights are easy to clip on and off and designed to match the elegant design of the system a set of wheels can be fitted on the plate base ideal if you want a movable literature stand or need to wheel your display in and out of a hall on a daily basis put your display on a counter a desk or in a shop or showroom window the tabletop base is a superb solution when you need a smaller display that fits in anywhere 9


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example campaign for fiat panda outside inside your ideas are the limit design your display as you like the modularity of flx-display means that it is possible to construct almost any type of system combine the different options for a unique display designed for your product promotion or trade fair simple or complex ­ we are always ready to assist you in finding the optimal solution 10


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create your own expression with flx-display these are just some of the possibilities you have with flx-display build walls dividers exhibition stands decorate a showroom or a shop create the expression suitable for your business the philosophy behind the flx-display system is that the system should support your creativity and allow you to express your ideas your imagination is the only limit ­ use the modular flexible system to create unique communication your way.


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flx-display is a modular display system with infinite possibilities build it like lego bricks aaa display b.v communicatieweg 1 3641 sg mijdrecht tel 0297 591413 fax 0297 591225 www.aaadisplay.com mail info@aaadisplay.com 01/08/09



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